Milfy Battle Ch. 01-02

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Chapter 1

Ben walked up to the front door of his two-story house, and before he could open the door, the agitated voices of his aunt and mom hit his ears. Wonder what they’re arguing about this time? The two women were thicker than thieves, but that also meant the occasional bickering. Going inside, he saw them standing in the middle of the living room. While the argument raged on, he took a moment to study the pair of milfs.

His forty-two-year-old mother, Marie was a personal trainer, so her tough attitude and body reflected that, though that’s not to say she didn’t have plenty of feminine features, because she had it in spades with a beautiful heart-shaped face, full lips and green eyes that were brighter than emeralds. Her brown hair fell just past her shoulders and had blonde highlights near the ends. As for her body, both breasts were round and weighty, which made them sag just a bit, but they still were amazing for a woman in her forties.

He knew they were ‘C’ cups, having seen their size from the bras she constantly had laying around the house, even having stolen one. And while her washboard abs and tits were plenty nice, he loved her thicker bottom half. All of his mom’s squats and similar exercises gave her wide, curvy hips and a fat, juicy ass, though it sat up high and tight at the same time, defying physics.

Focusing on her sister, Laura who was two years younger, he took in the gorgeous sight of his aunt next. She had a more angled face and pointier jaw, giving her more of a model look, though he knew she had in fact done some modeling in her younger days. Her hair was also brown like her sister, but wavier. His aunt had also gotten a boobjob in that time, which is why the Double D tits practically bursting from her tank top were nothing short of perfection. Her ass wasn’t as big as his mother’s, but it wasn’t anything to sneeze at either, also sitting high and looked plenty tight, both cheeks sculpted round.

Ben himself was nineteen with dark hair instead of brown and was on the leaner side; he also had light facial hair with a mustache and chin fuzz.

“You are so going to regret saying that.” His mother growled and started for Laura.

“I-I’m not afraid of you, even though you could probably snap me in half.” His aunt threw up her hands in a karate stance.

Better step in before they end up wrestling on the ground like last time. Ben hurriedly stepped between them. “Ladies, ladies, time to break it up.”

“Oh, my sweet nephew! Save me!” His aunt jumped behind him and put her hands on his shoulders.

He tried to ignore the amazing feeling of her perfect squishy knockers pressed into his back as he faced Marie. “What has you two fighting like cats and dogs? I could hear you from outside.”

“Well, you’re very delusional aunt over there thought the guy we dated back in school liked her more.” His mom answered.

“Just stating factsss, Sis.” His aunt, Laura sang. “His eyes basically turned into hearts every time he saw me.”

Ben looked between the two sexy matures. “Wait, you two dated the same guy? You really are close.” He smirked.

“Not like that, smartass.” Marie’s lips melted down into a frown. “I dated him first and kept the relationship secret because we weren’t allowed to date at the time.”

“And I went out with the guy afterward, but dumped him when I found out he had already dated your mom.” His aunt finished. “But the fact still remains, that kid was stuck to me.”

“Like gum to a shoe or maybe a parasite to its host would be a better description?” Marie smirked.

Her younger sister rolled her eyes. “Oh, whatever. You’re just mad because I was clearly better at something than you.”

“Hate to break it to you, Little Sister, but you’ll never be good as me in anything, besides being little.”

“Better that than a musclehead.” Laura stuck out her tongue and blew it, making spit fly everywhere.

Ben listened to the two trade jabs for a short while when an idea materialized. His mother and aunt had been so competitive over the years that it bordered on obsessiveness at times. Wait… would that really work?! “How about you guys do the usual and have a contest? But this time, it’ll be the one to decide which one of you is the best, once and for all.”

“That’s the best idea you’ve had in a while, Ben.” His mom nodded in satisfaction.

“I’m going to take that as a compliment.” He chuckled.

“It is about time we ended things. I approve.” Laura grinned, still standing off to the side. “So, what did you have in mind, my genius nephew?”

Here goes nothing! “You two will date me for two weeks, and I’ll decide who’s the better girlfriend at the end.” He tried to keep nervousness from affecting his voice.

“What? I hope you’re joking, Ben.” His mom frowned.

