Men of Honor Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 – “Truth or Dare”

Christian stood in front of the mirror with his head sloped, his green eyes staring at himself, his legs bare naked and sporting the top part of a very fancy tux.

“What do you think?” He questioned, searching his friend’s eyes through the mirror for endorsement. Christian was 23, straight, had blonde curly hair and beautiful green eyes, had a smooth jock build, was 5.10 feet, and was about to get married.

“Nice ass.” Jacob teased, looking at Christian’s tight boxers clutching his firm bubble butt as he lounged on a round, black velvet chair. Jacob was 24, also straight, with black raven hair, deep brown eyes, 5.7 feet, hairy chest and legs, a swimmer build, and a sexy deep voice.

“I’m serious, dude!” Christian replied, slightly edgy.

“Looks great, Bud. Chill.” Jacob assured.

Jacob and Christian had been friends since high school. They met their first girlfriends together. Had sex for the first time around the same time. Smoked their first joint together. They got drunk for the first time and survived their first hangover together. They went on vacation together every single year since they met. They even jerked off together a couple of times as they watched porn. There was a slight awkwardness after, but nothing they would call a deal breaker. They were close. Very close. Closer than they were with their own families. You could say they were soulmates and their bromance was, in many respects, their most valued and prized commodity. Their intimacy was a source of jealousy from their respective girlfriends at times. And their closeness was the subject of many discussions, some carrying a lot of prejudice. People didn’t seem to understand how two straight men could be so close and not have a sexual connection. But they ignored it. They both laughed at the matter and would use those “rumors” for their entertainment. Like a private joke, only they understood.

Ok, so maybe they were half lying. There was this one time in college when they dabbled into the unknown. They had just arrived from a sorority party and were drunk out of their minds. They shared a college room on campus. They entered the room, blundering everywhere, chuckling as they went. Jacob fell on the chair next to the desk while Christian stumbled across the room, trying to time his steps so he would fall inside the bottom of their bunk bed. He crashed on the mattress, face down, and lay there breathing laboriously.

“Everything’s spinning, dude.” Christian complained as he clumsily tried turning around.

“Here, I’ll help.” Jacob secured, getting up and swaying towards his friend.

He started undressing Christian, first his sweater, then took his belt out, opened the trousers, and dragged them out, tumbling backward and falling on the floor.

“Fucking hell!” Jacob uttered as he chuckled.

He got up again, held Christian’s legs, which were falling by the side of the bed, and hauled them back in. As he did, his body collapsed on the bed, and he drunkenly snuggled up into his friend’s arms. Not being able to push himself up, his head ended up on Christian’s belly. They both lay there in silence for a moment, Jacob’s head bouncing as it heeded Christian’s breathing.

“Dude, Natalie was checking you out today.” Jacob teased, making Christian giggle. “Would you fuck her? He questioned, his eyes now opened as he gazed at his friend’s fuzzy belly button.

“I’d fuck a tree right now. I’m so horny.” Christian replied, releasing a chuckle and adjusting his position. When he did, his crotch accidentally grazed Jacob’s face. Instead of acknowledging it, Jacob stood still. “Fuck, now I need to jerk off.” Christian announced, and with absolute resoluteness, took his right hand to his crotch and started touching it.

“Bud, I’m right here.” Jacob quipped, trying to hide his surprise.

“We’ve done it before, dude. Chill.” Christian reassured as he took his left arm and positioned it over Jacob’s back. When he did, Jacob signaled his discomfort by attempting to move away. But Christian deterred him. “Stay there.” He requested.

“No.” Jacob declared as he tried to move away again. But Christian prevented him again.

“C’mon, dude. Give me a sec.” He stated, his breath becoming more heavy and syncopated.

Jacob lay there, unsure of what was going on. He felt conflicted, yet a peculiar feeling was growing in his groin, like rushes of heat traveling upwards and bursting in his chest. He nestled his head on Christian’s abdomen, his nose inches from his crotch, and closed his eyes. As he breathed, all he could hear were his friend’s faint moans. He inhaled deeply, trying to usher his bloodstream, but as he did, he felt the scent of Christian’s cock. It was musky, pungent. He opened his eyes, surprised by the enjoyable nature of it, and when he did, he was greeted with the sight of his friend’s 8-inch dick dangling in front of his face. He was immediately taken aback by the foreskin. He had seen Christian’s dick but never this close. Every time he tugged it back, it would release that istanbul travesti scent he found so oddly enjoyable, and the tip would coat itself with a crystalline layer of precum. Suddenly, Jacob found himself unable to look away. He stood there, his mouth slightly opened and his tongue lingering shyly at its edge. He was indulging in the thought of licking it as Christian’s strokes became longer and faster. But he knew any sudden movement might make him back away from whatever they were doing, so he just dwelled there.

