Middle Eastern Kink Ch. 04

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Chapter 9: Going Out

The following day, Amina and Laila decided to take Sulaiman on a special outing. They wanted to show him off, to let him experience the thrill of being exposed in public, while still maintaining an element of discretion. In order to do this, they needed the perfect outfits that would blend in with their conservative Muslim society.

Amina decided to wear a regular black abaya and niqab, but beneath it, she donned a fitted, full-body latex catsuit that clung to every curve. The catsuit extended down to her feet, forming a pair of thigh-high latex boots, and up her arms, turning into tight, full-fingered gloves that snugly encased her large, powerful hands.

Laila chose a similar approach. She wore a traditional black abaya and niqab, but underneath, she had on a tight, latex minidress with a plunging neckline that showcased her ample cleavage. She wore elbow-length latex gloves that fit snugly against her skin, and knee-high latex boots that accentuated her shapely legs.

Amina and Laila had meticulously prepared Sulaiman’s outfit for their outing, ensuring that every detail was designed to make him feel submissive, uncomfortable, and constantly aware of his position. Underneath his conservative abaya and niqab, he was clad in a variety of restraints and gear that both tormented and thrilled him.

First, they fitted him with a stiff, high latex posture collar that wrapped around his neck, restricting his head movement and keeping his chin lifted. This ensured that he maintained a submissive posture at all times.

Next, they put him in a tight latex arm binder that wrapped around his arms behind his back, forcing them into a folded position and rendering them useless. This restraint not only increased his vulnerability but also placed strain on his shoulders.

Amina and Laila then tightened a latex waist cincher around his midsection. This corset restricted his breathing, making every breath a conscious effort and adding an element of breath control to his experience.

In his mouth, they secured a latex-covered inflatable gag, which put constant pressure on his jaw and forced him to focus on keeping it in place. They also connected adjustable straps around his thighs to his metal chastity belt, preventing him from taking large steps and causing him to walk with small, restricted movements.

To further limit his mobility, they added an ankle hobble a short chain connecting his ankle cuffs that forced him to take short, mincing steps. They also inserted latex-covered, remote-controlled vibrating plugs both anally and urethrally, providing a constant reminder of his submission and adding a layer of discomfort and stimulation.

Once Sulaiman was fully restrained and equipped, Amina and Laila covered him with the conservative abaya and niqab to conceal his predicament from the public eye. As they ventured out into the city, every step was a challenge for Sulaiman. The combined effect of the restraints and gear made walking difficult, and the constant stimulation from the plugs added a delicious layer of torment to the experience.

Throughout their outing, Amina and Laila observed Sulaiman closely, delighting in his struggle and reinforcing his submission with whispered words and subtle touches. This intense experience pushed Sulaiman’s limits, further deepening his bond with Amina and Laila, and solidifying his place as their devoted submissive.

As they walked through the city, Amina and Laila whispered words that not only encouraged Sulaiman’s submission but also played on his insecurities as a man by addressing him as a girl.

Amina leaned in and whispered, “You’re doing so well, my dear girl. Every mincing step you take brings you closer to the feminine submission you’ve always craved.”

Laila followed up, her voice soft but firm, “Remember, Sulaiman, or should I say, ‘Sulaima’? You belong to us. You’re our pretty little doll, and we’ll dress Diyarbakır Escort you up and play with you as we please.”

Amina continued, “Just imagine what people would think if they knew the truth about you, sweet girl. A man, so thoroughly emasculated and humiliated, yet so happy in his submission.”

Laila chimed in, “But no one knows. To them, you’re just another face in the crowd. Yet, you’re so much more than that. You’re our precious little pet, and we cherish you.”

Sulaiman shuddered at their words, feeling a mix of vulnerability, embarrassment, and deep satisfaction.

Throughout their outing, Amina and Laila continued to whisper comments to Sulaiman. “Feel how the corset restricts your breath, my lovely girl,” Amina said. “It’s a constant reminder of how we control even the most basic aspects of your existence.”

Laila added, “And those plugs, they remind you that every part of you belongs to us, inside and out. You are entirely ours, our little Sulaima.”

Occasionally, Amina or Laila would press a button on the remote control they carried. Each time they did, the plugs inside Sulaiman would vibrate, sending shivers up his spine and drawing a gasp from him. His legs would momentarily weaken, causing him to stumble, which only made them giggle and offer mock sympathy.

“There, there, dear,” Laila would say, steadying him with her gloved hand. “We know it’s hard for a delicate girl like you to handle such sensations, but remember, it’s all part of your journey to fully embracing your true self.”

