Men of Kelrock Ch. 01

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The Prank

“He’s going to be so mad,” Emden pointed out as they quietly moved down the hallway towards the bedroom door at the far end.

Jove rolled his eyes. Emden was always so worried about consequences. He was always the sensible one. Jove wished his partner in crime would lighten up and enjoy the moment otherwise this wasn’t going to be nearly as fun and hilarious as they were all expecting it to be.

The three men had meticulously planned out the attack. Jove, Emden and Dill had stayed up all night planning and preparing for the assault on the birthday boy, Thad. Thad was their good friend, the oldest of their group and the one they always looked to as their leader. But while he slept soundly in bed, Thad had turned twenty, and his friends had planned for him a birthday surprise.

They had all grown up in the monastery together. Ever since they were taken in by Father Gordon, the man charged with the care and tutorage of all the boys cast out from the Fortress of Ellahos after birth, and sent to this far corner of the nation to be raised.

Father Gordon had told them that they had all arrived together, bundled into one crate, with only a few blankets for comfort. Shipped off like animals from their mothers, who didn’t want them, for no reason other than their gender.

Their crate had come with their papers; forms which gave Father Gordon information on each child, their name, date of birth, any health issues, and the identification number. Father Gordon had to tattoo their identification number and date of birth onto their right shoulder blades. Jove had been told that the identification number was how the women of Fort Ellahos could later identify who had mothered any particular man should they ever find themselves back inside the fortresses walls.

The men were all born within a few weeks of each other, with Dill being the youngest. He would not turn twenty for another 21 days.

They neared the door to Thad’s room and paused, listening for any sound. All seemed quiet. Jove looked back at the other two and winked.

The plan was simple. Just a practical joke really. When a man turned twenty he was no longer protected by the Rule of Age. The Rule of Age protected all men under the age of twenty from any sexual advances by men who were over the age limit. This rule had existed for as long as men had lived separated from women, a taboo that was enforced strictly amongst the fully male population and punishable by death. Although it doesn’t stop them from staring, Jove thought absently to himself.

Emden looked like he may object once again, but Dill was all eagerness. Dill always went along with Jove’s plans. He was the perfect accomplice. Emden always had to think things through.

Emden was a rare specimen, and not only because he was an intellectual man living in a world full of barbarians. Emden was blond. It was a trait that had slowly bred itself out over the years. Jove could think of only a handful of blond men he’d met in his life. Emden seemed entirely unaware of the stares he attracted from men wherever he went. He was naturally paler as well, with milky white skin that was only lightly tanned from the days spent out in the fields tending to the farmstead on which the monastery existed.

By contrast, Jove and Dill were much more tanned, both with natural brown hair that let them blend into a crowd with ease. Jove kept his hair short, whilst Dill’s was longer, the ends curling down around his ears and forehead.

A muffled sound came through the door and all three men tensed. What was that? He shared a look at the other two but they both seemed as confused as he was. Was Thad awake? If he was, then their plan would never work. They waited in strained silence, and again, the muffled sound came through the door.

Jove frowned. It sounded like Thad, but he wasn’t talking. It sounded angry.

Jove raised a finger to his lips to signal the other two to keep quiet, then he slowly turned the door knob and peeked inside.

A sole candle beside the Demetevler Escort bed lit the scene before Jove. A scene that made his jaw drop.

Thad lay on the bed. He was completely naked, which was fairly normal. Most of them slept this way due to the heat. However apart from that nothing was normal at all. His wrists and ankles were bound to each of the bedposts and he’d been gagged. His cock was fully erect and was twitching as he struggled against his bonds.

“Thad!” Jove pushed the door fully open and rushed into the room, followed quickly by the other two.

The muffled sound was Thad trying to yell for help. He looked extremely pissed off, but his face was red from shame more than rage.

As Jove got closer he could see that string had been tied around Thad’s cock, just below the head, and was attached via clothes pegs to both his nipples. What on Earth had happened?

Thad was beautiful by anyone’s definition of the word. He was tall, with lean, sculpted muscle and had black hair. His jaw was strong and defined and his eyes usually held a confident, piercing gaze.

Jove had never seen anyone in such a messed up predicament before. Although he had heard of things like this happening, over in the nearby town. Things like this just didn’t happen at the monastery.

Jove had seen his friend’s naked before. Growing up the four of them had shared a bedroom. Individual rooms were only given once they got older, and so Jove had seen his friends sleep naked. However, he’d never seen Thad’s erect penis before. It had to be at least twelve inches, and it was thick too. Thicker than Jove’s own. His balls were clean shaven, as was the custom, and a small patch of black pubic hair stretched from above his shaft to near his navel.

