Midsummer Night of Passion

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AN: All Characters are over the age of 18 and consenting.

We sat next to each other on the couch, neither of us caring what was on, but we had to put on something. Something to drown out the noise, something to claim we were watching, something…anything.

“Well I’ve never watched that,” he says.

“What? Well, I guess it’ll work then,” I respond and put the remote down and lean into him. I look at him and bite my lip, I want this so bad. I want him so bad. I can hardly wait. I bring my legs up next to me, trying to be as close to him as I can.

I tilt my head and lean in, my eyes close as he does the same. Our lips meet. Moving together like we have done this a thousand times. We haven’t. His hands run down my side, sending shivers down my back. He pulls me on top of him, my legs straddling his. My hands on his shoulders, his on my ass. We keep kissing, barely breaking to breathe, our tongues exploring.

His hands move from my ass to my chest. He grabs my breasts through my bra, I’m hoping he leaves bruises again. I kiss him hard as he grabs my tits. I take my hands off of him and reach back. Breaking the kiss, I sit up and unhook my bra, taking it off under my shirt, throwing it to the side.

“Oh it’s just going to come off?” He asks, reaching under my shirt.

Leaning back in, my lips are almost touching his, “I thought I’d save you the trouble.” The memory of how he struggled with my bra last time is still fresh in my mind.

He smiles, grabbing my bare tits, “That’s very nice of you,” he responds pecking at my lips again.

I smile again, “I have to make it easy on you,” I kiss him deep, my tongue and his dancing again.

As we kiss, he’s playing with my tits and teasing my nipples. Running his thumb over them, teasing me. I grind into his crotch as his hands move to take off my shirt. Our lips part long enough for me to take it off. I throw it to the side, not caring where it goes. We look at each other and smile. His eyes go to my breasts. He leans in and starts sucking on my nipples, one then the other. I have to bite my lip from moaning. At least last time I didn’t have to worry about staying quiet, even if it was in my car.

I put my hand under his chin, needing his lips on mine again. Understanding, he kisses up my chest and neck, returning to my lips. I kiss him desperately, not needing anything but him at that moment. I keep grinding into his crotch as we make out.

He wraps his arms around me, for the first time that night we are a little bit awkward as we lay down on the couch. On my back, I look up at him and smile. He smiles as he leans down to kiss me again. My hands run from the back of his head and down his back. “He’s wearing too much” is the only thing I can think about. After running my hands up and down his back a couple times, I reach under his shirt and start pulling it up.

He sits up and takes it off. Like my shirt, it just gets thrown to the side. At that moment, we didn’t care about anything else but each other. I look at him, “You just had way too much clothes on.”

He smiles at me, “Anything for you,” he responds as he unbuttons and unzips my shorts. His lips capture mine again, his hand back to my breasts. Squeezing them. He’s so rough. I love it way more than I should.

His hand goes down my stomach and into my pants. As he kisses me, he starts to rub my pussy over my panties. Slowly, he starts teasing me.

A moan catches in my throat, fuck it feels so good. Sucking on my bottom lip, he keeps rubbing me through my panties. I can feel how wet I am. I know he can feel it through my panties. I wrap my legs around him, trying to bring him closer.

Sitting up a bit he breaks the kiss, and he moves his adiosbet yeni giriş hand inside my panties. His fingers feel so good as he rubs my pussy, teasing both my clit and hole. My one hand is running through his hair, wishing it was just a little longer so I could grab it. With the other I softly drag my nails down his back and I grab his ass when I get down to it.

As his fingers explore, his lips are back on mine. I cannot get enough of him. I want his lips on mine. He lifts his head a little bit, and I lift mine, desperately trying to close the distance and keep his lips on mine. He laughs softly, bringing his head back down, so once again our lips meet. He doesn’t stay on my lips very long, but instead he kisses down my neck and chest, going back to my nipples. Instead of simply sucking them, he takes one and bites it, pulling it with his teeth. I can’t help it, a moan escapes. So much for staying quiet.

When he does the same to the other nipple, I grind my hips into his hand. I more than want this, I need it. I need him to get me off. He brings his head next to mine, my lips next to his ear, and his, mine. He focuses on rubbing my pussy, finding my clit. I let out a soft moan only he can hear, focusing only on him and the pleasure he is giving me.

“Oh there it is,” he whispers in my ear as I struggle to keep myself quiet.

