Missing You, Missing Me Ch. 04

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April awoke slowly, letting her eyes adjust to the morning sun that was pouring through the French doors she had left open last night. She reached out for Alyshia and only found an empty bed. Coming fully awake, she sat up a little and looked around her apartment. Finally, she found a little slip of paper, folded in half, laying on the pillow next to her with her name written on the front.

She got this feeling of foreboding, already sensing she wasn’t going to like what the note said. Just the same, she propped herself up against the headboard and reached for the note, slowly opening it.


Sorry to leave like this but I got up to check my email and found a job offer I just can’t pass up. They wanted me in L.A. this morning so I caught a cab to the airport. I’ll try to e-mail you later. I left everything I was able to find so far in a folder on the coffee table. I had a great time.



Angry, April smashed the note into a ball and sent it sailing towards the French doors. She watched, a little impressed with herself, as she watched the crumbled ball fly through the air, through the doors, over the balcony, clear the flower beds, then arch towards the ground, disappearing from sight.

Groaning, April scooted deeper into the bed and pulled the covers up over her head. Lying there, staring at the underside of the bedspread, she seriously considered just staying here the rest of the day. Any time your days starts with a Dear Jane letter, its only going to get worse from here, so why bother at all. “I’ll just stay here, go back to sleep, and when I get up tomorrow, my luck will be a helluva lot better,” she thought.

Contemplating the merits of never leaving the bed, she thought she heard a noise. She pulled the sheet down a little so she could hear better. Listening, she realized the noise she heard was someone knocking on her door. “Go away!” she shouted, and dived back under the covers.

Seconds later, she only heard silence and sighed with relief. There was no way she was going to answer that. They way her day started, she knew who ever was at her door was just trouble.

She heard the muffled sound of her screen door slamming shut and she bolted upright in bed, the bedspread dropping to her waist. There, standing in the middle of her hallway with her hands on her hips, was none other that Jasmine Dupree.

“Shit! Go away, Jasmine. I’m not in the mood to fight with you again.” April quickly plopped down on her bed, twisting to lie on her stomach, pulling the covers back over her as she went. She laid there, buried under the covers, alert to any little sound, but all she could hear was her heart hammering in her chest.

Jasmine stood in the hallway considering the lump in the middle of the bed. This wasn’t quite the welcome she was hoping for. She’d been staked out in her car since about five this morning. She parked at the opposite street corner waiting for the blonde to leave. When she’d seen the cab pick her up, then pull away, she started her car and drifted it across the street to park at the corner, at the end of April’s little alleyway. She had walked as far as the bottom of the steps, then had spent the morning sitting on the bottom step. She didn’t want to wake April up, or show up too soon after April’s lover left, afraid April would get suspicious. When she’d heard a noise, she’d glanced over just in time to see a crumbled ball of paper hit the ground with a small plopping noise, just a foot away. Startled at first, she looked up, and then realized that April must have thrown it out the window. She picked it up, scanned it, and felt a moment of glee as she read the blonde’s note. Man, she hadn’t even bothered to wake April up to say good-bye, just took off in the middle of the night. The plan her and Mama had worked out yesterday was going even better than she had hoped.

She sat back down on the steps, trying to give April a few minutes, and then found she didn’t have the patience to wait. Knocking at the door, she could feel the excitement bubbling inside her. April’s rough order to leave, though, had taken some of the wind out of her sails. Now, watching April hide under the covers, she felt herself deflate a little more. She’d suspected April might not be entirely happy to see her, but she had pictured a slightly better greeting than this.

Feeling irritated, she stomped over to the other side of the bed and flopped down on her back, lying beside April. She folded her hands over her stomach and stared at the ceiling. Fine, she’d just wait her out.

April felt the bed shift and knew Jasmine was lying only inches away. She sucked in a breath and felt her heart pick up speed. It was torture to be this close, but not able to touch her. For all she knew, Jasmine was just here to ask about Jade. Or maybe Jasmine had gotten board and decided she’d come around for another battle royal. God, she was getting sick of this. One minute they were fucking each other blind, and the next they were tearing each other to shreds. She couldn’t take much more.

Frustrated mecidiyeköy escort and mad, April stuck her head out. “Are you deaf?! I said go away, Jasmine. I’m not in the mood for you right now.” That said, she dived back under the covers, securing them tightly over her head.

