Meet Me in the Bathroom Ch. 01

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If, ten years ago, somebody had told me that I would be making six figures as a partner in a prominent law firm I would have laughed in their face. If they had told me I would have a deeply passionate and highly sexual relationship with a lifelong friend, I would have said, “I sure hope so.”

Now, as you have no doubt guessed, both are true. But there is a unique twist to this dream come true life.

Ten years ago I was in college and going nowhere fast. I didn’t know anything. I didn’t know what I wanted to be, where, or what I wanted to do. I was stuck in a part time job serving yogurt to fat ugly rednecks and barely meeting the course requirements of my local community college. Spring midterms had just ended and I finally had a week free to go home and just relax. Nothing sounded better than a spring break in my bed sleeping.

I got quite a shock when I got home though. My folks had turned my room into a kind of library, computer and junk-box room. I had nowhere to sleep. I was really upset but the couch was big enough for a night or two until I could clear some space.

That first night my mom had planned to tale me out to dinner but I thought that a hot bath and delivery pizza was good enough. She agreed and sifted through the yellow pages for the number while I drew a bath.

I went to the bathroom and closed the door. I turned on the tap and let the water get nice and hot before stopping the drain. I removed my shorts and shirt and then caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I have read enough of these stories to know that this part is cliché but it gets my nipples hard and my pussy wet when I remember this night. Who I saw in the mirror was actually really hot. My legs were only visible in the mirror above the knees. My thighs were just the right shape. A perfect slope to my hips on the outside and my pussy on the inside. The panties accentuating the gentle curve right in the middle. My flat tummy with the lines of my abs running to my chest. Back then there wasn’t much more than a hand full in my bra but my nipples were erect and the tips poked through just enough to be noticed. My face was the same then as it is now, with a few less laughing lines.

The steam from the filling tub and created some sweat on my brow and neck. A drop or two falling between my b-cup breasts. I took off my bra and rubbed in the sweat. My nipples have always been sensitive and rubbing my tits was a sure fire way to get me horny, fast.

I slipped out of my panties and then sank into the welcoming water. The shock from the coo air to the hot water was wonderful. I immediately started to masturbate. My left hand in my pussy, rubbing my clit between thrusts of my fingers, my right hand carefully tugging my nipples. First the right, then the left. I was really getting into the heat of the moment.

Water was splashing around me and I could feel my orgasm building and building, but it wouldn’t come. I couldn’t get over the edge of this cliff. I finished the bath and dried off, determined to find a private place to fuck myself silly before dinner.

But that was not to be.

Just as I finished toweling off I heard the doorbell and my mother talking to the pizza guy. I was hungry, after all, and threw on a t-shirt, and shorts before joining her in the living room.

Now my mom is pretty damn hot in her own right. She gets as many looks from guys as I do. So I was hardly surprised when I walked out of the bathroom to see my mom showing cleavage and working her body towards a discount from the helpless delivery boy. He couldn’t have been more than sixteen and was willing to do anything my mom said so long as he got a peek at her luscious tits and long legs.

After she got half off she closed the door, winked at me, and we sat down to a quiet night of mother daughter catch up chat.



“How can you be so shameless around strangers? I mean flirting with friends is one thing, but the pizza guy?”

“Oh come now, its not like I’m fucking him in a one night stand.”

I was shocked by her bluntness but realized that I probably came across like a snob. “I’m not trying to be a bitch. I just think its fun to watch a woman act so free and sexy. I’m not used to it, that’s all.”

“Can I ask you a question, honey? Are you a virgin?”

O.K., now she has put me on my heals. I figured its time to come clean. “No.”

“Mmm, I see. Do you mind if we chat about sex for a bit?”


She dug right in without missing a beat. “The first time you had sex, did you want it as bad as he did? Or was he the aggressor and you the helpless little girl along for the ride?”

Now it was my turn to shock my mom. “My first time was with a girl, and we were on pretty even ground. I had sex with other women several times before I ever got a man into bed. I always pushed so hard that I think I frightened them away. When I finally got a man he was less than amazing but still eager.”