Shit, I knew Mom wouldn’t be so gung-ho about it! izmir escort bayan What do I do?! Ever since he could remember, he’d been sexually attracted to both his mother and aunt with the two being such gorgeous women. He summed it up to puberty and hormones at first, but now at nineteen-years-old, all he could think about was going balls deep into the two milfs. Those lewd thoughts turned into actions over the years as he would sniff his mom’s used panties to get the mind-numbing smell of her sweet musk and sneak pictures of his aunt’s pornstar tits, among many other activities.

“Are you that afraid you’re going to lose, Sis?” Laura smiled easily.

“Ha! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in forever.” His mother squinted, giving a nasty smile. “Fine, we’ll both date Ben for two weeks, and he’ll choose the better girlfriend – me, at the end.” Even though she sounded confident, the words caught up to her brain only after they spilled out of her mouth. What the hell is wrong with me? Did I just agree to date my own son? Well… it is only for two weeks, and it’s pretend, anyway.

Laura chuckled. This is going to be fun teasing her, and maybe my cute, little nephew, too. “Well, I guess it’s official.” She turned to him, smiling and put a hand on his arm to rub sensually. “Be prepared, my sweet nephew, because I’m going to make you so in love with me -”

“That my eyes will turn into hearts every time I see you?” He raised a teasing eyebrow.

“Something tells me you’re not taking me very serious.” His aunt pursed her lips.

“Was it my dripping sarcasm that gave it away?”

It was silly, but Laura couldn’t help but feel annoyed at being underestimated. Let’s see how he likes this! Stepping over to stand in front of him, she raised on her toes a bit to kiss him.

Ben’s eyes doubled at feeling his aunt’s tender lips against his. Is my own aunt really kissing me right now?! This is awesome!

“W-What the hell do you think you’re doing, Laura?!” Marie’s own eyes were big at the unexpected scene.

Looks like I still got it. Of course you do, girl. She smiled happily at his flustered expression and then turned sideways to look at her older sister. “Nothing really. Just showing our boyfriend here a sample of what he can expect from the winner of this competition.” She chuckled cockily, glancing at his dumb, happy expression. “And by the looks of things, it might be over by the end of the week.”

Does she really think I’m just going to sit back and let her one up me?! “Was that supposed to be a kiss?” Without thinking, Marie rushed up to grab both sides of Ben’s face and connect their mouths.

For the second time in a matter of seconds, he was shocked by his female relative kissing him. This is going way better than I could’ve ever imagined!

Laura looked at her sister as she stepped back. Did she really just kiss her own son? But then again, she’s always been fiercely competitive. I might have to pull out all the stops to win Ben over. “And what in the world was that? I expected better from you, Big Sister.” Brushing by her to move back in front of Ben, she put a hand on the side of the face and pushed her mouth onto his. But this time, the kiss was more aggressive as she slipped her tongue into his mouth to prod and poke his.

He was surprised by the action but soon recovered and wrapped his tongue around hers, and licked all over. The feeling of her warm and wet mouth made his cock hard as they swapped sticky saliva. Laura had intended to tease him with some tongue, but she soon lost herself and tilted her head to the side to kiss even deeper. A soft, barely audible moan materialized in her throat, and she felt her nipples get hard and poke out.

All Marie could do was watch from behind as the two made out, the loud sounds of their lips smacking together filling the air; she noticed a tingling feeling in her vagina and her nipples hardening. It’s only a physiological reaction; I’m not turned on by watching my own sister and son kiss. Yes, that’s it.

After a minute, Ben broke the kiss off. “Wow, that was amazing.”

His aunt giggled and winked, though she felt a bit conflicted inside. “That’s what I was aiming for.” Shit, I didn’t mean to go that far, but that was pretty freaking hot. Geez, what’s wrong with me getting turned on by making out with my own nephew? I seriously need to get laid.

He noticed his mom was quiet and suddenly timider, but he really wanted to kiss her again. I’m surprised she kissed me in the first place, so I’ll initiate it this time. “Your turn, Mom.”

“W-What?” She pulled slightly away as he moved up to lower his head and kiss her. Marie let out a defeated groan as the kiss went on. I have to do this or I’ll lose to Laura. Convincing herself that she had no choice, she didn’t fight when he slid his tongue into her mouth to wrap around hers.

Ben escort izmir wanted to grab his mom’s tits and feel on her big, fat ass but knew he couldn’t move too fast, so he made out with her for a bit before breaking it and smiling.

