Meena’s Plan for Raja

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Another mother-son incest story told from a mother’s point of view.

Graphic descriptions of sex between a mother and son and panty fetish are included. Please be warned. Please do not read further if you find this kind of relationship offensive.

The story development is slow, so I request you to be patient. Please be aware that this is completely fictional and imaginary, and would not happen in real life. I have taken a lot of liberties in creating situations and scenarios. Some of them may sound hollow and unrealistic. But again, this is just a fantasy

Comments of any sort are welcome.


Amma = Mother

Appa = Father

Akka = Elder sister. Sometimes used as a mark of respect for an older woman.

Anni = Older brother’s wife.

Saree = The principal garment of a Hindu woman, consisting of a long piece of silk or cotton cloth, wrapped round the middle of the body, with one end falling nearly to the feet, and the other thrown over the shoulder.


Meena’s husband, Shankar, boasted that men in his side served in the army or in the police force as far back as the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857. He himself was in the army, and his father and his grand-father and his great-grandfather had each been in the armed forces in one capacity or another. But Meena was not impressed.

Meena was married off to Shankar when she turned eighteen while he was home on a two-months long leave from service. He left her pregnant and came to visit her exactly three times, the last time to attend the birth of their son. Six months later, she was pregnant once more. And at twenty-one, she found herself to be a mother of two boys, Ramesh and Mahesh, having to raise them herself. She had help from her extended family, of course, just as all other women in her family did. Shankar did visit her, once every three or four months, but to her he seemed all too eager to pack his gear and head off to one of the many border skirmishes the country was involved in at that time.

During one of his stints at the eastern border – Meena could not keep track of where he was – he was caught in an ambush and was injured. But fortunately it was not serious. The injury and the subsequent treatment, which included two operations, left him with a slight limp, which meant that his career in the field was over. He reluctantly returned to his town, and worked at a desk job in the recruitment center a few miles from his home. Meena was happy. But within a couple of months she shocked everyone, none more than herself, when she got pregnant once again. So at the age of thirty, nine years after the birth of her second son she gave birth to yet another son. They called their third child Rajesh, or Raja for short.


Her mother’s instinct told Meena that Raja was special. He grew up to be a very quiet, very shy, introverted boy who was awkward around people in general and was socially inept. But what endeared him to Meena above all else was that he was brilliant in his studies, a trait that was not seen in their families for generations. To Meena, Raja was her ticket out of this town. If only she could nurture him, encourage him and make him understand what it meant to go to college, get a degree – two degrees even – and see what the world had to offer. And share all this with her. What would she not do to allow him to not fall under her husband’s influence and not take the career path of a military man.

She had already given up on her older two sons. They had taken after their father and their enrollment in the army school was a given. But Meena had other plans for Raja. She bought him books, had him coached and tutored, and by the time he got into high school, all his teachers and friends and neighbors had already assumed he would be going off to college in the city.

But something changed in Raja as he reached his late teens. His two much older brothers had joined two different branches of the armed forces and were married off by then. Raja had been impressed by the tall tales they told of their exploits. He listened wide-eyed and open-mouthed as they regaled him and their friends with stories of bravery and valor, of seeing new places and people.

He was at an impressionable age. He had started bodybuilding, lifting weights, exercising regularly and by now had become physically strong and attractive, a good head and a half taller than all the other males in the house. But he still retained his shyness, his nervousness around people, had very few like minded friends and continued to be sort of introverted and socially awkward.

But Meena noticed other changes too in Raja. She saw him ogling women and girls among other things. But he was not doing this overtly, but only surreptitiously, but Meena knew what he was up to. He could only look, but nothing more. She knew he pleasured himself like normal boys. After all, she was the one who washed his clothes and arranged his room. Try as he may, he could sarışın gaziantep escort not hide his girlie magazines from his inquisitive mother.