“Oh! Well I guess I missed the gebze escort birds and the bees talk. I ad no idea that you were lesbian.”

“Well mom, I never thought of myself as lesbian or anything, I always just did what felt good.”

“Well then, what was your first time with a man like?” She asked.

“Hmm, my first time was my sophomore year at college and he was a freshman who thought he’d won the lottery. I managed to talk him into it and he was so excited that he came after about thirty seconds. So I cleaned his dick with my mouth and that got him hard enough for round two and he really did try hard. He thought he was taking me for quite a ride. Poor guy, I didn’t even cum.”

I suppose it was my horny state that made me feel like spilling my guts on my sexual history to my mom, but she seemed not to mind. If anything, she was even more interested than when we started. She definitely wanted to know more.

“So how was a woman different from a man?”

“Um, haven’t you ever… I mean you’ve never uh, been with another girl?”

“Oh my lord yes! I love women! That’s part of the reason your father and I got a divorce. He never really liked the idea of me licking a woman the way he licked me. He must be an odd ball or something. I have never heard of a man who didn’t want to get it on with two women at the same time.”

Hearing that my mom was into women was a real turn on. I mean mature women are the best kind, smart, patient, and most of all passionate. Mature women are more willing to let their bodies lead them where they know they really wan to go. She snapped me back to the conversation with her serious tone.

“Honey, I just wanted to know if you were smart about your sexual decisions, that’s all. I know that girls get a reputation as being slutty and I don’t want you to get hurt or sick or anything.”

Now is the kind of corny part. My mothers concern was so endearing to me that all I could do was reflect on all of the great times we had had together. Trips to the beach and Disneyland, road trips to see grandma in Wisconsin, and talks about sex over pizza. I wanted to push her a bit to see where she would let the conversation go.

“Mom, do you masturbate?”

“Umm, yes dear, I do.” she said. ” I think its safer these days than going around with strange people for purely sexual reasons.”

“Why don’t you have sex with people that you are comfortable with, I mean friends and stuff?”

“Honey, you should realize that nothing fucks up a friendship more than sex. No pun intended. I mean it, sex between friends takes unique people.” she said. “Now since you’re so inquisitive, do you masturbate?” she asked with a coy, knowing smile.

“You heard me in the bathroom didn’t you!” I said with shock. I guess I realized after the fact that my fruitless efforts in the tub must have been overheard. Now she looked at me in a way that got me wet and scared e all at the same time.

“Did you cum?” she asked in a way that could never be confused for motherly concern. This was her lust smelling mine and hoping for contact.

“Why do you ask?” I figured two could play this game. I am an expert flirt, and it matters little that the person I was playing this game with was my mom. I was in need of a first class fucking and my sexy mom was putting out all the right signals for a woman wanting to deliver. I think she realized where the finish line was and decided to make her end clear.

“Look, I don’t want to freak you out or scare you or damage the great relationship we have as mother and daughter. You know what I’m thinking and I am pretty sure I know what you’re thinking. Its six-thirty-six pm and I am clean and sober. I am lucid and thinking clearly and you seem to be the same. Do you want to break a taboo and see what an older woman can teach you about sex?”

I was horny as I have ever been by this point. I thought hard for a few minutes about what she was saying. This moment would change everything in our lives. We would either become lovers, or we would be weird around each other forever.

I stood up, grabbed the dirty plates and the half eaten pizza and proceeded to clean up the dinner mess. I could see clearly that my mother did not expect this reaction. Ooh, I was going to enjoy this game. After all of the dishes were cleaned and the leftovers put away, I snuck up behind her and kissed her neck with an expertise that belied my age.

“Meet me in the bathroom.” I said in barely a whisper.

I left for the bathroom and she followed close behind. I shut the door behind her.

“Nobody will disturb us, you don’t have to close the door.” She said.

“Shh, do exactly as I say, and only what I say.” I ignored her question and decided that tonight my mom would be my body servant. She caught on right away and smiled that same smile as before, I felt the tingle and knew I had made the right decision.

“Now, draw another bath. I want the water to be hot but not göztepe escort scalding. Do you understand me?”

