Miami Heat

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Dear Readers: For better story clarity, I strongly recommend reading “The French Connection” and “Caribbean Duet” the first 2 installments in the series.

Cindy’s Sapphic Adventures: Miami Heat

Late Saturday night found Ben and me in our usual spot, the bed. After dinner and a movie, we spent time at the local pub and knocked back a few. Ben was feeling pretty good.

“Hey Cin, pull my finger” Ben asked in an overly amused voice and offered me his index finger.

“Why, so you can fart?” I remarked sarcastically.

“Nah, I wouldn’t do that” he said with fake sincerity.

“If you fart Ben, no sex for a month” I said with all seriousness trying to grab his finger.

“You’re kidding?” he questioned in a flabbergasted tone and pulled his finger back.

“Try me” I said defiantly.

“No sex of any kind?” he asked with an incredulous voice.

“That’s right. No hand manipulation, no oral and oh yes! No Sapphic adventure stories” I said with conviction.

Ben’s complexion turned ghostly white. A month without sex was an eternity to him.

“And, if I find out your masturbating, I’ll extend it another month.” I said with vehemence. I detested displays of male sophomoric behavior especially when it came to bodily functions. Now Ben had a sheepish expression on his face and looked like a little boy who lost his puppy dog. Although it tugged on my heart strings, I was serious about my threats.

“Ok Cin. You win. He said in a deflated voice.

“That’s better.” I said very maturely.

“Will you tell me a story?” he said in that little boy voice that affects me every time.

“I don’t think so!” I spat the words in anger.

“Pretty please with sugar on it?” God, I loved it when he begged me for something.

“I’ll think about it” I stated with not much conviction.

Ben got on his knees in front of me in a gesture of total supplication and tenderly kissed up my thighs to my pussy. He was a devoted pussy hound and frequently ate me. But, it wasn’t necessary this time.

“Ok, you convinced me” I said in a fake deflated voice.

“Which story do you want to hear?” I asked in world weary way.

“The one about the guy and his sister” He said in a perky voice.

“That’s very descriptive Ben” I said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

“You know, ah…I think his name was Lenny or Lee” he stated in a panicky way.

I let out a deep sigh and gave Ben a withering look.

“Are you sure?” I questioned.

“Yeah, I mean yes” he said with glee.

The summer after college graduation I received an email from my friend April asking if I wanted to life guard at a local resort swimming pool. Apparently they were short handed and needed help badly. I usually worked during summer breaks from college because I preferred having my own money for clothes and other necessities.

The resort was affiliated with a nationally known hotel chain and was busy year round. Many of the tourists, especially children, took advantage of the free swimming lessons. The landscaping around the enormous pool complex was abundant with shade palm trees, a must in the hot and sticky Miami summers. In addition to the pool were various water slides and a lazy river tube ride.

The next day I reported for work and spent two hours in orientation learning the layout. Another two hours was devoted to the proper treatment of guests and their families.

Finally, when I took my place on the lifeguard stand at the main pool, I saw a familiar face on the opposite side. I hadn’t seen Lee since high school graduation at Saint Bernard’s Prep and his physical appearance had changed.

When he saw me he waved. We stayed in touch with each other after high school and I remembered his recent email where he mentioned dating April. For the next two hours I kept stealing glances at Lee, hoping he wouldn’t notice.

When the relief lifeguard took my place, I met Lee at the refreshment stand. He was happy to see me and we talked about our high school days when we were as close as two people can be without having sex. Lee had a crush on me in high school but never asked me out. He was overweight but now he had a lean and muscular look.

“I was surprised when I saw your name on the lifeguard roster yesterday” he said bashfully.

When I mentioned to Lee that April neglected to tell me he was a lifeguard, he said she was the jealous type and was aware that we were close friends in high school. With April in the picture, I had visions of a long dry sexless summer. She was a tall full bodied blonde with large boobs and looked stunning in her red Speedo one piece.

“And, look at you, why… you look GREAT!” I exclaimed. Lee blushed.

When I asked about Lee’s weight loss and transformation, he explained that after high school he went on a diet and exercise regimen at his father’s gym and followed it religiously. His arms, back legs and chest had a sculpted look. When he moved his arms, his biceps danced up and down.

