Midnight Movie Club Ch. 05

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Note – to the anonymous user who suggested I read my stories out loud while editing, thank you very much! Your advice was a huge help and allowed me to catch several errors, as well as drawing my eye to several sentences that needed a rewrite in order to flow better. Appreciated!


Previously on “Midnight Movie Club” – Four college students cross paths at the beginning of their freshman year at Farragut College; military brat and film lover Julie Wyndham, laid back musician Cole Scales, modern-day flower child Eleanor Freeman, and kind and outgoing Alexander de’Armound.

With college well underway, the four friends have begun to explore new aspects of college life while expanding their social circle. Julie joins the Farragut Film Society, Cole attempts to find something to play at the Gaming Club, Eleanor assists cleaning up the shoreline of the nearby lake despite a run-in with her fundamentalist next door neighbor Tricia, and Alexander finds companions in his fellow soccer supporters including his study partner Karen Zielinski.

After cheering her team to a win, Karen invites Alexander and Cole to a party along with her roommate, preacher’s daughter Gwen Crutchfield. Karen has no interest in the party however, only in Alexander, and cajoles him up to her dorm room for a night of victory sex. Cole and Gwen hit it off as well. Much to Cole’s surprise, Gwen propositions him, and the two spend a steamy night in his room…


“Mmmmmm.” Alexander arched his back, loosening the muscles and carefully lifting his arms above his head. Through half-opened eyes he could see the first beams of the early morning sun peeking through the drawn curtains on the far end of the dorm room. Stretching out felt wonderful. He could feel it not only in the small of his back but in his hips as well…

“Oooooooh.” The young man realized through his drowsy haze that he had a minor case of morning wood. Despite the workout it had gotten the night before, his penis was giving in to biology. Alexander could almost feel it hardening as he woke up…

A warm, wet feeling made its way down the shaft of his cock, going halfway before moving up towards the tip. Alexander’s head fell back against the pillow. Groaning softly, he stiffened from the unexpected sensations now rolling through his lower body.

The warmth dragged itself over the head of his penis before it pulled away. “Someone’s finally awake.”

Before Alexander could respond he was once again engulfed. Something rough gently swirled around the head of his cock for a brief moment, drawing another quiet sigh from the young man. Finally managing to raise his head, Alexander looked down his naked body to see a mess of chocolate brown hair slowly moving between his legs. “Karen,” he mumbled.

Indeed, it was Karen who looked up and met Alexander’s glass-eyed gaze with an evil smile. “Good morning,” she said as she casually pumped her hand up and down Alexander’s stiffening cock. “How did you sleep?”

“Slept great…apparently waking up greater,” he yawned.

“Good.” Karen set the underside of her jaw atop Alexander’s dick while continuing to stroke it. “You looked so cute when I woke up. I was going to wake you with a kiss. Then I looked down and saw this.” Her fingers spread both her saliva and his precum along his shaft. “So I’m waking you up with a blow job.” Karen’s face took on a demure, almost proper look. “That’s OK,” she asked with faux innocence, “right?”

“I’m…not complaining…” He needed a moment to compose his thoughts before managing to say, “it’s OK. Do you want me to ever do the same for you sometime?”

“Aw. You’re sweet.” Karen lowered her head, pressing Alexander’s cock against her cheek. “Use your finger first, and be gentle. If I wake up and don’t push you away, go downtown. Deal?” She grinned at Alexander’s slow yet eager nod of agreement. Without breaking eye contact Karen proceeded to run her tongue along his erect shaft, beginning at the top and licking her way down to the base before making the return trip on the opposite side. Her eyes burned wickedly as she repeated the oral journey several times. Alexander’s lower body tensed as Karen’s tongue sent soft waves of pleasure through him. His hands gripped at the tossed bedsheets. Karen moved with agonizing slowness during the final trip, using a swirling motion on every inch of his manhood. She never turned her gaze from him, licking him like an ice cream cone on the Fourth of July and running her tongue around the tip like the cherry on top. When Karen pulled away, a thin strand of saliva trailed from her mouth to the top of his cock, glistening like a spiderweb in the growing sunlight.

As Karen wiped her lips, Alexander admitted, “I’ve never been woken up this way.”

“And I’ve never woken someone up this way.” With that, Karen took Alexander in her mouth once again. She worked his fully erect shaft with one hand while applying pressure and heat with her lips and tongue. bostancı escort Alexander began to shift on the bed. His residual sleepiness had been replaced by intense arousal. His cock was rock hard and twitched in Karen’s mouth. He bit his lip as the sensations became more and more powerful. Reaching down with one hand, he gently moved Karen’s brown hair to one side. The sight of the attractive young woman lewdly blowing him, her hair tangled from sleep, lips wrapped around his throbbing manhood, was almost too much for him to take.

