Meter Man

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One really naughty experience I had was when I was a college student. I had skived off my lectures one summer’s day due to a hangover. By lunchtime I was feeling much better, but tired (and when I’m tired I usually get horny too). In the end I decided to lie on the lawn behind the house for some sun on my legs. I had the house to myself so I was thinking of going topless too, but I didn’t get chance to go that far…

I had pulled my beige skirt up to the very top of my thighs, catching as much sun as I could, then pulled the straps of my top over my shoulders – maximum exposure. The heat was beating down without mercy and the hot air was making me a bit horny. I was led on a blanket, on my front, and my crotch was against a summer-hardened mound on the lawn. I remember I rocked my hips slightly against it through the skirt and the thick woollen blanket. It felt so good I started to really get into it. I opened my legs a little and shifted ever so slightly so my clit was getting a good rub against the hard mound of earth beneath me

I had subconsciously let my right hand venture down the front of my skirt and I used my fingers to press against the clit as I rocked. I decided to get out of my knickers so that I had more room for manoeuvre, kicking them away behind me on the grass. I squeezed and rubbed my clit underneath me in the blazing sun, my face buried in the blanket. It felt so good, before I knew it I was up on my knees, legs teased apart. If anyone had been in the garden next door and looked over the fence they would have seen my curvy rear in full view, with a set of fingers rubbing between my legs. Then there was a noise distracting me. It was the doorbell.

I remembered the landlord said he would be round for the rent some time before tonight. Shit, never mind I’ll finish off after he’s gone. I ran on tip-toes through the hall, opened the door. “Read your electricity meter love?” came the greeting. “Um, yeah…” I turned and let him in, knowing this wouldn’t take long. I led him back to the cupboard under the stairs where the meter was – as I opened the door to the cupboard, I remembered all the crap that had been shoved under there for last week’s party and realised I’d have to move most of it for him to see the meter.

I was bent over double, reaching in to move various bags from in front of the meter, which was fine – I wasn’t averse to gratuitous flirting in those days. The guy behind seemed to make a noise, like a gasp, which was nice, so I tried to move the junk further into the cupboard, bending over further, küçükçekmece escort honestly forgetting about my lack of underwear, forgetting about the length of my skirt. I suddenly realised how far in the air my arse was and paused before reversing out of the cupboard. The meter-reader had a visible hard-on. I was horny. Suddenly he seemed cute. He wasn’t old or obese, he had a cock and I was hot. Simple.

I went into the dining room to breath deeply. Being on show like that and getting that kind of obvious reaction had made me even hotter. I pulled down the skirt and sorted my top out. He walked in: “That’s all sorted.” I thought impulsively. “Erm… while you’re here… can you look at this and tell me what you think.” I bent over again, this time into the corner of the dining room where the plug sockets where, and slowly cleared a space around the sockets while putting myself on show once more. “The one on the right doesn’t work you see… can you just give an idea what it might cost to fix?” I was pointing my rear towards him, legs apart, stood on toes, thighs tensed. “Um, yeah, sure,” he said. “Sorry, what’s your name?” I asked as I pushed myself up. “Will,” he replied.

As he bent down over the chair to have a look at the plug, I glanced outside to check no one was watching, and caught a glimpse of the thong I had shed on the lawn. Oops, I thought, he must have seen my pussy by now then. I decided to take it up a notch and sat in a wicker chair behind him. I draped one leg over the arm of the chair… and began rubbing myself again. “Try plugging that TV plug in there and it makes a buzzing noise,” I said. He did, and it did. He unplugged it again. He turned around.

“Well I think.” He stopped short, his face was priceless. My right hand was curled under my right thigh and the index and middle fingers were gently rubbing my moist clit, in full view of him. I got cocky, raised my eyebrows. “Yes?” I asked. He was frozen like a rabbit in headlights – only with a hard-on. I did my best to motion him over with my eyes.

He stood in front of me, unable to take his eyes of my pussy. I gently ushered him around to my left-hand side with my left leg. I watched his eyes as I used my left hand to reach up and unzip his fly. He didn’t flinch. I unfastened his belt buckle, his button, and pulled down the trousers. I reached to massage his cock as it strained through his boxer shorts.