Jasmine couldn’t help but smirk. Normally, April came across as cool, bordering on flat out hard cold. It was kind of fun to see her get all pissed off, even more fun knowing she seemed to have a natural talent for pushing April’s buttons. Then again, that went both ways. That thought wiped the smirk off of her face. Deciding they weren’t going to get any where like this. Jasmine shifted around, pulled the sheets up on her side, and dived under them.

Next thing April knew, she was lying on her back with Jasmine on top of her. Man, she hated it when Jasmine got one over on her. She kept forgetting how quick Jasmine could move when she wanted to.

“Morning sunshine,” Jasmine purred. All she got in return was an angry look, and she could feel April’s body tense. She didn’t want this to spiral out of control into another fight so, instead of goading her; Jasmine just laid her cheek on April’s chest and curled her hands over the top of April’s shoulders. She’d just wait her out from here.

Every nerve ending in her body had sprung to life the instant Jasmine’s body touched hers, and April cursed her body for a traitor. She always fell apart around Jasmine. Her pussy would just go wet the minute Jasmine walked into the same room. No matter how angry she was, Jasmine would get close enough to touch and she’d just snap. Well, not today. Today she needed to hold on to what little pride she had left. If she gave her the chance, Jasmine would snap what was left of her heart right in half. She couldn’t go there.

Jasmine lay there, listening to April’s pounding heart. She knew what effect she had on April, but today it didn’t seem to be working to her advantage. Frustrated, she pushed herself up, ready to pick a fight, then stopped at the weary look on April’s face. Jasmine lowered her head, which gave her an excellent view of April’s breasts. Knowing that wouldn’t help, she jumped off April, pushing the sheets out of her way, and sat at the edge of the bed, her back to April.

April grabbed the sheets and tucked them back around her, thankful and sorry, at the same time, that Jasmine had pulled away. Confused and frustrated, she wiggled on to her side, giving Jasmine her back and stared at her apartment.

Jasmine looked over her shoulder when she felt the bed shift, just in time to see April turn over and give her, her back. April had the sheets tucked under her arm, exposing most of her phoenix tattoo. She felt a little tug on her heart and knew she couldn’t leave things like this.

April tensed up when she felt Jasmine snuggle against her back, Jasmine’s arm snaking around to wrap itself around her waist. She stared at her kitchen, suddenly finding it incredibly interesting. “What do you want, Jasmine?” she snapped.

Jasmine pressed a kiss to April’s back, then snuggled her nose against April’s neck. “I want to talk, cher,” she whispered in April’s ear. “But right now isn’t the time. You’re mad at me, which you have a right to be. Plus, you’re not a morning person, which is just adding to your irritation. Go back to sleep and we’ll talk when you wake up.”

“You gonna leave?”

“I don’t want to. Please, April, let me stay. I just want to hold you for a little while, if that’s ok?”

April didn’t respond. Maybe if she went back to sleep, she’d wake up feeling better able to talk to Jasmine without starting a fight. She closed her eyes and willed herself to sleep. Feeling worn out, it was easier than she thought it would be, to slide back into sleep.

Jasmine let out a sigh of relief when she felt April relax in her arms. She listened as April’s breathing evened out, turned shallow, and she knew she was finally asleep. She rested her forehead against April’s back and tired to figure out what to do once April woke up.


Gradually, she felt her eyes opening. She wasn’t sure how long she’d been out. She twisted around to face Jasmine and only found an empty bed. Coming more fully awake, she looked around her apartment and, discovering it empty, disappointment stabbed through her. Jasmine had promised they would talk when she woke up and now, finding Jasmine gone, she realized just how much she had wanted that. Wanted to talk things out.

Finally, her eyes landed on a piece of paper, folded, and taped to her lampshade. Her name was written on the front in familiar handwriting. She ripped it off the lamp and unfolded it. Today seemed to be a day for notes.

“If you can find me, you can have me.

If you can find me, you can do anything you want to me.

But find me fast, love, because I’m dripping wet and won’t be able to wait for you much longer.

Love, Jasmine.”

April jerked upright, scooting to sit on the side of the bed, and reread the fındıkzade escort letter. Her eyes lingered on the way Jasmine had signed it, and she felt hope spread through her. Was this Jasmine’s way of getting back together? She knew now she wanted that, very much.

