Meadville High: The Seduction ch 2

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Sorry it’s been so long for the second part, I got distracted and had a little writers block. Check out Part 1 to refresh your memory before you start reading this. As always, feedback and suggestions are welcome!

Chase Stevens parked his black mustang that his dad had bought him for his 17th birthday at the end of the street he knew Ms. Fantelli lived on. She lived in the middle of the street but Chase thought it best to park at the end and walk the rest of the way. He couldn’t be sure if she had a boyfriend or not, and what the neighbors would think seeing a strange car in front of her house.

He had to work quick back at the school 25 minutes earlier when he’d rushed back to the swimming pool locker room and changed out of his tight swimming trunks and back into his clothes. Now as he came to what, if he remembered correctly, was Ms. Fantelli’s address he wondered just how long he’d have those clothes on anyway.

Chase confidently strode up the sidewalk to the front door of the 2-story house, and was about to knock when the door flung open and he was grabbed by the shirt and pulled into the house.

Pulled in by Erica Fantelli, who didn’t have time to say one thing before Chase was kissing her ravenously as she backed up out of the foyer. Chase instinctively broke the kiss and pulled his teacher by the arm up the stairs to his left. On the second floor, he pulled her down her hallway, looking in each door until he found the one to his English teacher’s bedroom.

The confident good-looking senior boy pulled Erica to his lips again and she wrapped her arms up around his neck as he locked his around her waist. As they kissed, he backed the teacher up until her legs hit the end of her bed just below her kneecaps. Chase pushed her further still so that she fell backwards onto the bed and he on top of her. Chase could tell by the look in his teachers eyes that she wanted him bad.

“How bad do you want me Ms. Fantelli?” Chase questioned cockily.

“I want you bad!” His teacher breathed in reply. She then reached up and began ripping at the boys clothes. Grabbing his buttoned up plaid shirt she pulled all the buttons apart exposing his muscular chest and abdomen that she than ran her hands across delightfully.

Chase expertly bent over and began kissing Erica on the neck as she began fumbling to undo the button of his fly. Finding success Chase heard his zipper being pulled down and than felt the tug as the teacher frantically working to pull both his pants and underwear down at one time.

Chase ended the neck kiss so that he could help his struggling teacher get his pants off. Finally he kicked them off the bed to the floor and now lay over his teacher in nothing but his unbuttoned shirt.

Sliding down the bed and off Miss Fantelli’s body, Chase slid to his knees at the foot of the bed. He reached up and grabbed Erica by the legs pulling her to very edge of the bed so that her legs dangled off. Throwing the bottom of Ms. Fantelli’s dress up off her legs Chase uncovered Erica’s sexy black panties that matched the black bra she’d been wearing earlier at the school. He noticed that the panties were soaking wet. Taking his index finger Chase inserted it through one side of Erica’s panties so that it stuck out the other side. He then ran the finger up and down her wet folds, causing him to feel Erica quiver immediately. Chase then pulled his finger back out from beneath her underwear and inserted the sticky dripping digit into his mouth. Smiling sexily, he glanced up through her legs to where his teacher looked back at him.

“You taste so good Miss. Fantelli.” He exclaimed.

Crudely jutting her hips forward, “Taste me more!” She begged.

Pulling aside the part of the panties that covered his teachers sex mound Chase revealed her shaven pussy lips. Chase didn’t even need to tell his teacher, who instinctively spread her legs as far as they could be pulled apart. Chase smiled at the sight of the sticky pink insides of his teachers vagina.

Unhesitant, Chase stuck his tongue out and brought his face between Erica’s legs until his tongue ever so lightly touched the inside of Erica’s pussy lips. Apparently adapazarı escort just in the right place as Erica jerked and yelped in surprised pleasure. This only made Chase’s cocky smile grow bigger. He then began lightly flicking his tongue so that it barely touched Miss. Fantelli’s swollen clit.

Chase listened as Erica let out a frustrated groan. “Don’t tease me Chase, please eat me!” He heard her beg.

As much fun as Chase was having, he complied and pulled the teachers now drenched panties off her completely. Burying his face within her hairless crotch, he began working his oral magic (the same magic he’d used on Shannon Mason’s mother the night before). As he expected Erica responded with yelps, moans, groans, all the while grinding her cunt into Chase’s face.


Derek Paterson noticed Chase’s mustang as he pulled onto his English teachers street in the family’s old mini-van. He parked across the street, not bothering to worry about if Chase happened to get back to his car first. Derek knew that he recognized Chase’s mustang because EVERYONE knows about Chase’s mustang. But he doubted if Chase Stevens even remembered who he was, let alone what he drove.

Reaching over to the empty passenger’s seat he took his hand-held video camera out of the case, made sure a video was inserted and the battery wasn’t dying, and stepped out of the car. Derek wasn’t even sure what he was doing. He’d never done anything this risky before.

