Meeting Her Pt. 04: Dual Affairs

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Meeting Her Pt 4: Dual Affairs Continue

By LolaPaul49

During October and November both of my affairs continued, with a few extras added by the ladies. Tuesday nights I visited Isabel’s secret apartment for a few hours of mutual pleasure. Isabel was pregnant, married to Jorge, but the marriage was essentially over. Then on Thursday nights Nancy came to my house for one to three nights, depending. Nancy had a townie guy named Getty she thought she was supposed to be attached to, because he was so worthless. Both Jorge and Getty got no physical affection, for both women I was enjoying their charms more than any man had in years, and things were getting hotter.

As a caution, there is one brief incident in Chapter 1 that briefly touches on what is usually a fetish activity. It is very brief, with no tag.

Friendly MF activities occur in each chapter except Chapter 3.

Chapter 1. Meetings With Isabel

My Tuesday evening affair with Isabel progressed with lots of fun for both of us. We both needed an escape from work, but because she was pregnant she especially needed somebody to tell her that she was young, sexy, and beautiful. Her husband was less than useless.

We met at her secret apartment on Tuesdays for the two months, excluding the three Fall holidays in academia: Homecoming (former star Jorge and wife had to show – I didn’t), Halloween (faculty party – I was warned to stay away but Isabel had to don a costume and suffer conversation from faculty who had opinions on her multiple jobs) and Thanksgiving (family time). None of these were Tuesdays, but they each took time from her weekend so she had to work extra late on Tuesdays evenings instead of playing with me.

By December 1 Isabel was just over 4 months along. Because her office clothes don’t fit right she thinks she is getting fat, but I tell her to relax, she is entitled and the baby has needs. She is meeting like those needs like the wonderful mother she is. At every opportunity I kiss her on the belly, telling her she is glowing, beautiful and so very feminine.

She glowed every time.

Jorge is oblivious. He is pissed off at the way he was brought to heel at home, and is in a perpetual snit, but is busy spending every spare moment revising the raw data he and four others supposedly gathered in Antarctica.

As long as Jorge is still in the picture our sessions end before midnight, which is plenty of time for us to enjoy Isabel’s body. According to the court, Jorge has to be in by 11 unless he can call ahead of time with a good reason. He is really pissed about it but Isabel is glad to show him the DVD of his rant to make it clear who is to blame. If he misses a curfew his bail will be revoked and the campus cops will be glad to help him find his way back to county jail.

Isabel has a 12:30 deadline because she needs the sleep.

Jorge tried to follow her to the apartment a few times, but his 5-year old “eco-lime-green” Nissan Leaf is easy to spot. Isabel drives a half dozen cars from the university car pool and parks in her apartment’s garage. Jorge can’t afford a private investigator to track her, plus her week is complicated and varied, with a schedule that can go from 6 in the morning to midnight, 6 days a week.

During each of our Tuesday evening sessions Isabel reasonably expects me to give her my cum at least twice, or three times if she is lucky. We always start with a shower and about half the time she asks me to take her up her ass for extra fun during that shower. She installed faint indirect lighting in the shower to create a mood, and a mirror. She loves to relive the naughty feelings of our first infidelity. Also, she plugs her butt, then pulls the plug when she gets home. This way she knows her ass will drip my cum all night, it allows the thrills to carry over all night while she ignores her husband. One night she arranged for him to see her with a butt plug inserted. When he asked about it she just said “memories,” and would say nothing more on the subject… except to ask if he wanted a taste.

Jorge was in a double snit for a week.

Isabel also likes to get oral sex, and some nights she just gets in a mood where she wants to swallow my cum. Normally she takes me deep in her mouth, she can do that better than most women I have been with. But there are also times when she gets in the mood for a partial facial. Afterwards she always wants a mirror so she can see her face covered in my cum, with my cock in the background. One night she was hot to get a picture of us both, without the camera being in the shot. We used a half hour getting the angles set, so she got a hot picture of her lusty, dripping smile.

A blowup of that picture went in her bedroom at home.

