Meeting Brazil

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I was jealous. Tom, the new guy on my team, had picked up an attractive woman within an hour of us showing up at a bar. Tom’s new find, Heather, spent a half hour at our table laughing and carrying on with us before getting up and leaving the bar with him. I had no doubt that Tom was going to have an enjoyable evening. I, on the other hand, was going to go home to a night without romance or sex.

Amy, my wife of 11 years, had lost interest in sex. Not completely, but enough where I was always horny and always irritable. On the occasion where I tried talking to her about our lack of sex, she ended up screaming and crying. What was worse, Amy expected and demanded sexual faithfulness from me, but wasn’t interested in giving me the sex and intimacy I desired. And she wasn’t about to let me get it anywhere else without taking my house and car. I was tired of that deal and Tom’s leaving with Heather made me resolve to do the same if the opportunity arose.

We were in a crowded bar celebrating finishing a long, tedious project for an overseas customer. After spending four weeks in a town of a few thousand people, we couldn’t wait until we got back to Chicago. I figured that a night on the town with the company picking up the tab would be a good way to let my staff unwind and have some fun.

We arrived at Moss’ around 8pm and proceeded to drink and chat. My guys razzed me for looking around like a kid in a candy store. They were right. I hadn’t done that much “sight-seeing” in years.

Looking around, I saw plenty of attractive women. I especially liked seeing so many hard-bodied women and so many bare midriffs and short skirts. Even the women in their 30s and early 40s were showing a generous amounts of skin and looking hot.

As I was standing by the bar watching the younger generation make their moves on the women, I noticed a tall brunette woman trying to get the bartender’s attention by waving her hand. Actually, what I noticed first was her ass straining against the tight material of her skirt.

She was leaning up against the bar and as she did, her already short skirt hiked up even more exposing her long legs. Being the gentleman, I flagged over the bartender and bought the woman a drink. I struck up a conversation and was flattered that a pretty woman was giving me the time of day. Gabriella was Brazilian and fit the thin, dark haired stereotype that I had imagined I would see on the beaches in Ipanema.

I very much enjoyed chatting with her about our interests in traveling and scuba. She told me it was nice that I was taking my group out and then she switched gears on me and asked me how I was planning on picking up women wearing a Chihuahua-print tie. I told her about my three very cute Chihuahuas at home, and that I was married and wasn’t planning on picking up women. She smiled and said that she’d like to take our conversation to a table.

My heart beat noticeably faster when I realized she wanted to continue our chat. I was even happier to see her skirt hike up to mid-thigh when she sat down. She caught me looking down at her legs. Instead of pulling her skirt down, she took my hand firmly in hers and placed it on her thigh. My stomach started to knot as I touched another woman intimately for the first time in twelve years. I gently rubbed her legs and leaned closer to her.

“That feels nice”, she said.

In reply, I slid my hand further up her legs. Seeing her smile, I gradually moved my hands towards her crotch to see how far she would let me go. After a few moments of gently stroking the soft skin of her thighs, I knew I just had to go for it. I slid my hands into sincan escort her panties. I expected to feel a thick mat of hair like my wife’s, but what I felt surprised the hell out of me.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing. There’s no hair!”

“Ahhh, American women are just learning to wax.”

She slouched back and put a leg up on a chair. With such easy access to her cunt, I ran my fingers up and down her smooth lips and found only a small patch of hair above her slit. I rolled her clit between her hairless outer lips and enjoyed watching her close her eyes and savor my touch.

I’d only seen shaved pussies in magazines and wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to see and taste the treasure between Gabriella’s legs. While I fingered her, she sipped her drink until she could no longer keep her hands steady. I suggested we take what was going on under the table to a more private location. She smiled as she stood up and offered me her hand.

The walk to my building was mercifully brief. On the way up to the 52nd floor, she started kissing me with light kisses, but by the time the elevator door opened, she had her tongue in my mouth and was squeezing my cock through my pants.