Biting my lip I nod, our heads close enough where he can feel it. He keeps rubbing my clit, circling it, driving me wild. It doesn’t take long before I’m whispering, “fuck, baby, I’m close.”

“Want to cum baby?” He asks while rubbing my clit, but going a little faster now.

I moan in his ear again, “Yes please,” I say. I turn my head and my lips meet his and we kiss as he makes me cum in my panties. I moan against his lips as I cum.

I break the kiss letting my head drop back, breathless. He takes his hand out of my panties and brings it up to my mouth. Without hesitating, I start sucking his fingers clean. I look at him while I bob on his fingers, mimicking the blow job he has been waiting for since the last time we saw each other.

When I can’t taste myself on them anymore, I stop sucking them, look at him, smile and say “You spoil me.” I had never been with someone who made sure I got off first.

He simply smiles back, “It’s my job.”

We start kissing again, much slower this time. My hand finds its way to his covered cock, and I grab it through his shorts. We somehow get back into a sitting position, and I stand up. I look at him and take off my shorts. He stands up and kisses me. He breaks the kiss to take off his own shorts and boxers, and I slide my panties down my legs and step out of them.

We kiss standing up, his cock against my hip. He sits back on the couch and I straddle him again. This was quickly becoming my favorite position with him. We softly peck at each other, his hands playing with my tits, slowly teasing his cock. “How about you suck it?” He asks between kisses.

Instead of answering, I slide off the couch and sink to my knees in front of him. First licking the length of his cock, and flicking the tip of it with my tongue. Then, I slip the head of his cock into my mouth and gently suck on it. I look up at him and take more of his cock into my mouth. Bobbing up and down on his cock, I make sure to go a little deeper each time. Every time I come up I can taste the saltiness of his precum on my tongue. I try to take all of him and gag a bit as I do. As I choke on his cock, he moans, music to my ears. I’m desperate to make him moan again, so I keep trying to take all of him in my throat.

After going up and down on his cock, I come up again to breathe, but I want more than just giving adiosbet giriş him a blow job. Standing up, I kiss him hard and stroke his spit coated cock with my hand. With our tongues dancing, I know he can taste himself on my lips. Just knowing that turns me on even more. “Think it’s time?” he asks.

“Oh, it’s definitely time,” I say, getting off of him, so he can get the condom he brought. He stands up and gets it out of his wallet. After it’s on, he sits back on the couch and I straddle him again, resuming my now favorite position.

He holds his cock up while I spread my pussy, and I sit on it. I can’t help but moan as I sink on it. He feels so good inside of me. I bring my hands up so they are on his shoulders. I steady myself on his cock before I start grinding on it. I start bouncing on his cock, grinding against him as I go down. It is harder to control my moans because his cock hits my g-spot every time he is all the way inside me. As I’m riding his cock, he starts playing with my tits again. Grabbing them, squeezing them, pinching my nipples. He cannot keep his hands off of them as they bounce right in front of him.

I lean in and kiss him a couple times, grinding on his cock. “You’re so good at riding it,” he says, squeezing my tits before kissing me deep again. I am quickly becoming addicted to his kiss, our lips just move in harmony together. I kiss him and grind on him with his cock inside me. I’m rolling my hips so that his cock barely comes out of me. His hands knead my tits, there’s no way I won’t have bruises on them in the morning. The thought makes me smile against his lips.

This time, I’m the one who breaks the kiss and sit up, holding onto the couch behind him to get a better angle. I bounce hard on his cock and he brings his hands down to grab my ass as I ride on his cock. My tits are bouncing as I go up and down on his cock. I go as fast as I can, trying to make him cum. His lips capture mine again. He moans into my mouth as I keep bouncing, I want him to cum, I need him to. I have to break the kiss, to be able to get a breath in. I keep bouncing on his cock until he’s moaning and cumming inside of me. I keep going on his cock until I cum. He’s the perfect size to keep hitting my g-spot after he cums.

I slow down on his cock, put my hand on the back of his head and kiss him. We kiss long and slow. We both need to take a moment to recover. We peck at each other, occasionally kissing deeper as we both come down from our orgasmic high.

“Well, that was very good,” I say with a smile between kisses. ‘Very good’ does not even begin to describe how good it was. It was ‘absolutely amazing’.