Now I shifted in my seat to face him, pulling down his boxers with küçükyalı escort both hands and making a point of looking up to him with whorish, wanton eyes as his cock sprang free. My hands grazed over the front of his thighs, the right roaming to the base of his cock while the left reached round for a firm buttock. I pulled his crotch toward me and immediately closed my mouth over the end of his cock. He gasped as I sucked gently but constantly and squeezed around the base, my thumb reaching underneath his balls to rub and press. He moaned as, eventually, my mouth slowly left the end of his shaft and kissed. Then I moved my mouth down to where my thumb was and began to lick, softly, slowly, from beneath his balls to the base of his dick and up the underside of his cock as it twitched in excitement. I could definitely feel myself getting wetter and wetter as I sucked and licked this complete stranger’s dick – a complete stranger who had already seen me rubbing my cunt.

I stroked and squeezed, licked and sucked on that cock. I buried my face in his sweaty balls, wrapped my tongue around each one in turn, all the time grinding my thighs together as I got wetter and wetter. (Later I would notice that the pink cushion on the wicker chair had acquired a striking wet patch.) Will was getting closer and closer to cumming, it seemed. He began to rock his pelvis in my mouth in time with my movements. I was slurping up and down, my hand squeezing the bottom of the cock, the other hand clenching his buttock, pulling him into my mouth each time.

Then I stopped and looked up. “How do you want to fuck me then?” He seemed taken aback, maybe because he’d settled for a blow job when that hot wet mouth smothered the end of his cock. But I wanted more, so I stood up, keeping one hand around the base of his dick, and pulled him with me as I moved towards the kitchen serving counter.

I turned my back and leant over, placing both hands on the counter. I stood on tiptoes, offering myself before realising the skirt had slipped over my rump and so I reached round to drag it back over my hips. He moved towards me, and with one had he grabbed my waist, the other guided his cock inside my pussy. I sighed, I was soooo gagging to be fucked. He gasped – I was so wet he probably couldn’t believe it, probably wanted to shoot there and then. Once he had slid all the way inside, his other hand slid up the front of my top to seek out my tits. I had no bra on, when he realised he started to take the maltepe escort top off and I helped him get me out of it. After doing that I shifted into a more upright position, so that I could feel more of his body against mine; more of his breath on my neck.

He was moving in and out of me with long, slow strokes, I looked round and he was watching my arse as he fucked me, occasionally leaning forward to kiss me somewhat frantically around my neck. I was pushing back into him, trying to take in as much as possible, the arches of my feet were aching I remember as I craned myself to swallow up his cock between my legs. Then he had an arm round my neck, one round my waist. He was breathing right into my ear. I looked sideways out of the door, really getting off on the fact that someone might see from across the way (I love to be watched, as many of my other stories prove). My right hand groped his arse as he moved into me while my left pushed back against the worktop.

I wanted to get more full on. I stopped again; pushed him away. I turned and lifted myself up on to the counter with a smile and a wink. I beckoned him back and, as he approached, pulled his body in towards me with my feet wrapped around his back, my heels pushing his buttocks. My hands went round his neck as I looked down to watch his dick enter me. As it did I shifted forward a little and opened wider for him. I gave him my best guttural growl. “Ahhh, fuck me…”

He began kissing my neck again as he thrusted in and out at speed. I leant further back so that my clit was taking some of the pounding. His hands held my back, supporting me, while he sucked on my nipples. So much juice must have slithered from my pussy and around my arse that I was soon kind of sliding on the formica surface as he pounded me. I was making quite a bit of noise at this point, groaning, “oh yeah”s and all that. It was driving me wild. I reached under my thigh to feel the balls that were slapping against me and squeezed them. He groaned deeply, the suck on my nipple became a bite and I felt him jolt as the first bolt of cum spurted into me. I clenched around him and tipped over the edge myself as his thrusts changed to deliberate, determined strokes.

I cried out really loud as I came, feeling his hot juice shooting into me. My thighs suddenly gripped tighter vice-like around him, both hands were now on his hips, my head thrown back as my back arched ever more on his arms. It seemed like he had shot 10 or 11 times into me, I felt full is the only way I can describe it. He stopped, and was panting into my chest. With my eyes still closed, I reached between my legs to press my clit and squeeze the last ounce of this orgasm.

We didn’t say much afterwards. I always looked forward to seeing him again for a meter reading but it was not to be. That was a very horny half-hour I can tell you. Jeez I am so wet now I wish I could go back in time just once…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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