She read the letter a third time and felt her body heat up. Jumping out of bed, she took a quick shower, dressed, and rushed out of the apartment. The letter hadn’t said where Jasmine was, but she assumed it was her house. Pulling out into traffic, she pushed hard on the gas pedal, visions of Jasmine naked and wet spurring her on.

Twenty minutes later, April skidded to a halt in front of Jasmine’s front door and leaped out of the car. Racing for it, she took the front steps in one long stride, and then skidded to a stop as she spotted an envelope taped to the door. She ripped this one off too, briefly hoping she hadn’t damaged the paint job, and then tore it open, finding two pieces of paper inside. Yanking them out, she noticed one was a map. She opened the other piece and found another letter.

“You’re getting closer, cher, and so am I. Hurry up. Jasmine.”

Taking the hint, April rushed back to her car. She took things slow this time, having to give the map all of her attention, but as she took the last turn onto a dirt road surrounded by trees, she pushed down on the accelerator. Suddenly, she burst out of the trees into a clearing, saw Jasmine’s car just a few feet away and, jerking the steering wheel to the right while hitting the brake, skidded to a stop beside the mustang. Leaping out of the car, she quickly looked around, searching for signs of Jasmine. She noticed they were in a little meadow at the top of a small cliff, a river running by at the base, leaving a small beach between it and the cliff. Turning around, she stopped dead in her tracks, having found Jasmine. She was about 50 feet away, lying on a blanket underneath this huge oak tree, buck-naked. April slowly walked over to her, her heart pounding.

Jasmine felt like she’d been waiting here forever, sitting on the blanket in nothing but a robe. When she heard a car churning up the road, she knew it was April, and quickly undressed, lying down on the blanket. Her head had jerked up when she heard the car burst out of the woods, and watched in amazement as April skidded to a stop, driving like a NASCAR driver, stopping just inches from her own beloved convertible.

Now she lay there staring at the sky, listening to April’s footsteps, her heart beating faster and faster with every step. A shadow fell over her and she looked down towards her feet to find April standing at the edge of the blanket. She waited, but April never said a word, she just stood there staring at her. She still had her sunglasses on, so Jasmine couldn’t read her reaction. Slowly, she bent her knees, her feet flat against the blanket, and spread her legs open.

April was rooted to the spot. Jasmine was lying there, gorgeous and naked, her long, curly red hair spilling out around her. It felt like a dream come true and April briefly wondered if she should pinch herself. Then Jasmine spread her legs open, giving her a wicked grin. She felt her body shake. The drive over here had only served to wind her up like a top, all that time thinking of what she would do to Jasmine once she found her. She whipped off her sunglasses, tossed them aside, and watched in awe as Jasmine slowly trailed her fingers down her body, then slid a finger between her pussy lips. Staring, she watched as Jasmine brought that finger to her mouth, licking it clean.

“I’m so wet for you, cher. Are you gonna stand there all day, or do something about it?”

Jasmine’s voice was soft and husky, and she ran out of patience. Sinking to her knees, she swooped down between Jasmine’s legs and shoved her tongue between her lips and began to tongue fuck her in earnest.

Jasmine squealed at the sudden invasion. Watching the heat rise in April’s eyes, she knew she was about to pounce, but she hadn’t quite expected this instant fucking. Her hips jerked and she reached out, burying her hands in April’s hair, pressing her face closer to her aching mound.

April felt herself go wild. She couldn’t get enough of Jasmine; drink enough of her sweet honey. Still pounding Jasmine’s love box with her tongue, she reached up and started flicking her clit with her finger. Jasmine’s fingers dug deeper into her hair so, encouraged, she pinched the hot button between her thumb and finger and started to twist and tug. She could hear Jasmine’s breathy whimpers turn to squeals of pleasure, then shrieks, as April’s tongue found her G-spot. Soon Jasmine had her hands behind her on the blanket and, leaning on them for support, started bucking and slamming herself against April’s face. April tighten her grip on Jasmine’s ass, her fingers sinking into the soft flesh, squeezing. Suddenly, Jasmine screamed her name and fell back against the ground, her hands clenching the blanket in her fists, and April could feel Jasmine’s body twitch and convulse as beşiktaş escort her orgasm overtook her.

