Mikey Ch. 04

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The next morning I got up earlier than usual and had breakfast with Mom and Katie, Jo was still sleeping. Mom and Katie were talking about work for a bit then she switched topics.

“So Mike tells me he’s seeing a couple of girls, how about you? Are you still bummed about Patricia or have you moved on?”

Katie took her time before answering. “Well, I’m over Pat, mostly… But no, I’m not dating yet. I don’t have anyone in mind right now. I thought I’d take my time.”

“Good for you. Still, you shouldn’t deny yourself if you feel the need for companionship.”


“Sex dear, sex. If you need a good fucking, you should get a good fucking.” Mom said matter of factly. “Do you have a source for cock, on the side? Because if you don’t, I might be able to hook you up with a guy here and there… Oh! Would you prefer a gal now? I might know someone in Radiology… “

Katie actually blushed a bit. “Ah, no Mom, it’s not necessary. I know where I can get some when I need it.”

“Clean and trustworthy? No strings?”

“Yup. No problems Mom.”

Shortly after Mom left for work Jo came stumbling downstairs I quickly told her about the previous night.

“Damn! She showed you? I never would’ve guessed she’d do it! Wait, are you lusting for her? Do you wanna fuck Mom?”

“Hell no!” I said. “I just wanted to see her titties and jewelry. I mean fucking my sisters is weird but okay I guess, but no, I don’t want to fuck Mom. Geez! She’s sexy enough but she’s my Mom, and I don’t wanna make her my lover.”

“Suuure.” Jo replied.

Katie said what I had been thinking “I think it could ruin everything. It would change the whole family dynamic. Yes, we’re all adults and the sex is great, but if Mom and Mikey started screwing… well, I dunno but I think it might mess things up. Would we then have sex with her? Look, I know you have an incest fantasy Jo, but I never did. This sex with you two has been totally unexpected, but Mom is Mom, and I don’t know how I feel about sex with her. Listen, I gotta go, but we need to find time for more fucking, okay?”

“Okay, probably this weekend.”

“Right, love ya Mikey, bye!”

“What about you Jo?”

“Not this morning Bro, my tummy’s acting up. God I hate this schedule! I wanna fuck the both of you sooo bad!”

“Okay, well whenever you want, you just let me know.”

Two days passed rather quickly and Saturday morning finally arrived. I had a plan. Actually two of them. If Mom left, we would play at home; but if she stayed home, I would take Katie and Jo out.

I fixed breakfast for everyone. I figured the smell of bacon frying would do the trick and soon even sleepyheaded Jo was gathered around the table enjoying the meal.

“So Mom…” I said between bites, “Do you have any plans for today?”

“Actually no, I figured I’d just binge watch some TV and relax.”

“Okay, well what about you Jo?”

“Well I gotta work this afternoon, so I’ll probably hang out with Mom.”

“Well I thought I’d go to the mall, do a little shopping for… uh, well…”

“Your lady friends?” Mom asked.

“Well, yeah.”

“As long as it’s not jewelry, fine.” Mom said.

“Nah, just not really sure what to get though.” I nudged Katie’s leg under the table.

“Uhm, well I’m not doing anything today, Maybe I could go with you and help you.”

“Okay, cool. Thanks.”

Actually we drove to Priscilla’s Toy Box, and looked at adult toys. We laughed at the butt plug with the fox tail and I bought a couple of small vibrating plugs for each of my sisters. Katie also picked up something called a “strapless strap-on”. We also bought some flavored lubes and a set of nipple trainers. Back in the car Katie turned to me,

“Well what’s next?”

“I thought maybe I’d get you guys some lingerie.”

“Well, you can get some for Jo, but they don’t carry stuff for us big girls in the stores. You have to shop online and it ain’t cheap.”

“Oh, well…”

“Look, you’d better go to the mall and get some stockings, maybe some other things to have something to show Mom if she asks.”

We changed our minds once we got to the mall and instead I bought some CDs and chick-flick DVDs which I could later take to the resale shop. I did however find one gift for Mom that I insisted on buying. We were cruising through when I saw one of those self service dog tag engravers. I selected a red heart shaped tag and typed in my message. Katie read it and laughed.

“If you can read this,

get your face

outta my Mom’s boobs!”

On a whim I then got one for Jo that said:

“I’m like Bacon,

I smell good, taste good,

And will slowly kill you,

But it’s worth it.”

And then gave Katie one that said:

“Mine are real,

How much did

yours cost?”

