Menstrual Love Doubled

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Note: The following submission may be too disgusting for most readers as it deals with a fantasy that might better be left on paper. If you find sexual activity surrounding a woman’s menstrual flow offensive please do not read any further as it is not my desire to offend anyone. This is the sequel to “Menstrual Love” which you may want to read first.

* * * * *

It was the most wonderful thing I had ever eaten. Carol’s beautiful bloody flow straight from her tight little cunt provided me with a thrill I cannot truly describe. IT was like being in another world. I loved having my face covered in her smelly nasty fluids.

She loved it to as she would lick off what ever was left on me. We fell in love with each other as it turned out we were both equally kinky. The second month of her flow was much like the first. I could not keep my hands off of her. We must have fucked a dozen times during her cycle but I lived for eating her nasty little twat.

She knew that as we got together after work that her pants and panties were coming down. We would use her tampon and menstrual pad as sex toys before and while I ate her out and then, of course, fucked her. While I am not a cross dresser by nature I did find that I became more aroused if I left her pad in her panties and put them on until the next session. I only did this a couple of times as her panties were too big for my skinny ass. The week after the second flow of our love life ended Carol told me there was something missing in our messy fun.

I could not imagine what it was. I was even looking forward to the next time already. There was no guessing as she was on the pill and said it seemed that she always started menstruating on Tuesdays. I was seriously considering having us taking off work on that Tuesday to celebrate the beginning of her heavenly drip. So, I was a bit surprised that she had some kind of a problem. I asked her to explain the situation to me.

“I never thought, in a million years, that I would like this perverted shit. With all of this attention the cramps and backaches seem to fade to the background as I am too busy being fucked and rubbing my cunt into your face,” she began.

“So, what is the problem?”

“You get most of the fun. I only get to taste a little bit of that extra rich pussy juice. It is so nasty and disgusting and I want MORE.”

“But, honey, you only produce so much. And, it would be hard to give you anymore.”

“I know.”

“Next time, I will try to feed you more of your juice. But, cannot think of much more I can do.”

“I have a wild idea. We could find another woman who is on the same cycle as I am and make the wildest and messiest three way in the history of the world!”

“Sounds fantastic, but how do we find a volunteer?”

She contemplated the question for a couple of minutes before her face lighted up and she blurted out, “How about Club Fantasy?”

Club Fantasy was a bar in the downtown area. They specialized in getting people together who had unusual sınırsız escort fantasies. They had no cover charge. They made their money on the high price of their drinks and the hotel next door which they also owned. Every table had discount coupons on it for the hotel and there was a constant stream of people from the bar to the hotel.

The bar’s rules were simple. The most important one was not to come in unless you expected to openly explore having your fantasies fulfilled. Sexual activity, other than some kissing and light petting, was not permitted. This was a safe meeting place where, with luck, you could find someone who shared your dreams

While some people cruised the room talking to folks to see if a connection could be made another method had been developed. Each table had a picture frame in the center of it. Beside the frame was paper and markers. Guests could simply write a few words on the paper describing what they were looking for and stick it in the frame. A couple who was interested in finding another woman who would piss in her panties during love making might write, “Woman: 3 way, Water Sport while panties on.” Any woman intrigued with what the note said would discuss it with the couple. If she liked what she heard they would leave either to the hotel or one of their homes. Sometimes, they would broker a deal in which they would agree to fulfill each other’s wishes. I thought about Carol’s idea and decided it was worth a shot. We decided to go on the Tuesday her period would normally start. We both knew that was one of the more unusual fantasies even for “Club Fantasy.” And was not likely to get results. We thought of the wording for our paper carefully over the next couple of weeks. Carol seemed to get a new burst of energy just from the idea, as when I agreed to try it she dropped her pants and said, “Fuck me up the ass, right now, you God Damn sexy bastard.”

I was working my way into her shitty depths in seconds. It was like that until that Tuesday night. We went early hoping that if we had success we would have maximum time to play Menstrual Games. We claimed a table and Carol wasted no time writing “Menstruating Woman: 3way w/man & Menstruating Woman” on the paper. She placed it on the frame and I ordered drinks. We waited and waited. We made small talk, kissed some, and played footsie.

We did not want to stay too late as we did not want to waste Carol’s own flow which she announced proudly had started on the way to the bar. At 7:30 Lola came up to us and we talked for awhile. After hearing our idea she was excited but revealed to our disappointment that her own flow was almost completely over. Carol was crushed but decided to give it another couple of hours.

She got up to go urinate. When she stood up I pulled her crotch to my face and hugged her hard inhaling the harsh stench and told her, “Don’t wipe yourself and you won’t change pads will you?” She patted my head and shook her head no. When she got back she stuck her finger şırnak escort to my nose which smelled like menstrual juice. I took a whiff and sucked off her remnants.

“I met a gal in the bathroom who isn’t interested in our little game. But, she said her room mate didn’t come tonight as her period had just started this afternoon and there is a slight chance she would be interested as she pretty much is a nymphomaniac. Lisa is going to call her and will let us know.” My cock sprang to life as there was hope

Ten minutes later a tall blonde walked over and sat right on my lap as if we had known each other for years. “I presume you are Lisa.” Ignoring me she looked over to Carol silently.

