Medical Marijuana and Daughter’s Ex

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Kimmie wanted her ex-boyfriend to talk with her divorced mom about hooking up with his father but the young stud and her mother ended up having an amazing experience.

Daughter Kimmie;

My mom is so cool. She’s letting me have this party in our rec room in the basement. My friends just graduated high school. It’s great to meet up and find out what everyone’s doing with their lives after graduation. The music has a great vibe. Most are drinking beer, but others are smoking weed. Thank goodness it’s legal now in our state.

I told mom she could join in. My friends think she’s super. But she said she’d rather chill in our TV room on the third floor. I’m kind of worried about her. Dad and mom divorced last year and she hasn’t been dating since they split. That’s not a life. I’d go crazy without sex for a year. She’s a manager at work and doesn’t want to date any co-workers. I tried to get her to use a dating website, but she wouldn’t do it. She’s a very hot foxy-forty lady that I know men would die to be with. Oh well, hopefully she will get out of her funk someday soon. I talked her into getting a medical marijuana prescription and I hope she tries it. Maybe that will get her in a better mood.

Mom, upstairs: Ann

Kimmie has such nice friends. No wonder, she’s such a lovely girl. Even though the party is two floors down, I can hear the buzz of their chatter over the music. I can smell the marijuana from here. I’m not worried about that. I smoked a bit in college but haven’t since I became a mother. Gee, I’m feeling so old. Hell, I even put on a summer dress to greet the kids. That was way too formal. They were all in casual jeans and shorts. Am I becoming an old fuddy-duddy? Oh no, perish the thought.

I’ll just sit here and watch a movie while they have their fun. Oh great, here’s an old comedy on TV. I’ve seen it before, but it might get me out of this serious mood I’m in. Hell, smelling that grass reminds me that I got the medical marijuana prescription filled today. Kimmie talked me into it. I’ll take one of those liquid tablets. Thank goodness you don’t have to smoke it like we used to. Smoking marijuana made me cough like crazy. This is much more civilized.

Kimmie talking with ex-boyfriend, sports jock, Matt;

She says, “Great to hear you got that rugby university scholarship.”

Matt replies, “Thanks. It’s a great program. I can’t wait to start this fall.”

“Matt, your father is single right?”


“You’ve known my mother for a long time. My parents split up a year ago and I’m trying to get her out dating. Do you think your father and my mom would be a match?”


My mind flashes to a vision of Kimmie’s mother. She’s very fucking hot. Long blonde hair, pretty face and a hot body for an older lady. Totally fuckable. Look up the word MILF in the dictionary and there is a picture of Mrs. Young. My dad would love some of that. Who wouldn’t?

“Sure, your mom is a real catch. My dad would be a lucky man.”

They had pool parties and I have a memory that is etched forever in my brain. Kimmie’s mom was wearing this sexy bikini and I was sitting on the side of the pool when she leans down, I mean way down, and gave me a glass of lemonade. I could see down her cleavage to her glorious tits. She kept talking to me bent down as my eyes were bugging out of my head. These were the first up close breasts I’d ever seen. I just about creamed my swimsuit. I got home and beat off thinking of Kimmie’s mom’s tits in her sexy bikini. I used to fantasize that she was just teasing me. She was my go-to, horny vision when I masturbated for a couple of years until I got into real fucking.

“Do me favor, my mom is up in the TV room. You know where it is. Go up and talk to her about your father.”

“Sure. No problem.”

I’d love to chat with her sexy mom. I’d love to envision her getting banged by my dad. Hell, maybe they’d be humping in the master bedroom in our house beside my room. What a horny thing that would be.

Ann, upstairs;

My, that marijuana is sending strong sensations all over my body. It’s acting so fast and strong. Kimmie warned me that today’s marijuana is much stronger than my college days. The colors in the room are so vibrant. Even the air I breathe seems so fresh and alive. My crotch is waking up, too. That’s a bonus. Wow, let me feel down there through the cloth of my dress. Ummm. That feels so good. I’d forgotten how my ex and I used to get high and make love all night. Grass really turned me on. Ah, the good old days. I’ll have to get my trusty vibrator out later and quell this heat in my girlie parts.

Who’s this coming up the stairs? The door is opening. Oh, it’s Matthew, Kimmie’s good friend. I think they may have dated for a while. Yes, I remember, they broke up because he was such a flirt. She said he kept going out and bedding all the good looking girls. He is quite a hunk. Hell, who can blame him for what comes naturally? No harm in having fun when you’re young and free.