Once in my office, I locked the door and pulled the blinds shut. Gabriella took the lead, which was fine with me as I was nervous. She leaned up against my desk and let her skirt drop to the carpet. Only a deep blue g-string was hiding her hairless pussy from my view. As she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, all I could do was stare at her.

“Are you going to pull down my panties?” she asked.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I got down on my knees in front of Gabriella and nuzzled my face into her panties while rubbing her ass. Her panties were damp and I needed to get them off so I could give her pussy a kiss. I slid her g-string down to the floor while looking up into her face.

Uncovered, I planted a kiss on her mons. The first thing I noticed was that without hair, her inner lips were very visible. I sucked them into my mouth and then kissed my way up to her face.

While I undressed, she leaned back on my desk and spread her legs wide.

“It’s a nice pussy, don’t you think?” she asked as her fingers massaged her clit.

I was shocked by the boldness of her actions and her talk, but found myself mesmerized by the sight of her soft, puffy hairless lips and her fingers busily stroking her clit.

Once again, I got down on my knees before Gabriella and prepared to lick her until she came. Starting out gently, I ran my tongue down one side and up the other. As I got comfortable with the lay of the land, I gently sucked her clit into my mouth. I was determined to make the little guy stand up.

I ran my tongue down to her opening and savored her tangy wetness. Glancing up, I was pleased to see Gabriella smiling as she tightly crossed her hands across her tummy. I licked my finger and traced it around her lips before inserting it into her tight cunt. Suddenly, her moans got louder as I found her G-spot. I continued working her pleasure spot while I sucked on her clit.

The smoothness of her pussy surprised me. Lacking hair was more than just visually appealing. Without thick hair getting in the way, I was really able to lick, suck, and nibble every part of her. I felt her getting closer to orgasm, but wanted to prolong her pleasure.

I brought her close to orgasm and then denied her the release as I drew my face back to look at her splendid pussy.

“Damn you,” she nearly screamed after the third time I did that.

Her legs shook and she let sincan escort bayan out a loud moan when I snaked a second finger into her pussy. I doubted a third finger would have fit, but I had other ideas anyway. I helped her up and told her to lean over the desk. I was treated to one of the most erotic sights in my life; a tanned beauty spread over my desk and waiting for my cock. Viewing Gabriella’s hairless twat made me not care in the least that my bitch wife was home by herself. I was going to fuck Gabriella as many times as she’d let me.

“Guide me in”, I asked as I put the tip of my cock against the crack of her ass.

She reached back and fondled my balls for a moment before grabbing my cock and helping it into her pussy. Her warmth and wetness felt terrific. I paused for a moment at her opening and slowly inserted my cock just a half inch or so at a time. Looking down, I was enthralled watching my cock enter her cunt.

Withdrawing my cock until I was almost out of her, I paused for a moment before slipping it in just a little. Her moans and wiggling around let me know she liked my teasing.

“Should I put it all the way in?” I asked.

“Fuck me!” she replied.

I drove my cock all the way in until my tummy was pressed hard against her bottom. I was all the way in Gabriella. My cock was in a new lover for the first time since the 1980s.

I wasn’t going to last long inside such an enthusiastic lover. I thanked god she was nearly ready to climax. When I finally came, it was such an intense orgasm that I felt spurt after spurt leaving my cock. This was the most intense orgasm I ever had.

I was still hard after coming and kept up the pounding while she rubbed herself to a screaming orgasm.

“You ready for some more?” she asked as I pulled my softening cock out of her.

I couldn’t believe she asked that. I just had the fuck of my life and she was ready to go again.

“I’d love to try, but your going to have to help me get ready again.”

She smirked and told me to lie down on the couch.

Gabriella sat down on the couch and then positioned herself between my legs. I knew I was going to enjoy her cocksucking when she playfully dragged her hair across my stomach and then stuck her tongue in my belly button. After licking one of my nipples and then the other, she got down and pleased me like no other women ever had. She alternated between licking my balls and sucking my cock deep into her mouth. When my cock started getting hard, she quickly swung herself around and pressed her pussy into my face.