For antalya escort the next week we worked almost identical schedules and it was a treat to watch Lee teach swimming to a group of six year olds. He had a polite and shy demeanor that was attractive. His muscles were inflated but his ego was anything but.

On Saturday I was working the afternoon shift when I saw a hot looking girl walk onto the pool deck. She was pretty with short black hair, olive colored skin and a lean physique with excellent muscle tone. Lee walked over to her and kissed her cheek.

At first I didn’t recognize her and while Lee and his “friend” walked over to my lifeguard stand, I did my best to appear disinterested.

“You remember my sister Maria” Lee stated.

When I looked at the pretty and sexy girl that Lee claimed was his sister, I saw the resemblance. Maria was fifteen when I last saw her and she had to be eighteen or nineteen now.

Lee resembled his mother’s side of the family with light brown hair and pale complexion but Maria clearly inherited her father’s Spanish heritage.

I spent my dinner break reminiscing with Maria and found her to be mature, intelligent and vivacious. She recalled that I always took time to play with her and the Barbie dolls that populated her room. In fact, she had many memories of me that I had forgotten. I laughed when Maria told me she begged Lee and me into taking her to a horror movie at the multiplex and she was so frightened that she hid under the seat. After the movie, she had popcorn, candy and all sorts of debris stuck to her clothes.

“You were so nice to me, like a big sister” Maria stated with conviction

I felt my face blush crimson and I’m sure I had an “Aw shucks” type look on my face.

While Maria was talking, I tried unobtrusively to look her over. She had an athletic look that made my blood boil. When I asked about her fit appearance, she told me her dad suggested boxing and the effects of the training as a great way to keep fit. I recalled that he was an up and coming middleweight when he was injured and forced into early retirement.

Maria offered to give me boxing lessons in her spare time but warned me that the gym her father owned was in a rough part of Miami.

“Not many white girls train there” She remarked in a matter of fact tone.

I accepted her invitation anyway.

The following day I drove to her father’s gym in Miami. I was early and shrank against the wall inside the main door because I was intimidated by the atmosphere. There was a dizzying array of apparatus and four separate boxing rings. A cacophony of words and shouts in Spanish and English filled the air. Everyone was totally absorbed in their own little universe.

Two women in the ring closest to me were sparring and I winced when the harder blows landed. I watched with a mixture of fascination and repulsion until a young man named Miguel showed me to the locker room. The overpowering odor of stale sweat, dank clothing and wet leather permeated the air but when I saw Maria, I was visibly relieved.

Maria saw the expression on my face and greeted me warmly. She was dressed in a sports T, shorts and sneakers and I swear she looked like Michelle Rodriguez in “Girl Fight.”

In a quieter corner of the gym, Maria guided me thru a long cardio warm up and numerous stomach exercises. She showed me some basic moves and I felt clumsy when I tried to imitate her movements. After about an hour and a half, she called it quits.

Drenched in sweat from the workout and the non air conditioned gym, I was in desperate need of a shower. In the locker room, I stripped out of my damp clothes in front of Maria. She had an amused expression on her face and was removing hers as well.

The hot water on my body felt refreshing and I glanced at Maria. She was showering near a woman whose body had a chiseled look. I tried not to stare but my curiosity got the better of me. She was the same height as Maria and the muscles on her wet body were clearly defined. She caught me staring and I quickly looked away.

The exhilarating effects of the workout stayed with me the rest of the day. However, when I tried getting out of bed the next morning, every muscle in my body was sore and achy.

When Maria saw me walking with stiff movements at work, she chuckled.

“How bout’ a workout later on?” Maria asked amusedly.

I shot her a frowning look that was uncharacteristic for me.

During lunch break I eased my aching body into a chair next to Maria. She was more sympathetic and explained that if I continued with the training, my body would adjust to the physical demands of the exercise.

“I’m not a quitter.” I said forcefully.

“You got guts Cindy.” She said with admiration.

I was wolfing down a turkey club sandwich when I asked Maria about the women training at the gym. Maria explained that most were from families at the poverty level and with the rapidly growing popularity of female boxing, it was a way to alanya escort a better life.

“Have you fought in the ring?” I asked with genuine curiosity.