The fifteen seconds before she spoke seemed like hours, “Brenda said she will come over and check it out but no promises. She will be here in ten minutes.” She gave me a deep kiss, grabbed my pecker, and just walked away. Carol worried that Brenda would not be able to find us as we did not know what she looked like and she did not know what we looked like. I pointed out the sign and a look of true relief came to her face. Sure enough, in ten minutes a true blonde vixen plopped herself between us. Brenda was 5’6′ with a healthy build. Her rack must have been at least a DD cup and she had a very thin waist leading to a nice big ass about the same size as Carol’s. I already felt lucky. We talked for half an hour. Brenda said that she had done most everything but never this. It was her philosophy to try everything at least once. Finally, she said yes but on the condition that when the girl’s periods were over that we would have a normal three way provided that Brenda still wanted anything to do with us. Carol agreed so fast that I thought I would get whip lash.

We finished our drinks and picked up the discount coupon and hurried to the hotel. When we got on the elevator Carol said, “Brenda, I have to verify something.”

She cupped Brenda’s crotch with her hand saying, “Yes, it is real, I can feel a pad.” Brenda and I broke out laughing at Carol’s enthusiasm. We no more than got into the room and the ladies were kissing and kicking off their shoes. They quickly removed each other’s blouses.

Taking the cue I stripped down to my briefs. I walked over and unfastened both of their bras. We took turns kissing one another as we freed them both from these garments it was a sight I will never forget. My eyes were glued to four wonderful orbs of tit flesh. The boobs themselves were the firmest they could and the nipples were pointing straight out as if aimed at the other lady. I began fondling these massive orbs, but Carol had a one track mind.

Brenda was just standing there waiting to see how we wanted to do this thing. Carol guided her over to the king sized bed growling in a very sexy tone, “Hey Bitch, lay down and let me at that soggy cunt of yours. Give me your stench!”

Brenda was just a little taken back by Carol’s aggressiveness but sprawled out on the bed legs spread apart. While taksim escort I dove for Brenda’s boobs Carol dove for her snatch. I knew that I would soon be eating rotten cunt myself so I figured why not have a titty snack first. Carol was rubbing her hands all over Brenda’s panties as she pressed her nose deep into the crotch. Suddenly the earthy smell got much stronger. I looked toward Carol and saw the panties moving down Brenda’s thigh’s. She pulled them all the way off, turning them inside out and wantingly proclaimed, “Look at this mother fucking bloody pad. God damn it is fucking gorgeous.” She rubbed a couple of strokes against each of her breasts and then gave it a quick suck before handing it over to me. I knew what she wanted me to do with it as she had told me driving over to Club Fantasy.

I sniffed it then gave it a lick and said, “Brenda, your fucking flow smells and tastes fantastic! Now you give it a try.” I put the pad up to her nose and mouth and she violently rejected it slapping it away. Undeterred I tried a couple of more times as I smeared it on her boobs between attempts. Meanwhile, Carol was licking up the area around Brenda’s cunt being very thorough as she didn’t want to miss a drop. She spread the blonde’s cunt lips apart and flicked her tongue over the clit a few times causing Brenda to moan.

I picked up the silky blue panties for one last attempt. This time I just shoved them in Brenda’s mouth with the bloody pad going in first. Brenda made no move to take them out so I moved my attentions elsewhere. As I moved down the bed I watched as Carol pulled the tampon out of the blonde’s woman’s twat and placed it in the middle of Brenda’s chest right between her boobs. Carol now started licking and sucking Brenda’s cunt as if she were starving. Immediately, I settled in behind Carol’s massive ass and yanked off her hot red panties. The room wreaked the smells of menstrual flow. Carol’s pad was fuller than Brenda’s. I threw it aside for now and yanked out the tampon. I put the tampon right beside the other one on Brenda’s chest.

This was the messiest I had ever seen Carol’s cunt and I dove right in. After a few minutes Carol wanted to make a change as she moved the tampons laying them aside on top of her panties. She directed our guest to sit on her face. While Carol gave Brenda’s cunt a thorough cleaning I fucked Carol’s tight cunt hard and strong. Brenda had let the pad fall away when she sat up to be eaten but I was surprised when she picked up Carol’s tampon and rubbed it all over her boobs and stunned when she began sucking on it. This drove me wild. I was thrilled that we had a convert to our menstrual games. Things went on like this the rest of the night, with only a couple of two hour breaks for sleep and to allow for more juice to seep out for us. Carol did let me eat Brenda’s pussy and fuck her as well.

In fact, it was the most complete night of fucking and sucking I have ever as my cock found it’s way into both of their mouth and all four holes. In the morning we all took a shower together as there was no way we could go out in public as we did. We repeated our fun for the next few nights and true to our word we had a normal three way with Brenda the next week. That was last week so I don’t know what the future holds, you tell me.

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