I was caught me off guard. I didn’t expect to eat her messy pussy. Her cunt was still oozing my white come and I had no desire to get a mouth full of it. She didn’t give me any options as she began rubbing her wet pussy all over my face. I tentatively stuck my tongue out to taste her.

“Does my pussy still feel nice and soft?” she asked before taking my cock back in her mouth.

“Very nice”, I replied before burying my tongue in the folds of her cunt.

“Is it nice and wet?” she continued.

“Mmmhh”, I answered.

Her come-filled pussy was actually quite pleasant. I enjoyed the musky, salty taste of her used pussy as I unhurriedly licked her clean. She sucked my cock in earnest when I reached my thumb up and started massaging her anus. I pulled one of the cushions beneath my head so that I could keep my face pressed against her snatch without straining my neck.

Wiggling her bottom all over my face, she finally positioned her asshole in front of my tongue.

“I’m nice and clean back there. escort sincan Can you give it a kiss?”

This hot babe wanted me to rim her and I was not going to disappoint. She caressed my cock for a moment while she enjoyed the pleasure she was receiving. After a moment or two, she got back to sucking my cock while I continued to gently kiss around her anus and then lick across her asshole. My tongue slipped over the firm tissue of her anus and I idly wondered whether I would have a chance to do this to my wife.

She started really getting into my rim job and began rubbing her ass faster around my face. Suddenly, she got up in the sitting position over my face and spread her butt cheeks a little so that I could bury my tongue in her ass.

I never thought I would find tonguing a woman’s ass so erotic, but the way she got into it made me feel really good. I was getting close to another orgasm and she could sense it.

“You want me to finish you off in my hand or my pussy?”

“I’d love to fuck you again.”

She laughed and pulled herself off of me and lay down on her back with her legs wide and inviting.

“Give me your thick cock “, she begged.

I got between her legs and slid my cock back into her very slippery pussy. I enjoyed the sensation of her pussy lips wrapping around my cock and the smooth, liquidy sensation on my cock. The first thrust into a woman always felt wonderful and it was certainly amazing seeing my cock enter Gabriella’s hairless cunt.

I remained in the upright position for a moment longer as she busily massaged her clit with her long fingers. I enjoyed keeping her pussy full while she rubbed her clitty between her fingers. When she was near orgasm, she quit playing and pulled me down to her and told me to start giving it to her harder. I never expected sex to be this good on a one-night stand.

Thrusting into her as hard as I could, I wondered whether anyone could hear us. Her screams combined with the wild ride she was giving made me lose control. My toes curled so hard they almost hurt as I felt the spasms in my loins. I came so hard I lost my rhythm and could only grunt while coming in Gabriella.

Slowly I withdrew my cock and sat back on the couch. I was trying to recover from a devastating orgasm, but Gabriella told me I wasn’t going to get away that easily and straddled my lap. She ran her hands through my graying hair and pulled my head into her breasts. Although she was in her middle thirties, her breasts were as firm as a much younger woman’s breasts and were a delight to kiss and rub.

She reached down and rubbed her pussy for a moment. I thought she was going for another orgasm, but instead she brought her hand up and smeared her moistened fingers on each nipple.

“How do they taste now?”

“Fantastic” was the only word I was going to give her so I could resume sucking her nipples.

As much as I was enjoying myself, I told her that I needed to get back home and she got a playful look on her face. She stood up on the couch in front of me and put her pussy in front of my face.

“Give pussy a nice little kiss goodnight.”

Enthusiastically this time, I moved my face into her well-fucked crotch. I couldn’t believe how sexy I found it tonguing her creamy pussy. She grabbed my head and really pulled it into her crotch. I felt her clit brush hard across my nose as I licked her pussy clean. Globs of my cum ended up on my tongue, but I swallowed those while trying to keep my face attached to her wiggling hips.

I was hard by the time she got off the couch to get dressed. Sitting there stroking my cock, I watched her get dressed while thinking how unexpected the night had turned out.

We exchanged numbers when we got back to the bar. I was hoping I was going to get to spend another evening with Gabriella before she left town. In any case, I was certainly going to find a reason to go back to Moss’.

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