“Fuck, I’m almost there.” Christian announced as his moans ushered the increasing speed of his movements. “Move, dude!” He uttered, warning Jacob of the imminent eruption. But Jacob didn’t move.

Jacob couldn’t believe his words as they flew out of him, “No. Come in my mouth.” He voiced out.

“What?” Christian responded in between heavy breaths with a surprised look.

“Do it!” Jacob ordered, and in one move, he leaned forward and swallowed Christian’s cock, all the way to where his hand was holding it.

“Shit!” Christian uttered as he started unloading inside his best friend’s mouth. “Fuck, you’re so warm.” He noted as he continued to stroke, trying to control his spasms as they brought his orgasm to a home run.

Jacob sipped every ounce of batter firing inside his mouth. It tasted as sweet as that moment he was lost in. His eyes were closed as he reveled in that empowering feeling rushing over him, which he couldn’t recognize. Nor did he want to. He just knew that as he drank his friend’s love juice, he didn’t want this moment to end. The high was exhilarating.

Even now, present day, as Jacob sat on that wide black velvet chair and looked at his best friend, getting ready to be married to the girl of his dreams, he would think back on that moment with a smile. And under his pants, his dick would still tingle.

“Dude, where were you?” Christian questioned, snapping his fingers, trying to wake Jacob from his daze.

“Sorry, Bud. I zoned out.” He stated, dropping his body on the black velvet chair and spreading his arms outwards. “It’s just weird. You, there, wearing a tux, getting ready to marry Emma.” He rambled with a gloomy tone.

“Dude, it’s not like I’m moving to another country. We live right next door to each other.” Christian countered, trying to cheer Jacob up.

“Yeah. I know. But still…marriage changes things. Or so I’ve heard.” He taunted, tilting his head up and sticking his tongue out cheekily. Christian smiled.

“What time do you want to head out tomorrow?” Christian asked as he removed the jacket carefully, exposing his chiseled torso and smooth muscular back.

“Early. It’s at least half a day’s ride to my folks’ lodge.” Jacob informed, straightening himself up and stretching his weary body.

“Let’s crash at my place, then.” Christian suggested, to which Jacob complied, nodding.

It was by far their favorite thing to do. They would go to Christian’s place, have some beers, shoot the breeze, watch a flick, and chill. They had taken the week off before the wedding and decided to travel to Jacob’s parents’ cottage in the countryside. They decided to have some quality time together before the big day. A chance to enjoy everything they loved to do before a female presence began disrupting their manly habits. The shop clerk came in and took the pinned tux from Christian’s hands delicately as he popped his pants and shirt back on, and they both left the store.

About half an hour later, they arrived at Christian’s house. Jacob lived down the street in a smaller two-bed apartment. Christian’s house was big, with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a big kitchen, and a large living room with an 85-inch plasma TV. Christian’s parents were wealthy, and he was accustomed to a good living. This house had been their frat pad, their man cave for most of their life, and Emma was about to go live there, so they were conscientiously saying goodbye to their old habits and making room for new ones.

“A cold one before bed?” Christian proposed as he popped the fridge door open.

“Sure.” Jacob accepted, stretching his arms and tossing his jacket on the kitchen counter.

They popped them open, cheered, and moved to the living room. They sat on the couch and spread their legs over the center table, almost identically. They looked at each other and laughed. The night went on, and they went about their life, cracking jokes, regaling on past stories, and suddenly one beer became six, so by now, they were pretty drunk. Eventually, they fell asleep on the couch.

