Meeting Daddy Ch. 02

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I woke up the next day, I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 8:30, shit I had slept for 14 straight hours, but at the same time the bed was damn comfortable. I finally rolled out of bed and stretched. I looked around and checked the adjoining bathroom. When I didn’t see daddy I put on some shorts and a tank top and went down stairs. As I made it to the lower floor I inhaled a mouthwatering aroma. I licked my lips as I entered the kitchen and saw him.

Oh dear Lord he was stunning. I watched his fit back pulse as he cooked, the pants he wore were slung low on his narrow hips and made my mouth water more, as well as my pussy quiver. I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around his tight waist and kissed his shoulder blade. He stiffened for a second before turning around and holding me to his chiseled chest, and for the first time I saw the gorgeous tattoo on his chest but he’d had it too long and it needed some touching up so it was hard to read. I touched the first letter and I heard him sigh a little, so I did something I had wanted to for a while; I licked it. I moaned and he groaned, but something started to burn and he had to pull away and see about the food.

He told me to sit at the table and I did. A few minutes later he brought me a plate with eggs and ham and a glass of orange juice. I smiled up at him and started to eat. He sat across from me and watched me as he too started to eat.

“How is it baby?” daddy asked me.

“Its amazing daddy, I didn’t know you cook so well,” I replied awe struck.

He just chuckled gave me a wink and said, “There’s a lot you don’t know about me baby girl.”

I chuckled as well and kept eating. It was so good that within ten minutes I was finished and downing my juice like a pro. I leaned back in my chair and sighed rubbing my slightly protruding stomach. He looked at me like I was an alien and I raised an eyebrow at him.

He smiled, “Wow my baby can eat,” and all I could do was hide my blush. Daddy came to me and lifted me from my chair, he put me on the counter and started kissing my neck. I wrapped my legs around his waist and sighed.

“What are you doing daddy,” I asked even though I knew the answer.

“I’m going to fuck my favourite little slut silly” He said with a smile.

“Well come on big guy, fuck me.”

He went back to kissing and sucking on my neck and I moaned in delight as his hands slipped the straps of my tank top down my shoulders. I pulled him closer and he pushed the top down to my waist as he continued kissing my neck. My nipples got hard and as his hands found my breasts I arched my back and dug my nails into his back.

I heard him groan and I undid his pants and allowed them to drop to his ankles freeing his glorious cock. I gripped it with my small hand and felt his hips buck a bit at my touch. I smiled a bit before he lifted me by my ass and removed my shorts, all the while he controlled my mouth in a passionate kiss that reduced my capacity to breathe let alone think. I felt his finger push into my pussy, then three more follow it, and I knew he was testing how wet I was. Then a second later daddy removed them and slid his delicious cock into my tight cunt and I moaned with pleasure.

“Shit daddy that’s it fuck your little slut fuck me hard,” I whispered in his ear, well more like moaned. And he happily obliged slamming himself into my fuck hole harder and harder while an “ah” escaped with each thrust and he groaned at the tight warm fit and I wondered if anything could possibly feel more perfect. He bounced me so I took him deeper and he went faster.

“Oh fuck daddy so good, more give me more please,” I begged him and he put me back on güvenilir bahis the counter and gave it to me harder and faster till I dug my nails into his shoulders and started to cum while screaming his name. He just kept going, smiling at me through my orgasm then he slammed into me one more time then he pushed me to my knees and stuffed his cock into my throat. My daddy proceeded to fuck it for about 30 seconds then exploded into my throat and he came for five minutes and I, like the dutiful little whore I am, swallowed every drop and when he pulled back I sucked him clean eager for another taste of his delicious seed.

He smiled at me as I looked up at him sucking his cock. After a while he pulled me up, bent me over and smacked my ass. He smacked it for a bit and I moaned the entire time.

“Who’s your daddy slut?” He asked giving my already sore backside another hard tap.

“You are,” I moaned back to him.

“Go on and bathe baby, we have a big day ahead of us,” daddy ordered pulling me to my feet and giving me a quick kiss. And I, on shaky legs, obeyed, stumbling up the steps and into the bathroom off of his room. I turned on the hot water and got in washing my body thoroughly of the sweat from the work out I’d just had. I hummed while I went on, as I usually did and I was so caught up in the pleasure of the shower and my hands on my tiny body that I didn’t hear him enter the bathroom or shower. I felt him squeeze my ass as he kissed right below my ear and I shivered. Daddy bent me over and slowly began fucking me. It was slow but sweet and I moaned deeply as he kept going. It didn’t last long and we both came quickly but it was still incredible.