He moved his hand to Karen’s chin, gently pulling her mouth from his body. “I’m awake,” he told her with a quiet smile. “Up here and down there.”

Karen pushed herself on to her arms. Her chocolate brown hair fell down from her shoulders, drifting against his body as she moved up the bed. Through the brunette curtain Alexander could see the wicked look on his lover’s face. “Now that we’re both awake,” she whispered in a sultry tone, “what do you want to do?”

His gaze dropped to Karen’s breasts as they hung from her chest. “I have an idea,” he answered. “If you don’t mind my morning breath, why don’t you come kiss me and we’ll see what happens?”

Karen gave a playful snort. “We both know what happens,” she told him, now looming over his face. He reached up to run a hand along the side of her scalp, brushing her hair away from her ear. “But I suppose a good morning kiss is a logical next step.”

Alexander reached up with both arms, pulling the young woman down on top of him and kissing her softly. The romantic moment quickly turned passionate as Karen’s tongue dove into his mouth, Alexander quickly returning the favor. Her hand wrapped itself in his blonde hair. She pulled lightly on his scalp. The soft flash of pain caused Alexander to push his body against hers. He ran his hands along her back, tracing a path along Karen’s spine before sliding them down to her butt. He gave the flesh a firm squeeze, his fingers digging into the tight muscles. His reward was a noise of appreciation from the young woman.

As they continued to kiss Karen began to rock her hips back. He could feel the wet heat already flowing from her womanhood as she rubbed her pussy against his erect cock. He broke their kiss, groaning with approval. Her lips slid easily along his shaft and head. Karen’s hair tickled the side of his face as she looked down at him. Wearing an evil grin, she angled her hips to allow her to push herself against the base of his cock. She moved like a belly dancer, shifting herself back and forth, eyes closed as she quietly murmured in delight.

Alexander reached up and gently placed his hands on her face. Karen opened her eyes to see him looking at her, his breathing slightly labored and an expression of joy on his face. A shiver went through Alexander when she moved from side to side, dragging her wetness across the tip of cock. “That feels good,” he whispered. His words caused Karen to repeat the motion, this time adding vertical movement. The head of Alexander’s manhood was quickly coated with Karen’s juices. The feeling of her heated essence dripping in rivlets down his shaft was akin to a warm spring rainstorm. It served to turn him on even more. “I think…I think it should happen now…”

Karen leaned down, firmly grinding her pussy against his cock. Her erect nipples pressed against Alexander’s torso as she briefly nibbled on his earlobe. “What happens now,” she whispered lustily.

Alexander reached between their bodies. He wrapped his hand around his cock, slick with Karen’s wetness, and placed the tip flush against her soaked labia. “You push down,” he answered, trying to put on a sultry tone on his own, “and let nature take over.”

Karen lifted her upper body, supporting herself with her arms. She looked Alexander in the eyes as she did as the young man suggested. A deep sigh escaped from her lips as Karen sank herself down onto Alexander’s erect manhood. Alexander’s chin quivered as he did his best to maintain eye contact despite the sudden feeling of liquid warmth gripping the length of his cock like a glove. She bottomed out on the first try. Her dripping lips rubbed against his groin as she settled herself on top of him. After a moment, she pushed up, pulling her pussy halfway up his shaft before easily sliding back down. Alexander groaned at the wet friction, his eyes unfocused for a brief moment as his brain processed the pleasure he was feeling.

After Karen repeated the motion a third time, she suddenly fell forward. Her lips pressed firmly against his as her tongue forced its way into his mouth. Alexander’s hands went to her butt once again. As she began to move her hips up and down in a steady rhythm, Alexander gripped her glues tightly. Any hint of tenderness or romance was long gone, if indeed it had ever been present, as Alexander and Karen began to fuck by the dim light of the sunrise.

Karen put her hands on Alexander’s chest and lifted herself ümraniye escort bayan up. She drove herself against him, head bowed, fingers digging into his torso. Alexander winced even as he arched his back from the feeling of Karen’s slick pussy against his unyielding erection. Her firm tits shook with each motion, drawing his eager eye. He sat up, wrapping his lips around an erect nipple, drawing a moan from Karen before she shoved him back down.

