Miss Julie Ch. 8

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Chapter 30: Julie and Briscoe go another round

Julie Jasper chuckled ironically as she eased the minivan into traffic. It seemed like it had been another world since the last time she had been on I-35, she thought. Then, four days previously, she had been an innocent, an average suburban housewife.

Now? Now, she was slut and a whore. She smiled at that thought. No doubt she was a slut, made that way by Michael’s skillful machinations. She had the cum to prove it, in her cunt, in her ass, and in her stomach from her final stop at the Ponderosa. Ah, the Ponderosa, she thought contentedly, where she had finally, at age 37, become a real woman.

There was no doubt, too, that she was a whore. She had her bank bag containing over $10,000, her earnings from her inaugural weekend of sex, safely packed in her suitcase as proof. Not only that, but she had a list of ready-made clients in the Dallas area that she would soon be contacting for regular paid sex. The logic was unassailable; if she was going to want to fuck every man – or woman – she saw anyway, she might as well get paid for it.

As the miles began to pass, she thought back in detail to the weekend, and she felt the now-familiar tingling in her clit that told her she was getting hot. She pulled the sides of her wraparound skirt apart and ran a finger through her juicy pussy. She gathered up a few droplets of cum that still seeped from her slit with a finger and brought it to her lips. She licked her finger lovingly, savoring the taste of cum. As she did, she thought back to her final, frantic hours at the Ponderosa…

Julie must have dozed because she awoke with a start when Janet entered the room where she lay on the floor, with her head leaning back on the bed. “I hope you aren’t already fucked out, girl,” Janet said briskly. “I’ve got plenty more in store for you.” “No, I was just resting a minute,” Julie answered. “Good,” Janet said. “Anyway, I’ve got someone who wants to meet you, and she’s got a surprise for you, as well.”

Just then, the door opened and a naked girl walked in pushing a cart. The girl was shorter than average with white-blond hair, cut short, but not near as short as Julie’s. She had full tits and a clean-shaved pussy. “Julie, this is Crystal. This is Julie, our new gangbang girl. Crystal is one of the regulars who is just taking a quick break.”

Crystal pushed the cart in and without saying a word stepped up to Julie, straddled her chest, then her face, as Julie slid down until she was propped on her elbows, and lowered her pussy onto Julie’s mouth. Julie licked the girl’s pink, swollen clit, then, just as Julie put her mouth fully on Crystal’s cunt, the young blond relaxed her abdominal muscles and squeezed out a generous dollop of cum into Julie’s mouth.

Julie gave a muffled squeal of delight as she swallowed the offering, and licked and sucked trying to get more. Crystal rubbed her clit all over Julie’s mouth and nose as she humped the redhead’s face. Suddenly, with a sharp squeal, Crystal came on Julie’s mouth. She humped hard on Julie’s face until the spasms receded. “Pleased to meet you,” said Crystal, when she had gotten her breath. “Gotta go. Hopefully, I’ll see you when you come back.” Then she was out the door and gone.

With that, the two women turned their attention to the tray that had been rolled in. On the top level sat a sandwich tray and a pitcher of ice water with two glasses. The two women each ate a sandwich in silence, Julie still sitting on the floor, Janet in the chair. When they had finished eating, Janet went to the cart, opened the cabinet below and pulled out a pint bottle of Jose Cuervo Gold and two shot glasses, along with a shaker of salt and several sliced lemons. “I think you mentioned sometime this weekend that vodka makes you a little crazy, didn’t you?” Janet asked. “Well, I’m wondering what effect another clear liquor might have on you.”

Julie said it was true that every significant sexual encounter before this weekend had come about from drinking a clear alcohol. “Here we have my favorite among liquors,” Janet said. “Let me introduce you to my friend El Diablo de la Mescal, or what us Yanquis call te-kill-ya.”

Julie knew enough Spanish to know that her new friend was talking about the devil in something, but she’d never experienced tequila before, so she wasn’t sure what Janet was talking about. “Tequila comes from the mescal plant, which the ancient Indians used to use it in their hallucinogenic rituals,” Janet explained. “They’d get really blasted on mescal, or peyote, and they’d have these huge orgies.” Janet said this with such a straight face that Julie burst out laughing and Janet joined her in her mirth.

Julie had never had a sister, or a brother, so she was finding herself becoming very close to this woman who had such a hard exterior, but who was still a softie inside. Janet showed Julie how to take a shot of tequila, then offered one to Julie. She picked up the glass, licked the salt from her hand and downed the golden liquor gaziantep escortlar in one throw. The buttery taste was smooth, but the kickback caught her by surprise and she coughed hard several times. But Julie liked the immediate warm glow that settled on her, and she liked it better after they had downed two more apiece.