“About time; I thought I was going to have to fetch a stick to separate you two.” It was Laura’s turn to frown.

Marie laughed. “What did you expect? Of course my son would enjoy kissing me more.” What the hell am I even saying anymore?

“Well, we’ll let him be the judge of that – literally.” His aunt faced him with a sweet smile. “Well, Nephew? Who did you like kissing more?”

He laughed out loud and pretended to zip his mouth. “Sorry, guys. You won’t get anything from me until the two weeks are up.”

“Booo.” Laura gave a thumb down.

This way they’ll be more motivated to please me, and this milfy battle will get even hotter. I’m such a genius. Ben held back a triumphant smile, looking at the two sexy women.

Chapter 2

As soon as his aunt, Laura left, Ben’s mom made him sit on the couch to give the promised massage on the shoulder she had accidentally injured working him out.

After retrieving massage oil from her room, she emerged from the hall to the right to see him in only boxers. “This isn’t a strip club, Ben.”

“I figured you could give me a full massage.”

“I’m not in the mood right now, and wrestling is coming on soon.” Marie walked over to stand a few feet away. “I’ll give you one tomorrow or something.”

“Ow, my shoulder! The pain! The excruciating pain!” He suddenly yelped and grabbed the injured area.

His mom couldn’t help but snort. “You are such a jerk for trying to guilt trip me… but fine. I’ll be a nice girlfriend and give you a body massage.”

He grinned. “I shouldn’t technically say anything, but this definitely earns you some serious brownie points.”

“It better.” After, the forty-two-year-old straddled the area just below his butt when he laid on his stomach and applied the oil to his back before working his shoulder blades. Was Ben’s back always so big?

“So, how do you feel about us dating now?” He asked without looking back.

“Never in my life did I think I would have to answer such a question.” She sighed.

Ben laughed. “Ah, come on, it’s only pretend, Mom. And didn’t you enjoy our kisses?”

“B-Be quiet. I need to focus.” She kneaded her hands deeper into his back, her cheeks turning red as the massage continued for a few minutes. “Okay. Flip over and I’ll do your front.” Marie hopped off him, so he could.

He was at a crossroads with his dick harder than steel at his mom’s massage. Shit, what should I do? Well, she IS my girlfriend, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. Inhaling a nervous breath, he turned over to put the huge bulge at the front of his underwear on display.

“Oh my god, what is that!” His mom’s eyes doubled, immediately noticing.

“Well, uh, some call it a ‘boner,’ but I like to refer to it by its medical terminology, ‘erection.” He offered with a nervous smile.

Marie’s eyes narrowed at him. “I’m asking why your hard, Ben?”

“When your hands were all over me, I just couldn’t help it… And talking about our kiss earlier didn’t help either.”

Her eyes got even bigger. Wait, is he saying that…? “Benjamin Rodgers, I am your mother. M.O.T.H.E.R.” She made sure to enunciate each letter. “You can’t feel that way about me… it isn’t right.”

“I’m not blind, Mom.” His mouth turned into a line as he got serious.


“Ever since I could remember, my friends would comment on how hot, and pretty you are, and I still notice how men practically ogle you when we’re out.” Ben put a hand on his chest. “I have eyes, too and see how gorgeous you are, just as much as they do.”

His mother bit her lip. What the heck am I supposed to say when he puts it like that?!

“Besides, you’re my girlfriend right now, so it’s totally fine.” I have to turn it around now. “Right, Marie?”

Cheeky little… He is technically right. Right?

He saw the growing hesitance on her face. “As a matter of fact, a real and loving girlfriend would take care of me right now without me even having to say anything.” Sometimes you gotta be willing to take a risk! Steeling himself, he pulled down his boxers to allow his veiny dick that was throbbing free where it stood straighter and more rigid than an arrow.

“W-What in the world are you doing, Ben?! Put your penis away this instant!” Her eyes were glued to it.

“Hm, I bet Aunt Laura would have no problem with this. Guess I’ll just hang out with her tomorrow like she wanted.” Ben’s heart was pounding. I’m totally bluffing right now. Will it work?

Marie’s head was spinning. What? Laura would never do something like this… would she? The recent memory of her kissing him izmir escort played. Who am I kidding?! That girl would go to any lengths just to beat me, but I’m not going to let that happen! “H-Hold on.”