Jove unclipped both of the pegs from his friend nipples as gently as he could. Dill had come to kneel bedside the bed on the opposite side to Jove and Emden had carefully closed the door behind them, obviously thinking to protect Thad’s modesty, or what was left of it.

Thad’s muscles glistened with sweat and Jove noticed that his stomach and chest were splattered with cum. It looked like he’d cum more than a few times. Jove tried to ignore it. None of them were related to each other, but Thad was like a brother to him.

Dill reached over to start untying Thad’s wrist and Jove removed the gag around his mouth. It was tied tightly and once pulled away Thad spat out more cloth that had been piled into his mouth.

“Those fuckers!” he spat as soon as he was free to talk.

Jove began to work on his other bound wrist. “Who did this?”

“Axel and the others,” Thad growled as he moved his free hand up to gently caress his sore nipples, an act which resulted in him getting cum on his hand which he wiped away on the bed sheets in disgust.

Axel, and the others, that Thad referred to, were some of the other boys who lived at the monastery. Every couple of years or so another crate would arrive with more children for Father Gordon to raise. Axel, along with Ren and Marrick, had arrived almost a year and half after Jove. They were eighteen, and something of a rival group to Jove’s own. They would never normally try something like this, but it would not have been hard for the three of them to overpower Thad if he’d been asleep.

“Looks like you enjoyed it,” Emden observed from where he stood at the foot of the bed.

It was a typically cold remark for Emden to make. He was not nasty, but simply unaware of how blunt or rude he could come across. Yet he had a point. Jove could see that Thad’s penis was still erect and twitching. The cum still leaked slowly from the tip down onto his abdomen.

“They milked me like a fucking cow, Em” Thad glared defiantly at Emden. “Tell me again if you think I enjoyed that.”

Emden didn’t rise to the argument but instead knelt down and began untying Thad’s ankles, getting a spectacular view of Thad’s testicles that sagged down between his spread legs.

Jove Otele gelen escort couldn’t imagine how horrible an experience it must have been for Thad. None of them got along well with Axel and his crew. There had always been a general rule at Father Gordon’s Monastery that you respected your elders and did as they instructed. Jove and his friends had always obeyed the older boys who had lived at the monastery. Now, Thad was the eldest, and as such he should have been untouchable. Jove couldn’t imagine how humiliated Thad must have felt being helpless to stop them from teasing his massive cock, and forcing him to cum over and over again against his will.

“We have to get back at them,” Dill said with a fervour that surprised Jove. Looking across the bed, Dill seemed almost as angry as Thad was. Jove could understand though. They did this to Thad, which meant they could have done it to any of them. And it was a shock to see someone like Thad, who they respected and looked up to, in such a compromising position.

“I can’t,” Thad said through gritted teeth. “Not anymore. That’s why the fuckers did this now. I’m twenty, so anything I do to them, like this, would be against the Rule.”

“We still could though,” Dill offered, “we still have a few weeks left.”

Thad shook his head, seeming to be against the idea. Jove realised that Axel and the others must have planned this attack on Thad, and had waited until this night to carry it out, knowing that Thad would have no way to get back at them in the same way now that he was twenty. Jove shook his head, astounded by the younger men’s nerve.

With both arms free of their bonds, Thad sat up in the bed and leant over his throbbing cock, trying to untie the string still wrapped around it. “Fuck this is way too tight,” he said after several moments of trying. He had to stop to wipe his fingers on the blankets several times as they got slicked with cum.

“Here let me try,” Dill offered scooting down the side of the bed, but Thad smacked his approaching hand away.

“Just get me a knife from the kitchens.”

Dill jumped to his feet and quietly left the room.

“He was just trying to help,” Emden told Thad as he finished untying his ankles.

“I don’t want him touching my dick, Em.”

“Yeah, but I don’t think he’d thought that far head,” Emden looked at Jove and he shrugged.

“I don’t want any of you retaliating, ok,” Thad looked them both in the eyes and they nodded. “Not like this anyway. This is just…” he trailed off.

“Wrong?” Emden offered.

Thad’s face reddened again and he nodded silently.

Feeling uncomfortable sitting next to Thad in his current state, Jove looked around for the bed covers which had been tossed across the room. He went to collect them handed them to Thad who took them gratefully, and laid them over his lap. Thad’s penis was still erect which seemed strange to Jove. Was Thad still turned on?