Their whispered words and actions served as a constant reminder of Sulaiman’s submission and his place in their world, pushing him further into a state of surrender and devotion.

As they strolled through the city, Amina and Laila decided to take Sulaiman shopping. They led him into a boutique and began picking out various items, from clothing to accessories. Sulaiman, with his restraints hidden under his abaya, struggled to assist them in any meaningful way, but his mistresses seemed to delight in his helplessness.

Once they had selected their purchases, Amina and Laila insisted that Sulaiman pay at the counter. He approached the cashier, his heart pounding in his chest as he nervously fumbled with his wallet. The cashier, a young woman with a friendly smile, tried to make small talk, but Sulaiman could only nod in response, his gag preventing him from speaking.

As the cashier processed the payment, Laila surreptitiously pressed the remote control, causing the plugs inside Sulaiman to vibrate. His body tensed and his breath hitched, but he managed to keep his composure, earning him a proud smile from Amina.

After shopping, Amina and Laila took Sulaiman to a restaurant for dinner. They chose an outdoor table, and Sulaiman, still gagged and restrained, found it difficult to sit comfortably. His mistresses enjoyed watching him squirm, subtly shifting in his seat.

When it was time to order, Sulaiman faced another challenge. Amina and Laila made their selections, then turned to him expectantly. Unable to speak, he pointed to a dish on the menu, hoping the waitress would understand. The waitress, a middle-aged woman with a puzzled expression, eventually caught on and nodded, though she seemed slightly disconcerted by Sulaiman’s silence.

As Sulaiman tried to sign his gratitude, Laila pressed the remote again. The sudden vibrations caused him to jerk, his hand accidentally knocking over a glass of water. The waitress, already confused by Sulaiman’s behavior, looked even more bewildered as she rushed to clean up the mess.

Throughout the meal, Amina and Laila continued to tease Sulaiman with the remote, always choosing the most inconvenient moments to press the button. Each time, Sulaiman struggled to maintain his composure, his face flushing with embarrassment as he tried to hide his reactions from the restaurant staff.

Sulaiman Diyarbakır Escort Bayan felt a mix of humiliation and exhilaration as he was made to navigate these everyday interactions under the watchful eyes of his mistresses. The constant reminders of his submission and vulnerability only served to deepen his devotion and love for Amina and Laila.

Chapter 10

After their eventful day out in the city, Amina, Laila, and Sulaiman returned home, where the couple decided to further Sulaiman’s training with a new lesson. This time, they would focus on trust and communication, both crucial aspects of any relationship, especially one that involved power dynamics.

Amina and Laila led Sulaiman to a dimly lit room, furnished only with a sturdy wooden chair in the center. They had Sulaiman sit in the chair, and Amina removed his abaya and niqab, leaving him in his restraints and chastity belt, completely vulnerable. Laila handed Amina a blindfold, which she carefully placed over Sulaiman’s eyes, plunging him into darkness.

“Now, my dear,” Amina whispered into Sulaiman’s ear, her voice firm but gentle, “we will teach you the importance of trust and communication. You must rely on us and our guidance. Do you understand?”

Sulaiman nodded, his heart racing in anticipation.

Amina and Laila took their positions on either side of him. They began by caressing his body, their latex-covered fingers tracing intricate patterns on his skin. Gradually, their touches grew firmer, more assertive. Amina pinched and twisted his nipples while Laila gripped his thighs, their latex gloves providing an extra layer of sensation. Sulaiman gasped and moaned, but he did his best to remain still and trust in their guidance.

As the intensity increased, Amina and Laila began to test Sulaiman’s communication skills. They would ask him questions, probing his thoughts and feelings, and he had to respond honestly, despite his vulnerable state.

“How does this feel, Sulaiman?” Laila would ask as she dug her nails into his thigh.

“It… it hurts, Mistress, but I trust you,” he would reply, his voice trembling.

“Good boy,” Amina would say, rewarding him with a gentle caress of his cheek.

They continued to push Sulaiman’s boundaries. Amina would slap his face, demanding that he thank her for the punishment, while Laila would run her fingers over the metal chastity cage, teasing him mercilessly. They used ice cubes, which Amina would glide across Sulaiman’s skin, causing him to shiver and gasp at the sudden, intense cold. As she did this, Laila would be whispering humiliating taunts into his ear, reminding him of how vulnerable and exposed he was.

“Imagine if someone walked in right now, seeing you like this,” she would say, her voice dripping with malice. “How do you think they would react to finding you blindfolded, bound, and completely at our mercy?”