“My father made it clear to me from the beginning, no amateur or professional fights, ever.” She stated emphatically.

Maria admitted to sparring with fighters a few times but when her father found out he put a stop to it. She related how from an early age he drilled into her that he was one of the lucky ones who escaped permanent injury and still had his brains intact. Because he had an honest manager, he earned enough money to start a new career and buy the gym.

Most professional fighters wound up on the streets with scrambled brains from too many blows to the head. The lucky one’s who still had their faculties, usually took menial jobs because they had no experience in anything but boxing. Also, most had little or no money because of “creative” accounting practices among the managers and promoters.

When I met Maria at the gym the next morning, my body felt much better. For a warm up exercise, she had me doing push ups like a guy, skipping rope and jogging in place. With sweat dripping off my face, she took me thru a series of boxing moves that had me shaking my head.

For the next six weeks I trained at the gym with Maria. With April dominating Lee’s spare time, Maria and I became fast friends. We spent our spare time together and I was convinced that Maria had an interest in me other than friendship.

It was mid July and as I was getting dressed for work, I noticed that my swimsuit was a little loose around my waist but a bit tighter in the chest. When I jumped on the scale, I was shocked that I went from 102 lbs. to 106 lbs., a gain of four lbs. At 5′ 2″ tall, four lbs. is a lot to gain.

Maria worked as a lifeguard at the busy water slides and when I got to work that day I told her in a panicky voice about my weight gain. She laughed and told me that I added four lbs. of muscle.

“We’ll talk at lunch break” she stated while lifting another raft onto the conveyer belt.

Miami in the summer has brief but frequent thunder storms, especially in the afternoon hours. Maria and I were just sitting down for lunch break when a very severe line of thunderstorms rocked the area. The pool closed and most of the guest scattered. We ran to the women’s locker room with our food and waited for the storms to abate.

Maria explained how the effects of the training added twenty lbs. of muscle in four years to her previously skinny body.

“Flex your arm” she said demandingly.

I’m sure I had a puzzled look on my face.

“You know; make a muscle” she stated knowingly. I flexed my upper arm.

“Turn around and look in the mirror” she said with a touch of amusement.

When I looked, my bicep had swelled to the size of a large chicken egg. Then Maria stood and flexed her arm; her bicep grew to the size of an orange. My eyes grew wide with wonder but at that moment the lights went out.

As we sat in the semi darkness, the storms went on unabated and the air was markedly cooler. I was trembling not only from the chill air but the sight of Maria’s bicep. She saw me shaking, pulled me close and put her arm around me.

The heat from Maria’s body was comforting and I put my head on her shoulder. I looked down at her chest and gazed with lust as her erect nipples poked against the fabric of her Speedo suit. With her mature and muscular body, I realized that she wasn’t Lee’s “little” sister anymore.

Involuntarily the back of my hand stroked her stiff nipple and she let out a contented sigh. I moved my body so that I was facing her and my hands palmed and squeezed her small but very firm tits. While lightening flashes illuminated the room and thunder rumbled across the sky, I slowly pulled the straps of her swimsuit down to reveal her cute tits up close and personal.

Although not more than a handful, they were topped with lush brown Hershey Kiss nipples. Maria closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure as I thumbed the sensitive buds.

As I lightly pinched a nipple, I sucked at the other with a light tugging action. Gently, I flicked my tongue over the stiff nubs and raked them with my teeth. Maria held my head and groaned as I relentlessly manipulated her straining nipples.

The smell of aroused pussy pervaded the air and Maria was moving her hips in a circular motion. She stood and slid the swimsuit down her lean body. As she sat on the bench seat, I joined her and put my arms around her neck.

“Kiss me” I said tenderly.

Maria’s strong arms lifted me toward her and I kissed her face and neck with a light touch. She moaned out loud and kissed my mouth hungrily. While I showed her the meaning of “French Kissing,” I ran my hands all over the soft skin and hard muscles on her back.

When I stopped briefly to look into her eyes, I leaned back and put my hands on her upper arms for support. The feel of her steely biceps under my palms belek escort and fingers made my pussy flood. I hungrily pulled her mouth toward mine and we kissed enthusiastically for a long time.