I wanted badly to hold Katie’s hand, or walk arm in arm, and had actually started to but she had hissed at me that we were likely to run into people who knew us. Still it was nice to just hang out with her. We had fun shopping and grabbed izmir escort bayan a bite of lunch. Yet as we ate I could see she was sometimes a bit distant. When I pointed it out she finally came clean.

“Mikey, this has been incredible. Ever since Christmas I have been so lucky to have all the orgasms a girl could ask for, anytime I needed or wanted it…”

“Yeah, it’s been awesome all right.”

“But I am also worried.”

“About what?”

“The future.”

“How so?”

“Well, how long can this go on before Mom finds out for one, and then what is she going to think and do about it for another. Then there is the issue of our future as a family, I mean do we keep on fucking forever or do we call it quits at some point?”

“What do you mean? Quit? Why would we quit? It’s great!”

“Well for instance, let’s say you meet some amazing girl and fall in love, are you going to tell her about us or try to cheat on her with us? Because that would still be cheating.”

“Oh shit, yeah. I didn’t think about that. But I’ll have to make that decision when I find her, and who knows when that may be.”

“Okay, well what about Mom?”

“Yeah… That we need to think about now, not when it happens.”

“Do you think we need to come out and tell her before she discovers us?” she asked.

“Uh, wow, I dunno if that would be a good idea. Maybe it would be better if we just had a plan for when she does, if she does.” I said. “But like what?”

Katie thought out loud.”Well like we all three say that it is our choice to be a closer, more loving family. That we just want to be free to take care of each other, to show our deep love for one another.”

“We should also point out that this is better than casual sex with other people that we don’t know as well…” I added.

“Yeah, if I want sex, I have to find a guy and date him a time or three before fucking him, and even then it might not be safe or clean. And if a girl has casual sex without a relationship, she’s labeled a slut.”

“Yeah, still I hope we never have to even talk with her about it, I hope she never finds out.”

That afternoon Katie and I stopped at the restaurant and discussed it with Jo.

“Well maybe it’ll never come up, or maybe she’ll be okay with it. Don’t worry about it. We’ll deal with it if it happens.” she said.

We went on home and had to wait for ever before Mom finally went to bed. Katie slipped into my room and we fooled around, finishing with a bit of 69. She then went back to her room and I fell asleep. I never heard Jo come in, but I awoke with my cock in her mouth just before one a.m. She then rode me for a bit.

“Oh Mikey, I’ve missed this! Work has been nuts and I hated not being able to find time to fuck you! Oh god it feels so good!”

She ground her hips against me in circles. As her wetness seeped down and soaked my balls, I toyed with her nipples as she rubbed her clit. When she started cumming, she held one hand over her mouth. Still she was loud enough that I yanked my pillow from under my head and shoved it in her face. Jo shook and clutched the pillow to her face for another minute. After the orgasm ebbed she slid off and cuddled with me for a moment before leaving my room. I fell asleep almost immediately and dreamed of my little sister screaming her orgasms…

Sunday morning I showered and dressed in a T-shirt and PJ pants then headed downstairs around nine or so. At the bottom of the stairs Katie was standing, frozen. As I came up behind her she looked over her shoulder at me and wordlessly pointed into the living room. I looked and my jaw dropped.

Jo and Mom were asleep, cuddling on the sofa. And although a fleece throw had been in use, it was now mostly on the floor. The really amazing thing was that they were both naked. Mom was on her back and cradling Jo, her head on Mom’s breast. I slipped into the room. There were two empty brandy bottles on the floor, a tray of crackers, cheese and ham, and…

Four dildos.

I looked at Katie as she stepped up beside me.

“Holy shit!” she said softly.

“I know. Looks like one hell of a party.”

Katie took me by the arm and led me into the kitchen, she had a worried look on her face.

“It looks like Jo got her drunk.”

“Or Mom got wasted and Jo took advantage of it…” I said.

“But either way, Mom wasn’t in her right mind, she could wake up and regret it all, or be disgusted and embarrassed. Damn it Mikey, she might end up hating herself for it!”

“Yeah, I see your point.”

Katie was silent for a bit then asked me point blank,

“So what do we do?”

I made two cups of coffee, the way they liked it and walked into the living room. I sat the cups on the coffee table and handed the bottles and tray to Katie. I started to adjust the fleece and was immediately hit with waves of their stale sex odor. The throw was stained some too. I tossed it aside onto the small pile of their clothes. The cool draft caused them to stir.

“Hey, good morning you two!” I said cheerfully. “How escort izmir about some coffee?”

Jo sat up and gratefully took the proffered cup. Shifting her weight caused Mom to wake up and extricate herself. I handed her a cup,

“Here you go…”

“Thanks Mike.”

“No problem Mom.”

