Mid Week Romp

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My wife Elinor, or El as she likes to be called, and I went down to the city mid-week to have a bit of a break and try to get in show. Hoping mid-week would be a little quieter which it was and we managed to get in a Matinee and after a quick shower we went out for dinner. For some reason the restaurant was busy so waited in the bar and had a glass of wine. It took almost 25 minutes to get a table and when we did it was in a corner which was a bit out of the way. We were discussing what to eat and I had said I would like to try the mussels before my main meal. There was a guy, sitting alone, close to us at a table for two who leaned over and said “I overheard you saying you were going for the mussels, I wouldn’t, I tried them last night and they were not good, quite a few didn’t open and others had sand in them. I would recommend the shrimp”.
I thanked him and asked if he was alone and when he said he was I suggested he join us at our table which would let the staff fit in another couple at his table. He agreed and after letting the waiter know, he slid over onto our table. He immediately started chatting and he was a good conversationalist who kept us entertained. He told us he had a franchise of stores that sold sports clothing and that he had come to the city to look over a couple of new suppliers and get some samples to review.
I did order the shrimp as did he but El had another glass of wine, as she rarely had anything before her main meal. The dinner was excellent and El had another glass of wine with her dinner and I could see she was getting a bit tipsy. The waiter asked if we wanted an brandy or something but I asked for a single malt. Colin, which was the guys name said he would have one too, El just sipped her wine. We sat and chatted while we drank and Colin and I spoke about Scotch and he was like me a bit of a connoisseur and said he had a bottle of 25 year old Glenfarclas in his room.
El said ” What about me I hate Scotch!”,
at which Colin said “I also have a very good Merlot in my room too.”
“That sounds like fun ” said El, “lets go to your room.”
I was a bit surprised but the thought of that 25 year old Scotch was too tempting to miss out on.
He had a lovely suite and we settled in on the settee he went and got us our drinks. We all sat enjoying them while Colin spoke about his stores. At some point he spoke about the samples he had picked out and brought some through to let us see and asked our opinion. El really liked as pair or jeggings and asked if she could try them on. Colin agreed and she went off to the bathroom to change into them. As she was wearing a dress Colin gad given her a top to go with the jeggings. when she came out of the bathroom both of us stared at her as the jeggings and top were tight and didn’t leave much to the imagination. El, obviously effected by the wine, twirled around to show off the cloths. She asked if she should try on some of the others and Colin agreed and for the next 20 minutes we were entertained to a bit of a fashion show.
At this point Colin got up and went into his bedroom and brought back another set of samples, and giving them to El, told her she could try these on too if she wanted. She disappeared into the bathroom and returned wearing a beautiful swimming costume which showed off her figure, which was quite impressive. Although in her fifties, El regularly went to the gym and we both kept to a daily strict diet mainly due to my sugar levels, which kept her looking good. She had a little tummy, and her breast, although not high and perky were quite firm. I could see Colin taking everything in and had a smile on his face. She modelled a couple more before Colin asked her to check out the one in the red box.
After a few minutes she can out wearing a bikini, but what a bikini. The top had varies slim straps across the back connecting over her shoulders and around the side. The front had three little bows between the cups. The bottoms also had ribbons which seemed to basically hold them onto her hips. El filled her glass again and slowly pirouetted around showing off the bikini.I think my mouth was hanging open as she look wonderful and extremely sexy. Colin asked if she would mind him making some adjustments to the top at which El agreed and I said “Go for it”
he stood behind her and adjusted a couple of straps which raised her breasts up a bit higher he them reached around and undid the bows which opened up the top and showed the sides of her breasts. He then made some adjustments to the side straps which pulled her breasts out to the side. He then reached around and retied the top bow and loosely tied the lower too which left a little oval shape which showed off her cleavage. He asked El what she thought and she went over to a mirror and looked herself. She turned around slowly looking at the back and sides as well and then she undid the front bows saying”I prefer these loose” and smiled. Her glass was almost empty and she was very tipsy and walk around the room showing off.
She went over to Colin and asked her to show him any other adjustments that he could make and turning her back to him smiled at me. Colin started adjusting the straps and then moved his hands to the front where he cupped her breasts, raising them a little higher and asked me what I thought about that. I said I liked it and was amazed at how adjustable the straps were. He agreed and started moving El’s breast up and down and spreading them apart or brought them in to create a large deep cleavage. He took El over to the mirror and did it all over again asking her what she thought. She very quietly said she liked all the positions. Her voiced sounded a bit husky and when she leaned her head back against his shoulder I knew she was getting excited. Colin brought her back into the centre of the room and kissed her neck which brought forth a moan, his hands pushed up her top and cupping her bare breasts in his hands and started to roll her nipples between his fingers.
This was too much for me and I got stripped off and walked over and started to help him with her breasts. I sucked on one for a little while then I slid down to my knees, undid the bows on the bottoms and let it drop to the floor exposing her trimmed vagina which I saw and felt was quite wet. I started to suck and tongue her and Coling quickly got out of his clothes and returned to enjoying her breasts. The top was gone now and I stood up and rubbed myself against her body while Colin did the same from behind. El’s eyes were closed and she moaned softly as we turned her around so hwe could take turns at her back and front. While Colin was at the front I heard her gasp and when I slid my hands down her body I found his hand between her legs and he was sliding his finger in and out of her vagina.
Colin turned her around once more so he was behind her and told me to go through into the bedroom and kneel at the head on the bed which I did. As I knelt there I watched as Colin slowly moved El towards the bed when she got there he pushed onto her knees and dropping to his own ones started sucking her vagina from behind. El started moaning even louder and I watched Colin enjoying himself I slid my cock into her mouth where she hungrily started to suck me. After about ten minutes of Colin sucking she gave a loud groan anther body shuddered which I knew meant an orgasm. Colin then stood up and without and hesitation drove his cock, which looked to be about nine inches long and thick, deep into El’s vagina. He started driving it deep and hard and it was so exciting, as I pushed my cock in and out of her mouth, while watching his driving in and out of her vagina, I came filling her mouth with cum.
I rolled to the side and watched them both and after another 15 minutes El started to scream at which point she dropped her chest to the matters and buried her head in the pillow. Colin drove into her for another 2 minutes, El screaming into the pillow, before her thrust deep and stayed deep as he pumped her full of cum. El slowly stopped screaming but kept her head in the pillow as she moaned and groaned loudly for quite some time. She eventually pushed her self up onto her hands and knees at which point I got behind her and slid my cock into her dripping vagina and quick came again inside her. I didn’t make her scream but she did moan!
We spent the rest of the night enjoying sex and just some erotic touching. We all spent the next night the same and when we at last parted company Colin told me it was the best fuck he had had in many years and we exchanged phone numbers and intend to keep the relationship alive.
When we got back home we spoke about it and El said she had never had a cock that long and thick and she felt her whole insides where stimulated beyond belief. we are both looking forward to another round and by the way Coling sent her a number of the clothing she liked including the bikini.

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