Milk and Cookies Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 – A Real Treatment

I met Sandi for lunch and she lost no time filling me in with all the details. She was positive that I would be successful since she had seen a lot of large-breasted women undergoing treatment.

I was still a bit curious as to why, and was astounded to learn that this practice was strictly for life-style women and some men.

Okay, I was now hooked so Sandi set me up for an appointment and promised to go with me.

The Centre was in a beautiful home in a very nice part of town. After we signed in, we were ushered into a very pretty room with several comfortable chairs, an ornate wardrobe, and what looked like twin-size canopy beds swathed in white, gauzy fabric. A very pretty redhead with a clipboard walked in, greeted Sandi warmly, squeezing her breasts, and hugged me.

“I’m so glad you are here! Sandi’s told me about your experience and how you want to surprise your lover!” she said.

“If you are not shy….”

At this, Sandi and I giggled.

“Sorry, why would I think that?” she smiled. “You can watch Sandi receiving a treatment. My name is Dorian.”

“Sounds good,” I said, still a little puzzled and nervous. I backed up until my knees felt the nearest chair and sat down, trying to look like I did this every day.

Sandi was already stripping down and in a few minutes was nude. She walked to the wardrobe and took out a short robe, then opened the curtains to one of the beds. It was not a twin bed – it was a medical exam table, complete with a raised head, stirrups, and a few other attachments tandoğan escort I had never seen.

Sandi was positioning herself on the table in the classic mode – a leg in each stirrup and her pussy at the edge of the table. My curiosity about the table won over and I moved to sit in a hard-back chair closer to the action.

Dorian made what seemed to be some adjustments in Sandi’s position, then pulled open a curtain near the back of the table. Several shelves were filled with boxes, each labeled with a number. She consulted her clipboard and removed one of the boxes.

“How are you flowing?” she asked Sandi, starting to examine her breasts. She performed the same gentle finger movements that Bob had used and soon Sandi’s nipples were wet and shiny.

“Lovely response,” she said,moving behind Sandi so she could cup her breasts underneath. She brought her thumb and forefingers with some pressure onto each nipple as she massaged the breasts. To my amazement, two streams of milky liquid shot out some distance.

“We’d better milk you first, to keep the pressure down,” she said and opened the box, removing two clear funnel-like objects, a lot of tubing, and what looked like a very weird bra. She helped Sandi to move her legs from the stirrups and sit up.

Sandi put her arms over her head and leaned forward as Dorian clasped the bra-like garment on. She positioned each of Sandi’s breasts into what looked like a cone with the end cut off. The cones had circular and vertical designs and as I half-stood up to look, I saw that tekirdağ escort the cut end of the cone had a rigid ring. It took a few minutes to get Sandi’s breasts positioned. When she sat back, each breast mound was compressed, with the nipple jutting out encircled by the cone opening.

“Comfy?” Dorian asked.

“Perfect!” Sandi said. Dorian attached some tubes to each cone, then stepped on a foot pedal. Sandi moaned as the cones began to fill with air. I watched as her breasts were compressed and her nipples started to protrude more from the opening. The milk was starting to leak steadily from her nipples.

Dorian helped Sandi to bend over slightly and placed the larger end of the funnel-like objects over each nipple. She attached a long tube to the smaller end of each. I watched, fascinated, as she pushed the ends of the tubes into what looked like a pump.

She pushed a button on the pump and Sandi’s nipples seemed to shoot forward and milk started flowing into the tubes.

“We got a good seal!” Dorian exclaimed. “Now, let’s get you happy!”

She helped Sandi scoot down to the edge of the table and re-position her legs in the stirrups. She then popped a tray up between her legs and at the level of her pussy.

“Any preferences, sweetie?” she asked.

“Everything!” Sandi said, smiling at me.

Dorian pulled an assortment of toys and dildos from the box. She attached a multi-pronged clamp to the edge of the tray and I noticed that each prong was designed to accept a dildo. Dorian attached a small dildo to the lower tokat escort prong and a larger one to the upper prong.

She adjusted the position so that they fit Sandi’s pussy and anus. She coated them with lube and pushed the tray forward. Sandi gasped as the two oiled dildos slid in. Dorian pressed a button on a remote control and the dildos slid out. Another button and they slid back in. Sandi nodded.

“This is the best part!” ‘Sandi said, winking at me.

Dorian slipped a set of straps around her crotch and waist. The straps ended in a small triangle that fit right on Sandi’s clit. Dorian placed a little vibrator in the hole in the triangle and snapped it in place.

Dorian handed Sandi the remote control and Sandi pushed a button. The twin dildos slid smoothly in and out!

“Watch this!” she said and pressed another button. The dildos started to vibrate.

“Let’s test out that clit tickler – Bob came up with this one!” she said as she pressed the button. The little vibrator buzzed.

“Whoo-hoo! What a ride!”, Sandi screamed. “We got the fucking taken care of! Now suck me!”

Dorian pressed the button on the pump and the milk began to flow from Sandi’s breasts.

She was in the throes of multiple orgasms and I envied her! I wanted to strip off my clothes, throw myself on one of those lovely exam tables and …..

Okay, time to come to my senses. Could I really do this…?

I don’t know how long it took to empty Sandi’s breasts but it seemed to go on forever. When the pump stopped, Dorian wiped Sandi’s face with a damp cloth.

“Wasn’t that great! Sandi whispered, her voice hoarse with pleasure.

“Great!” I said, hoping I sounded convincing.

“Are you ready for the treatment?” Dorian asked.

“Bring him on!” Sandi said.

“Him?” I thought. What else could happen?

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