Daddy washed off my pussy and I washed his entire body, of course paying extra attention to his cock. Soon we walked out and dried off. Daddy put on some jeans, a shirt and a pair of jordans and he pulled out a tiny top and a skirt that might as well of been a strip of cloth out of a drawer. I looked at him and he handed it to me. I put it on without any complaint wanting to please him and he led me out of the house. I go into his car and put my feet on the dash the tiny skirt riding up so the bottom of my ass showed. He glanced down before continuing down the road and pretty soon I saw a mall in the distance. I looked at him but he just faced front and smiled.

We pulled into the parking lot in a space near to the entrance and we got out. I pulled down my skirt as far as it would go and walked inside with his hand on the small of my back and immediately I felt all eyes on us. The men watched my exposed cleavage, stomach and legs admiring my fit body and beautiful skin tone while also being jealous of the man with me. And the girls, well they went between jealousy of me and lust and admiration for my daddy and I immediately put my arm around him as we walked through the mall.

We walked for a while and just as I was starting to wonder why we were here, I saw the Victoria’s Secret store and I smiled. We strolled in and daddy pulled me so my back was to his chest.

“Get anything you like baby and come show it to me. If I like it you can have it,” he whispered into my ear while his hand squeezed my perky tit. Then he released me and smacked my ass as I walked off. After spending about five minutes looking through the store I sauntered back into the area where daddy waited for me with a few selections. He pulled a seat and I took off my clothes in the changing area. The women who worked there didn’t say a word and I assumed either they were used to situation or they just wanted to watch my sexy daddy more.

I put on a pink satin bra a matching thong and stroll outside. Daddy sits up straighter türkçe bahis and pulls me closer. He looks me up and down and nods his approval. I smile and go back inside putting on a blue silk thong and bra. He approved that one as well as a black one but rejected a white velvety set. Then came the last one and my favourite; a red lacy piece that showed of everything. I walked outside and immediately he nodded. I smiled and swayed my hips as I returned to the changing room and as soon as I had the set off I heard him enter my area.

I started to turn around but he just bent me over, spread my legs and ass and slowly licked my wet pussy. I moan softly and spread my ass for him as he tongue fucks me while he pushes two fingers into my ass. I cover my mouth and he sucks my clit while pushing two fingers inside my now vacant pussy.

“You’re gonna make me cum soon if you keep this up,” I moaned softly to him. Daddy just tongue fucked me harder, fingered my ass faster driving his fingers deeper and rubbed my clit hard and fast. I bit into my fist as I shook and started to cum. I came hard, it didn’t last long, but it was incredible. I raised up and put on my clothes, when I glanced at him before he went back outside his face was flooded with my juices and he was licking his lips happily.

I met him outside and together we paid for the items and left the mall, again all eyes were on us as we exited. We got into the car and again I put my feet onto the dash. Daddy drove us home and when we got inside he basically attacked me; kissing me like there was no tomorrow and I had to drop the bag. He lifted me into his arms and carried up the stairs to his room and dropped me onto his bed. He kissed me harder, deeper, making hard to breathe. I felt him raise my hands above my head and then I felt the handcuffs around my wrists. I looked up at him and he just smiled as he tore off my shirt and bra and squeezed my perky breasts and erect nipples. I hissed a breath and moaned while he slowly removed my skirt and tiny panty.

“Last time was too quick. Today I’m going to make it last and by the end you will be fucking begging for me to fuck you” He said quietly while running his fingers from my nipples to my belly button making me shiver slightly. He chuckled and sucked my erect nipple hard into his hot mouth. Shit it was wonderful and I arched my back in offering. He chuckled around my nipple and moved to the next one sucking and biting gently, I moaned writhing beneath my daddy. I felt his mouth trail open mouth kisses down my body to my wet pussy, I whimpered as he spread my legs and slowly pressed kissed to the inside of my thighs. Then as I felt his breath on my wet cunt; he pulled away and laughed. I looked up at him and whimpered again. He just put my panty into my mouth and smiled… right before he dove into my pussy and devoured me, bringing out of my chest the biggest, most animalistic sound probably known to man.