“Hi, beylikdüzü escort Mrs. Young. Good evening. Is it okay if I come in to chat a bit?”

“Of course, Matthew, it’s my pleasure. I hope you are having lots of fun at the party.”

“Yes, it’s great. But I needed a break. I’ve always found you very interesting to talk with. I hope you don’t mind”

“Of course, Matthew, I’ve always loved chatting with you too. And call me Ann. You’re eighteen and an adult now. Come and sit with me here on the sofa.”

The sofa sinks as he sits on my left. He has an athlete’s trim muscular body and is very tall. I feel so small beside him. Being this close makes me realize how much he’s matured over the last number of years. My heart beats a bit faster. I haven’t been this close to a man in so long. Matt has certainly matured into a real man. He has a strong masculine smell. Maybe it’s the grass heightening my senses. I’m feeling alive all over whatever the reason.

“Kimmie was saying that she’s trying to get you out dating again now that you’re single. My dad is a bachelor now too. You must have met him at one of your pool parties. It would be great if you two would hook up. You are such a beautiful woman. He’d would be a lucky guy.”

“Thanks Matt. That’s so sweet of you to say. It’s true, I should started dating. It’s been so long since I’ve been with a man. Oh, my heavens, I shouldn’t have said that. You must think I’m an easy, nasty woman.”

“No way, Ann. To me you’ve always been the perfect lady.”

“Sure, tell your father to give me a call. I hope he’s a perfect gentleman like you.”

He’s looking down shyly and this gives me an opportunity to check him out. His short-sleeved T-shirt shows off his perfect biceps and his hands are large. I can see his chest muscles bulging through the thin material. His face is very handsome in a macho way. His hair is cut in the new fashion with it extremely short below and then longer above and very stylish. His jeans are very tight, and this accentuates the substantial bulge at his crotch. It’s easy to see why the girls fall for him.


Holy fuck, I’m feeling so nervous. Shit, I never feel nervous around girls. I know why. It’s because I’ve fantasized about doing Mrs. Young since forever. It’s all that jacking off thinking about her tits when I was young. It’s like she knows my dirty thoughts and I’m feeling all guilty about it. I’ve got to get those wimpy thoughts out of my head. I’m Matt, the man now. The guy that gets the girls.

“Let me turn off this television so we can have a good chat. So, Matt, I hear you have a university sports scholarship. Good for you.”

“Thanks. Ann. Yes, all my work and training paid off.”

“What sport did you pick. I remember you were good in so many.”

“It’s rugby.”

“Oh, I’ve never seen a rugby game but I understand it’s very rough.”

I look up boldly into her eyes. I like to look straight at girls to let them know I’m the man here.

“True, but I like it and I’m good at it.”

Like the others, she looks down and I can see a light blush on her cheeks. She looks weed-stoned. It’s all over her face, the relaxed happy look. I never thought of her getting high other than a little wine. Her dress is very nice. It’s a yellow shoulder-less summer dress with a nice amount of cleavage. Fuck, there are those tits I jerked off to. They look so ripe. I remember her daughter Kimmie’s boobs were very perky with small nipples. Too bad she dumped me. She’s a great girl and a hot fuck. I wonder how Ann’s nipples look compared to her daughter’s. That’s a wild fucking thought. Matt, you’ve been constantly horny this past year. Maybe you should ease up on the steroids. Girls seem to almost line up to get laid. It’s been so easy. But Kimmie’s mom, come on, really? Put your pecker back in your pants.


Jeez, I’ve read stories in the newspapers about how rugby players in college get into big problems with girls. But I’ve known Matthew since he was a kid. He’s always been a nice, respectful boy.

Oh my god, he’s looking down at my breasts with a hungry, sexual look in his eyes. What should I do? It’s likely nothing. He’s just a young horny guy. It’s all harmless and natural. He has a bevy of young girls to be with. On no, I just felt my crotch throb. Must be the grass hitting my erotic buttons. Oh hell, Ann, you do have to get out again. You need a man. No girl, you need a good fuck is more like it. Obviously, Matt is not going to happen. With a mind of their own, my hands just clasped over my crotch area. They instinctively are protecting that turned-on, erotic area from this testosterone pumped up stud. I must admit, it’s nice to know that a handsome young man finds me sexually desirable. It makes me feel feminine like a real woman again. I’ll just have a bit of guilty fun here with young, Matt.

“I can only imagine how much working out you must have to do to win an beyoğlu escort athletic scholarship.”

“Yes, I’m in the gym almost every day.”

