Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 18

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Winter had come, and with it, Ted’s wife was out of town more often, traveling to work-related seminars and conferences. Ted used these absences to spend time with Emily, and was even so bold as to visit her at her house a few times, although they did their best to be discreet. They always set up a cover story; a reason Ted would be coming by, such as dropping off some music or other church-related papers.

Ted and Emily’s sexual experiences had grown varied and always were satisfying, but Ted was getting hints from Emily that there was one thing that hadn’t happened yet that Emily desperately wanted; they hadn’t gone “all the way”.

They had talked about it plenty, and one of the issues was that of birth control. Ted had already purchased and hidden away a box of condoms if they should ever decide to have sex, but he was worried about the very real possibility of the condom failing and Emily getting pregnant. While it wouldn’t be a disaster, it would greatly accelerate the plans they had made, and would involve a rapid divorce, and Ted definitely losing his job, along with the disgrace both would suffer.

Emily had been planning for this on her own, and during the last few weeks revealed to Ted that she was now on birth control. She told the story of asking her mother about her irregular periods and painful menstruation times, and her mother took Emily to her ob/gyn and it was decided that getting Emily on the pill would alleviate the pains and help regulate her periods, which it did.

This particular day was a small celebration for Ted; it was his birthday. He had no major plans, but was happy his wife was away so he could see Emily. Emily had promised Ted a special treat if he could come for lunch, and he had arrived at her house around 11.

The first surprise was when Emily opened the front door to let Ted in. Her hair was touching her shoulders now, but in addition, was blonde. She had bleached it just for Ted, and was excited for him to see it. Ted was delighted.

“Oh, my, what a sexy girlfriend I have! And now blonde as well!” he smiled, as he shut the door behind him, and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. Emily beamed. Pleasing Ted was her number-one priority.

“There’s more!” she revealed, taking his hand and leading him to the kitchen, where his nostrils were met with a collection of tantalizing smells. Emily had prepared a meal of shrimp scampi after learning it was a favorite of Ted’s. He had ordered it at one of their visits to Georgio’s, the place where they enjoyed clandestine dinner dates from time to time. Ted drank in the scents and his mouth watered.

After enjoying the meal, Emily cuddled with Ted on her parent’s living room couch, as light jazz played softly from the other room. Each time Emily learned something about Ted, she tried to assimilate it into her own likes and tastes. After a few kisses and caresses, Emily stood and took Ted’s hand. “I want to give you your last present now,” she said in a soft voice.

Ted followed Emily down the hall to Emily’s room, the source of the music. She led him to the bed, and had him sit.

“I’ve been on the pill for weeks now. And it’s your birthday. Please? Can we now? It’d be perfect,” she was almost pleading.

Ted had wanted her all this time, of course. But the old-fashioned gentleman in him waited, enjoying the slow dance and seduction. He wanted Emily to want it as much as he did. He knew it had reached a peak. It was time.

Ted stood and took Emily in his arms, and kissed her softly. He had taught her to slow dance, and he put her arms in that position, and they started a slow escort gaziantep ilanları circle around her room, to the music that played. She held her head against his chest with her eyes closed.

After one song ended, he whispered in her ear, “Yes, we can. I love you, Angel.”

Emily’s eyes welled up with tears.

As the music played on, Ted knelt at Emily’s feet, and first he removed her sandals and placed them under her bed. Then he stood and removed Emily’s clothes slowly and ceremoniously, placing each item gently on her dresser after folding it. First he unbuttoned the blue checked print shirt, top button first, and watched her bosom reveal itself as the shirt spread open. He took the shirt from her and placed it on her dresser. Then he unhooked her belt and opened her jeans, gently sliding them down her pale legs, and he helped her step out of them.

Standing again, he kissed her neck, and reached around behind her back and undid her tan, lacy bra, and stepped back so he could savor the sight as he lowered each strap from her shoulders, then he peeled the bra away from her body. He never tired of revealing her breasts.

Lastly he hooked his fingertips in the elastic of the matching lacy thong and slowly slid it down her legs, and she stepped out of it.

