Memoirs from a Bordello Day 06

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This is part six of my story, the other chapters can be found under my profile page. Thanks again for your patience and encouragement.



“I’m going to let you have some fun tonight.” It was an all to familiar tone from Zara, cool but teasing, letting me know that she was up to mischief. I was sitting in her office once again, she had texted me later than usual after I had spent the morning and afternoon without drama, hanging out with Kelly and trying my best to avoid everyone else.

“What type of fun?” I asked suspiciously.

“A night on the town. You’ve had a very… stressful week… ” stressful wasn’t the right word,”… and I’d like to treat you. I have a 24 hour limo that will be coming this evening to take you anywhere you want. I’ll give you some petty cash and a credit card to use as you feel suitable.” I wasn’t buying this for a minute.

“What’s the catch?” Her eyes sparkled and she smirked, looking down at her desk as she thought how best to phrase her next comment.

“No catch… but it would be a shame for a beautiful girl like you to come home alone.” My mind was slowly putting it together.

“So… you want me to bring a girl back here to sleep with, like pick one up from a lesbian bar?” I was half smiling with curiosity; Zara was being ambiguous with her intentions.

“I don’t think that really presents you with much of a challenge do you?”

“You want me to take a straight girl back… ” It was beginning to make me nervous.

“Like I said there’s no catch but if the opportunity arose… feel free to use my bedroom as well, it’s a little more spacious.” Zara was definitely up to something, her eyes had a wicked sparkle to them.

“Is this part of every girl’s initiation? I don’t really see how seducing a straight girl would be necessary in working here.” Zara chuckled.

“Ok fine, you got me. I may be a service provider but it doesn’t mean I don’t have fantasies of my own… let’s just say I would find it very erotic to watch you… “

“You’d like to watch?” I was trying not to grin, but the idea was beginning to sound appealing now that I knew Zara’s involvement.

“I would, don’t worry, you won’t have to explain my presence, I’ll have something set up in my room so I can… monitor your activities.”

“What makes you think I can pull this off?”

“I think you underestimate yourself, and besides this is LA, a city full of haves and have nots, a little VIP treatment goes a long way. I know I have confidence in you.” She gave me a very Zara look, one that made me feel like I was sitting naked, the look that made my insides squirm.

“Two days ago you told me you had more to show me, I want you to fulfill that promise.” I had done, I remembered how sexy I had felt, forcing Zara to watch me with Nina. The confrontation with Jaime had knocked my confidence and Zara was giving me a chance to regain it. I took a deep breath and bit my lip, getting from the chair to lean on Zara’ desk in front of her, glaring at her.

“Fine, I’ll give you your little show, but remember our agreement? You still don’t get to bring yourself off like I know you’ll want to.” Zara smiled broadly.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”


When I got back to my room, I was fully excited by the idea. It was a chance to play somebody different, to step outside of myself for a night and be a seductress. I researched where to go, reading reviews on exclusive nightclubs on the Strip, finding the right balance between meat market and class. I was still nervous; I wasn’t completely sure how I would be able to do it. It was one thing to seduce a lesbian in a house full of call girls, but leaving the safety of the bordello made me feel vulnerable to judgment and ridicule. Even Leah with her proclaimed heterosexuality had given off signals of curiosity.

I concocted a cover; I was a rich kid, my father would have to be a producer or studio executive, that usually got people’s attention in LA. I would also have to look the part, picking a lace embroidered cocktail dress out. It was strapless with a sweetheart neckline and was very short, forcing me to pull it down every time I sat.

For once I was getting ready with the rest of the girls; the hallway was busy with activity, people going to and from the bathroom in towels, hairspray and perfume drifting out from open doors. I saw Leah as I was coming back from the shower and she avoided my eyes, looking down at the floor. I thought about cornering her to talk but set it aside for a time when I wouldn’t be rushed.

“Wow, what’s the special occasion sexy?” Kelly had poked her head through the doorway; I told her my mission. “Ugh, you lucky bitch! She totally has the hots for you, never heard of anyone else getting that treatment although she may take the flavor of the month out on a date.” That made me blush a little.

“How do I look?”

