Melissa Goes Wild Ch. 02

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The next morning when I got up mom was having a cup of coffee while reading the paper at the kitchen table.

“How was the party last night?” she asked.

“Pretty good, nothing too exciting. I hope I didn’t wake you two when I got home.”

“Actually you did. And this morning there looks to be a used condom in the bathroom trash can. What do you know about that?” She asked.

I turned beat red. Billy must not have flushed the rubber down the toilet.

“ …um..”

“Well I’m not happy you’re having sex, but you are old enough to make your own decision about it. At least you are protecting yourself.”

“Ah yeah. Does dad know.”

“No, and I won’t tell him. Just be careful. We don’t want you to get hurt or something.”

“Thanks mom.” I leaned over to hug her, then kissed her.

Later that day I went over to Stacy’s house. I helped to clean up from the party, as her parents were due back from their trip sometime early afternoon. Matt was out back cleaning up around the pool. Stacy and I were in the kitchen watching Matt clean the pool.

“God I can’t believe you fucked my little brother last night.”

“Believe me he ain’t so little.”

Stacy wanted all the details, so I told her. I told her how I had to practically rape her brother, and then Jeff walked in, then she walked in. And how Jeff didn’t need any encouragement to fuck me. Then I told her how I made Billy eat me after Matt and Jeff had come in me. I left out how Luke fucked me, but she really didn’t need to know everything. Stacy then told me how Randy had fucked her silly after we had left. All this talk was turning me on again, and I suspect it was turning on Stacy too. After we got done cleaning the kitchen we went to her room, to clean her room and more girl talk. As we were making her bed, with all clean sheets, she told me how Randy had been wanting her to shave her pussy bare.

“Well why don’t you do it. It no big deal right?” I said.

“Have you ever shaved yourself down there?” she asked.

“No, I keep it nicely trimmed, but I have never shaved it bare.”

“Why don’t you shave it?”

“I don’t know. You always hear how it itches afterward.” I was still a little bit turned on from before, but now that feeling was growing. Without even thinking about what I was saying I said, “Why don’t we both shave our pussies right now.”

“What, now?” Stacy said.

“Yeah lets do it and surprise our boyfriends.” I said.

“Well I don’t know.”

“Come on, if you don’t like it just let it grow back. Who knows maybe you’ll enjoy it too.”

“OK I guess. Do you avrupa yakası escort want to do it in the bathroom? Do you want to go first?” She asked.

“No, lets do it right here together so we can see how each other looks.” We had been best friends for so long, but we had never actually been naked in front of each other. Yeah we got dressed in the same room occasionally, but usually never got totally naked.

“What? You want to do this in front of each other?”

“Yeah that way we can see how we look, and their will be another set of eyes to make sure you look great.”

“Well ok I guess.” Stacy agreed. We quickly gathered everything we would need, some towels, a wash cloth, a warm bucket of water, her razor and shaving cream. We closed the door to her bedroom and then sat on her bed, looking at each other.

“Alright I’ll go first.” I said. I stood up, pulled off my shorts. I then pulled off my panties. My shirt hung down low, so I pulled that over my head, leaving me naked expect for my bra. Stacy looked at my bush.

“Wow your hair down there is so short.”

“Well I keep it trimmed short. The guys seem to like it better than full blown bush.” I said as I sat on the bed next to Stacy. I spread my legs, sprayed some shaving cream in my hand, and then applied it to my bush. I rubbed it all around, making sure to get every hair. I took the razor and started shaving, starting down low and stroking upward. After every stroke or two I would clean the razor in the bucket of water, then shave again. In a few minutes I was hairless. I wetted a wash cloth and wiped myself clean. Then I patted my pussy dry.

“Wow that looks great.” Said Stacy. “How does it feel?”

“It feels cool.” I rubbed my hand over my pussy. “Its real smooth. I bet this will drive the guys nuts.”

I rubbed my hand across my bare pussy a few more times, admiring how smooth I actual was. I even rubbed my clit a couple of times, since this whole thing was quit exciting. I don’t know if Stacy saw that, but I really wanted to cum.

“Do you want to feel how smooth you’ll be in a few minutes?” I asked, knowing full well that she wouldn’t take me up on that offer.

‘No way!” She replied as I expected.

“Alright your turn.”

“Well I don’t know, I mean in front of you and all. Its kind of weird you know.” She said.

“Come on I did it, its no big deal.” I stood up in front of her, grabbed her hand and pulled her up. I reached for her shorts, started to undo the button.

“No no I can do it.” She pushed me away, then undid then button on her shorts, unzipped istanbul escort them, then let them drop to the floor. She had on a pair of white lace panties. A few pubic hairs poked out the sides towards her legs. She pulled her panties down and stepped out of them, exposing her full bush.