That grass must be getting to me. I just had a wild idea of touching his muscular arm. What the hell. What harm could it do?


Whew, she just reached over and is stroking my bicep.

She says with a hint of awe, “Wow, Matt, I hope you don’t mind me feeling your arm. It’s like steel, so strong. Good for you.”

“No, Ann. Go ahead. I don’t mind. I kind of like that.”

She is feeling my arm so softly. That feels so good. She’s closing her eyes and getting a horny look on her face just like the other girls. Holy shit. Is it possible? No. It can’t be possible. Fucking Kimmie’s mom? No way. But she has a look like the other tarts I bed. What the hell. Let’s see where this goes. Girls get horny like guys. I’ve seen that in spades this past year. Grown women like Mrs. Young here must get very fucking horny. They’ve had a lot of sex. Plus, Kimmie said she hasn’t been fucked in a year.


God, his arm is like velvet over granite. What’s this, he’s pulling his T-shirt over his head and off. I just got a surge of adrenaline. Is that fear or lust? Jeez, what a toned body.

Matt says in a manly voice, “I do a lot of weight work for my upper body strength. You can feel my chest and abs too if you want. I’m kind of proud of them.”

I’ve never seen such a perfect male body. Not an ounce of fat, a six-pack and well-developed pecs. I can’t stop my hands from flying over to caress its perfection. I’m getting a bit light-headed with the shear sensuousness of the feel of his tuned physique.


The way she just licked her lips is so sexy. I have to get closer to her.

“Why don’t I bring you closer to get a better feel?”

I put my hand under her far ass-cheek, then lift and pull her to my side. She gives a sigh of surprise.

She whispers breathlessly, “Whew Matt, you lifted me like I’m a feather. You’re so strong.”

I leave my hand on her ass. It is not as firm as the girls I date but sexy none the less. It’s my first MILF ass. I squeeze the handful of her bum to get a reaction. Better find out if I get slapped and this ends, or we keep playing. Her hands freeze on my chest. She has a thoughtful look on her face. What’s going on inside that womanly brain of hers? I massage her ass-cheek some more. Will she tell me to stop? A determined look crosses her face and then a luxurious smile as she starts stroking my chest again. I guess the horny side of her brain won the argument. OKAY, time to play. Holy fuck, I’m getting a woody.


His big hand gripping my bottom feels so naughty but so nice. I know I can stop. I’m the adult here. Why not have some more guilty pleasure with this hunk before I shut it down and go to my vibrator. Who will ever know? My word, the lump in his crotch is getting a lot bigger. It’s nice to know a handsome young man finds me attractive. Maybe I’m not over the hill.

He says, “Feel my thigh. I do a lot of weight training to bulk strengthen my legs. Go ahead. It’s all good.”

I place my hand on the denim. His thigh is rock hard. I stroke my hand up and down from just above his knee to just below his crotch. I know it would be terrible to touch his crotch. That is so out of bounds, the red line. It’s getting hot in here. I can smell the musky odor of a man. What a turn-on. It’s getting so hot in here. My crotch is waking up. I’m getting a bit dizzy and must close my eyes.

He says, “You’re like all the girls. They like feeling my body. That’s totally okay. It makes me feel great. But I like touching their soft feminine bodies too. You have such a beautiful body. I’ve admired it for years. Can I touch your skin, Ann?” She hesitates. “It’s only fair.”

Ann, you should say no. But it would be wonderful to feel a man’s strong hand on me. I’ll just set strong boundaries. That will be safe.

I whisper in a nervous, girlie voice, “Just my arm and above my dress Matt.”

“Sure Ann. I totally get it. Thanks”


I slip my right hand from her ass to under her long, soft blonde hair and grip the back of her neck softly. Doing this always makes me feel in control. At first, she tenses up but then relaxes. With my other hand, I stroke the bare arm closest to me and her bare shoulder above her summer dress. She closes her eyes and I can see she is enjoying my touch.

“My father would be so lucky to be with a hot woman like you.” She breaks into a big smile at my compliment.

“Thanks Matt. It’s so nice of you to say that.”


Oh god, I felt a blush on my face when he said that. I’d forgotten what it’s like to be complimented by a good-looking guy. If Matt’s father is anything like his son, we’ll be making beautiful love in no time.

Sweet Mary, his hand touching my skin feels so good. I haven’t felt a man’s touch in so bizimkent escort long. I’ve got to get his father’s number. My body is just drinking this in. My pussy is just throbbing. Oh no, I can smell my love juices. Ann, oh Ann, you should stop this. What if he cups my breasts? No, it’s okay. He understands what my limits are. This is safe play.