Meena felt Raja gradually gravitating away from her influence. He was also getting closer to his father, spending more time with him and going to meetings and listening to lectures on nationalism and heroism and social service and the like. Meena was afraid that her youngest son would also go the way of her other sons.


Every year, the application day for the Armed Forces Training college was a festive affair in town. The new recruits, after submitting their applications, would go to a two day camp at the lake shore a short bus ride away from town to spend the time with seniors, old students and instructors and get to know each other.

Admission day and camp were just a few days away and her two older sons, Mahesh and Ramesh would be coming home then to join their father and Raja. She had to act fast. Before they came and swayed Raja’s decision.

But Meena felt powerless. She knew of her husband’s larger-than-life influence on their past, present and future. And was certain he would force Raja to his way of thinking. But she also felt that Raja was doing all this to gain acceptance from his father. She knew from long talks with Raja that he was nervous, that he was scared of leaving the house, of being in the army regardless of the excitement and opportunities it offered, and of going away from her and that he wanted to be close to her and his house. All the other things he was doing was just an act, to impress his father and brothers. To fit in. And to gain their acceptance. To show that he no longer was just the youngest son, forever a child. No. he wanted to show them he was mature. He was a man now. But forsaking your bright future in the city for a career in the armed forces was not the way to do it, was it?


One afternoon, Meena was cleaning and rearranging Raja’s room, something she did once a month. This time she was moving around, trying to make room for a new table that she had ordered for Raja as a surprise gift for completing high school. She was piling boxes to one side, when her eyes fell on a small bag tucked away inside a suitcase. Without thinking twice, she picked it up and pulled apart the strings that held it closed, and dumped the contents on his bed.

She got the shock of her life on seeing the contents!

There were three garments there. They were underwear! Women’s panties! Different colors. And one black one in particular looked very, very familiar to her!!

She went cold all over as she stared at the panties lying there. Her hand shook as she picked up the black one and slowly turned it in her hand. She felt as if a ton of bricks hit her. It was her underwear! She only had black ones, so she had not really cared if one was missing. But here it was. HER panties. In Raja’s room. His mother’s panties! It was unwashed, well used, cotton full back, with slightly frayed edges at the openings for her thighs. She noticed the gusset was hard and crusty and recognized the familiar color and pattern and feel of her own secretions.

Dear God! What was her son up to?

Then she looked down at the other two pieces. They were of a newer variety. Brightly colored, made of something other than cotton, probably lycra or nylon, small, with white bands. She immediately recognized both panties. They belonged to her daughters-in-law! The gussets were hard and crusty. They obviously were not washed. Yes, she had seen similar ones hanging in the clothesline when they were here last. When was it? Two, three months ago?

She could see Raja’s eye bulge and Adam’s apple bob as he watched his sisters-in-law going about their business in the house. He could not take his eyes off their behinds, as they walked and turned and sat down and got up. Meena thought that the girls knew Raja was watching and felt that they deliberately added a twirl to their asses as they moved. And the way they tied their saree! All low on their hips with their belly button showing, the curves of their hips visible. And the low cut of the font of their blouses exposed almost all of their tits. She herself was embarrassed talking to them. It was so obscene and dirty, but she could do nothing about it. How could a virile boy like Raja have controlled himself?

She looked down at the panties once more and saw more stains all over them and realized in shock what Raja may have done with them. Images she could never have thought of having flashed into her mind. Raja with her panties in his hand, smelling them, covering his…his. thing with his amma’s underwear, his anni’s panties, moving his hand up and down just like her husband had her often do. Aiyoh! What did she have to see and know what her son was doing? But here it was No proof was needed. Her son was masturbating using his own mother’s gaziantep sarısın escort underwear!

She was still shaking and cold all over as she put the panties back in the bag and stowed it in the box where she found it. What else could she do? Confront him? Ask him what this all meant? No. She could not think of anything.

Mother of God! The realization struck her like lightning. Her innocent, naive, loving, obedient son was a panty freak!