“Yeah?” Oh my god, did my bluff actually work?! He tried desperately to keep a neutral face.

Marie walked over and plopped down beside him, her balled hands on her knees. “I’ll… do it.”

Yahoo! “Thanks a lot, Mom. I want you to know I really appreciate this.” He leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

“You better appreciate this. I’m not choking your chicken for my health…” She muttered and looked at his stiff dick that periodically twitched. “Why is your penis so big?” She frowned at him. It was a lot less… intimidating the last time I saw it.

Ben chuckled, shrugging. “I don’t know. It just kept getting bigger until it ended up like this, I guess.”

“What is it, Jack’s Magic Bean Stalk or something?”

“Have you ever seen one this big?”

“I-I don’t think that’s any of your business, young man. I’m going to start now.” His mother blushed heavily and reached out to grab his rod at last. Wow. It’s really hot. It had been a while since she last touched a man’s dick, but he undoubtedly did have the biggest. Of course, I’d never tell him that, though.

He took an involuntary breath at feeling the softness and tenderness of her hand wrapped around him.

And without further ado, she started stroking at a slow and steady pace, trying to remember the technique she hadn’t had to implement in a long time. Am I doing it right? Shit, I don’t know. Glancing at his face showed both eyes were half-closed and mouth open in ecstasy, shallow breath coming out. Maybe I am doing it right. Does my hand feel that good? She increased the speed of her jerking and gripped a little bit tighter, eliciting a small grunt from Ben.

Then, she looked back at his giant cock. Being so close, she could distinctly make out its strong stench. It wasn’t bad, though, more like an animal would smell. Her twat got moist because of it, and her nipples were already hard nubs. She was alarmed at first but calmed down. You’re not getting turned on by giving your son a handy; it’s just a physiological reaction. Yes, that’s all it is. It was taking everything she had not to reach into her shorts and jam two or three fingers into her cunt until she came all over them.

The forty-two-year-old milf staved off the powerful urge and focused on the handjob once again. Pre-cum started to ooze from his engorged dickhead, causing it to cover her palm. In turn, she made his shaft slimy as it slid up and down, greasing the whole thing. The sticky liquid also created lewd and nasty sounds that sounded loud in the quiet living room.

Marie listened to Ben’s breathing to find the right speed as she masturbated him. And when he started breathing faster and tensed up, she knew she had found it. I think I got it.

His head weakly lulled onto her shoulder at feeling the added pleasure the pre-cum added. “Mom, I don’t think I can last much longer.”

“It’s okay, sweetheart. Let it out whenever you want.” She kissed the top of his head and increased her jerking speed, twisting her hand each stroke to make him reach the inevitable orgasm faster.

Only a minute later, his balls tightened and sperm traveled through the length of his penis to shoot out the tip and cover his mom’s hand in white goo.

A million emotions were running rampant inside Marie as the realization of what she’d just done hit. I really just gave my own son a handy! What the hell is wrong with me?! I’m the worst mother in the world!

“You’re the best mother in the world. That was seriously one of the greatest moments in my life.” Ben smiled at her.

She stared at for a bit and then, all her trepidations vanishing in an instant. “Stop exaggerating, so much, Ben. Did it… really feel that good?”

“Excuse my language, but hell yes!”

The forty-two-year-old let out another giggle but noticed and stopped at once. I really am screwed. Acting like a schoolgirl because I pleased a guy… my son. She cleared her throat, getting serious. “Well, I am your girlfriend, so I was only doing my job.” She nodded, as a matter of fact.

Ben called up his aunt the next day and drove over to her house to discuss the upcoming date.

The wavy-haired woman answered the door. “Hi, sweetie. You got here pretty quick. Did you miss me that much?”

He laughed. “Of course I did. I love spending time with you.”

Oh god, he is too cute! She placed both arms around his neck and pressed her luscious lips to him for a lingering kiss.

“Wow.” Ben blinked when she backed up. “Not that I’m even complaining a little, but what was that for?”

“For being so damn cute.” She giggled and noticed that her red lipstick had transferred to him. “Oopsie. Sorry about that, pumpkin. I know you guys hate it when we girls get lipstick all over you.” She swiped one thumb across his mouth.

Out of nowhere, he pulled her by the waist to return her deep kiss with an even more passionate one.

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