“Gorgeous darling!” She used a really bad English accent. “If I were izmir escort a straight girl and you came on to me… well let’s just say I wouldn’t need much convincing. You gonna dress up for me sometime?” I gave her a light kiss on the lips careful to not smudge my makeup.

“Of course, all you need to do is take me out with all that money you’re hoarding.” She pouted and I laughed. I made a mental check that I had everything I needed before heading downstairs.

The driver got out to open the door for me, Zara had probably requested a woman, less questions asked and less tales told. Thankfully there was champagne on ice, I needed a little bit of Dutch courage for what was coming. The driver rolled down the divider and I told her where to go but for her to take the scenic route, I wanted to get a couple glasses in me before I hit the place.

It was surreal to be alone in a large limo, it put the entire previous six days in perspective. So much had changed. Less than a week earlier it would have been absurd to think that I would be the one in a limo that paraded its way down Sunset or Hollywood Boulevards. It was weirdly nostalgic, like when you’re having such a fun time that you realize the moment will shortly become a memory and you already can feel yourself looking back from the future.

I shook the thoughts off as my destination got closer, the champagne disappeared and I readied myself for the public. The limo helped me hop the line at the club. I would never have dared to go into a place like this by myself but this time I was getting VIP status, Zara had given me a hanful of bills to “make it happen” so I sucked myself up and acted the role I had set out to play: a rich kid with too much money to spend. I marched past the bouncers knowing all eyes were on me and they would continue to be for the rest of the night.

The club was awful: loud and full of heaving bodies, dancing woefully to R and B. Several men tried to cut me off to buy a drink or to just simply cop a feel for a response. I ignored them and headed to the roped off VIP section for a relative amount of peace and a bottle of champagne.

From my table, I was able to survey the entire dance floor, I was looking for a very particular type of person to target. I needed a party girl who loved attention and was on her way to a hangover. It didn’t take long to find, not one, but two.

They were dancing together, grinding themselves against each other for the benefit of the on-looking men. I had seen it a million times before, straight women behaving sexually on the dance floor together in order to garner some attention. For them it was working, several men tried to join them but they were rebuffed, clearly disinterested, or simply waiting for a better option.

I had to admit it was a captivating show and they were pretty talented dancers. The dirty blonde was wearing a floral summer dress, her hair pulled back tight into a ponytail exposing sharp angular features punctuated by high cheekbones. I guessed that she had C cup breasts at this distance that her dress hugged. If she could have been described as normally beautiful, her friend was exotically gorgeous. She had straight jet black hair and almost seemed if she could have Asian genes in her with large dishbowl eyes that turned slightly upward. She would have looked innocent if it had not been for the cherry red lipstick that coated a sensuous mouth. Her frame was slightly more athletic with a smaller bust squeezed into a plain black cocktail dress.

I watched them as they danced, the dark haired girl flinging her long hair to the beat, letting it stick to her face as she ran her hands down her body with closed eyes. They would move together, clearly experienced in choreography as they effortlessly knew each other’s moves. They were by far the best thing on the dance floor and when the blonde led her friend off by the hand to the bathroom I made my move.

“Ugh! If I have my ass grabbed by another guy I will seriously chop something off,” I announced to the entire bathroom as I entered. The two girls were applying makeup and fanning themselves in front of the sinks. I got a response.

“Right? This place is crawling with douchebags,” the blonde piped in.

“I really don’t know how you guys put up with it on the dance floor,” I moved beside them to apply some make up myself, “you know you are the spitting image of my best friend in high school, you’re totally her doppelganger.” I was addressing the blonde as she seemed more friendly, the dark haired girl was barely acknowledging me still.

“No way, I get that all the time for some reason, I always look like someone’s friend. Anyway what better suggestion do you have to avoid the creeps?”

“VIP lounge upstairs, I tipped security to not get bothered.”

“Oh sweet!” the blonde perked up and her friend started to pay attention. She was even better looking close up.

“You know, I’m actually by myself so if you alsancak escort guys want to come up you could help me with my champagne… ” They looked at each other to make sure they were in agreement.

“Wow yeah, sounds like fun, I’m Amber.” It was that simple to get the ball rolling. I was an unthreatening young woman after all and nothing about me screamed out predatory lesbian. I introduced myself and we made it back to my table.