Janet took a fourth shot, but Julie passed. She was feeling the familiar rumbling in her abdomen that said she was ready to fuck again. She had rested, eaten and had something to drink, and now she was ready for more dick, more cum. She felt her pussy juice begin to flow anew along with the warm feeling that enveloped her entire body. Janet and Julie remade the bed, sort of, then Janet told Julie to lie down on her back. Julie spread her legs in anticipation, and Janet ran her fingers lightly through Julie’s drooling cunt.

“What we’re going to do now is pull a train,” Janet said. “I’ve got about 30 men waiting upstairs who are going to come in here one at a time. They are going to do whatever I tell them to do to you and cum wherever I tell them to cum. They may come in, fuck your ass, then shoot off on your face. Or you might give a blowjob and at the last second, have them stick their dicks in your cunt and fill you up with cum. You’re never going to know what’s coming. Your job is to do whatever they tell you to do, whether it’s lay on your back, climb on your knees or straddle their hips. Can you handle that?”

“Mmmmmmmm, you know I can, baby,” Julie purred. She couldn’t believe how horny she was at the moment. She had less than an hour before had the second of two consecutive utterly gut-wrenching orgasms, either one of which would have drained the average woman, and here she was eagerly anticipating being fucked by a succession of some 30 men. The thought of what was about to happen gave her a thrill, a thrill that was compounded when Janet whispered in her ear, “Do be a good girl and give us a good show.” Julie laughingly called Janet a dirty bitch as Janet headed out the door to begin the festivities. The laugh died into a long moan, though, as Julie’s arousal intensified. She ran her hands all over her sticky, filthy body and between her legs as the first man entered.

The next three hours were a blur of big cocks and flying cum for Julie. Some wanted to fuck her pussy missionary-style, others doggy-style. They fucked her cunt, her ass, her mouth and her tits. About half of them came in her writhing body; others spewed their cum on her body. Soon, Julie was covered in the stuff. She periodically ran her hands over her body as if to cover every last inch of herself with spunk.

Twice, men came in bearing tequila shots, which Julie downed like a pro. Julie’s head was already spinning from an overload of sex, compounded every so often by a whispered urge for her to cum now, and she would cum again, although nowhere near the intensity of her earlier orgasms. And, of course, the tequila was making her feel wild. But at the end, they left her hanging on the edge of another orgasm, when Janet reentered the room. She was almost taken aback by Julie’s appearance. It wasn’t just her cum-covered body, but rather the wild, desperate look in Julie’s big brown eyes as she lay on the bed wiping cum off her face and into her soaking wet hair.

“I need to cum,” Julie said very deliberately as she practically shivered with lust. “Well, I have just what you need,” Janet answered. She stuck her head out into the hall and motioned someone to come on in. Julie felt a thrill run down her spine when she saw Briscoe’s huge bulk fill the doorway. “You got him for me!” she cried, and she pulled herself up to meet Briscoe’s embrace. “How’s my missy doing?” he asked in his soft voice. “Been fffffuckin’,” she replied drunkenly. And, she realized, she was definitely drunk. But she was handling it OK, especially now that her special treat had arrived.

Janet eased out of the room as Briscoe and Julie kissed long and hard. The contrast could not have been more severe: Julie’s fair complexion and slender figure with Briscoe’s coal-black skin and huge, muscular physique.

Briscoe sat down in the chair and set Julie on his lap. Julie was losing herself in Briscoe’s lips and tongue, which was dancing wildly in her mouth. Sitting like she was, she could feel Briscoe’s tremendous cock sticking up between her legs. Looking up at Briscoe with a mixture of insane lust and awe, Julie let herself slide down Briscoe’s legs onto the floor. Briscoe spread his legs and urged her on with a nod. Julie stroked the massive cock lovingly with her hands. She hadn’t had a chance to really appreciate this magnificent meat when she’d been drugged and out of it on Saturday, so she wanted to take her time. Besides, she thought with a trace of apprehension, it’s going to take some time to get this thing in my cunt.

After stroking him for several minutes, Julie determined that Briscoe was full hard. She shook her head in disbelief at the cock she held in her hands. It was 15 inches of proud black dick and somewhere between 2 ½ and 3 inches thick. She put her head between Briscoe’s legs and inhaled his aroma. His clean smell contrasted sharply with the ripe odor that wafted from her sweaty, cum-covered body. Taking her tongue, she methodically licked his cock from the base to the head, then she descended down the shaft with her lips, licking as she worked her way back to his large, low-hanging balls. She took one, then the other into her mouth and sucked carefully.