I cope with whatever mood she is in. The week before Thanksgiving she was extra horny so I got off four times with her. I did the circuit (her mouth in the shower, pussy in bed and ass in the shower after we napped). Then, as I was by the door, dressed and ready to leave she asked for a last minute fucking as she Düzce Escort bent herself over the kitchen table inviting rear entry. She inserted a plug in her pussy as soon as I was done, she wanted to keep that climax inside so she could enjoy it at home as lube for her vibrator. I was done for the night (4 times in 6 hours!) but she thought she might go a lot longer because she had an open calender for the next day.

Jorge complained he could not sleep because of the “damned sex toy” running all night. Isabel’s response was that he could always find another place to sleep.

She has also has become enamored with our hot kisses. Every visit includes at least 15 minutes just making-out like naked teenagers on the couch. She never got that type of thing as a young woman, so I was making up for lost time.

Isabel knows the day is coming when her pregnancy will make penetration an issue, so for now she is a little needy for it. I have nothing to complain about, she is a wonderful lover who is up for just about anything she ever read in her Penthouse collections. For a Christmas present I am getting her a collection of books written by Lonnie Barback, Emma Holly, Cecilia Tan plus some Suzie Bright Audibles.

Isabel did decide to surprise me with something new on the third Tuesday of October. We were in the shower, washing each other because that is fun, with fingers probing the usual fun spots. Using some nasty excuse she got me leaning forward, bent over, with her behind me. She was having fun with her tongue tickling my balls from behind, using her fingers lightly as she licked my hairless sack. Then, suddenly she was holding me tight while her tongue was giving me a light rimming. I admit that it felt good. I let it go on for 30 to 40 seconds of good feelings before I stepped away.

The first time we were at her apartment she had said she wanted this, she mentioned it but I slipped past the discussion. It is not that I don’t like rimming, the problem is that she is married. I knew that if she rimmed me I would never see Jorge the same again, because I would think his lips and her ass-rimming lips could have touched. (They rarely kiss, but just the idea that they might is enough.) That mental image would be a problem if, for example, Jorge and I ever had an intense academic debate.

Later, while we were eating a light meal of excellent Italian take-out, I asked Isabel about the rimming ambush in the shower.

She mentioned a set of “Hooker” books from the ancient collection she read, paperbacks published before we were born. One of them had this 40-plus year old Hooker person who was just drawn to the ass of one particular twenty-something guy on a beach in Greece. She asked. He said yes. (Most guys will.) She got on her knees behind the guy and did the deed while her wealthy “silver-fox” boyfriend, who paid her bills, got very disgusted watching out for the authorities. Later the Hooker dragged the young stud to her room, screwing on the beach was a drag because of the sand, plus she wanted her rich boyfriend involved, nibbling her toes or something else demeaning while she enjoyed the kid in every way they could think of for hours.

The image of this beautiful blond Jewish woman on her knees behind an oil-covered, well-built, naked guy half her age, enthusiastically holding his ass cheeks open while eating his ass under the sun on the beach stuck with Isabel.

On the college tennis team sometimes, if somebody thought they were good enough, they arranged friendly tennis matches where “public tongue service” in the showers was the prize. Isabel was never involved but she sometimes wondered about it, she would not mind if she lost.

Isabel said that she never had such a strong urge before, but like the person in the “Hooker” book, something about my ass drew her. She thought she should be ashamed of these urges, but she knew that I would accept it, and she wanted it. “So is it really that bad?” she asked. Also, she wondered if I ever got a similar urge about her lovely bottom?

Okay, I had to admit that she had me there, she had a very attractive bottom and I often had the urge to do taboo things with my tongue. I think most guys consider the same type of things even if they would never actually do them. But my problem was not about the urge itself.

I explained my problem was a potential heated discussion with Jorge, a debate with hitting below the belt could get really bad. As soon as I said that she made a face and conceded my point. She should have seen the potential problem. We agreed to table the discussion for a few months; with time things might change.

We both agreed that sometimes a finger or two, inserted in back, worked for us so we would continue to do that when we got the urge.