April sank down beside Jasmine, her body shaking with need, but she tried to keep herself under control, giving Jasmine time to recover. Slowly, Jasmine felt her body calm and she turned her head, locking eyes with April. She sensed her trembling and, giving her a slow smile, started to undress her. Jasmine moved quickly, knowing April was right at the edge. Once she had her naked, she fell back beside her, capturing her mouth while she let her hand glide down and slip a finger between her legs. Feeling how wet April was, Jasmine quickly added two more fingers and slowly worked them in and out, as their tongues warred inside April’s mouth. April sank her hands in Jasmine’s hair, pulling her tight against her, and Jasmine quicken the pace of her fingers, pumping them in and out. She felt April’s groan vibrate through her, and soon April was bucking and whimpering against her. Jasmine felt April’s juices spilling out over her hand as she came.

Slowly, April sank back against the blanket, not letting go of Jasmine’s head. She stared into the greenest eyes she’d ever seen and knew that, if Jasmine walked away from her this time, it would break her.

Jasmine saw the uncertainty in April’s eyes and felt a moment of guilt. Then she gave April a light, reassuring kiss, telling her without words that she wasn’t going anywhere. The kiss ended and April released a shaky breath.

“God, Jasmine, we have to quite doing this to each other. One of these days we may end up fucking each other to death,” she said on a laugh.

“There’s worse ways to go,” Jasmine purred, smiling down at April. She bent down for another kiss, keeping it gentle and sweet. It didn’t take long, though, before she could feel the heat building between them again, but it wasn’t as urgent this time. She rolled to her side, pulling April with her, not breaking the kiss.

They took their time now, kissing and caressing each other, gently exploring each other’s bodies with their hands. April let her hand glide down Jasmine’s back and cupped one small globe in her hand, gently squeezing and kneading the soft skin. Jasmine squirmed against her. April grabbed the back of Jasmine’s knee and pulled it up over her hip, so that Jasmine’s leg was stretched out straight. She let her hand glide back to her ass, her fingers skimming the underside of Jasmine’s leg as she went. Reaching her slit, she took her time tracing it with her fingers and felt Jasmine squirm a little more, pressing against her. April eased a finger between Jasmine’s cheeks and quickly found her rosebud, gently pressing against it with the tip of her finger while she pressed her thigh tighter against Jasmine’s mound.

Jasmine groaned into April’s mouth at the slight pressure against her ring. Knowing what April was about to do, she pushed a hand between their bodies, cupping April’s mound. April felt a tingle between her legs from the slight pressure of Jasmine’s hand. She teased her finger around Jasmine’s ring and, deciding she was wet enough, slowly worked her finger in.

Jasmine tensed a little at the intrusion then, willing herself to relax, started pushing back against April’s finger, helping her ease it in. At the same time, she slipped a finger inside April’s love box, twirling it around. She could feel April jerk a little every time her finger skimmed over her G-spot, and smiled against her lips. April pushed her finger in deeper, capturing Jasmine’s mouth with hers and pushed her tongue inside. Soon, she started working both her tongue and finger in and out of Jasmine’s body, carefully matching the pace of her tongue and finger.

Jasmine groaned and slid another finger between April’s neither lips, trying to match the pace April was setting. Before long, they had both quicken their movements and were rocking against each other as they both felt another orgasm slowly build. Inch by sweet inch, the pressure increased, teasing them both with the promise of release. Jasmine thought she’d died and went to heaven, then jerked her head away as she cried out, her orgasm coursing through her body. April was right behind her, jerking and pressing against Jasmine’s hand. She felt April’s muscles clench tightly around her fingers just before they both came, hard, soaking each other with their juices.

April eased her finger out of Jasmine, and then rolled her onto her back, falling on top of her as they went. Sliding both her legs in between Jasmine’s, she sank against her, letting her head rest on Jasmine’s shoulder.

Jasmine couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt this relaxed, her bones like liquid. Happy and content, she pressed a kiss to the top of April’s head, letting her hands lazily stroke up and down April’s back. April purred against Jasmine’s neck and the two of them feel asleep in each other’s arms.


A little later, Jasmine woke up, finding that April had slid off to lie against her side. Her cheek rested on Jasmine’s shoulder and her arm was stretched out over her stomach, her hand resting lightly on Jasmine’s hip. Jasmine pressed a soft kiss to April’s forehead, knowing now that this was the woman she had fallen in love with. She smiled as she felt April’s body stir, watched as her eyes tried to work themselves open.

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