She sat on the bed for a while and calmed herself. She could not think straight. Then she decided that the best thing to do was to finish her task and then come back and think about what she had just seen.

She went about arranging the things in Raja’s room As she pushed a hanger load of clothes from one end of a closet to make space for some boxes, something soft floated down and landed at her feet. Without thinking she bent down and picked it up. It seemed like a soft piece of wood stuck with tape, some contraption that would be used to cover something. Like covering a hole she said to herself. Then she thought to look for where the thing had come from. At first she could see nothing. Then she saw it. A tiny hole in the wall at about the height of her head. Again, without thinking, she put her eye to the hole.

She jumped back in shock and almost tripped and fell!

Her heart, which had slowed down and calmed a bit, was thumping a thousand beast in just those seconds! She could not believe what she had just seen. With her heart still beating fast, and her breath coming in long gasps, she put her eye to the hole in the wall. She could see into the next room. Before the question even could form in her mind, she knew the answer.

It was their dressing room!

She could see the small room where she undressed before her bath, and where she toweled herself dry and dressed after. The bathroom was too small and too wet, so the dressing room was the most convenient. She had a mirror there too. All the women who visited their house used the room in the same manner. And now she realized that Raja had an unobstructed view of what was happening in that room without anyone knowing.

Not only was her son a panty fetishist, he was also a damn voyeur!!

She staggered back to the bed and put her hand to her chest, trying to calm her breathing. Thoughts flashed into her mind. Her son had seen her dressing and undressing, surely. He had seen her naked! His own amma. And also his brothers’ wives, And each and every girl and woman who came to their house!

It was obscene, very bad, illegal, and punishable! If people came to know about this he could be jailed! Something was wrong with her son!

Fortunately, the hole did not show the entire dressing room. That was a consolation. But then she realized something else. Did she…there? There were a few times.. Few? No, many times when she pleasured herself in that room. Leaning against the wall…

It felt so nice to be free of any clothing, completely naked, She squeezed her tits, her nipples were as hard as stones. She put her hand between her thighs and felt the thick, wiry curls. She probed with her middle finger and found the line of her thick lips down there and then the hot, moist opening of her cunt. She inserted her fingers slowly and brought them out again and again and again. She switched hands. Even that felt so good. The feeling that one hand could give was so different from what the other did. She edged close to her climax, many, many times and ultimately gave in. She saw herself in the mirror in the dressing room as she plunged her fingers in and out of her hole. It was so exciting to pose and preen and see herself touching all parts of her own body. Places where Shankar would never think of putting his hands – the crack between her ass cheeks, the hole at the back with tiny hairs surrounding it, the cleft where her thick thighs met her burrocks. Her whole body rocked and was still for a moment, and rocked again. She saw her reflection in the mirror – her whole body shuddered as waves of her orgasm hit her, Aiyoh! What would she do without these moments alone in the dressing room.! Ahhh.. she felt so relaxed and relieved of the stress and tension!

And the times her husband forced himself into the room, held her by her shoulders and pushed her to her knees and,,,

She liked it, but how could she say it out to him. Women were not expected to express such things. But she liked to feel his manhood. All thick and heavy and smelly and veiny. The dark purple head, all taut and shiny. He had taken his time asking her to pleasure him orally, thinking she would find it disgusting. But she wanted to touch it, hold it, wrap her palm around it and yes, put it in her mouth and slather it with her spit and roll her tongue up and down its sides and underneath it. Oh! The smell! The smell! How intoxicating and delirious. Some days she willed that gaziantep sarışın escort bayan Shankar would come into the dressing room and ask her to use her mouth on him and then fuck her brains out. Of course she acted as if it was repulsive and disgusting and that she did not like it. But he got a sense of power when she reluctantly agreed to give him what he wanted. Oh, how she wanted him to do it back to her. She wanted to feel his thick lips on her cunt, his mustache to tickle her pussy. But he only took, and did not give. Especially in this dressing room, with its full length mirror she could see herself on her knees, mouth made into an ‘O’ and Shankar’s cock flying in and out of it as he crouched and held her head and fucked her orally like a rag doll. Aiyoh, amma! How she longed for the feeling of the thick, smelly, hot muscle in her mouth! And the way he entered her from behind, lifting and holding one of her legs up and out as he slammed his cock into her. The mirror gave her the entire picture, she could see her lips exposed, and her whitish cream dripping from her pussy on to Shankar’s cock as it slid in and out of her.

