Megan and Alex

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This is my first story. It might be horrible and cliche, but please enjoy it and let me know what you think.


Megan hadn’t seen her brother in almost three months. He’d been gone at a camp a few states away, which was something he did every year. He was a camp counselor and a very popular one at that—he always had postcards and letters sent back to his apartment in the fall from his favorite campers and he even wore a stack of handmade friendship bracelets year-round.

But today, Alex was headed back home. He would be full of stories and wild tales of what kids he had watched and what his fellow counselors did on their days off. This was his fourth year in a row at the camp and Megan had learned that first summer that camp counselors were the wildest crew to hang out with.

Megan was excited, she was very close with her brother. He was only a year older than her and would be turning twenty-one in just a few weeks. She was nineteen and had just finished her first year at college and had enjoyed her summer as a nanny and spending time at the pool.

She couldn’t wait to see Alex and so when it was time to pick him up from the airport, she volunteered to drive and promised her parent’s that they’d meet up later for dinner. She picked her favorite dress—a dark blue low cut dress with lace paneling which hugged her curves and made her tan pop against the color. She knew she’d look good and her brother would enjoy the view—who didn’t like seeing a pretty girl in a short dress?

Alex was waiting at the airport with his luggage and his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw his little sister. He hadn’t paid much attention to her before he left, but college had changed her a lot. She had been uncomfortable before, usually hiding under oversized clothes and baggy pants. Today, though, she arrived in a tight dress that made her 34-D boobs look like they were trying to escape. She was curvy, with wide hips and a tiny stomach and legs that were muscular and toned. Her hair was long and wavy and her eyes were the same color as the dress.

Alex tried to contain his excitement as he hugged his little sister. “Megan!” he said, burying his face into her hair. She smelled like cinnamon cookies and home and he had missed her so much.

Megan could feel her brother’s muscled body against her, only separated by a thin dress and a lacy pair of underwear. He was tanned and wearing a tank shirt and loose shorts and he looked so happy to see her. She hugged him so tight that she could feel everything—even the surprisingly long outline of his penis as he held her close.

She held her breath and stayed hugging for a few more seconds, wondering if it was the dress or if she really looked that good. She knew he usually slept with a fellow camp counselor over the summer, taksim escort bayan but he hadn’t mentioned anyone the few times he had called.

“You look great,” Megan told her brother as she pulled away. He did. He was tall and tan, with sandy blond hair that was a little too long and the same bright blue eyes that she had. He smiled at her and they started walking to the car.

Their parents were working until eight and so they had all promised to go out to dinner. Megan drove home and listened to Alex talk about his campers and Lindsey, the only girl counselor he had even talked to the whole summer. When they got home, Alex said he would go unpack and Megan left him alone for that.

She had forgotten how handsome her brother was—he was always a catch and all the girls at her high school had flirted with him or used her to get to know him. It had been frustrating, but not as frustrating as knowing that he was her brother. She could never admit that she found him breathtaking, not in front of any of her friends.

But college had changed her. She had left a quiet and slightly overweight virgin and returned a thinner, more confident woman. And she knew she looked good. Her brother hadn’t been unable to keep his eyes off her chest or the way that her dress hugged her body the entire ride home, even as he talked about fucking Lindsey.

Megan sat in the living room and watched TV as her brother unpacked. Finally, she decided she was bored. She walked into his room without knocking, like she usually did, and was startled to find him completely naked and unpacking all his clothes.

Alex looked up in shock. He had taken his clothes off so he could wash them but hadn’t expected Megan to make an appearance. Her face had turned pink, but she was staring so obviously at his thick eight-inch cock and had frozen to her spot.

“Oh god,” Megan said, staring at his dick with admiration. It was half-hard and impressively thick and Alex hadn’t even bothered to hide it, he was just watching her quietly.

“Is this the first dick you’ve seen?” he asked his sister after a long pause. He put his hand on his dick and started to stroke it, making it grow even bigger in his sister’s presence. Her jaw was dropped and her eyes were huge, but she hadn’t left and she didn’t even move.

“No,” she said honestly. “But it’s the biggest.”

Alex grinned and kept stroking his cock. “Do you want to touch it?” he asked. He had missed his sister and thought about her a lot over the summer, especially when he was feeling lonely. They had always been close, but this was a whole different scenario and he was surprised at how much he liked seeing her watch him.

Megan moved closer to her brother and put her hand tentatively ümraniye escort bayan on his cock. It was velvety and hard, thicker than any she’d ever seen and bigger too. Its head was already wet with a little bead of precum and she stroked its entire length, marveling at it.

