Mind the Gap

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“The usual…” you messaged back when I asked what was on your agenda that day, “…laundry, cleaning and then a welcome but all-too-brief 2 hours to myself. The kids are on a play date from 2-4 today and I’m heading out to the mall for a quick shopping trip. The glorious life of the housewife.”

“Sounds like fun.” I reply, the wheels turning furiously in my mind. 12:25 now….just enough time. “OK Gorgeous…” I type, “I’m heading out for a bite. What stores are you going to so I’ll know where I’m eating? ;)”

“LOL” and a smiley face is the reply. “Enjoy your lunch….may be online later…..xoxoxo”, and you log off.

Not much time to waste so I pick up my cell phone and fake a conversation with the kids’ school…..unfortunate timing but a sick kid is a sick kid and I’ve got to leave work early today. I jump in the car and start my journey to you.

I hit the parking lot around 2pm and start walking the mall wondering when you’ll arrive, hoping I’ll be able to spot you. After 20 minutes of searching, I’m starting to get worried….3 trips around the mall and no sign of you….what if you changed your plan? What if you chose another place to shop? Then…..an Angel catches the corner of my eye…..BINGO! You’re wearing your “Mom” clothes, Lululemon pants and a T-shirt showing off just a hint of that yummy tummy I love so much. Sunglasses in your hair and a purposeful look on your face as you walk into the Gap.

I follow you in and stay out of sight as I watch you pick and choose a couple of pairs of jeans that will no doubt show off your magnificent ass…ets and you move off to the dressing rooms. By chance, I see you get the last one in the line güvenilir bahis and as luck would have it, it barely looks like a dressing room door at all….more like an employee break room. I might not have even recognized it for what it really was.

You go in and I wait for the change room clerk to wander off before knocking gently on the door…”Ma’am can I help you with any sizes?”

“Um….maybe….” you reply as you open the door a crack, eyeing the jeans still in your hands, “Do you have this one a size smaller?” You look up just in time to catch my eye as I push the door open. Your jaw drops as I move you away from the door and close it behind me. It fastens with a satisfying click that seems to create a whole world of our own on the inside.

Before the look of surprise even has time to leave your face, I push you back against the full length mirror and press into you…..our eyes locked. Your expression changes quickly as you assess the situation and you feel the heat beginning to rise between our bodies…..I see that look of need….of wanting….of desire that I know can only be sated in one way.

I take your hands in mine and bring them up over your head, your hot breath and mine mingling as I feel your tight body molding itself to mine….one leg wrapping itself behind mine almost of its own accord. You shift your hips ever so slightly forward and I can’t go another second without those lips. I kiss you fully, hard and desperately as your mouth opens slightly, allowing my tongue access, meeting your own as they dance around and with each other.

I take both of your hands in one of mine as I work my other hand down your arm, across your side türkçe bahis and find the soft, supple skin of your midriff. I wrap my arm around your back as I pull you in closer. Your body melts into mine as if it was always meant to be there. A quiet moan escapes your mouth and it sends me into a feverish frenzy. I leave your arms in the air as I grab your shirt and lift it along with your sports bra over your head exposing your magnificent breasts to the cool air. I can feel your nipples harden through my shirt and it drives me wild. My mouth moves from yours and down to your neck….my tongue slithers across your collarbone as I move lower still. I take one hard nipple into my mouth to a satisfied gasp from your lips as I begin to suck and lick and nibble. My hand finds the button of the jeans you were trying on as my tongue moves across your chest to your other nipple and I begin to unbutton then unzip them as I give your breasts even more attention.

I slide your jeans over your hips and run my hands back up your legs to your ass….so perfect in my hands….and my thoughts wander to the things I’d like to do to it….but that’s not why I’m here today. I pick you up by that glorious ass and you wrap your legs around me as I move you to the small bench seat in the dressing room and sit your down on it as I kneel in front of you, my mouth now placing kisses down your stomach, your hips, your thighs.

I move between your thighs and gently pull aside your thong and take in your heavenly scent…..the thought of tasting you so compelling now that I don’t even remember moving my mouth to you. I begin to lick you in long slow strokes, enjoying your savory bouquet and your güvenilir bahis siteleri heavenly sighs and moans. Slowly now, I part your lips with my tongue and probe you deeper, moving in and out in a slow rhythm, swirling around and finding every corner of you. I can feel your legs starting to shake on my shoulders as my intensity increases and I move up to take your clit into my mouth, gently sucking it in and flicking my tongue across it. Your eyes find mine as I watch your exquisite reactions to my ministrations. I become acutely aware that we haven’t spoken a word to this point….and I realize that none have been needed at all. You’re telling me with your eyes that you’re getting close…..how badly you need this….urging me not to stop…..to take you the rest of the way. I oblige by speeding my pace….increasing my pressure as I suck your nubbin even harder into my eager mouth. I slide one finger inside you and slowly start working it in and out. Your breathing speeds up as I add a 2nd finger, never easing up my oral pressure. Your hands find my head and you pull me up enough to look back into your eyes which are telling me it’s time…..I want to watch you in this moment as you spasm and thrash about. Your skin is glowing, your eyes are wild, your hands are clawing at my head, pulling me into you as your body shudders.

I don’t know how long you cum for but it seems so much longer than it should be….longer than it has any right to be. Your body begins to relax as I slide my fingers from inside of you. You’re even wetter now than when I started and I lick your nectar from my fingers before returning to your pussy…..treating you to long, slow strokes of my tongue as you come down from your orgasm.

Your eyes are still closed as I rise and place a gentle kiss on your lips, then I turn and crack the door a notch, making sure the coast is clear before I step out and close it behind me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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