Instinctively Mom shifted into her favorite pose, reclining against the arm of the sofa with her legs crossed. This displayed her pussy to everyone. Mom was completely bare and sported a tattoo on her mound. It was a small naked fairy sporting blue and black butterfly wings.

“Now that,” I said pointing, “is an awesome tattoo Mom.”

“Huh?” Mom looked down and the realization that she was naked finally broke through her brain-haze. “Oh shit…” She looked up to see Katie and I smiling and admiring her ink.

“I think it cute!” Katie exclaimed. “She’s so much nicer with butterfly wings instead of the usual boring fairy wings.”

“Wow, the detail is incredible!” I said leaning in close. “You can see her little breasts and her nipples too!”

“Yeah, it’s great! I want one,” Jo chimed in, “but orgasming as she fingers herself!”

I looked at her, “Really? Wouldn’t you rather have two of them making out?”

“Ohhh damn Mikey! That does sound better!”

“I dunno, didn’t it hurt to get a tat there?” Katie asked Mom.

“Uh guys, I, uh…” Mom was struggling to process all of this. Suddenly her head jerked up and she looked at the dildos on the floor, then at Jo, her mouth dropped open and the sharp intake of air was loud… “Oh shit! We… You, and I… Oh holy fuck, we…”

“Yup.” Jo said. “And it was beautiful. I love you Mom.”


“Yeah, well last night you didn’t seem to care. We just needed each other and helped each other and it was wonderful.”

“But Jo we shouldn’t, we can’t…”

“What? Love each other?”

“Not that way!”

“Why? Because it’s incest? Oh hell Mom, we all do.” she gestured at all of us. “We have for a while.”

Katie and I were caught off guard by Jo’s revelation. Mom looked at us in surprise.

“You are lovers?”

“Well no, not as most people think of lovers.” Katie offered. “We have sex. Yes we love each other, but we have sex. Usually raw hard fucking to satisfy our needs, rather than the tender love making of a couple.”

“Look Mom, we know we can’t be open about it.” I said. “But we aren’t looking to either. We would just rather share this intimacy together, rather than with someone outside that we know less well, and with all the risks.”

Jo laid her hand on Mom’s leg. “Look Mom, I don’t know if you understand, and I don’t know if you’ll accept this, but the simple truth is that I need my brother and sister to be my fuck buddies. And nothing is going to change that, nothing. But last night was special. Really special. I had fun, and I know that you did too. I hope you don’t regret it because I really want to do it again sometime.”

Mom set her cup down and pulled Jo close. “Well from what I can remember,it was fun. I don’t know what to think right now. I love you so much baby.”

“Good, so who wants breakfast?” I said rising. I helped Jo and Mom up.

“Maybe I should grab a robe.” Mom said.

“Why? You’ve nothing to hide from us.” Jo said and taking Mom by the arm she guided her into the kitchen. She and Mom sat at the table as Katie and I whipped up a frittata. As we ate Jo filled us in.

“Well I quit last night after my new boss tried to convince me that blow jobs would be good for my career. I came home in a bad mood and Mikey helped to turn that around with a great orgasm…”

“Hell you did all the work as I recall.”

“Well anyway, I was in the kitchen looking for a snack when Mom came in and we fixed the tray and got some drinks and started talking. She told me about her sex life and I told her about mine, but I left out who my lovers were. Then I guess we got a little buzzed and I asked her about her tats and her toys and her favorite ways of fucking and getting off and, well, one thing led to another and soon we were playing with ourselves and then helping to get each other off. It was awesome! I had, oh I dunno, about four really great orgasms and maybe another five or six little ones. I even squirted! I really squirted! It was incredible!”

Mom was looking a little embarrassed at first but couldn’t suppress a smile. “Yeah, it was fun.”

Katie grinned. “Does that smile mean that there is a chance you and I could play together sometime?”

“Really? You want to fool around with your mother?”

“No,” Katie replied. “But a joint dildo session might be fun. Just talking and masturbating together.”

Mom looked at me, “I suppose you want to fuck me too?”

I reached across the table and took her hand. “No, I don’t. Look Mom, you’re sexy and beautiful and I gotta say looking at you is nice, really, really nice. But I don’t want to fuck my Mom. I like having sex with Katie and Jo, but I don’t want to have sex with you, I mean, yeah you’re sexy but you’re my Mom.”

“So… izmir escort if Jo and Katie and I… uh, fool around together…”

“Yeah, I’m okay with that. I might like to, no, I would like to watch. But I understand if that weirds you out.”

Mom sat quietly for a moment.

“Well, would I get to watch you fuck them?”