He put his hot mouth onto my tight wet cunt and ate. He licked me as fast as he could then he sucked my hard clit while biting it gently. I couldn’t stop moaning and writhing. I tugged on those handcuffs wanting so badly to push his head deeper into myself and he ate like I was an oasis he found after wandering the desert for a year. I screamed into my gag as he plunged two fingers and kept his tongue in me. Shit that was so good; and suddenly it stopped. All I felt were his fingers and I opened my eyes and looked down at him.

“Do you want it baby?” he said softly, smiling. Then he crawled up to my ear and whispered, “Do you want daddy’s massive cock you little slut?”

Since I had the gag in all I could do was nod enthusiastically. He chuckled then güvenilir bahis siteleri took off his shirt and my fingers itched to run across his chiseled chest and well defined abs. Then off came his pants and out, his cock… my mouth watered wetting my underwear and soaking my still wet pussy. Daddy climbed on top of me and removed my gag, I lick my lips and he kisses me. I wrapped my legs around him but he removed them from his waist spreading me open never once breaking contact with my lips.

He rubbed his cock on my slit and beat my clit with it.

“Please daddy,” I pleaded.

“What baby?” he asked mockingly, “What do you want?”

“Please daddy I need your cock, please,” I cried out almost close to tears with need.

He smiled broadly, “Well since you asked so nicely,” and he rammed himself into my tight body. I screamed with pleasure and he groaned with it, but when I tried to pull him deeper he stopped me, spreading and pushing my legs so my knees were by my shoulders. He looked down at my spread pussy, his offering, then up at my face. He slowly started moving in and out of me groaning with pleasure. I wriggled, trying to get him deeper, he noticed and obliged shoving his full 17 inches into my soaking snatch. I groan and he picks up the pace slightly.

“Yeah you like having my massive cock fucking your tight young pussy don’t you you little slut” daddy groaned as he drove himself into me.

“Yes daddy, fuck yes, I love having you fuck my slutty pussy like the whore I am.”

“Shit yes you filthy whore,” he started going harder and harder as indiscernible sounds left my throat.

He turned me onto my stomach, the cuffs cutting into my wrists slightly, not that I could focus on that because daddy started smacking my ass and driving himself deeper, if that was possible. I moaned loudly as he smacked me harder fucking me hard.

“yes my little slut, you like having daddy smack your nice ass don’t you,” he said through gritted teeth. It was so fucking good all I could do was moan and nod; he was not satisfied with that. He smacked my ass harder and growled, “You like daddy smacking your ass don’t you,”

Whimpering softly at his dominance and moaning a bit at it as well I replied, “Yes daddy your slut loves having you smack my ass,” He smiled and kept going harder determined to make me cum on him. And after a few more strokes with his monster he gets his wish and I scream as my earth shattering orgasm erupted through me. I kept screaming his name as I started to squirt all over his massive body, my fluids splashing onto his thighs and lower abdomen. I finally finish and when I glance at the clock it is 7:30 pm and we started going at it around 5. I lay my head down on the pillow and took a deep breath, but that didn’t last long.

Daddy smacked my ass hard and whispered, “you aren’t done yet slut,” and he pulled me to my knees and my back was to his chest as he pulled my hair, wrapped his other arm around my waist tightly to hold me down and pounded into me to pleasure himself. I moaned with each thrust and he pulled my head all the way back and kissed me. He pulled me closer and after a few minutes he pulled me down as he plunged into me sending every inch inside. I felt his cock expand and then I felt his cum spurt out.

“Shit daddy yes, fill up your slut give me your fucking cum,” I moaned loudly. And for the next seven minutes he did, just when I thought he was never going to stop daddy pulled out of me and let me collapse onto the bed, as I had the night before. I groaned and rolled onto my back and watched as he let the last drops fall onto my young, tight body. Daddy then came and lied down next to me, I rolled over and put my head onto his chest and his arm circled my waist. I glanced at the clock, 7:45 pm, and I was in absolute heaven. I listened to his heart beat and deep breaths and I drifted to sleep eager for our adventures tomorrow.

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