Maria kissed the top of my head and saw me gazing at her damp pussy. She leaned back against the wall and opened her thighs. I knelt in front of her, lifted her firm butt cheeks and drew the engorged flesh to my open mouth. I slowly lapped her sopping slit and picked up speed in little increments as her pussy creamed uncontrollably.

Without missing a lick, I put her legs over my shoulders and with one hand holding her firm butt, I used her creamy secretions to wet my fingers and gingerly stroked and poked her tender rose bud. “Oh God! That feels incredible” She yelled as I pushed a finger into her rose bud.

With my finger pumping into Maria’s butt hole and my tongue feverishly licking her swollen clit, she thrashed her body and bucked her hips to a whale of an orgasm.

A hand on the back of my head mashed my face against her convulsing and drenched pussy. I was positive that Maria’s previous experiences paled in comparison to this. She was panting in short gasps and making loud and sometimes unintelligible sounds.


As her orgasm faded away, Maria held me close and kissed my face in gratitude.

“That was the best!” she said as her face beamed with satisfaction.

Maria was eying my crotch with a lustful look when the lights came back on. We ran to the shower and I stripped my Speedo under the warm water. Maria watched with rapt attention as I leaned against the shower wall, spread my legs and fingered myself to a very satisfying orgasm.

Not a minute later we heard footsteps outside and April’s head appeared in the doorway.

“What’s going on Ladies?” She asked in an overly inquisitive voice.

“Having a hen party without me?” she said with more accusation than inquisitiveness.

I don’t know about Maria but I blushed and looked away.

“Pools closed for the rest of the day. The weather bureau has issued a severe thunderstorm alert until 8pm.” April announced loudly and walked out of the locker room.

As we dressed, I invited Maria to spend the night at my home and she accepted with a loud “Yes.” Luckily, my folks were barbecuing that night. They remembered Maria and talked with her until it grew dark and the Mosquito’s were biting.

We retired to my room and watched a movie on TV. As we sat on the bed watching the movie, Maria sat close to me and held my hand. I put my head on her shoulder and felt very contented almost romantic about her.

However, in September, Maria was starting college in California and I was attending graduate school in Philadelphia. Although I desired romance, I knew I should keep things light and carefree.

When the movie was over, Maria picked me up and laid me prone on top of her. As we kissed passionately, she roughly squeezed my butt. My temperature was rising and I wanted her tongue in my pussy.

I stood above Maria and stripped my clothes off. She grabbed my ass and I knelt just above her face. She pulled my aching gash toward her mouth and drove her tongue up my hole. I gasped out loud with surprise as she skillfully ate my pussy. Although her talents were no match for Claire’s, she had acquired some good techniques. I rode her rigid tongue until I my body jerked in orgasm.

For the remainder of the summer we were passionate lovers but for me, the romance was missing. I was extremely fond of Maria and although I was aware that she desired a more romantic relationship, those feelings were lacking inside of me.

Maria admitted to me that she was totally into girls and while she liked their company, never had the desire to date guys. She tearfully accepted my confession when I explained my lack of romantic feelings.

“One day you’ll find love with someone and, when you least expect it to happen” I stated with knowing conviction.

Our intimate relationship continued as well as our training sessions. After the strenuous workouts, I started watching one of the female boxers train. Lupe was the woman I stared at in the shower my first day. With my blonde hair and light complexion, I was an oddity at the gym, a real white girl as Maria would say.

Mostly everyone ignored me except for Maria and gradually Lupe. To my novice eyes, Lupe appeared to be a really good boxer with decent speed and a good right hand. I found out she was twenty six years old and married with a young son. She had some amateur bouts and was thinking of turning pro. With her pretty face and infectious smile, I had a hard time understanding why she wanted to be a prize fighter.

Occasionally, she would talk to me when I watched her train.

“Hey chica, do I look good? She’d ask in a heavy accent.

I always nodded my head yes and I was telling her the truth, I really felt that way.

When I learned that Lupe was fighting her first pro bout, I told Maria I wanted to see her fight. Maria looked at me with concern.

“Ever been to a boxing match” she asked in a serious tone.

Maria knew the answer and tried to explain to me what it was like in a small arena with about two hundred people in attendance.

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