“Take off your shirt too, don’t want to get that wet.” I said. She pulled her shirt over her head, leaving her naked except for a white lace bra. She didn’t have large tits, probably a B cup, but they looked sexy in that white lace bra. She sat down on the bed. She took the shaving cream, sprayed some in her hand and start rubbing it gingerly on her pussy hairs. I sat down on the bed next to her, watching her closely.

“You have to get it all the way to the base to properly lubricate yourself.” I said. She still didn’t rub it in deep. I moved over closer to her.

“Here let me help.” I sprayed a little more shaving cream right on her pussy hairs, then rubbed it in deep. Stacy jumped when I first touched her down there, but didn’t protest. She watched closely to what I was doing.

“Just relax, I’ll take care of it.” I said. After the shaving cream was well applied I grabbed the razor.

“Just lie back and relax, I’ll have you shaved in no time.” I placed my hand between her tits and pushed her back on the bed. I started shaving her pussy. After every stroke I ran my finger across the newly shaven area to ensure it was smooth.

“Spread your legs a little wider please.” I asked. Stacy spread her legs wider, allowing me easier access. I continued shaving, then running my finger across the bare area. Once I actually touched her clit, ‘accidentally’ slipping a finger in-between her folds. It seemed to be getting hard. She stiffened up and took a short breath when I did that, but didn’t stop me. When I was done shaving I cleaned her up with the damp wash cloth then patted her dry with a towel.

“Wow that looks good. I’ll bet Randy will love this.” I ran my whole hand over her bare pussy. Stacy took another short breath then stiffen up. I ran my hand over her pussy again, and then again.

“Yes Randy will love this. You’ll drive him nuts with your bare pussy.” I ran my hand over it again, this time stopping right on to of it. My fingers found her clit and started rubbing it. Stacy moaned softly, her eyes were closed. I slipped a finger into her, it was warm soft and wet. I had never been with another girl, before but somehow I knew just what to do. I started to slowly finger fuck her.

“Yes Randy will love this. But not before I love it.” I leaned over and planted a kiss on her smooth pussy. mecidiyeköy escort I kissed all around, on her inner thighs, up to her belly button. I tongued her belly button for a second before making my way back down to her pussy. I slipped a second finger in her. My tongue found her clit and flicked it. I tasted my first woman and I enjoyed it. She smelled of sex and shaving cream. I sucked her clit into my mouth, capturing it between my lips. I slipped a third finger into her, my hand was now totally coated with her juices. Her hips were now bucking up in time with my finger fucking. I kept sucking her clit, fucking her with three fingers, when she arched her back and tensed up. Suddenly her juices were allover as she came, she was moaning loudly. “Yeah, oh yeah.” I sucked her clit, and now her juices. My hand was soaked now as I continued to finger fuck her. After what seemed like minutes she relaxed. I pulled my fingers out, and licked them clean.

“You taste great, I could do this all day.”

I laid down beside her, wrapping my left leg over hers. My bare pussy rested on her thigh. Reaching over with my left hand I lightly rubber her tit through the bra. Her nipples were clearly poking through the bra. I rubber then lightly, going from one nipple to the other. I propped myself up on my right arm, and looked at her face. Her eyes were closed, but she had a satisfied smile. I pushed the bra up over her tits, exposing her lovely nipples. They were small, her aureoles only about the size of a quarter, lightly brown. But her nipples were rock hard. I rubbed a nipple between my fingers, Stacy moaned quietly. I pushed my pussy into her thigh lightly.

Someone was coming up the stairs, and Stacy snapped out of her stance like state. She pushed me off and got up, quickly pulling on her panties, shorts, and then her shirt.

“Hey Stacy are you up here? Is Melissa with you?” It was Matt, obviously he was done with the back yard.

“Yeah we’re in here.” Stacy replied. She turned towards me. “Get dressed now.” She demanded quietly while trying to fix her bra. I got up, pulled on my panties and shorts, then grabbed my shirt and flung it over my shoulder. I walked over to the door opened it up and walked out into the hall.

‘Hi stud how are you doing today?” His jaw almost hit the floor when he saw me without my shirt on. “See ya later Stacy, enjoy your smoothness.” I walked up to Matt, planted a big kiss right on his lips while grabbing his cock through his shorts. He was hard.

“I see you’re ready for another round. But not right now.” I winked and headed down stairs. I pulled on my shirt just before I walked out the front door. Stacy’s parents were just pulling in from their trip.

“Hi Mr and Mrs Ferguson.” I waved to them before running home.

That night while lying in bed I kept running my hands over my bare pussy. It was smoother than I had expected. I fucked myself to another orgasm before falling asleep.

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