Midnight Surprise Encounter

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It was another Friday night that I would be spending at home, this made it three weeks in a row that I hadn’t gone out. Being 20 years old and recently out of the closet only made it worse as I was still trying to find my way around the gay bar scene and meet cute boys. I wasn’t into the hook up apps and after another long week of university study and pulling shifts at the local supermarket I was too tired to head out.

Getting home I made my way inside and both my parents were on the way out. They had a staycation weekend planned in the city which meant it was just me and my younger brother in the house till Sunday.

My younger brother Michael is 18 years old and in his final year of secondary school. As my parents left I went inside and headed straight for the kitchen to check what was in the fridge.

‘Hey Brandon, how was work? Will you be staying in tonight?’ Came Michael’s voice from behind me as I rummaged through the fridge and took out some leftover lasagne to heat up for dinner.

Turning to Michael I noticed he wasn’t in his usual tracksuit instead wearing jeans and a shirt. ‘Uh no I’m not heading out tonight just staying in and think I’ll have an early one. I’m so tired from this week.’

‘Yeah no probs but just so you know a few of the boys will be coming over tonight. Since we have the place to ourselves I invited them over for some drinks and we’ll watch the football then maybe head out.’

‘Go for it bro, I was planning on sticking to my room anyway so you and the boys can chill here downstairs.’ I said as the microwave buzzed signalling my lasagne was ready.

All Michael’s friends were now 18 so they enjoyed drinking at each other’s houses before heading out or just staying in for a house party. I didn’t mind his friends coming over either as I was out of the closet and they all were good about it and not socially awkward.

I headed to my room with the lasagne and was watching the latest Netflix series I was into as I sat on my bed.

As I finished the lasagne I lay back on the bed and could hear Michael and his mates downstairs talking and cheering at the football, it sounded like they were all having a good time. I kept watching my show and the next thing I knew as I checked my phone it was already 11pm. I must have watched four or five episodes and not even realised.

Sitting up on my bed I decided I’d take a shower before going to sleep, the music was now blaring downstairs as Michael and his mates continued to enjoy their night.

Making my way to the bathroom I went and shut the door, it didn’t have a lock but as I was upstairs and Michael and his friends would be using the downstairs bathroom I was ok to have privacy. Starting the shower I stepped in and let the water wash down my 5’8″ body, I liked to keep my body hairless and had shaved off all my body hair earlier in the week.

Running soap over my chest and arms I enjoyed the smooth feeling of my skin and then continued to wash my ass, cock and balls. I stroked my cock a few times as I washed it and it quickly became hard in my hand reaching its full 6 inch length.

I was looking down at my cock as it rested over my hand when suddenly the bathroom door opened and in stepped my brothers friend Tim. Looking up from my cock to Tim my eyes widened in my shock and I quickly let go of my cock which hang out from my body in Tim’s direction.

Tim looked at me in the shower as he stepped in and his eyes glanced down and up my body momentarily before he said, ankara travesti ‘Oh shit sorry Brandon.’ And he stepped back out closing the door behind him with a grim on his face.

With the door closed I was still in shock at being seen naked by one of my younger brothers friends. Fuck I thought to myself as the water continued to wash over me, that was embarrassing. I could feel my face had blushed red at the intrusion and my skin was slowly cooling back down as I took a few more breaths.

Part of me couldn’t help but smile and laugh to myself at the crazy encounter Tim would have just experienced as well. I am sure he wasn’t expecting to walk in and see me naked holding my hard 6 inch cock.

A few more minutes passed and I finished my shower drying myself off and then making my way back across the hall to my bedroom. I didn’t bother putting any clothes on as I liked to sleep naked and lay down in the bed pulling the sheet over me. Resting my head on the pillow I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep as the noises from downstairs and Michael’s party echoed in the background.

At some point in the night I felt as if I could hear the noise and music from downstairs pumping again. Thinking the noises had simply followed me into my dreams I lay on my back and stretched out my legs beneath the sheet getting comfortable. As I lay there though I began to realise that the noises were not just a dream and that as I began to awaken I could hear more distinct sounds.