“Yes.” she whispered. Oh damn she was sexy when she whispered and she knew it. She was going to make me earn my role as master.

She knelt on the floor and turned on the water. She is quite a bit taller than me so watching her fold her long slender legs under her body was really exciting. As the tub filled I took the next turn on our little path.

“Stand and face me.” She did, and I put my hands to the front of her blouse. She moved to put her hands over mine. I slapped her hands gently away.

“I didn’t say you could touch me.” I kept my voice soft and lethal, I figured she wanted to be controlled in that manner as opposed to the loud and aggressive way.

One at a time I undid the buttons on her blouse, slowly bringing her breasts into view. After the last button was opened, I slid my hands lightly over the swell of her tits and under her open shirt to the tops of her shoulders. I pushed the blouse off and it fell to the floor, like the wrapping from a Christmas present, crumpled and forgotten. I reversed my motion and brought my hands back over her breasts this time stopping with my hands directly over her erect nipples. I squeezed her tits then. She moaned. She was really enjoying this. I massaged her this way for a moment before sliding my hands to the outside of her ribs, and then down her waist, slowly, savoring ever detail of her skin, to her hips. I searched her waist line for just second until I found the zipper holding her skirt up.

I took my time with this as well. I kept my palm flat on her ass as I slid the zipper down the back of her skirt. Once it reached the bottom I brought my hands ever so slowly back to the top of the skirt and slid them inside to feel her ass. Her skirt fell to join the blouse in oblivion.

My mother stood before me in just her underwear. It was mismatched. I always thought she would wear sets, but that can get expensive.

“Turn the water off.” I said. She was taken off guard by my matter of fact tone. She wanted me to touch her more. But I was going to make her earn it. My plan was still forming but I decided that I wanted her to get so horny that she takes charge of me. And I wanted her to takes it in the aggressive way.

She bent over the edge of the tub and turned the tap off. The stood there facing me waiting for the next command. She had the look of a predator, a lioness waiting for the antelope to make the mistake of falling into the false sense of security while sipping slowly from the watering hole.

“Take off my shirt.” I told her in the same careless tone.

She took the one step needed to bring her tit’s a hairs breadth from mine a gently brought her hands to my shirt. She had mover so slowly that I was startled when she suddenly ripped my t-shirt right off in one swift motion. I was shocked. Standing there in the bathroom with my t-shirt hanging from my shoulders in shreds while my mother did nothing to hide the fact that she was enjoying every minute of this game.

Slowly again she carefully removed the torn pieces of fabric from my shoulders, and then brought her hands down to hang at her sides as if she were a statue. God that made me horny. She was the perfect example of passion and patience. She knew just when to hit the gas and just when to hit the breaks. For a moment I thought that I was out of my league trying to play master and servant with such a clearly powerful woman, but I banished those thoughts immediately. I am, after all, this woman’s daughter, I thought. With that thought fresh in my mind I brought my hands back to her tits. I slipped my finger inside the top of her bra bringing my hands together in the middle and, with a strength I didn’t know I had, tore the cups from her body. I stood there with the bra in two pieces in my hands, the clasp in the back had broken and the silky material was now useless.

I turned to face the mirror and let her gaze at my ass for a minute. “Take off my shorts.” I braced myself for anything and she surprised me again when she kneeled behind me and placed her hands on my hips. Her touch was so tender and sweet, that I was worried that she was having second thoughts

Slower than I thought possible she slid the shorts from my waist, over the gentle curve of my ass, down my thighs and calves until it was on the floor. Then I felt her lips gently caress my ass. It was such a good feeling. Then her hands were back on my ass and she was gently kneading my butt while her lips seduced my flesh. I was no longer in control. Perhaps I never was and she had let me have my illusion to test my mettle.

Then as suddenly as the shirt had been ripped from my body, her lips and her hands were gone. I realized that my eyes were closed and that I was moving my ass back to regain the feeling now lost.

I opened my eyes to see her looking at me in the mirror and was amazed to halkalı escort see her appear demure. Was it my imagination that she was touching my ass only seconds before?

I was getting frustrated. I was hornier than I had ever been and my mom was teasing me. I was supposed to be teasing her!

