Melty Ice Cream

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“Dear fucking God it’s too fucking hot.” Kevin groaned wiping his brow free of sweat and flicking it across the room at Stacy. “I mean holy shit my balls are sticking to my leg.”

Stacy narrowed her eyes at him but didn’t bother moving from her spot. She was only wearing one of his dress shirts which she hadn’t bothered to button up. “If it weren’t so hot I’d kick you for flicking your gross sweat at me but it’s too hot to bother. Just remember that shit the next time you want a bj at three in the morning.”

“You know what I will remember it. I mean that just means you’ll actually have a good reason to say no.” Kevin replied forcing a half assed smile and adjusting the fan so it was facing him. It was a minor but appreciable difference. Before he’d felt like he’d just stuck his face in an oven, now he felt like the oven had a scorching breeze blowing through it. “How fucking hot is it?”

“I dunno. I’m not getting up but the car said it was one twenty when I got off work.” That had been over two hours ago at ten in the morning. The sun hadn’t really began the most brutal part of its assault on Southern California yet then.

“That’s not even funny.” Kevin grumbled letting. His eyes wandered over to Stacy. It was equal parts testament to how hot it was and how hot she was that Kevin had mixed feelings as his eyes went through the labor intensive action of following a bead of sweat as it trickled down the hollow of her throat, down between her full mocha colored breasts, over her smooth stomach before finally ending its journey in her pierced naval.

“It’s too fucking hot.” Stacy grumbled.

“Too hot for what?” Kevin replied in mock innocence.

“Too hot to talk, too hot to fuck, it’s too damn hot for you to even be looking at me like that.” Stacy replied sinking farther into the couch. “Remind me why we insist on living in California.”

Kevin looked at her and shrugged. “Earthquakes once a decade beat the hell out of hurricanes, snow storms, tornadoes and constant rain. Course getting away from your parents might be worth it.”

Stacy raised a brow. “You’re really enjoying that I’m not going to do shit aren’t you?”

Kevin nodded. Stacy talking had encouraged that droplet to evacuate her pierced naval and journey down over her pelvis before vanishing into neatly trimmed tangle of dark brown curls that didn’t at all match her shoulder length dirty blonde hair. “Don’t pretend like the idea never crossed your mind.”

“Shut up.”

“Make me.” Kevin challenged.

“I don’t make monkeys, I train them.”

“Seriously?” güvenilir bahis Kevin replied.

“Seriously, I went there brah.”

Kevin blinked. “I don’t even know what to say to you right now.”

There was loud pop followed by a dying whir as the lights and television blinked out and the three fans in the house died. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. It was bad enough with the AC out but the fans are down too and no more ice water? God fucking damn it that’s some bullshit right there.”

Stacy didn’t even respond to his tirade. She just sat still hoping that she could find a way to just will herself to stop being so hot. She’d go to the pool but it had been filled to the brim when she’d come in and probably hadn’t gotten any less crowded since then. The water was probably disgustingly warm, it would be filled with young men more than happy to cop a feel and worse as Kevin never let her forget boys pee in the pool. It was disgusting enough when it was just a handful but they would probably be shoulder to shoulder. “We should probably put the milk and eggs in a cooler. I think we’ve got enough ice left to save them.”

“Well we could try frying the eggs on the pavement. I’m kinda curious if that’s actually possible.” Kevin joked pealing himself off the couch and shuddering at the disturbing squeak he made. “You know what’s a bitch?”

“What?” Stacy asked oozing out of the recliner she was stuck to and rising.

“Remember last week when I took out those chicken legs for dinner at like noon and they were still frozen at six?”


“That won’t happen now with everything still locked the freezer. It’s such bullshit.” Kevin said.

“Yeah that is a bitch.”

Kevin pulled out an old cooler he’d couldn’t even remember where he’d picked up and filled it up with all the ice and frozen good he thought might survive thawing and with Stacy’s help quickly packed them around the milk and eggs.

“Oh, lookie, lookie.” Stacy purred happily digging something out of the back of the freezer with an enormous grin on her face.

It was a carton of Dryers Double Dose Cookies and Cream ice cream. “I forgot we even had that.” Kevin grinned. “And it would be a shame to let it go to waste wouldn’t it?”

Stacy’s grin was already nearly ear to ear but it managed to grow at the suggestion. “That’s the best thing you’ve suggested all day. Get the spoons.”

“You mean bowls and spoons?” Kevin asked pulling out a pair of large spoons.

“You have no problem eating out my pussy, türkçe bahis you constantly beg me to ram my tongue up your shit hole but you’re afraid you’ll get cooties if we eat from the same cartoon? Anything we don’t finish is getting dumped anyway.” Stacy said.