“They fed me fickle leaf,” Thad explained, as if seeing the unspoken question in Jove’s face. “I guess it’s going to stay like this for a while.”

Fickle leaf was a drug that could keep a man’s cock hard for hours. It was sadly all too common and easy to come by if one wanted to get their hands on it, which he guessed Axel and the others had. They could easily have got some from town.

Dill returned with the knife and handed it to Thad, who raised the covers back out of the way to get at the string. He gently cut away at the string, and let out an oddly satisfied sigh when was finished.

“Well, happy birthday,” Emden said, rising to his feet. “I’m sorry that this happened to you, but if you don’t plan to do anything about it I think it’s best that we all just forget that it happened.”

Thad and Jove nodded, but Dill shook his head. “If we just pretend like it never happened, then it will happen again. They did this to him because they know he can’t do anything about it. But we still can. For the time being. Might I remind you all Balgat Escort that the rest of us will all be turning twenty soon as well and we most likely have the same thing to look forward to if they think they can get away with it.”

Dill had a point. Jove was still a virgin, as were they all, and he didn’t want his first sexual encounter to be with those assholes.

“We could always tell Father Gordon,” Emden suggested, looking at Thad to see how he felt about that idea.

Thad shook his head. “No way. I don’t want him to know about this. Please promise that you won’t tell him.” Thad met their eyes and by the pleading look he gave Jove; it was clearly not going to be possible for them to tell Father Gordon.

Each of them promised in turn, with Dill’s coming with a bit more resistance.

Jove looked at Thad, who had covered himself up again. He felt bad for him, but the sad reality was that very few men lost their virginity willingly. Once a man was over the age of twenty, there was nothing to stop him being taken by force by any other man. It was a sign of strength, and dominance to be able to do so, and there were no Rules to control it, except for maybe one.

The only kind of men that Jove knew who were exempt were the monks. The men who raised the children in the monasteries, like Father Gordon did. These men could travel anywhere without fear of molestation or being taken as someone’s play-toy. Monks were often older, so Jove imagined they were considered less desirable anyway. Still, Father Gordon had clearly been a handsome man in his youth. Few men these days were born without good looks. Men were selected for breeding based purely on physical prowess, after all.

Jove and Emden had slowly begun to move towards the door. “We should talk about this tomorrow,” Jove said. “We have to be up in a few hours anyway.”

Jove looked back at Thad, still sitting in the bed, uncharacteristically quiet, and felt a stab of pity for his friend. Dill still knelt beside the bed like a loyal hound, but eventually he sighed and followed them to the door.

They left Thad alone to his thoughts and went back down the hallway.

“Thad might not be able to get revenge, but mark my words we have to!” Dill reiterated. Jove nodded. They had to do something at the very least, otherwise they were next. Specifically, he was next. Jove turned twenty in five days, and he was not about to be set upon in the night by some kids he’d grown up bossing around.

“We will, Dill. We just need to figure out how.” Jove had no intention of stooping to their level, but he wasn’t so sure about Dill.

“One thing is for sure,” Emden said as he stopped outside his bedroom door. “We can’t keep Thad in the loop about any of it. Otherwise he could get in serious trouble.”

“Oh come on, we’re not going to anything sexual to them, are we?” Jove looked from one friend to the next. “We aren’t going to do anything like that.” He gestured back down the hallway towards Thad’s room.

“Why not? It’s what they deserve,” Dill said matter-of-factly.

“What would you do instead, Jove? Beat them? We’ve done that in the past and it’s clearly not deterred them.” Emden seemed to be siding with Dill which was strange. He felt like he was being the reasonable one, not Dill. So why would Emden agree with him? Jove guessed Emden was just as worried as he was about being a victim of this sort of attack and would rather go on the offensive to make sure it didn’t happen.

Jove let out an exasperated sigh. “Look, lets sleep on it and we can talk about it tomorrow.”

“I’ll be sleeping with one eye open from now on,” Dill said bitterly.

Jove guessed he had a point, but something told him that they had nothing to worry about until their birthday came around. Axel, Ren and Marrick were going to attack when they knew the victim would no longer be able to retaliate.

Well they had made one big mistake. They should have waited until all four of them had turned twenty. Instead they’d been impatient and started all of this tonight, leaving Jove, Emden and Dill the chance to discover what they had done, and get some revenge.

And for all they knew, this could have been a one off attack they planned just for Thad. Maybe they wouldn’t bother with the rest of them. Unless they enjoyed it enough to repeat the experience. Jove swallowed hard at that thought. He had five days.

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