Briscoe sighed contentedly. For some reason, he had taken a liking to this new girl. She was mature, yet willing to learn. He had heard something of her story, that they were helping to unlock this woman’s long-suppressed sexuality, and it intrigued him. He liked her even more when Julie positioned her head over his dick, opened her mouth and slowly pushed the head of his dick into her mouth.

She could only get the head and about 3 or 4 inches into her mouth, but those inches were getting a workout from her ravening tongue and widespread lips. Drool flowed out the corners of her mouth and onto the shaft of his cock, which she worked with her right hand. All too quickly, her jaw started to ache and her eyes were watering, not to mention her flaming pussy, which still had not had orgasmic relief. Julie panted almost like a dog when she removed her mouth from Briscoe’s cock. Briscoe stood up and beckoned Julie to join him on the bed. Julie lay on her back, with her legs spread, fearfully but eagerly awaiting Briscoe’s cock.

But first Briscoe wanted to inspect Julie’s goods. He ran his hand from her asshole to her clit, then began to fuck her pussy with two of his huge fingers. Julie trembled with mounting lust as Briscoe worked his hand first in Julie’s pussy, then in her ass. “Y’know, I think you’re ready for me,” he said. “Looks like you’ve taken a lot of cock today, missy, gotten that fine pink pussy good and stretched and ready for Ol’ Briscoe. And I’m glad you got a lot of cum in them holes; it’ll ease the entry.”

Julie just looked up at Briscoe with a pleading look. She moaned in lust as Briscoe climbed between her legs and aimed the plum-sized head of his dick to Julie’s gaping cunt. Pushing forward slightly, he felt the head pass Julie’s pussy lips, and that’s when Julie really began to lose it. “FUCK ME, DAMN IT!” Julie yelled as her arousal took a quantum leap. “RIP ME IN TWO WITH YOUR BEAUTIFUL BLACK COCK.” “You want it, missy, here it is,” he panted.

He pushed forward some more, steadily sinking inch after inch of his black monster deeper and deeper in Julie’s cunt. The thrust of Briscoe’s cock completely took Julie’s breath away, and her whole body began to shake as she felt herself being filled and then some with Briscoe’s cock.

In Julie’s mind, everything in the whole world fell away as she concentrated on the sensations of being filled by a 15-inch dick. Julie worked her cunt upwards to get more of Briscoe’s cock in her sodden pussy. And suddenly Julie felt Briscoe’s kinky pubic hair rubbing up against her clit and she realized that he was completely inside her. She’d taken it all! “OHHHHHH! FUCK MEEEE!” Julie wailed breathlessly as she began to experience a series of small orgasms that continually built in intensity. She was beyond any reason or conscious thought other than enjoying the most intense fucking of her life.

For his part, Briscoe was amazed. She had taken him all earlier, but that had been different, it didn’t count in his mind. He figured that women on the drug they used weren’t really aware of what they were doing. Now Julie – this white housewife – was aware and cognizant, and she had not only taken him all, but she was loving every second of it.

Like a train engine, Briscoe started his pumping motion slowly, giving Julie’s obscenely stretched cunt a chance to adjust to the size. But the more they fucked, the hotter they got and the faster they pumped. Julie had her arms wrapped tightly around Briscoe’s back and her nails dug into the flesh as she mindlessly fucked up to meet Briscoe’s savage downward thrusts. Julie was moaning and groaning, keening and wailing. The only sounds coming from the couple were Briscoe’s animalistic grunts and Julie’s high-pitched cries of ecstasy.

Briscoe dropped his head to Julie’s and they kissed again, her delicate lips engulfed by his thicker, rougher lips. There was only one thing that would make this better, he thought. And without even thinking, he pulled his cock all the way out of Julie’s pussy with a loud sucking sound. Julie cried out in frustration at losing Briscoe’s cock from her cunt, but then growled in anticipation as Briscoe lifted her legs high and aimed his cock at Julie’s asshole, which was still quite loose from its earlier workouts.

It took Briscoe three tries before he managed to push his head past Julie’s anal ring. As Briscoe slid his dick slowly into Julie’s ass, a piercing scream filled the air. “OH MY GOD! YOU’RE GOING TO SPLIT ME OPEN. OH GOD, IT FEELS SO GOOOOOD!” Briscoe was starting to get close as he pumped his cock deep in Julie’s ass. He was further amazed when she was able to take all of his massive cock in her ass.