An hour went by until Jacob woke up. He lifted his head, searching for Christian, but he wasn’t there. As he straightened himself on the couch, he could hear faint noises coming from the kitchen, so he begrudgingly got up and tiptoed toward the noise. As he reached the kitchen doorway, he halted. A few feet from him, standing naked next to the fridge was Christian. To his surprise, Jacob took a few steps back, hid from view, and stared attentively. The door to the fridge was open, and istanbul travestileri the light was coating Christian’s smooth-skinned body. Jacob felt conflicted as he gazed upon his friend’s figure and noticed every detail. The soft blond fuzz that ran through his legs and how it slowly dissipated as it reached the glutes. How his posture complimented and accentuated the softness and roundness of his ass cheeks. How his lean stomach veered outwards to accommodate his broad chest. And the arms that rested, slick and muscular, along his body. Christian was, without a doubt, a beautiful man, Jacob taught. But why was he looking at him this way now? There was this peculiar infatuation growing inside him regarding Christian lately. Were the wedding and the fear of their relationship changing playing tricks with his mind? Whatever the answer was, his cock had a will of its own because once he came to his senses, Jacob was already rubbing it. Christian shut the fridge door, placed a bowl of canned peaches on the center island, and started seizing one by one with his fingers and taking them to his mouth. As he did, juice would spill, land on his smooth chest, and lodge itself on the streak of blond chest hair between his pecs. He would brush it off with his hands as he chewed unhurriedly on the glistening slices. His lips, perfectly drawn, bright pink, and luscious, would sensually move as they enveloped the fruit, becoming coated with a crystalline substance that he would then wipe clean with his tongue as she rolled over them. Jacob was transfixed. As he caressed his dick, now so hard the tip was peeking from inside his shorts, he imagined touching those lips with his hands and licking them with his tongue, closing in on them with his lips. There was precum oozing from his dick at this point.

“Dude, what the fuck are you doing?” Christian uttered. Jacob flinched back, his hands shaking and his voice trembling.

“Shit dude, you scared me!” He said. He was so far out in his mind he didn’t even realize Christian had acknowledged his presence, giggling to himself at the irony of the situation since he was the one hiding in the dark.

“Your acting weird lately…” Christian brooded as he gazed at Jacob for a moment. He scanned his body, starting at the head, neck, chest, and stomach, and as he reached his pelvis, he halted. “Come here.” He requested.

“Hum…actually, I think I’ll hit the sack.” Jacob announced, his voice cracking at every syllable.

“All the sheets are stored in the garage. You’ll have to sleep in my room tonight.” Christian declared as his lips stretched in a mischievous smile.

“Sure thing, Bud.” Jacob consented nervously. “I’ll go take a piss.” He uttered as he turned around and flew towards the stairs into the second floor’s master suite’s bathroom.

He entered the bathroom and shut the door. He hadn’t breathed since he left the kitchen, it felt, and his body collapsed on the sink, his arms holding his weight as he stared at the mirror. What the fuck was he thinking? He needed to shake this weirdness in his head. His best friend’s engagement was clearly messing with his mind, he taught. Jacob took a deep breath, cleared his mind, splashed his face with a bit of cold water, and dried it lightly with a hand towel. He felt immediately better. Jacob went for the door and opened it. As he entered the large bedroom, Christian was already on the bed, facing up with a white silk sheet covering nothing but his groin. Jacob rolled his eyes internally at the whole situation but decided to act casually. This was his friend, after all. He took his shirt and shorts and was about to enter the bed when Christian stopped him.

“Since when do you sleep in your underwear?” He said, scowling.

Jacob recognized his peculiar behavior and took a few steps back, stripped his underwear, and threw it on the armchair next to the window. His dick was still semi-hard and leaking precum, so he rushed inside the bed and threw the white silk sheet over him, his belly down, as he tried to hide the evidence of his misdemeanor.

“Are you still hard?” Christian asked bluntly. “I saw you were hard earlier. It’s cool dude, I am too.” He admitted, “Emma hasn’t been putting out much lately. I think the wedding stuff is getting to her.” He said as he took his hand to his crotch, massaging it gently.

He stood there for a bit, rubbing himself as he looked at Jacob. In turn, Jacob turned sideways, holding his head with his left arm and his right hand holding his now 9-inch stiff shaft. Christian breathing was getting more hectic. He raised his legs, and as he did, the sheet covering him slid off his body, and he was now fully exposed, his 8-inch uncut, beautiful pink cock being rubbed vigorously. Jacob instantly felt a familiar smell in the air. The musky, savory scent from Christian’s dick enveloped him like a warm blanket. He was instantly transported back in time. He smiled as he took a deep breath. And before he could regret his reaction, he tilted his body over to his friend, leaving the white sheet behind travesti istanbul and exposing his own nude body.

“You want me to…” He asked cautiously. And before he could even finish his sentence, Christian shook his head, moaning in agreement.