“Huh? Uh, yeah, I guess so. If you want to.”

“I might. I mean I may not be crazy enough to fuck my son but since we’re already here, I should at least make sure my kids are screwing right.”

Jo laughed, “Trust me Mom, he’s doing it right.”

We finished breakfast and returned to the living room, Mom and Katie on the sofa, Jo and I in the recliner. Mom looked at Katie, “Either I get dressed or you get undressed.”

Katie grinned and stripped off her baggy PJs. Naked she cuddled up to Mom.

“So Jo, the guy you described as your boyfriend, the one who took your virginity, that was Mike?” Mom asked.

Jo hugged me and grinned. “Yup.”

“Any problems? Pain or bleeding?”

“Nope, it was tight but we managed just fine.”

Mom was quiet for a bit. Jo was happily kissing me on my face and neck. Katie and Mom shifted around until they found a comfortable position. They were gently caressing each other and finally Katie leaned in and kissed Mom. My cock was hard and Jo softly giggled as she felt it digging into her as she sat on my lap. She pulled my T-shirt off and then stood and tugged at my pants. When I was naked, she dropped to the floor and began stroking and sucking on my cock. I saw Mom stop kissing Katie and watch us intently. Katie smiled and whispered something in Mom’s ear which made Mom smile. Katie then got up and moved onto the floor as Mom slid forward until she was sitting in the center of the sofa facing me. She spread her legs and Katie moved in close, letting Mom rest her legs over Katie’s shoulders. I couldn’t believe I was getting sucked by my little sister while my Mom was not only watching, but being eaten by my big sister! It was awesome of course, but the fact that Mom was looking intently at me as she played with her tits and tugged on her nipple rings was wild!

Jo was very good at the oral game by now and this, plus the view of Mom and Katie pushed me really close to the edge pretty fast. But then Jo stopped and turned away. She knelt and whispered in Katie’s ear and whatever it was elicited a giggle from our big sister. Jo came back to me and mounted me, guiding my cock into her tight pussy with one hand as the other rested on my chest. She slow fucked me for several minutes, kissing me all the while. I really wanted to watch Mom and Katie but Jo had other ideas. Again when I got close Jo rose up off of me and my cock flopped out, wetly smacking my belly.

“Oh fuck…” I moaned.

“Hang on Mikey, trust me.” Jo whispered. “Whatever you do, don’t cum yet!”

Jo crawled underneath Katie and began lapping her pussy. I could hear Katie moaning. Mom had closed her eyes and was pulling on her nipple rings. After a few minutes, Jo patted Katie’s ass and Katie rose up enough to let Jo out. Jo quickly hopped onto the sofa and presented her wet face to Mom. I slowly stroked my cock as I watched them kissing. I was careful to not push it, as it was I was already quite close, I mean, who wouldn’t be? Then Katie started fingering Mom and I could hear the wet sounds. Jo was now kissing or sucking on a tit and Mom was groaning deep. Damn! A minute or two later and Mom was cumming.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes,yes, yes YES! YES! YES! AHHHHHhhhhhh!”

Jo left them and dropped to the floor in front of me and started sucking and stroking my cock again. Barely two or three minutes later she called out,

“Katie! Come on!”

Katie joined her and they double teamed my cock, taking turns sucking me closer and closer. Mom lay on the sofa, her chest heaving at first from the orgasm and then from excitement as she watched us.

As Jo was sucking, Katie rose up and fed me her massive titties, whispering to me.

“You better give us a good warning, we wanna show Mom what you can do…”

Well with all this wonderful stimulation I was already pretty close, now with Katie’s tits in my face I could hardly hold back.

“Any second now!” I muttered.

Katie pulled away and, turning, grabbed Mom by the arm dragging her to the recliner.

“Watch this!”

Jo had become an amazing cocksucker and as soon as she felt Mom being pushed into her by Katie, Jo doubled down and sucked on the head of my cock with incredible intensity as she pumped her tight hand on the shaft.

“I’m cummmmiiiinnggggg!” I groaned.

Then Jo pulled my cock out of her mouth and squeezed the tip as she slumped down and to her right. My ropes of hot cum shot out…

My first spurt was very powerful and arced up quite high and struck Mom, right in the face! My second and third splattered her chest and tits, my next ones struck her belly and thighs. Jo sat up and caught the last few weak shots on her chest, then sucked the dribbles and licked her lips.

I was aghast! “What the fuck Jo!” I screamed.

She ignored me and got to her feet. Katie used her tongue to lick the goo from Jo’s chest, then kissed her. Jo grabbed the dildos off of the floor and then took Katie by the hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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