He led her to her bed and helped her lay on her back, and he kissed her again. Then he stood and removed his own clothes, less slowly, but still with deliberation. It was as if he was choreographing a dance.

He unbuttoned his black dress shirt, top to bottom, and pulled it free from his trousers. Emily saw his grayish chest hair peeking from the top of the tee underneath, and she couldn’t wait to feel that hair against her naked breasts. He dropped the shirt on the floor. Then he stepped out of his shoes, and peeled off his socks. Next he unfastened his belt, and stepped out of his gray pants, tossing them on top of his shirt. She noticed that he didn’t treat his own clothes with the same care as he had hers.

He pulled the shirt over his tanned, weathered torso. Emily had learned the topography of Ted’s body well, knowing the story behind each scar. Ted had spent his younger years as a manual laborer, often shirtless, and the Sun had always been a close friend. His later jobs would require more head work and less labor, but he had still worked hard at staying fit, running and exercising when he had time.

His body did not reveal his actual age. Emily was of the opinion that he could easily pass for someone in their thirties. She admired the subtle muscle lines in his back and arms as he stooped to remove his last article of clothing, and then he stood nude at the foot of her bed.

Again, he said, “I love you.” She whispered back, “I love you Ted.”

Ted joined Emily in the bed she had slept in since she was 10 years old. He lay partially against her, and partially on her, taking care that his full weight didn’t pin her down. Kissing her neck, he ran his hand up and down her body, from her shoulder to her thigh, pausing at her breast, and teasing the skin just above her sex, not touching there, but making her want his touch. She pressed against his hand as he went there, but he slid away, again running his hand up her torso to touch her neck.

She moaned and grabbed his hand, and pulled it back down to her mound, which was swelling from the blood rushing there. He allowed her, and gently probed the curtains and felt the wetness they revealed. She reached for his shaft and found it almost fully erect, and she grasped it gently and escort kadın gaziantep stroked him. Spreading her legs, she invited him wordlessly to mount her, and he did, taking care to balance some of his weight on his knees, but allowing most of his upper body to press her into the soft sheets of her bed.

Gently guiding him into her, and then releasing her grip on his fully hard cock, Emily whispered, “Please take me, Ted. I want you so much.”

Ted slowly entered her, remembering the last time he had enjoyed this sensation in his office on the night of the talent show. This time, he didn’t hesitate as he felt the slight resistance inside. Emily gasped, not from pain, but from surprise as his shaft fully entered her.

They had both discussed what it might feel like to her, as she had masturbated with many objects of various sizes already, and knew it wouldn’t be painful at all, just different. As he sank fully into her, he allowed more of his weight onto her lower body, and Emily felt him pressing her into the bed, now a prisoner to his affection.

Kissing her neck more, Ted began slowly working in and out, sliding his left arm behind Emily’s lower back. His right hand held her left, above her head, in a dominant position. Emily used her free right hand to caress Ted’s back.

Ted was fully aware of the symbolic pose they held, of master and slave, and he enjoyed the feeling of control. Emily, in turn, willingly surrendered to his thrusts and savored the way he was holding her down on the bed.

Emily once again felt the duality of her role. She was surrendering to Ted; letting him take her like this. But at the same time, she felt totally in control of him. She knew if she asked for anything, he would find a way to get it for her. She was giving him the thing he wanted more than any other: control.

With each thrust, Emily raised her knees more, and her thighs opened to allow Ted to enter her as deeply as he could. Soon she had her knees as high as possible, and she wrapped her legs around the small of his back, and crossed her ankles. Ted felt the pressure on his back and grunted low in satisfaction. He slid his left hand up from the spot behind her back to a place between Emily’s neck and shoulder, and he grasped it tightly with his fingers.

Emily felt his fingers digging into her skin, wondering if she might bruise. Ted’s other hand slid down from holding her hand to grasping her wrist, but still pinned her arm above her. The image of dominance was growing. To an outside observer just now coming upon this sight, it would appear less like lovemaking and more like rape.