The exotic girl’s name was Tasha and although she was polite, she seemed more inclined to people watch while Amber did most of the talking. Tasha was going to be more of a challenge. Zara had only asked me to pick up one girl but I had become greedy once I laid eyes on them, I wanted them both so I made sure their glasses were never empty.

They were professional dancers, mainly doing background work for music videos. They had both moved here together from Washington state to pursue their careers. I lied and said my father was a producer and that I hadn’t figured out what to do yet. This piqued their interest; everybody in LA was looking to make connections to make it big and they were no exception.

They were clearly straight and happily commented on the cute guys in the bar, something that I joined in with but also I drew their attention to women where I could to check their reactions. They agreed with me where girls had nice bodies or faces as well which inspired hope in me.

By the second bottle of champagne we were relaxed and enjoying ourselves, giggling at practically everything. Amber called for a round of shots and we agreed, getting some tequila shooters in, the powerful booze burning my throat.

“Oh shit! You know what we should have done is some body shots!” They both cheered at the suggestion.

“But wait, none of us are showing our belly buttons,” Tasha pointed out the obvious.

“Don’t worry we can improvise.” I ordered another round with salt and limes. “Ok, let’s see, me first, Amber you’re my body, I’ll need the help of your cleavage.” She laughed and the obediently pushed her boobs together a bit. I placed the shot class between them and told her to hold that position, which was difficult as she couldn’t stop laughing.

“Ok salt,” I leaned into and licked a part of her neck which elicited a yuck and more laughs. I poured some salt on her wet neck. “Now for the lime,” I put it rind first into Amber’s mouth, making her clutch it with her teeth. “Ok, watch and learn ladies!” I licked amber’s neck again to get the salt and then picked the shot up with my teeth tipping it back to let the tequila run down my throat, I put the shot down and then bit into the lime, our faces almost touching. Amber was laughing but we held a stare for the briefest of seconds that suggested she liked the attention. We all applauded when it was done.

“Tasha’s turn!” Amber and I cried out in unison. Tasha repeated the process on me, licking my neck to lay the salt and using my cleavage as a shot holder. She smelled incredible as she came in close, her hair in her face and her ruby lips the only blemish on her marble skin.

Amber indicated it was now Tasha’s turn to be the body but she protested.

“I have no boobs!!” Amber insisted she tried though so she pushed them together with her hands, howling with giggles, until Amber managed to wedge the shot glass in but she could only hold it there for a few seconds before it fell to the floor, starting a new round of hysterics.

“It’s so unfair! Why don’t I have a great rack like you guys? Jesus I’m going to stink of tequila.”

“Oh stop, you look phenomenal,” I laid a friendly squeeze on her shoulder as I said it and she beamed. “Ok one more round and then let’s go somewhere else, Amber never got her body shot.” I was really starting to feel the booze but I was having fun, it had been a long time since I had gone out especially with no financial restrictions.

The next round came and I put the shot between my boobs. This time Amber didn’t lick my neck though, she ran her tongue on the shelf of my breast. I gasped and then started laughing again.

“Amber, you’re such a pervert!” Tasha chastised her playfully. She placed the lime in my mouth doing the combo, this time there wasn’t any laughter and I held her stare as she bit into the lime. She was getting bolder. People were starting to stare.

Tasha did a shot off of Amber next, opting for her neck. It was less explicit than ours. When it came time for mine, I used the divot where her neck meets your collarbone for the salt but I reversed the lime, putting the flesh first into her mouth. She looked at me in a bemused way. “Bite into it,” I ordered. I took the salt and shot and then pulled the lime from her mouth to kiss her, tasting the lime juice in her mouth. She didn’t stop me and even allowed a brief flicker of her tongue to touch mine.

“What are you guys doing?” We broke to look at Tasha who was giving an ‘Oh my God’ look. Amber buca escort looked back at her to find words but she seemed a little flustered.

The lime slipped, sorry.” I shrugged my shoulders apologetically, which seemed to satisfy Tasha. “Ok, let’s move on, I have a limo with champagne outside, are you guys coming?”

“A limo?! Fuck yeah!” I didn’t need to invite twice. I paid the bill and texted the driver that we were coming out. I was being openly tactile with both of them by now, holding hands and finding any excuse to touch their legs or shoulders. We were pretty drunk and it seemed natural.