“You like my cock, don’t you sister?” Alex’s mouth was upturned into a smile and Megan gasped at how naughty he sounded. She squirmed but realized that this was turning her on. Alex was clearly turned on, he kept rubbing his dick and staring at her.

“I do,” Megan admitted to her brother. Her underwear was starting to get wet and she bit at her lip. “I do like your cock. Can I touch it again?”

She didn’t even wait for his permission. She grabbed his cock gently and began to rub it up and down, feeling it jump at her touch. Alex moaned and closed his eyes, not trying to hide his need from her.

“Oh Megan, you are so naughty,” Alex groaned as she increased her movement on his cock. He reached out and cupped her breast over her dress, squeezing it gently as she masturbated him. Her boobs were already hanging halfway out and she moved closer to him, giving him easier access.

“I like being naughty for you,” she told her brother, leaning across to kiss him. They kissed open-mouthed, their tongues dancing with a familiarity that she could never imagine. She wanted to be closer to him and she kept moving her hand across his dick, filled with an urge she could never say out loud.

As they kissed, Alex decided it wasn’t fair that he was the only naked. He worked at her dress’s zipper and let it fall to the ground in a puddle beneath his sister. He groaned when he saw what she was wearing underneath—a lacy see-through bra and a white lace thong with a wet spot on the crotch. She was as horny as he was.

He reached out and his hand grazed her pussy, making his sister moan into his mouth. “Fuck,” she said, when he touched her again. Soon his hand had slid underneath the thong and he was running a single finger against her lips, opening them gently.

“Can I?” he asked, his finger poised at her slit. She was sopping wet, soaked through her thong completely, her love button was as hard as he was, and they were both filled with a fiery desire. There was very little stopping him.

“Please,” she begged. He slid a finger into her and watched her react, her body stiffening as she moaned his name loudly. She was tight and hot, filled with juices that he couldn’t wait to eat. “More, Alex. Please, big brother.”

His one hand worked her pussy, thrusting two fingers in again and again. His other hand was releasing her perky breasts from their bra, pulling at her dark nipples and sucking them in his mouth. He pulled her onto üsküdar escort bayan the clothes-covered bed and made her moan. He was still hard, but her hand had slowed down as she gave over to her own desires. She squealed his name one last time before her thighs tightened around his hand and she covered him with her juices.

“Oh my god, Megan,” he breathed into her ear. She was sweaty and gorgeous, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

“Alex,” she said, looking up at him from where she was lying on her back. Her hair was flung around her and her eyes were bright and loving. “You made me feel so good, big brother. So naughty.”

His fingers were still inside her, moving slowly as he crouch above her. His cock was in between them, hard against her leg it’s head dangerously close to her sopping slit. “I want you,” he told his sister as he finger-fucked her. “Let me fuck you, little sister. I’ll show you how much I missed you.”

“Fuck me?” Megan’s eyes widened. “But-but that’s incest.”

Alex laughed as his finger dove further into her deepest part. “This is all incest,” he said. “But it’s okay. I love you and you love me.”

She writhed under him. He guided his penis up so that it was teasing the outside of her pussy, the engorged head playing with her lips and kissing them with its precum. “Ohh,” she moaned, staring up at him. “Please.”

“I can make you feel so good,” he promised her, his head right at her entrance.

“Please. Yes. Please. Fuck me, big brother,” Megan begged. She reached down and guided him into her pussy, moaning as his dick entered her. He slid all the way in and she squealed and groaned. She rocked her hips up to meet him and he started thrusting in and out of her. He was gentle, making sure her tight pussy adjusted to his size. But as soon as he started moving, he went wild. He fucked her fast and hard, then slowly again, covering her gorgeous round tits in kisses, then he went wild again fucking her so hard so couldn’t help but squeal and moan.

“I’m going to cum,” he warned her as he dove fast into her slit. She groaned and writhed underneath him, watching her big brother pummel her from above.

“Cum in me, Alex,” she begged him as his balls began to tighten. He released himself into her and she orgasmed at the very thought. He filed her so that she was dripping out, her cum spilling all over his clothes and his camp shirts.

He rolled off her and they lay in a pile of his clothes, sweaty and still turned on by the fact they had fucked each other.

“I missed you,” Alex said, glancing over at his kid sister. She was gorgeous—all naked and sweaty, her hair sticking to her face.

“Never go to camp again,” Megan begged her brother. She curled on top of him, her head lying on his chest and started to play with his almost flaccid dick again. She ran her hand over its head and marveled at how it had fit inside her.

“I can’t believe we did that,” Alex told his sister even as he felt his dick start to get hard again.

She moved across him and took his dick in her mouth. After a moment, she looked at her brother and said. “I can’t believe we’re about to do this again…”

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