Emily welcomed Ted’s deeper thrusts and tightened the grip her legs had on his back, and pressed herself against him. Her free hand grasped his ass tightly and her nails pressed into his skin. The pain pushed Ted to increase his speed, and he grunted again, still kissing Emily’s neck. The bed frame was beginning to react to the force of their movements with a rhythmic squeak that had far outpaced the tempo of the jazz playing in the background.

As the succubus and the demon danced together, their thoughts raced, full of disjointed words and parts of phrases.

Emily: love me yes love this deep oh hurts just a little no not now so good he’s taking me fucking me god yes inside me I have his cock in me I stole him from his wife he loves me more he wants me more he’s mine now fuck so good I love his cock so deep in me god yes yes I love him he loves me forever I belong to him now his cock is mine no one else can have him now he’s escort gaziantep kızlar mine

Ted: ahhh young beautiful so perfect waited so long worth it so sweet perfect young virgin child taking her tits feel so good on my chest god her pussy is perfect this is perfect legs around me got me locked in fucking like animals so young so perfect how did this ever happen amazing slave my slut take it you tease take my cock take it all I own you

Ted’s pace had reached a rapid, machine-like stutter. The bed was hitting the wall, and the music was drowned out by the frame squeaking, Ted’s grunts, and Emily’s repeated “ah, ah, ah, ah” with each thrust.

Ted knew he was about to explode, but he wanted Emily to orgasm first. For him to finish first would be weakness, and he must show her he was in control of all this.

He tried to focus on the sound of the bed, imagining it was the sound of a machine that was fucking Emily. He kept his pace, but disconnected from the pleasure, instead imagining Emily was restrained to a bench, being violated by a machine that was savagely fucking her. With this image, he separated from the pleasure and the feeling of climax receded.

Based on her past experiences with Ted, both oral and by masturbating him, Emily was hoping he would come soon. She was on the brink herself but wanted him to finish first. She knew cumming inside her would please him, but it would also give her the satisfaction of knowing she had made him cum.

She tried her best to hold on a bit longer, but he hadn’t changed his pace or motions for so long that she was now sliding down a hill, faster and faster, into a pit that was full of her pleasure. She couldn’t stop it, delay it, or slow it at all, it was like falling now. She surrendered, and cried out.

The huge wave that had been swelling menacingly, gaining on her, closer and closer, higher and higher, now blocked out the light and was curling above her and was about to crash down and consume her.

Ted heard the changes. He heard her breathing change; her body stiffening, he legs were clamped so tight now that she must be cramping. He felt the skin breaking on his ass under the points of her nails. He let his thoughts return to his pleasure, and raised his face to see hers. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut and her mouth was open as she breathed in short gasps that matched his thrusts. He leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Cum for me, Angel, cum now.”

She couldn’t stop now that he had given her the command. The wave crashed on her and all she could feel was his thrusts. She was no longer aware of her arms or legs or sound or light. Her ankles loosened their grip on his back, she released his ass, and surrendered to him. He was her master, she was his slave. The wave ran up her belly, her spine, and then the pleasure center of her brain sent shock waves to all of her body. Her legs stiffened, her feet pointed straight down.

As Ted felt her grip on him relax, he let his own orgasm take over his body. He stopped the rapid stabs and thrust hard, long, and deep. Each thrust was longer than the one before.






He pushed long and deep with his legs and lower back, forcing his pelvis hard against Emily’s yielding body. He felt the fluids leaving his body and enter hers. She belonged to him now. He had taken this girl, this sweet young thing.

Emily opened her eyes to see Ted’s right in front of her, so close she couldn’t focus. He had released his grip on her wrist, and she put both hands on his back, feeling the perspiration that covered it. She became aware of her own, now feeling it between her breasts and Ted’s chest, and on her belly and legs. Her eyes focused and she saw it on Ted’s face, and it dripped from his nose onto her cheek. He kissed her.

The succubus and the demon returned to their respective lairs, satisfied with the fruit of their labors, and let the lovers have some time alone.

End of part eighteen.

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