As he walked down the street towards Miss. Fantelli’s house, he wondered how he was even going to get inside. That problem was solved quickly, as soon as he saw that her front door had been left wide open. Pausing on the side of the road and looking up at the house, he almost turned around and left. But he was determined to at least go in and see what was to be seen. Even if it would be the most embarrassing thing ever if he had got caught trying to film Chase and Miss Fantelli, what’s the worse that could happen? As long as he got out of there with the tape, they wouldn’t dare do a thing about it.

So with one last sigh, Derek stepped up onto her sidewalk and walked to the open front door.


“Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!” Erica panted, as her legs remained now wrapped tightly around the head of Chase Stevens. He continued working his mouth over his gorgeous English teacher’s pussy.

Erica could still not believe what was going on, and how good it felt. For the past 6 days while her boyfriend had been away on business she had been starving for sex. She even had dreams that she would wake up completely soaked as a result of. These dreams didn’t even involve her boyfriend. Rather, she had been having sexual fantasies about her knock out athlete of a student, Chase Stevens-

‘Who is eating me out right now like a fucking pro.’ She thought to herself with a glance down between her legs where the black haired stud was buried headfirst between her tighs wrapped around his head. She had already had 2 orgasms, and as she felt Chase’s lips close over her swollen clit, and his tongue flick it furiously, she realized she was having another.

“FUCK!!!!! Here I cum again!!!” She screeched to which Chase only worked faster and more tenaciously on her clit. This time the orgasm hit her like a typhoon of pleasure that nearly knocked her out cold. When she regained her vision she realized as the pleasure had continued to smash into her body she had actually momentarily blacked out. In the meantime, Chase must have pulled out of her leg lock because he now stood looking down smiling at the tanned sweaty glistening body of Erica.

“Do I get an A on the oral exam?” The naked Chase Stevens questioned. Erica realized that she was letting this stud of a student run her emotions too much. She needed to assert herself a little.

“I’m always grading you, why don’t you come up here and grade me on my oral skills?” She purred, beckoning him with her index finger. Chase smiled his cocky smile and climbed up onto the bed. Erica Fantelli propped herself up using her elbows just as Chase straddled her sweaty naked body just below her beylikdüzü escort heaving chest.

Erica licked her lips as she looked forward at the erect member of Chase Stevens pointing right at her face. Chased leaned forward and Erica took his hard dick in one hand and leaned In closer, tongue sticking out, until it touched the tip of Chase’s cock. Erica then began letting her tongue snake back and forth over Chase’s swollen cock head. She expertly swirled her dripping tongue around Chase’s piss hole, and was pleased to hear Chase let out a soft moan.

Licking the shaft and head like a lolly-pop, Erica reveled in the taste of her high school students meat. She knew she was now driving even this arrogant hot young man wild, and knew he wouldn’t be able to take the teasing for too long.

“Quit your fucking teasing and blow me!” Chase ordered, but half begged. The teacher liked the desperation she got in his usually cocky voice. Then Chase thrust his hips forward jamming his shaft between Miss. Fantelli’s lips.

That is when Erica began working her magic. Using ample saliva to keep his cock constantly soaked, bobbing her head expertly up over is cock and back down away from it, and swirling her tongue over the head and down the shaft drove even Chase Stevens insane.

Occasionally going the extra effort to take the cock all the way down her throat, Erica was delighted to see Chase throw his head back and groan loudly. Though her students would never suspect it, Erica had practically become an expert in giving head. As she continued giving Chase the blowjob of his life she remembered back to how she acquired this skill.

A senior in high school, 7 years ago, Erica was still a virgin. She was drop dead gorgeous and came from a gorgeous family. Somehow she had managed to deny all the guys what they wanted from her; All the guys but her older brother, Will. 21 at the time, Erica’s brother had come home for the summer from college one year to find his kid sister had grown up into a sexy young woman.

One night when their parents were out Will, who also sensed an attraction from kid sis, coaxed his sister into sucking his cock. She didn’t have experience, but Will guided her through it and told her how it was done, and Erica realized she loved the taste and feeling of her brother’s dick in her mouth and sliding down her throat. By the time Will was cuming down her throat Erica was hooked. She went away to college and suddenly she was free in a world of good-looking horny guys.

She became the blow-job queen in college. Famous for her talent and willing to show it off, Erica couldn’t get enough dick in her mouth.

Of course, Chase Stevens didn’t know that, but he was now getting the blow-job of a lifetime.


Derek Paterson’s hard-on felt like it would explode through his jeans. He would have whipped out his dick and jerked himself off in a heartbeat, but he couldn’t keep a steady shot with the camera and masturbate at the same time. It was a miracle that he hadn’t been seen already, but Derek could care less.