And now the fuck frenzy fell on them in earnest. Julie and Briscoe fucked each other wildly as they approached a shattering orgasm. Suddenly, Briscoe pulled his cock out of Julie’s ass and rammed it up her pussy in one terrific thrust. Julie started shaking and moaning as he filled her cunt once again. Then it was back in her ass, and Briscoe wildly alternated fucking Julie’s pussy and asshole.

Finally, Briscoe could feel the telltale tingling in his scrotum that told him his cum was about to fire. He wanted to fill both of this white whore’s holes with his hot cream, and pushing deep in Julie’s ass one final time, his cock exploded with two huge cumshots. Squeezing the base of his cock to momentarily stop the flow of cum, he pulled it out of her ass for the last time and he plunged back into Julie’s pussy, letting the rest of his hot, boiling load fill Julie’s pussy.

Julie was beyond caring. At the first spurt of Briscoe’s massive cock in her ass, Julie exploded with an orgasm that topped even the two from earlier in the day. If the first one had been Hiroshima and the second one Mount St. Helen’s, then this one was Krakatoa, an all-consuming series of shakes and trembles, moans and whimpers.

Julie lay on the bed writhing and moaning from her orgasms – all unprompted – as Briscoe slumped onto her body, his cock still embedded in Julie’s cunt. He wrapped his arms around this woman that he knew now was very special. No other white woman had ever taken every inch of his dick in her pussy, let alone her ass. But this one had. After 10 minutes, Julie’s orgasms were finally too much and she slumped back on the bed, passed out.

Briscoe finally, reluctantly, pulled his still semi-hard cock out of Julie’s cunt as Janet returned to the room, her face flushed, with pussy juice, and maybe someone’s cum, coating the insides of her thighs. She threw Briscoe his pants, then motioned for him to wrap Julie in the soaking wet sheet, pick her up and carry her to the upstairs apartment. The diner was still open, but the cook had gotten used to seeing unusual things at this place, so he didn’t think anything about a huge black man carrying a sleeping woman in his arms. On Janet’s instructions, Briscoe laid Julie on the floor in the bathroom, then bent down and gave her a kiss on the forehead. He saluted Janet as he left.

Chapter 31: Julie and Janet share Michael Julie started coming around about the time Briscoe started climbing up the stairs. She languidly put her arms around his neck and basked in the security of knowing that she counted this gentle giant among her friends. Once she’d been deposited on the bathroom floor, Julie sat up and leaned against the little chair that sat against the wall.

Janet was already preparing a bath, which she needed almost as much as Julie. She’d masturbated and cum so much watching Julie in action that she was also a sweaty mess, and that’s not to mention the three men she had pulled out of Julie’s train to fuck her instead. Noticing that Julie was semi-awake and coherent, she turned to the redhead with a smile. “So, did you enjoy your day today?” she asked. Julie let a shit-eating grin slowly light up her face as she replayed the day in her memory. “Man,” was her only comment. When the bathtub was full, Janet took Julie’s hand, pulled her up and together they descended into the warm, scented water.

After plunging completely under the water, Julie laid her head back on the edge of the tub and closed her eyes, drinking in the relaxation of the bath. She was exhausted and sore, especially between her legs, but she was also supremely satisfied. This had been the best day of sex she’d ever had, and she had thoroughly enjoyed herself. Janet came over next to Julie and they wrapped an arm around each other’s shoulder and simply snuggled together in the tub for a few minutes before they got on with the business of cleaning the filth from their bodies.

They washed each other lovingly, these two women from vastly different backgrounds, but with an unspoken common bond. Julie, of course, had had no siblings, and Janet had had just two younger brothers. Janet had once asked Santa Claus to bring her a big sister, but none had been forthcoming until Sandy helped pull her out of a dead-end life. But Sandy had been gone two years now, and Janet had yearned for another big sister to take Sandy’s place. Now, she believed she had found her in the person of Julie Jasper.

Janet spent extra time bathing Julie’s crotch carefully. She started to rub the swollen clit, but Julie stopped her. “It’s too sore right now,” she said. “Briscoe really turned me inside out. He is a fabulous fuck, but, man, he’s big.” Janet understood, having had the man herself a time or two. So she settled for kissing Julie full on the lips for what seemed like a very long time. “I think I love you,” Janet whispered. Julie answered without thinking, “Oh, I love you too. I can’t thank you enough for opening me up to this world of pleasure.”

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