“Take off your panties!” I said it more forcefully than I had intended. She grinned as she gracefully stepped out of her undergarments. She knew she had me and was going to make me pay for my arrogance, But then I got an idea.

I told her to wait there and not to move an inch until I returned. I went to her bedroom and searched her closet and dresser until I found a scarf of the softest silk. I returned to the bathroom with my surprise hidden behind my back.

“Close your eyes.” She grinned again like she knew my plan, but I was determined to make this my moment of absolute take over.

She closed her eyes and I tied the scarf over them tightly. I then led her to the edge of the tub and helped her in. She relaxed into the water and I was truly amazed then by her beauty. She was amazing. She was exactly what I thought a woman should be. Smart, powerful, sexy and willing to submit to me for the time being.

I kissed her chest. I let my tongue trace circles around the areola of her breasts that just barely broke the surface of the water. I put my hands in the water and felt her vagina, she was a natural beauty and the feel of her hair in my fingers was an immense turn on. I continued to tease her tits with my mouth while I slid my middle finger into her pussy. She liked that. She moved against me and moaned, and made it clear to me that she wanted more. I rubbed the inside of her pussy determined to memorize every millimeter, the origin of my birth.

She was wet and ready and was not at all embarrassed that her own daughter was doing this to her. I bit her nipple hard and she flinched just a bit.

“Do you want more?” I whispered.

“Oh yes baby, uh, I want oh, a lot more…” she trailed of into her moans and I took the reins firmly and stood up from the tub and left the room.

I heard her in the bathroom behind me asking for me and then a lot of splashing as she got out of the tub.

“Okay! I get it. You want to play that game?” Her voice was sexy as ever and she knew exactly what I was doing. ” You better be on my bed ready and waiting when I get there!”

I was already there with my legs open and my fingers deep inside myself. I was so wet that my fingers squelched as I explored my pussy with vigor.

She walked in and strode with purpose to the bed. She wasted no time and yanked my hands from my cunt and pinned them above my head. She kissed me hard. Her tongue and mine swirling around for dominance. We devoured each others mouths hungry for the passion inside. Somehow hoping that if we kissed hard enough we would satisfy the hunger growing inside.

She let my hands go and moved to my neck, she kissed her way down to my tits and licked my nipples in passing, down my stomach, and dove into my pussy. It was so wet that it made squishy sounds as she licked my clit with expert precision. She plowed two fingers deep inside of me as she sucked my clit hard.

“Oh Jesus! That’s amazing. Ooh mommy, uhn, fuck that’s good!” she had me swimming through the ocean about to crash on the rocks. Her right hand continued its assault inside my cunt while her left hand reached up and cupped my right tit. She squeezed it and pulled the nipple hard. Harder than anyone has ever done. The pain was unbelievable but it was just what the doctor ordered. I came right then, and hard!


After what seemed like forever her hand let up its pressure on my tit, an her tongue slowed its world speed record dance on my clit. She pulled her fingers from my pussy and as I opened my eyes I saw her suck my cum from her hand.

“Oh mommy, I needed that so bad. You are so amazing.”

“Mmm, you taste good. But I owe you yet for the misbehavior in the bathroom and certainly for your dirty mouth. Where did you ever learn language like that?”

“My mommy taught me.” I said with an impish grin.

She smiled and said, “fair enough. But I need to decide how to best punish you for leaving me the way you did in the tub. Do you realize how horny you’ve made me?”

As you can guess things progressed from there with remarkable speed. We were rarely apart during the rest of my spring break. I am sure people wondered about us, the familiar way we touched when in public, the open shows of affection and such. But really there was nothing to hide. We were two horny women who found each other attractive and wanted to fuck all of the time.

After I graduated I had decided on law school for some strange reason. I think it was my discovery of liking pain and pleasure mixed together. There is certainly enough of that in the legal world. I graduated from law school in the top two percent of my class and was fortunate enough to get placed into a powerful firm right after I passed the bar. The firm is located far away from my moms old house so she sold it and moved in with me. My apartment is certainly big enough for two people and we do keep separate rooms, even though we usually end up sleeping together.

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