Had Raja seen all this. Dear God. Please, no!

Wait, she thought. If there was one hole, what are the chances of there being more? She got up and searched the wall, feeling it all over with her hands. And then she found the other one. Oh god! Using both the holes the entire room was visible. So Raja did have the full view. He would have seen everything and everyone!!

She was aghast at what this meant. Her son had known and seen everything and was acting all pure and innocent in front of her. She was sure he imagined her naked every time he saw her, knowing fully well what she was like without any clothes on or what kind of underwear she had on that day. Or how she acted during sex with Shakar. The most intimate of a couple’s actions. How awful, obscene, dirty! She felt violated. Her trust in her son was not returned. He was a pervert and, some would consider, almost sick. He needed help.

What could she do? She thought about this all day long. Should she tell Shankar about what their son did? No! Shankar would only give Raja a beating, within an inch of his life. And Meena realized that their secret was not safe with Shankar. No telling when he would spill the beans about their son to someone. No, that would not do. She would have to deal with this herself. Nip it in the bud before someone got to know the perverse nature of her son.

Her head spun as she contemplated the situation she found herself in. She only had two days before her other sons came home and took Raja away for admission and camp. She had to stop Raja from going. She had to make Raja see the light of day, somehow stop him from getting admitted to the Armed Service College. And then there was the matter of her son’s perverted mind. How was she to stop him, if at all? How to cure him of this sickness. Oh! If only there was something she could do!!

Slowly a plan formed in her mind. Perhaps she could use the knowledge she gained about Raja’s dirty, perverted habits to her advantage, make Raja take a decision in her favor. Yes! That’s what she would do. She would kill two birds with one stone. She would stop Raja from joining the armed service, and at the same time cure him of all the evil that was in him.

But the cunning plan was almost diabolical and sordid in nature. What she had in mind would have been unimaginable to anyone. She knew it was sinful, taboo, incestuous, immoral and all those things. But to her it was the correct thing to do. If she had to keep her son to herself, safe and sound, away from the rest of the family, that was the only way.

It was between her and Raja. No one else mattered. Raja still thought of himself as a boy. But she had to show him that he was an adult now, one able to stand up to the bullying of his brothers and to resist his father and fight for what he felt was right and what he wanted, And it was Meena’s duty as a mother to show her son the way.


It was a Friday night and Shankar had gone for some meeting or another. As was customary in such situations he had had a few drinks with his friends and came home, not drunk, but sufficiently tired, and directly went to bed.

Meena tapped on Raja’s door lighty and when he opened it she handed him his night time cup of milk.

“Thanks, amma,” he said, and took the cup from her.

But Meena did not turn away. She said, “Hey Raja, I want to talk to you.. About..about college.”

“Aiyoh, amma! We have been through this before, no? What else is there to..”

Meena did not let him finish. She pushed through and went and sat on Raja’s bed. He too came and sat beside her. Meena noticed his eyes bulge and saw him swallow and his Adam’s apple bob in his throat. Her plan was in motion.

After Shankar had gone to bed, Meena made sufficient noise in the dressing room. She wasn’t sure if Raja was watching her through the holes in his room. But she wanted him to know. She took her time, removing her clothes one by one. Then she spent a few seconds fully naked. And then put on just her nightie that covered her from neck to little above her ankles. It was a bit tight around her breasts and hips and buttocks. Once outside the room, she unbuttoned two of the three buttons on the front flap of her gown.

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