After dinner that night she was in a very oral mood, both giving and getting. Isabel likes “taking turns” for oral rather than the 69 thing that Nancy is into. That night she got deep into oral. She wound up on the bed, with her head hanging off the edge, while I fucked Düzce Escort Bayan her throat. It had been a long time for her, but she could cope and she wanted it. We both agreed that if there was a third person, man or woman, eating her as I did her throat that it would be even more wonderful, especially late in the pregnancy. Unfortunately, she did not have a candidate for that position in mind.

Isabel mentioned that she missed female company since she got married. Before marriage she played with some of her old tennis friends, but not since then. She asked if I knew anybody but I had to remind her that we talked about that in my office; I was leaving it up to her because I could not talk to anybody about her. She sighed and said that was really a better plan, but she just did not have anybody she could trust for both of us. With her position she had to be very careful.

The week before Thanksgiving Isabel asked me about Nancy. At the time we were spooning so she could not see how surprised I was at her question. I was sure it was about sex until Isabel mentioned that unofficially she knew Nancy and I enjoyed some significant academic success with our joint work. Because I was saving the university my success was important to her and her child.

Nancy’s name had come up because I was ahead of schedule in my contract timeline. Her dad was making a big example of Nancy, promoting her big time for others in the college to see and be stunned by. When the announcement was made it would shake up a lot of people to the core. It would shatter an unwritten rule.

Isabel mused aloud how Nancy was the ideal candidate for me to start my campaign with, because Nancy was so unlikely to leave the school. Isabel claimed “Curtis could not have made a better choice if he planned it. She could be an associate Dean someday, if only she had a PhD, and pulled her private life out of the gutter.”

I immediately stressed that Nancy earned what she was getting, she had a novel idea, we worked together on it, and she did the heavy lifting in record time.

I found out later that Isabel knew Nancy well, they were tennis team alums plus their exercise schedules fit so they played a tennis match at least three times a month, and had done so for years. Isabel confided that she had some influence on teaching schedules, so maybe Nancy’s preferences were given special consideration.

(Nancy was shared by two departments, she expected to be the lowest priority for scheduling. But more than once Nancy’s two department chairmen got a late notice of a conflict from the Provost. No reason was given, but suddenly they had to make a series of bothersome last minute schedule changes that happened to coincide with Nancy’s first preferences. These were a spectacular inconvenience for both professional assholes. Like Pavlov’s dogs, they learned – after that Nancy got what she asked for first – even if the dogs didn’t understand why.)

That got us talking about Nancy’s known proclivity for “worthless townie guys.” Isabel had a theory about when and how a young girl formed her sexual inclinations. Isabel attributed her own “health” in this area to her parents. It wasn’t until she was isolated from them (she buried herself in getting through her PhD program) that she became vulnerable to Jorge, an older man who mimicked a romantic interest.

As I resumed moving in her body, Isabel told me a secret about her own sexual background. It started with summers up north, the family had a cabin on a lake in an area that was “clothing optional” with access strictly restricted to the immediate Brumhulds (Ivan was effectively a third parent) plus a few descendants of upper-level Hightower employees, all with isolated cabins around the lake. In the summer heat everybody at the lake wore bug spray and very little else. “Taking extra showers and doing laundry seemed like a waste of time and resources.”

It actually started when Isabel was eight, when she asked her parents about love. Of course her mother and father loved each other, and they loved her. So Isabel asked if, since she loved Curtis and he loved her, could they sleep together? Her parents said that they were married, and married people slept together. So Isabel asked about Ivan, since they also had love but he wasn’t married. Isabel was smart even at that tender age, but her parents were able to distract her from pursuing the subject.

When Isabel became aware of sexual activity her parents were open to her questions. They made a critical promise. They explained to Isabel the need to refrain from sexual activity, especially with young boys, before she came of age. She was warned that she would be tempted, and that her peers might make some dangerous mistakes. However, if she stuck to the plan, then when she did come of age she would be eligible for some rewards as well as support for some discreet privileges (like the naked sleepovers she had later with girls in the mansion after high school graduation).