Derek came into the house and followed Erica Fantelli’s moans up the steps and to her bedroom. The door was partially open and Derek arrived just as Erica had the first of her 3 orgasms. Derek had the camera on and filmed in the shadows of the hall just outside the doorway.

From where he stood at the door, the foot of the bed was straight ahead across the room. Chase’s back was to Derek as he knelt on the floor at the bottom of the bed eating Miss Fantelli out. If Erica would have stopped and actually looked out into the Hallway she would have probably caught a glimpse of the camera.

Adding an even better view and angle was a large mirror on the wall to the right of the bed and the door. Derek filmed into the mirror occasionally getting a perfect side view of Chase and his hot English teacher going at it.

Now Derek watched on in amazement as Chase was straddling over Erica’s mid-section while she lay on her back sucking Chase’s impressive member. Derek had never been so hard in his life. He filmed on as Chase began forcefully jutting gebze escort his hips forward, mouth-fucking Miss Fantelli, and she was taking it like a pro. All the while Chase was rubbing and massaging and squeezing Erica’s tits and nipples. He filmed through the mirror side view as Chase pulled his dick from her mouth with a popping sound Derek heard even in the hall.

“I’m gonna fuck those tits” Derek heard Chase say as he placed his now dripping wet shaft in between the tan breasts of Erica. Erica squeezed her tits together smashing his cock between them. Derek’s free hand went down to his crotch where he rubbed his aching hard-on through his jeans. Chase began moving his hips as though he were fucking a pussy, that was actually Erica’s squeezed breasts.

Erica was stretching her neck forward, so that each time Chases dick head came out of the top of Erica’s tits, it would go between the lips of the English teacher.

“Cum for me Chase! Cum on my tits and face! Cum in my mouth!” Erica urged. Derek could not believe his ears. Words he’d never in a million years expect to hear from his English teacher.

The words drove Chase forward, and he began tit fucking her harder and faster. Through the mirror Derek could see Chase gritting his teeth.

“Oh I’ll cum all over you!” He informed her, and drove on further, both of them now dripping in sweat. “Here it comes baby!” Derek heard him yell. Then in mid-fuck Chase’s cock exploded it’s white lava.

He pulled his cock up and squirted his first spurt full force into her open mouth and down her throat. The next spurt hit the English teacher on the cheek, then the next on her chin. Another burst of his man juice spurted onto her neck and then, finally slowing down, he let four more globs of his pearly white cum land on Erica’s tanned tits. Erica began licking her chin and rubbing the cum on her tits all over her chest.


Derek jumped as the phone rang. He instinctively shut off the camera and ducked silently down the hall to the steps. He got what he wanted, and now he had to get out of there.


Erica Fantelli was startled by the first ring as well, but didn’t move to answer the phone. Chase rolled off his teacher and began concentrating on gathering himself for another round. Erica lay beside him panting, exhausted and unable to reach over and pick up the telephone on the nightstand.

Finally the machine got it, and the caller left a message.

“Erica! It’s Ray! I’m at the airport. I guess you must be caught up at school or something! I’m coming right over, we have a lot of catching up to do if you get my drift! I haven’t thought of anything but that beautiful body of yours all week! See ya soon!”

There was a click and Chase glanced over at Erica, whose eyes were wide.

“Who was that?” He calmly asked.

“That, was my boyfriend! Fuck!!” She was mortified.

“So, I’m ready, how do you want it?” he said glancing down at his erect prick.

Erica couldn’t believe it. “How do I want it? You have to get out of here! If he finds you here we’re both dead!”

Chase remained calm and arrogant. “Chill out! I’m going I’m going…” He stood up and began putting his clothes back on. Erica just lay stunned in the bed watching him. Reality hit her. What had she done! She’d sucked off her student, and he’d eaten her out! But God, it felt great. And looking at him dressing his gorgeous body, she knew how she could have let this happen.

“See you in class Miss. Fantelli.” Chase said, and winked at her before leaving the room. Erica lay stunned for a moment, but then reality hit her again, and she jumped up. She had to change her sheets and get nice and clean in the shower before Ray arrived.


That night Erica lay on her back in bed, her boyfriend Ray was on top of her relentlessly pounding into her cunt. Erica, like always, was enjoying the welcome back fucking, and was even fucking back. Ray was a good looking, built young guy. He was even a year younger than she way, at 24. He was always good in bed.

But tonight, as his ample meat continued slamming in and out of her dripping pussy and his balls smacked into her pussy lips, Erica was not thinking of Ray fucking her pussy relentlessly. She was thinking of Chase Stevens slamming his big cock into her. That’s when she realized she had to have Chase Stevens again. She had to feel his cock inside her, and this thought rocked her body with an intense orgasm.

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