He looks back at me with a smile, “Just wait baby, there’s more to come.”

He scoots forward on the couch, and I stand up to let him up. He stands up too and gently pushes me down so I’m laying on the couch. Again, he gets on top of me and starts kissing me. For the first time, our kiss is much slower but still filled with lust. He sucks my bottom lip and drives me wild, even with just cumming for a second time. We kiss as we both recover, and he is quickly turning me on again. It’s hard not to be turned on while he’s kissing me and gently grabbing my tits.

“Eat me out?” I ask when we break the kiss. I know it’s a little selfish, but I want to see what his tongue can do between my legs.

He smiles instead of answering, kissing my lips before kissing my neck and down my chest. Pausing at my nipples to suck on them again. He slides further down the couch and kisses the inside of my thighs. He’s teasing me with being so close but withholding what I desperately want. He starts licking my pussy, and I run my fingers through his hair. He keeps licking me, adiosbet güvenilirmi paying a ton of attention to my clit. Sucking on it, licking it, I’m amazed that he’s able to go this long.

He stops suddenly, out of breath and looks up at me, “Sorry, I forgot to breathe,” he says. I smile down at him. When he goes to start again, I pull him up to kiss me instead. I’m desperate for his lips on mine again. When our lips meet again, I can taste myself on his lips.

After a few kisses, he lifts his head and my lips reach out to try to capture his again. When I open my eyes he’s looking down at me and smiling. Kissing me behind my ear he asks, “Want to go again?”

“Yes,” is all I can say. Desperate for him to be inside of me again.

He smiles and sits up, making sure the condom is still in place, he sticks is cock in me again. I moan as he is inside of me. He leans back down to kiss me as he fucks me. This time he starts out gently, slowly thrusting into me. Driving me wild as he rhythmically hits my g-spot. I’m moaning against his lips, thankful that it muffles the sound but not really caring about anything besides how good he’s making me feel. Slowly, he picks up speed and is fucking me harder. I cannot help it, I just keep moaning. He is driving me absolutely wild.

“You hit my g-spot with every thrust,” I whisper in his ear, sucking on it.

“Oh yeah?” He asks and thrusts harder into me.

I moan into his ear, “Oh fuck yes.”

Our heads are right next to each other and he thrusts hard into me again and again. Every time he’s hitting my g-spot and making me feel amazing. He knows how to fuck better than anyone else who I have been with. I kiss his cheek and whisper “I’m close baby.” He kisses my lips and keeps fucking me, hard. I can’t help but moan against his lips as I cum on his cock. “Fuck baby” I say breathless.

He keeps fucking me, even being a little sore it feels so good. He kisses me hard until he’s moaning against my lips, again cumming inside me. With both of us drained, I cannot believe how many times he made me cum. A lot of times, I cannot get myself off once and here he made me cum three times in not even two hours.

After he cums, we keep kissing, much softer now. It was probably the softest kiss we had ever shared. We’re pecking each other’s lips as we catch our breath. Coming down from our high once again, I am trying to wrap my head around this whole night. Amazing is the only word that I can think of that describes everything we just did. Absolutely amazing.

He breaks the kiss, keeping his lips just over mine, “We should probably get dressed,” he says. It’s the sad truth, it’s late and we both know it.

I peck his lips again, “Mmm you’re probably right,” I reluctantly admit.

He stands up, and after he is off of me, I get up too. I start getting dressed as he takes off and knots the condom. Once we are both dressed, we get a drink of water and sit back on the couch just how we were a few hours ago, but a lot more tired now.

“I have no idea how I’m not going to be able to get this on a regular basis. You are amazing,” I tell him.

Instead of answering me, he kisses me again. “You’re pretty wonderful yourself,” he says between kisses. For the second time that night we are kissing sitting side by side. If I wasn’t a little sore it could have been the beginning of the night again, I almost wished it was because that would mean he did not have to leave.

And just like in the beginning, he pulls me on top of him so I’m straddling his legs again, resuming my favorite position. We kiss long and deep, more loving than aggressive. I definitely did not want it to end.

After not nearly enough time, we end the kiss, our foreheads touching. “I really should go,” he says.

“Do you have to?” I ask, knowing the answer but wishing it wasn’t true.

“Unfortunately,” he responds.

With that we both get up off the couch, and say our goodbyes with one final long kiss goodnight.

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