I was inside her, in the spoons position, when Escort Düzce she explained the deal. I could feel her response to recounting the memory, it was powerful. The reward that Isabel selected and received was an extended weekend where she surrendered her virginity and was educated sexually by her two favorite men: her blood father Ivan and her nominal father Curtis. Her mother approved of Isabel’s choice; she had enjoyed so many good times with both men in bed.

Isabel became 18 during October of her senior year of high school, but she refrained from sex with any male until the following June, on Father’s Day weekend (naturally) when she claimed her special reward from her fathers.

(After she was 18 her parents did not discourage friendly same-sex activity – it was safer. Her mother admitted to enjoying such play. So Isabel enjoyed several females between her 18th birthday and her special “Fathers” day. She attended senior prom with a doubles partner – a female lover from the tennis team.)

Isabel did not want to stop fucking as she talked. In fact, we both became more excited as she spoke. For her reward Isabel and Ivan checked into a luxury suite at a resort hotel for a 4-night stay. During the drive they both acknowledged what they knew, they were biological father and daughter, “Like the Sodom guy in the Bible, except he had two daughters.” Her body shivered at the memory of that drive.

“As I recall that story, the two daughters had to get him drunk,” I replied.

“Well, that story had two daughters and one father… my story…” I felt her pussy squeeze me my cock. “OH… you feel so good like that… my story was… one daughter… and two daddies… with nobody drunk… OH FUCK, you feel good.”

They knew society called it a sin, but she was stork-proof and they had love plus her mother’s blessing, so they did not care about society.

The first night in bed she and Ivan explored all a mouth might do to give and get pleasure, as well as manual stimulation. “I jerked him off on my tits, then he licked them clean and fed it to me… my first snowball came fresh from the balls that made me! Fuck that was hot! Also, he was so mature. No high school guy could match that. It warped me and spoiled me for life.”

On the second day she became a woman on Ivan’s cock when he entered her tight pussy for the first time. He was a very skilled lover who took his time (almost an hour) building her fire. She was well beyond ready when she demanded that he put it in. Finally her blood-father introducing her to the joys of womanhood; she really enjoyed her first time. The pure joy of it far exceeded her imagination. Thanks to the fingers (but never the toys) of several female lovers the obstacle was gone, she knew no significant pain except her tightness. When he entered her body they both knew that his cock made her, but that just made it special. They both called in “coming home with Papa,” a phrase which took her to climax in an instant. They had always been very close and as long as she was safe from pregnancy she could imagine no other man’s cock for her first. They clung to each other tightly as she climaxed on him, proclaiming her love. She was so tight he lasted only a few minutes longer before his cock spasmed and filled her while his weight was on her body, and his tongue in her mouth shared the climax with her.

The third day Curtis arrived to join the party. As her main request, Ivan held Isabel against his chest, kissing her as Curtis positioned himself behind her. He kissed her up and down her back, with extra time spend on her bottom. Finally he pierced her tight, but well-lubed and stretched, anal cherry.

She wanted Curtis to be “her first in some way, because he was special too.” She loved being a woman between her two men, “her loving daddies.” After Curtis filled her she stayed where she was with both men holding her and whispering loving phrases in her ear. She was quite wound up, the trio spent the night together but got little sleep, Isabel was allowed to indulge herself in every way with both brothers. Having two men meant the wait times were reduced as they took turns, especially when one watched her with the other. The next day she requested her first DP, having them up her pussy and ass at the same time. She warmed them both with her mouth, and had each cock in her pussy, before she mounted Curtis and then urged Ivan to “do his worst” up her butt. The brothers had enough control that they came together, alternating spasms in her pussy and her ass while she shook with the wonder of it. Well, they had practiced enough with Elle. The feeling of being filled and loved by both fathers at the same time was incredible.

After lunch Curtis left and Isabel spent the last night of her reward with Ivan. She tied ropes around both wrists as a sign that he was in charge of her body. She was passive “as a sex toy and a whore” for him. One of his preferences was analingus, both giving and getting. They helped each other with the prep. Outside of Ivan she had indulged this as a momentary pleasure with a few girls, and there were a couple of guys who found “the valley of her buns” irresistible. But until I showed up she never felt the urge to give it up to any man as the main act, and she was never the active party for any man except Ivan.

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