Sulaiman would swallow hard, his cheeks burning with shame, but he would force himself to answer, “They would… they would see me as I truly am, Mistress. A submissive, eager to serve and please you.”

Then, Amina and Laila used a small, flexible cane to strike Sulaiman’s body with measured, precise strokes. They would take turns, each delivering a sharp, stinging blow that would leave a thin, red welt on his skin.

Before each strike, they would ask Sulaiman if he was ready, and he would have to verbally confirm his consent and trust in them. Each time he did so, they would praise his submission and dedication.

Throughout the lesson, Amina and Laila continuously pushed Sulaiman’s limits, both physically and emotionally. They teased him mercilessly, keeping him aroused, with his cock straining painfully to expand inside its tight metal prison.

In one particularly challenging exercise, Amina held a powerful vibrator against the metal chastity cage, causing the device to hum and vibrate Escort Diyarbakır against Sulaiman’s sensitive skin. As she did this, Laila would question him, demanding to know if he felt humiliated and aroused by the experience.

Through the torturous ordeal, Sulaiman’s trust in Amina and Laila only grew stronger. He learned to communicate his needs and feelings, even when it was difficult or embarrassing.

“Do you want release, Sulaiman?” Laila would ask, her voice taunting and cruel.

“Yes, Mistress,” he would admit, his voice choked with desperation.

“Too bad,” she would reply, laughing softly. “You must learn patience and control.”

As the lesson wore on, Sulaiman’s mind raced with conflicting emotions. He felt humiliated and degraded, yet at the same time, he craved the dominance and control exerted by his mistresses.

When they felt he was ripe and ready, Amina and Laila looked at Sulaiman, their eyes piercing into his soul.

Amina placed her gloved hand on his cheek, and asked, “Sulaiman, tell us about your most shameful or humiliating moment. No holding back.”

Sulaiman hesitated, his cheeks burning with embarrassment, but eventually confessed, “When I was in high school, I… I wet my pants during a presentation. I was so nervous, and the other students never let me forget it.”

Laila continued, “Now, Sulaiman, what secret fantasies have you been harboring? Share them with us.”

Sulaiman hesitated again but finally revealed, “I’ve always… I’ve always fantasized about being turned into a human piece of furniture, used as a footstool by both of you while you carry on a conversation, completely ignoring me as if I’m nothing more than an object.”

Amina and Laila exchanged a glance, a smirk on their lips as they reveled in his admission, seeing the potential for further humiliation and control.

Amina pressed further, “Tell us, Sulaiman, about something deeply personal that you’ve always envied.”

Sulaiman’s voice trembled as he admitted, “I’ve always envied my close friend’s marriage. I secretly wish I could trade places with him and experience the same level of love and commitment.”

Laila, not satisfied yet, asked, “And what about something you’ve done that you’re not proud of, Sulaiman? Something even I do not know of…”

Sulaiman looked down, shame coloring his face as he confessed, “I once… I once spied on a neighbor while they were undressing. I’ve been haunted by the guilt ever since.”

As Sulaiman’s confessions poured forth, Amina and Laila sensed the deep vulnerability and submission he had reached. They knew that they had pushed him beyond his limits.

Sulaiman’s mind was foggy, his body exhausted, and his soul laid bare. The two women decided that it was time to reward him for his obedience and for facing his deepest secrets.

Amina approached Sulaiman and whispered, “You have shown great courage in sharing your darkest secrets and desires with us. For this, we will grant you a moment of release.”

Laila nodded in agreement and, with a quick flick of the remote, the vibrations within Sulaiman’s chastity belt increased dramatically. He gasped, his body tensing as pleasure surged through him. He felt the vibrations through his urethra and anus, the two sensations working jointly to hammer his prostate that was sandwiched between the two. He could hardly believe that they were allowing him this release, and the sheer intensity of it left him trembling, tears streaming down his cheeks. His cum seeped from around the vibrator inside his urethra, and even leaked from the metal chastity cage. Laila scooped some of it with a finger, and fed her finger into Sulaiman’s hungry mouth as he sucked it greedily. She pulled out her finger, and, with a smile, offered it to Amina, who happily sucked Sulaiman’s saliva off of his mother’s finger.

“Well done, Sulaiman,” Amina whispered, her voice cold and commanding. “You’ve shown great trust and communication today. You’ve proven yourself to be a worthy submissive.”

As the waves of pleasure subsided, Amina and Laila wrapped their latex-clad arms around him, holding him close as he gasped for breath, overwhelmed by the emotional and physical release he had just experienced.

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