I thought I’d heard a rustling followed by a movement beside the bed, feeling more awake I blinked open my eyes to the sight of my younger brother Michael’s friend Tim standing over me.

Although he was two years younger than me and 18 years of age Tim was actually taller than me and had a more muscularly toned body. He was 5’10” with a tanned complexion from his professional swimming program and had short brown hair and brown eyes.

Opening my eyes I slowly became accustomed to the darkness in the room and the image of Tim standing over me became clearer and clearer. He was standing beside the bed leaning over my face as it rested on the pillow, he had removed his top which meant his well defined abs and pecs dominated my vision as I looked up his body to his face.

Our eyes met and Tim grinned widely down at me and it was then I noticed his hands move as he pushed down his jeans revealing his tightly clad black briefs. As Tim’s waist was just inches above my face looking up back into his eyes my voice croakily said, ‘Uh what are you doing Tim?’

His lips pursed showing his perfectly white teeth which seemed to shine in my darkened room, ‘Well hello there Brandon, wakey wakey.’ He reached down grabbing at his crotch over the top of his black briefs and began to rub his bulge.

‘Tim…what are you doing in my room…isn’t Michael’s party downstairs?’ My voice croaked again as I was still waking up.

Still rubbing at his crotch Tim smirked down at me, ‘Yeah but I thought we could start our own party up here. After a few drinks and watching porn with the boys I’m so fucking horny and since I know you’re gay you can help me by sucking my cock.’

Shocked at what I was hearing from this arrogant 18 year old friend of my younger brother I started to respond, ‘Hey hey hold up Tim just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I want to suck your cock…’ My voice trailed off as while I was talking Tim had pushed down his black briefs exposing for the first time to me his hard cock.

My ankara travestileri eyes bulged at the sight as Tim exposed his cock which was now hanging out from his body and inches above my face. I looked at his cock and ran my eyes over its length and thickness, he sure had an impressive looking dick. It was at least 8 inches long and looked almost as thick as a can, I couldn’t believe this arrogant 18 year old was packing such a huge dick.

Looking down as my voice faltered in my response Tim let out a small laugh, ‘Haha seems to me like you want my cock huh Brandon, do you like it? Is it big?’

I watched up in a stunned silence as Tim began to slowly stroke his large 8 inch cock over my face. My eyes were transfixed by his cock and I realised it looked all the more impressive as he’d shaved all his pubic hair from his cock and balls.

‘Yeah you like it, come on why don’t you give it a little kiss.’ Holding the shaft Tim then pushed his hard 8 inch cock down towards my face.

I lay there with my head on my pillow as I looked up as if in slow motion as Tim’s huge cock got closer and closer to my face and his large cock head moved down and pressed against my lips. With the head making contact down onto my lips I instinctively pursed my lips pressing them together and kissing Tim’s cock like he’d told me. The scent and taste of his 18 year old cock spread over my lips and washed across my face causing my own cock to harden at this brazen midnight encounter.

‘Yeah that’s it Brandon, kiss my big cock! I knew you’d love it, now why don’t you open up those big lips of yours for me and suck my cock.’ Tim started to push his cock down more firmly against my lips and caught up in the sudden sexual activity I found my lips parting.

My mouth opened wide and Tim pushed down passing the large head of his 8 inch cock between my lips and into my mouth. ‘Ohhhhh fuck yeahhh…that’s what I’m talking about Brandon.’

Looking up at Tim as he stood over me I closed my lips around the head of his thick cock and began to suck his member moving my tongue around the head coating it with my saliva. Excited by my acceptance of his cock Tim pushed further down causing his cock to delve deeper into my mouth and throat.

I did my best not to gag but as his cock reached the halfway mark with the head and 4 inches of his shaft descending down my throat I couldn’t help it and started to gag on his cock causing more saliva to coat his member.

Trying to assist me Tim moved a hand to the back of my head tilting my face to gain a better angle of entry to my throat. ‘Fuckkk those big lips of yours are perfect around my dick Brandon.’ Tim said down to me staring into my eyes as his cock slipped further downward into my waiting throat. I now had 6 inches of his cock down my throat and was starting to moan onto Tim’s huge cock.