I whisper a bit panicky this time, “Remember just above my dress, Matt.”

“Sure, Ann.”

I open my eyes slightly and see his hungry eyes drilled into my breasts. Oh my god, he just licked his lips in such a sexy way. My pussy is vibrating. I have to cross my legs to get some friction down there. That felt sweet. Is it possible to have an orgasm by just being touched by a young virile hunk? That would be so embarrassing. This grass is so strong but oh so sensual. Fuck, when he leaves, I’m going to run to my bedroom and get my vibrator out.


Her chest rises and falls with heavy breathing as I run my hand over her bare chest below her chin and above her dress. The edge of my palm skims the top of her breasts and the indent of her cleavage. She gives a sigh of enjoyment. I reach over and stoke her bare arm on the far side. My arm skims the front of the dress. I can feel on my forearm her bullet hard nipple at the end of her breast under the thin satin cloth of the dress. She isn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples show through like headlights. Look at her nostrils flair as she breaths in deeply and her throat gives an animal groan as I my forearm teases her tit. It’s fun turning on this hot lady.

She uncrosses her legs and they part. Wow, what a wave of pussy odor that just hit me. It’s a muskier scent than with the teens I fuck. But that’s a turned-on pussy smell for sure. This lady is in heat. My hand wants to slide up between her legs to the promised land above. If this was one of my normal teen dates, I’d just run my hand up between their legs and be feeling teen pussy by now. But I can’t take anything for granted with Mrs. Young here. This scene with me stoking her skin and her spreading her knees like an unconscious invitation is so fucking horny. I’ve been surprised by girls letting me do stuff with them after I simply asked. Why not with Mrs. Young? Mrs.-very horny-Young. No harm in asking is my motto.

“Ann, you liked feeling my thigh. Let me feel yours. Just lift the hem of your skirt and I’ll just touch you as high as you place the hem. I promise. Just tell me the rules. You can trust me. It’s just that you are so attractive. You are really turning me on. It would be a real honor.” She hesitates but reaches down and pulls the dress up to mid-thigh. Her naughty brain made this decision a whole lot quicker. Who the fuck knows where this is going?

She must do yoga since her legs look very toned for an older babe. She’s pulled her knees modestly together but I’ve seen that so many times with young, shy chicks. When they get horny later, they spread them like all the others. Hell, maybe, Mrs. Young here only had sex with her ex. She seems a bit naïve for an older babe. The virgin babes end up spreading their knees. Let’s try Ann, nice woman next door, prim and proper, Ann, and see what happens.


I can’t believe I just pull up my dress to let him feel my legs. But fair is fair. Fuck, I’m so horny I can hardly breathe. It’s like we are in our own sensuous bubble separate from the rest of the world. But there is no way, no way, I’ll go all the way. Jesus, I’m a forty-three year old businesswoman sitting with an eighteen-year-old jock. But why not have some guilty pleasure and then go to my room to rub myself off.

Oh, he placed his left hand on my knee. That feels so wicked. Wow, he’s dropped his other hand to my bottom and he’s massaging it deeply. Fuck that feels so good. This boy has magic hands. He’s sliding a hand up my thigh so slowly, so deliciously. It’s crazy making. The palm goes to the hem of my dress and as agreed, it slides back down again. Good boy. I almost regret setting up a red line. Watching his big masculine hand on my white skin is so erotic.

I look down at his crotch and I can see the thick staff of his long erection down one pantleg. He reaches down and adjusts it so now it makes a big tent. I look up into his face and I can see he was watching me as he adjusted his junk. My face is burning with a deep blush. Dear mother, that thing is so big. The thought of it sends a jolt a fear mixed with erotic desire through me. Holy shit. I stroke his thigh and when my hand goes high on his leg I have to fight the urge to touch his manhood.

He returns his hand to my leg. His mouth is so close to my ear I can feel his hot breath. He whispers, “Your skin is so soft. Let me feel the inside of your thigh, like you felt mine.”

My knees spring apart with no conscious thought from me. I should put a limit on where he is allowed to go but my voice isn’t working. His palm shifts to the inside of my knee and just stays there. My brain is scrambled. I expect and want him to feel my leg higher but he’s stopped. My goodness, I want him to touch me higher. My primal brain is screaming for his hand to go higher. I spread my legs farther as an invitation. The hem rises further, dangerously further. God, I feel like such a tart. His hand doesn’t move.

He whispers, “Your legs are so beautiful. I sure wish I could see more of your legs.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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