As he bounced against the mattress, a moment of clarity fought its way through his ecstasy-soaked brain. “Wait,” he managed to get out. “One sec, one sec.” Karen slowed her pace, sinking to take every inch of his cock inside of her. Alexander reached above his head, sighing as she used her pussy to gently squeeze his manhood, and grabbed the rumpled pillow he had slept on. He raised his hips and slid the pillow beneath his butt. “This should make it easier for you…”

His attempt at an explanation turned into a deep groan of pleasure as Karen rose up. When her pussy slid down his cock, she gasped sharply. “Ooooooooooh wow,” Karen breathed. “That’s…you’re so deep…” When she drove herself down upon him a second time, her entire body tensed. Her upper arms squeezed her breasts together, an enticing sight that Alexander would have taken advantage of if Karen hadn’t been pressing what felt like her entire body weight against his chest. Slowly at first, but picking up the pace after adjusting her hips, Karen rode him with determined fervor. Sweat was forming at several sports along her athletic frame. Her eyes were squeezed shut once again. “Oh yeah,” she proclaimed, bottoming out once again and grinding her hips against his. “Oh yeah, oh yeah…”

Alexander pressed his hands against Karen’s hips to help her keep balance. Their groins were soaked with the warm essence that flowed from her body as his cock slid in and out of Karen’s pussy. “You are so damn hot,” he told her.

A wan smile touched her face for a brief moment before Karen gasped and threw her head back. “Oh my God,” she proclaimed to the ceiling, “this is how I want to wake up in the morning!” Indeed, she was a stunning sight above him, wild brown hair hanging down as she leaned her arms against his chest, breasts bouncing each time she drove herself up and down, and her firm thighs pressing against his body.

Alexander was beginning to feel the first hints of pressure in his groin when a soft click reached his ears, overcoming Karen’s moans and the squeaking of the bedsprings. He whipped his head to the side as he heard the door close. “Good morning,” Karen’s roommate Gwen said as she walked past them. “Still enjoying your enchanted evening I see?”

“Shit!” Any blood that wasn’t keeping his cock rock hard immediately rushed to Alexander’s cheeks. “I’m sorry,” he cried with panic as he tried to sit up, “we…”

Before he could say another word, Karen shoved him back down. “Don’t you move,” she growled, impaling her pussy on his shaft. “Don’t you move…”

“But…” Alexander tried to protest despite Karen’s wild, primal movements. “She’s like…right there!”

“Don’t mind me,” Gwen said as she casually set a paper bag down on her desk along with a cardboard tray holding three cardboard coffee cups. “Just go ahead and finish what you’re doing.”

“You heard her, Alexander.” Karen gave him a smirk as she squeezed her warm tunnel around his erection. “It’s just sex. We’ve all had it before.”

“Oh wow…” he sighed in resignation. “I…guess whatever happens…happens then?”

Karen nodded in approval as she continued riding him. Sweaty, slick, and practically dripping, Karen’s body became flush even Gwen nonchalantly set out the cups of coffee. His lover was trembling now, biting her lips, bouncing furiously on his cock, almost whimpering as she teetered on the edge. Determined to make Karen cum before he did, Alexander took his hand from her hip and slid it between her legs. A gasp of surprise was immediately followed by Karen groaning with bliss. His finger easily found her throbbing clit at the top of her drenched lips. It only took a few circular motions before Karen became a quivering mess. “Yes,” she cried softly, “yes…oooooooooooooooooooooh…”

Her pussy constricted around Alexander’s cock with a sudden rush of wet heat. Karen’s face scrunched up as she tried to hold in her exultations of ecstasy. Alexander tried to hide the smirk on his face as he crooked his finger again, sliding it against her rigid button. It was too much for Karen to take. “Oh fuck, that’s amazing,” she said, barely managing to hold the volume down. She slid effortlessly along Alexander’s cock, tight friction now traded for wet, slippery heat, as she came down from her climax.

With the pressure off, Alexander was able to relax. “I’m close,” he warned Karen, his cock so sensitive he could barely stand it.

“Good,” she breathed. “I’m almost at the limits of my cardio. Who are you, Alexander kartal escort de’Armound?”

“I don’t know…” Out of the corner of his eye Alexander noticed that Gwen had sat down in her desk chair, having turned it towards Karen’s bed. She casually sipped her coffee as Karen did her best to coax Alexander’s essence from him. The image of Julie watching him and Eleanor orally pleasure each other the previous weekend flashed through his mind, instantly putting him over the edge.