We made a pit stop at the bathroom before charging out, collapsing into the back seat of the limo with giddy excitement. I told the driver to take us on a cruise down the strip to eat up time; I was determined to not make it to another club.

I popped the champagne and poured out three flutes while Tasha picked out a radio station. Amber discovered the sunroof.

“Ohmygod! I’ve always wanted to do this.” She hit the switch and it rolled back as Tasha and her stood up to watch Sunset Boulevard roll by. I joined them, it was tacky but we were drunk, whooping and waving to the lines at the mega clubs. Sorority girls with miniskirts and their fraternity boyfriends in sports caps followed our car with their replies. Amongst them were the tourists and the omnipresent homeless giving a stark reminder of the dual societies of Los Angeles. I have never been in love with LA; it’s a city that feels like you’re always on the outside looking in, but it was nice on this night to at least pretend this was how the other half lived.

It was crowded standing in the sunroof and I had to stand close behind Amber as Tasha danced and pointed at the sites. I inched further in, my arms to the sides of hers gripping the side of the sunroof for balance. My breasts pressed against her back and she seemed to notice them as her laughter subsided. She raised a hand to point at a bar she’d been to and then brought it down to rest nonchalantly on mine, butterflies erupting in my stomach. She pushed her back in to my curves, her body warm compared with the cold night air.

“Brrr, temperature has dropped.” I let my hand brush her bare arm as I bent down to sit back in the limo. She got the message and joined me on the couch while Tasha continued to look outside. She fell into me with a nervous laugh, looking down sheepishly at her champagne glass.

“It’s so great that I met you guys, it would have been so boring by myself.”

“I’m having so much fun, it’s been awesome.” She looked at me and I took my opportunity, tentatively kissing her on the mouth. When she didn’t shirk away from it I kissed her again, both of us parting our mouths slightly as we explored how far we wanted to go. There was no one around to watch this time, it wasn’t a tease, it was foreplay and when her tongue slipped into my mouth it started a chain reaction that finished with a stirring below.

“Are you a lesbian?” She asked, catching a breath.

“No I’m bi, have you never kissed a girl before?” I still wasn’t sure but it sounded less threatening.

“Once, at spring break, she wasn’t as pretty as you though.”

“Don’t worry, it’s just a bit of fun.” I smiled and kissed her again deeper our tongues interlocking and our lips meshing.

“Oh my god are you guys like dyking out here?” Tasha had peeked down below and was glaring at us.

“Chill out Tasha, it’s no big deal, we’re just making out.” Amber was getting annoyed with her friends prudish reactions.

“Come on are you telling me that you’ve never made out with a girl?” I tried to change tactics with Tasha, to make her feel a bit of peer pressure.

“Ew no way! This girl is only into dudes.” She plopped herself down beside us and I refilled our glasses.

“You’d probably like it, you’re probably a massive lesbo just dying to get out.” I was teasing her playfully.

“Nope.” She wasn’t budging.

“Prove it, kiss Kristy and tell me you don’t enjoy it.” Amber had laid down the dare. Tasha hesitated and then looked at me suspiciously.

“Fine, I’ll do it, but only a kiss.” Amber was sitting between us and I leaned half way towards Tasha, she leaned in and gave me the most casual peck on the lips ever. Amber and I both laughed.

“That doesn’t count! That’s like kissing your family, give her like… you know a French kiss.”

“Fine, but this is super weird guys.” I leaned in again smiling as seductively as I could. Our lips finally met over Amber’s lap, giving her a few soft pecks before holding my lips on hers. She was a little reluctant, happy to just use her lips but slowly she opened her mouth to allow my tongue to dip in with a slow meeting with hers. She stopped all too soon for me, looking at my face with bedroom eyes and parted red lips. She had enjoyed it.

“See! Now tell me that wasn’t good?” Amber interrogated her friend.

“It was… ok but that doesn’t make me a lesbian.” Tasha was blushing.

“We know, it’s just some fun and it feels good.” I was trying to make this as light hearted as possible even though the kissing was waking a dark passion in me. “Something that I haven’t done that I always wanted to try was a three-way kiss.”

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