Mind Over Matter

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No one knows about this. I’ve never told anyone that I write my fantasies and experiences, and openly share them with who knows how many people. I’ve never even told my sister, the subject of most of my stories. I don’t know why, but it’s almost as if I like keeping it a secret. Mostly I think it’s just that I’d be embarrassed to tell anyone. I know I could share it with my sister, and she wouldn’t judge me. She never has before, why would she now? She’d probably really enjoy it, but still, I don’t say anything.

I’ve read so many stories. I have actually saved some of my favorites, so I can read them over and over again. Actually…now that I think about it… I have shared them with my sister, but she doesn’t know it.

I should say that I feel I have a pretty fulfilling sex life. I often feel that there really aren’t too many people who get to actually do the things they describe in their stories, but I have. My sister and I have been lovers since we first discovered our sexuality. It was purely accidental that we thankfully happened to discover it together. It is wonderful to have someone so isveçbahis close to you, that you never have to keep anything from them. I was never hesitant to share with her anything that I was ever thinking, no matter how weird, or stupid, or whatever. She did the same for me, and we never judged. Sometimes however, I still find it exciting to have a little quality alone time, and explore my fantasies, and other people’s too, even further.

I sat down for the first time in a long time to catch up on some new stories. I was home alone, which is pretty rare. As I waited for the computer to boot up, I let my toes curl through the soft carpet. My body was already anticipating what was going to happen.

I read through a few stories, but nothing was peaking my interest yet, and I was getting frustrated.

I know it sounds funny, but there are certain elements of a story that must be there for me to enjoy them. I don’t know exactly what they are, but I know it when I read it. When I write, it excites me so much that I literally shake with sexual anticipation. My throat becomes dry and I begin to sweat. My isveçbahis giriş typing becomes like second nature and the words come shooting out at me faster than my mind can keep up. I find myself actually seeing everything as it’s happening, and I’m usually on the edge of orgasm through the entire process, and if that doesn’t happen, I delete it. When I’m done, I get myself off reliving what I just wrote. Those are the stories I look for. When people paint such a vivid picture of raw sexuality and lust, it shows.

Anyway, I was starting to give up, and my hormones were in overdrive. I grabbed my pillow and placed it between my legs. I pulled my feet up and sat cross-legged in my chair and played with my toes as I scrolled through story after story, enjoying the teasing effect the cool fabric had on my pussy. Just as I was about to abandon the whole idea I came across a story that made me boil with sexual tension.

I don’t know if I should mention what the story was, but If you ask me I will gladly tell you.

I don’t know what it was exactly. Maybe because it described a situation that had been isveçbahis yeni giriş similar to one of my own, or the description of the characters was so appealing, but I never knew, until now, how powerful this could be.

The story was about two sisters making love to each other for the first time.

As I read, I became unaware of everything around me. My pussy was actually dripping, and my body tingled.

I sat at my desk with my hands resting beside me. The pillow had fallen to the floor, and I was slumped in my chair, almost lying down with my feet stretched out and my head on the back rest. I could actually feel the story on my body. As I read on I felt as if I were actually there. I could smell sex in the air, and the touch of someone else on my skin.

I had never felt anything quite like it before. My nipples were hard and throbbing, and felt as though someone was sucking on them. My hips began to thrust up into the air, as I felt my pussy being penetrated by an expert hand, and before I knew what was happening I came. I actually had an orgasm from reading! I realized I had not even touched myself once. I never knew that it was possible, but it happened.

I had several more orgasms that afternoon, just thinking about that story, and for the first time, I even shared it with my sister.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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