He pulled himself closer and positioned his legs under Christian’s. As he did, his friend dropped his legs on top of him. The feeling of Christian’s smooth leg fuzz grazing his skin sent Jacob back to a sense of joy and wonderment. He felt alive again. A feeling of rapture he had forgotten. He took his hand out of his cock and placed it on Christian inner thigh, inches away from his throbbing dick. He gave it a confident squeeze, and as he did, Christian’s pelvis propelled up. He did it again, and the pelvis responded accordingly. He leaned his head towards Christian’s crotch and squeezed again, and this time the pelvis motion brought the head of Christian’s cock closer to his mouth. He did it again, and this time he stuck his tongue out, leaving her dangling, ready to greet an old friend. As the two finally met, he licked the tip and peeled from it all the precum lodged underneath the foreskin. As he took it inside his mouth and held it, he fell into a profound and peaceful melody of lust and euphoria.

Jacob’s world stopped. That taste was made to graze his mouth. It was his to worship. Christian’s juice was in his mouth again, and it felt right. Instinctively, he brushed Christian’s hand away from his cock and lunged his mouth, ordering her to take its place. He instantly felt inadequate, for this was certainly unfamiliar territory, but Christian’s moans propelled him to keep going. So to satisfy him, he began sucking on his dick. He could feel the moisture from all the precum as he licked the jelly-like substance from the head. The first few times, given he wasn’t used to all that extra skin, he ended up pulling the skin up with his lips, but after a few tries, Jacob realized he needed to push the skin back with his right hand and then dip. Once he did, Christian’s moans increased exponentially. Jacob plunged his mouth into his friend’s shaft with conviction and grazed his tongue along it as he came up. He bobbed his head, sucking on his friend’s dick with gusto.

“Fuck Jay!” Christian wailed, raising his arms and holding them under his head, letting Jacob take full control.

“Does that feel good?” Jacob asked between heavy breathing as he came up for air.

“Yeah.” Christian confirmed, giggling and teasing his friend with his pelvis making his dick hit his face.

That was all the confirmation Jacob needed. He went all out at this point, moaning as he sucked on Christian’s shaft, conquering more and more depth with each new descent. He would gag every once in a while, pull out and rub his spit all over it, mixing it with precum, and lubricating it. Christian was getting more at ease too as he trusted his groin forward, gently fucking his friend’s mouth. The slurping sounds of Christian’s dick entering Jacob’s mouth filled the room as they increased the rhythm, steadily sprinting toward the climax.

“Jay…I’m gonna cum in your mouth.” Christian proclaimed as he halted one of his thrusts and started to unload, twitching his hips.

Jacob felt the ropes of cum fire inside his warm mouth. He swallowed the first two but then let the others pile on his tongue as they unleashed. He pulled out and turned his head to face Christian, who looked at him, sweaty, with his curly hair all shriveled and swallowed it.

“Peachy.” He noted.

They both fell back laughing as they lay on the bed, their naked bodies still entangled.

They woke up the next morning, showered, put their trekking garments on, packed the car with the hiking gear, clothes for a week, and drove off as the sun was still stretching its arms. They rode for nearly three hours towards Jacob’s parents’ cottage, listening to music and laughing about old college stories. Jacob and Christian glanced at each other several times during the car ride, knowing that this would probably be the last time they would be like this. And they were planning to make the best of whatever time they had left together alone.

As they arrived at the cabin the scorching noon sunlight was already pressing down. They stationed the car in front of the house and hopped out, both excited. The lodging had a dark wood finish, two floors, and a large front deck with chairs and a breakfast table. They went up the front steps and entered the house, which featured a hallway, a kitchen to the right, a large living room to the left, and a staircase that led up to the first floor.

“Drop the bags here.” Jacob stated, pointing at the bottom of the stairs. Christian did as he was told. “Bro, let’s stay here tonight and hike in the morning.” He proposed.

“Yeah, I’m beat. Let’s just get wasted.” Christian suggested.

They nodded, dropped their coats, and walked to the kitchen fridge. Christian grabbed two beers, handed one over to Jacob, and sat on the kitchen counter. Jacob leaned over the island in the center of the kitchen, facing Christian, and they stood there in silence. Christian seemed transfixed on Jacob as he chugged the beer down. Jacob, on the other hand, seemed less relaxed, occasionally looking out the window to avoid Christian’s uncompromising stare.

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