“A simple, just spoons would have worked.” Kevin replied.

“Just the spoons you goof.”

“Was that really so hard?” Kevin asked walking back to the couch and plopping down on it just before Stacy and wrapping and arm around her pulling her close for a quick kiss on the check.

“I told you its too hot for that.” She wriggled out of his grasp pulling the lid of the ice cream and shoveling a mouthful into her gullet. “Ice Cream, why didn’t we think of this an hour ago?”

“I don’t have a clue.” Kevin admitted digging into the ice cream.

Stacy grinned and scooped up another gob of ice cream that didn’t entirely make into her mouth. Kevin was quick with his spoon catching it before it fell and eating. “Hey, that was mine. I wouldn’t steal ice cream from your mouth.”

“You wouldn’t?” Kevin scooped a mouthful of ice cream into his mouth and held it open tauntingly.

“Nope, not gonna do it. There’s plenty left anyway.” Stacy replied eating from the carton while Kevin swallowed disappointedly.

“Can’t blame a guy for trying.” Kevin said.

Stacy looked at him out of the corner of her eye and then theatrically missed her mouth entirely sending a glob of ice cream down to lane right on her tit. Kevin looked at her then down at the ice cream, then back to her. He moved into remove the offending ice cream heading it off just before it slipped over her nipple. “Didn’t I tell you it’s too hot for that?”

“Maybe.” Kevin scooped up a bit of ice cream and smeared it over her belly.

“That’s cold.”

“That’s the idea.” Kevin growled cleaning her up.

“That’s hot.” Her eyes slid shut and her back arched towards his eager tongue. Stacy took another spoonful of ice cream and sent it dribbling down between her tits. Kevin watched it patiently waiting until it was down between her thighs catching it on the tip of his tongue just before it hit the couch. The delicious blend of sweet cold ice cream and warm salty flesh almost made him moan.

“Fuck.” Her thighs almost immediately clamped down around his skull and her fingers started moving through his hair. Her hips guided his tongue right where she wanted it. He kept alternating between coating her clit in cool cream and then bathing it with his warm tongue until there was just his tongue flicking güvenilir bahis siteleri against her, inside her.

Kevin instinctively grabbed Stacy’s ass digging his fingers into the firm meat of her buttocks lifting her up slightly and diving even deeper with his tongue. He knew what every one of her individual twitches, spasms, sighs, gasps and jerks meant and followed them until the remaining bits of ice cream weren’t the only thing melting against his tongue. Stacy’s entire body seemed to melt. “I told you it was too hot for that.”

Kevin shrugged and eased the carton of now more soup than ice cream away out of her grip and moved to the far end of the couch eating it.

“I hope you don’t think I’m gonna do you a favor, cus it’s much too hot for that. Even if you coated your balls with melty ice cream I wouldn’t put those things in my mouth.” Stacy purred getting onto her hands and knees and crawling towards. “They’re disgusting, and it’s too hot and I’m not that kind of girl.”

“That’s fine.” Kevin said as casually as he could manage with a sexy cinnamon colored woman crawling between thighs hungrily staring at his boxer clad groin. He could keep his expression neutral but the blood flowing towards his cock, that had a mind of its own. “I’m much more interested in my ice cream thank you.”

Stacy rested her head on Kevin’s thigh. “Is that so?” Stacy reached up and tipped the carton of Cookies and Cream. “Don’t want to get any on your boxers!” She exclaimed happily yanking them down to his knees before the cascade of ice cream soup got down to smother his scrotum in sweet cream. “You sure you don’t want me to get that?”

“Well it’s not like I can lick my own-“

“Shut your mouth!”

“But I’m talking about my belly!”

“Liar. Besides maybe I’ve had my fill of ice cream.” She said slipping up wrapping her breasts around Kevin’s erection and gliding them up and down along his length cream coated cock smearing them both in the stick substance. “Maybe I just want to see you come.”

Kevin bit down on the inside of his cheek trying to delay as long as he could but he couldn’t last long, not against the smoldering look she had in her eyes and her soft tits squeezing around him and soon he his semen was splattered across his chest along with the ice cream. Stacy ran her finger up over his chest gathering a bit and bringing it up to Kevin’s lips. “Go on, you know you want more melty ice cream.”

“Bitch.” Kevin playfully growled then leaned up and suckled her finger. Before he could swallow Stacy kissed him slipping her tongue into his mouth and retrieving some of the cream for herself and smiling wickedly at him. “Now I’m hot and sticky.”

“The shower should still work.”

“Water heater’s electric.”

“I’ll keep you warm.”

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