The vibrations of my moan elicited a deep groan to come from Tim, ‘Ohhhhhh..my…fuckkkk…that feels so fucking great Brandon, yessss..suck my cock…take it all.’ Tim then gripped my face and pulled my head up towards him while at the same time pushing his cock down against me forcing all 8 inches of his thick can sized cock to disappear between my lips and deep into my throat.

‘Urrghhh…mmmm..uhhh.’ I groaned out onto his cock as Tim held my head tightly against his cock with my lips now pressing firmly into his balls and pelvis.

‘Ohhhh yesss fuck yeah take my whole fucking dick Brandon, fuck no one’s ever taken travesti ankara then whole thing like this before fuck it feels so good.’ Tim moaned out as he held my head in place and I began to gag onto his cock.

‘Mmmm…urghhhh.’ I groaned again onto his cock as I felt my own cock throb and press my bed sheets up toward the ceiling. I couldn’t believe it myself that I now had this 18 year old huge cock all the way down my throat and was actually now deep throating my younger brothers friend while he and the others were oblivious downstairs.

Hearing me groan and gagging on his huge cock, Tim looked down into my eyes as he held my lips suctioned to the base of his cock. ‘What’s wrong Brandon? Oh yeah, your mouth is busy with something else right now huh.’

‘Mh..ahh…’ I groaned again as Tim relaxed his grip allowing me to pull my face back from his pelvis and balls and take a few breaths to regain my compusure.

It was only momentary though as he eagerly pressed his cock forward again and started to thrust down and up over me as he fucked my face with his 8 inch cock. In and out of my mouth Tim’s cock moved as it glided between my lips coated in my saliva.

We were both moaning and he was starting to drip with sweat from his face and chest as he rocked his body down and up over my face. My own cock was starting to throb more frequently as well as I got caught up in the heat of the moment.

Tim then pressed his pelvis down forcing all 8 inches of his cock to descend between my lips and into my throat as his body shuddered over me and he groaned out, ‘Mmmm ohhhh yeahhhh…fuckkkk.. I’m cumming!’

With my lips suctioned to his pelvis once again and his cock disappeared fully down my throat I felt it start to pulse between my lips and over my tongue as he shot his big load of cum into the back of my throat.

‘Urggg..slurp…mmmm..gulp!’ I moaned as I had no choice but to swallow Tim’s load as he held my face against his balls not withdrawing any of his 8 inch cock from my mouth.

Swallowing the final spurt of Tim’s cum I sucked and licked my tongue around his shaft as I lay there and he held my face up against his pelvis.

‘Oh Brandon, you are the best fucking head I’ve ever had!’ Tim grinned down at me satisfied with the sexual climax he had just reached and he began to lift his now spent cock from between my lips and out of my mouth.

As the head slipped from my lips a final string of cum hung between us and as Tim looked down at me I stuck my tongue out and licked it from his cock.

‘Fuck that was so hot.’ Tim grinned. Then looking from my face down at the bed sheets he laughed, ‘Haha looks like I wasn’t the only one to blow.’

It was then I felt the stickiness around my own cock and the surrounding area of sheets and realised I had blown my own load of cum as I’d sucked Tim dry.

Looking back at Tim I couldn’t help but grin myself and said, ‘Fuck can you blame me after sucking that huge dick of yours?’

Pulling his briefs and jeans back up around his waist and covering his now spent cock Tim laughed again, ‘Well this was the best party I’ve been to that your brothers thrown, we should do this again.’

Licking my lips as I rested up against my elbow on the bed I replied, ‘Yeah maybe we should.’

Then Tim pulled his top back on over his head and moved for the door leaving my room and whispering out, ‘Thanks for being my cock slut Brandon.’ Before closing it softly behind him.

I listened out as I heard him rejoin my brother Michael and his other friends downstairs and heard the mumbling voices asking Tim what had taken him so long in the bathroom. I grinned to myself, little did they know he had just fucked my face and emptied his huge load of cum down my throat.

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