His hands went to Karen’s hips, gripping her tightly during the final few strokes before pulling Karen down on his cock as he exploded deep inside her pussy. As he came, Karen collapsed on top of him, her breathing heavy. Both of them were coated with a light sweat. Alexander could feel the slight dampness along Karen’s scalp as he gently ran his fingers through her tangled hair. “Oh wow,” he murmured, “I definitely prefer that to an alarm clock…”

“Ditto.” Karen lifted her head and kissed him lightly on the nose. “And once again, I’m leaking because of you. Gwen, grab me a towel?”

“On it.” Gwen set her coffee down and walked to the closet on her side of the foyer. Once Karen had rolled onto her back, Gwen handed her a towel before offering one to Alexander as well. “I got you a black coffee. But we have cream and sugar if you want some.”

“Um…no. Black is perfectly fine.” Alexander did his best to hide his soaked groin from Gwen as he toweled off, as opposed to Karen who got out of bed, giving her roommate a full frontal view as she wiped her crotch. Once Alexander had finished, Gwen was standing beside the bed, one hand offering coffee while the other offered to take the towel. “Thanks,” he said.

“I also have donuts.” Gwen, apparently unfazed by the naked, sweaty, freshly fucked young man in her roommate’s bed, pointed to the paper bag. “Glazed, chocolate, and glazed chocolate. The Boston Creme are Karen’s.”

“I feel like a Boston Creme right now,” Karen said as she finished running the towel between her legs.

“I’m going to open the windows. It absolutely REEKS of sex in here.” After cracking the windows Gwen proceeded to grab a nearby can of Febreeze. Karen sat down on the bed next to Alexander, who was sitting up as well, the pillow under his hips now over his crotch. The smell of fresh linen overcame the strong fumes of the black coffee as Gwen sprayed a liberal amount of fragrance into the air. “So you two had fun last night I’m guessing?”

“Absolutely.” Karen smacked Alexander on the shoulder. “He’s a damn good fuck for a Sounders fan.”

“And she’s not too bad for an RSL supporter,” he quipped.

“Soccer.” Gwen clasped her hands together and looked towards the ceiling. “Heavenly Father, save me from soccer fans.”

“Gwen, would you mind closing your eyes for a second?” Alexander motioned to his boxers lying on the floor. “I should get dressed.”

The pixie-esque girl waved a hand at him. “I don’t mind. We’re all naked in the eyes of the Lord.”

Alexander blushed. “Maybe, but I’m…it’s still kind of weird to me.”

“I got it.” Karen bent over, giving Alexander a clear view of her fantastic butt, and picked up his boxers. Alexander took them with a nod of thanks. He kept the pillow over his groin, sliding his boxers up his legs and only moving the pillow once he was covered up.

“Thanks,” he told his lover. “We didn’t wind up evicting you last night, did we,” he asked Gwen.”

“No,” she answered, shaking her head. “The party was a bust so I ended up crashing with Cole.” The hint of pride in Gwen’s statement caused Alexander to tilt his head, curious.

Karen proceeded to remove all doubt. “Crash with Cole? Or…” She made a circle with her thumb and forefinger and slid the pointed finger on her other hand through. “…crash with Cole?” With a sly grin, Gwen copied Karen’s fingers, but instead of just one, she used a pair of fingers to simulate a thrusting motion. “Oh wow,” Karen said, eyes wide. “You go, girl.”

“Annnnnnnnnnnnnd that’s going to be my cue to get dressed,” Alexander stated as he slid off Karen’s bed. “I’m not trying to dip out, but you need to clean up,” he said to Karen, “and I really feel like a shower right now. You mind if I snag one of those chocolate glazed to go?”

Gwen used a napkin to pull a thick chocolate glazed donut from the paper bag. “So, rematch in the playoffs,” Karen teased as Alexander pulled his pants.”

“Absolutely,” he answered eagerly. “But I’m always up for a friendly.”

“Of course. This didn’t…freak you out, did it?” Karen made a circular motion with her finger, encompassing her room as well as her and Gwen. “We’re super casual when it comes to sex. I actually…sorry,” she grinned, “almost too much information.”

“Karen was probably going to say that she walked in on me masturbating one afternoon,” Gwen said after sipping from her cup, “and proceeded to follow my lead on her bed. It broke the ice of both our rooming arrangement and our friendship.”

“Separately,” Karen quickly clarified, “not together. Get your mind out of the gutter, Alexander.”

“I’m shocked, shocked to find that you think girl-on-girl is going on in here,” he said in mock protest, tapping the side of his head.

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