Mistress SweetPussyPolly

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“Do you want to fuck me?”
I had to read that text again just to check it said what I thought it did!
Me and Polly had known each other for years and were both married (just not to each other) and now, after a week of fun texting, she’d sent me that! Fucking hell….
A few words of description, Polly is fucking fit, a body I’d been fantasising about seeing naked since my teens, toned legs, gorgeous tits, a few tattoos and a grin dirtier than a farmers wellies!
Less than ten minutes later I was knocking on her front door and being dragged in, it was as if she had been waiting.
She was dressed in her bathrobe, nothing exciting at first glance.
I went to speak, “shut the fuck up” she said, well, I knew well enough not to ruin anything, so I shut the fuck up and got busy using my mouth and tongue to kiss her. I pushed her back onto the stairs, and then throwing all caution to the wind, put my hands under her robe and ran my hands over an arse I’d been wanking over for years!
I then saw that under the pink, towelling bathrobe she was dressed in black see through knickers that were already soaked and black, sheer hold up stockings.
After a few more minutes, I decided to really go for it, I dropped to my knees and, looking up, gave her a wink, pulled the knickers to one side and dove in. Within a few seconds of licking her clit, I’d decided her name was “SweetPussyPolly”. I swear I’d never tasted juices so good and the appreciative and increasingly loud noises I could hear from above me just made it all the more enjoyable.
SweetPussyPolly has lovely manners so she gave me plenty of warning that she was about to cum and then she showered my face and filled my mouth with her warm, tasty juices. I decided immediately, I wanted more of that!
“Come upstairs” she said “I’ve got toys!”
Fucking toys!!!! 10 minutes earlier I’d never seen her undressed and now she was holding my face and ordering me to go “Upstairs, my bedroom and strip”. I went upstairs, I stripped, shaking, horny as fuck and harder than I’d been in years and wondering what was about to happen.
Polly led me towards the bed and told me to lay face up and took hold of the straps she had already fixed in place, after a bit of readjusting, she strapped my arms and legs down and I lay spread-eagled and helpless. She’d obviously been paying attention to my texts.
She climbed up and straddled my chest and took off the robe, “looking at you all naked and tied up helplessly has got me horny,” she said.
I felt her reach under the pillow and pull out a vibrator, within seconds she was grinding and moaning on top of me, whilst all I could do was lay under her, straining my neck to watch and becoming furiously aroused and frustrated as my cock throbbed and spilt precum.
Eventually, she came down from her first climax and looked down at me.
“Mmm, you like?” she questioned.
“y-yes miss” I spluttered, knowing who was in charge tonight.
“Would you like a taste?” She asked, and before I could answer she had removed the knickers and pushed them into my mouth, I could taste her sweet juices and I was in heaven. She then reached into a nearby drawer and pulled out a black strap on gag, placing it roughly around my head, the soaking wet knickers were pushed back by the rubber gag into my mouth as the large rubber cock waggled under my nose.
“Are you ready for this?” She said and without waiting, she turned around and mounted the dildo protruding from my face. I had a view of her sweet pussy stretching, enveloping the thick cock, only inches from my eyes and then her beautiful arse completely covered my face and all I could hear were her moans of pleasure and my heavy, laboured breathing.
All the while my own cock was pulsing, begging to be in the place of the dildo, but I knew that was not on the cards, not tonight. Tonight I was her bitch.
Her pace quickened and soon her juices had started running down, covering my face. She shifted, leaning forward and I felt her hand grab my cock, then I felt her nails dig into my shaft. My cock strained and ached as she skilfully played with me, giving pleasure, but making sure it was no so much for me to cum.
I was both in heaven and hell. I felt her hips buck and her nylon covered thighs tighten around my head, as her muffled moans became higher and higher pitched, She shuddered and came all over my face, I felt her juices flooding down my cheeks, even into my nostrils. I tried to cough, but the juices in my mouth and nose and the rubber ball causing me to drool made it almost impossible.
She lifted her arse, and at last I could breathe “you’re not finished yet you fucking perv” she said “I’ve only cum once, you’ve got work to do”
She removed the dildo gag and then took the knickers and rubbed them between her legs before placing them next to my head. Their scent filled my nostrils.
“Time for you to kiss my arse” she said “would you like that?”
“Yes please Mistress Polly” I said, and I promise you, I meant it!
She lowered her arse back onto my face, and reaching behind her, grabbed my hair and roughly pulled my head up between her cheeks.
I started to lick and nibble her arsehole and to my satisfaction, I heard her breathing get heavier and then I heard the buzzing of her vibrator as she rubbed it on her clit with her other hand. It didn’t take long, she came again, she didn’t stop, she kept pulling my hair and playing with herself and she came again, flooding my face, making me deliriously happy and hornier than I’ve ever been.
She wordlessly untied me and I looked around ready to get my clothes.
“On all fours you fucking dog” she said and so I did.
I felt her hands rubbing on my buttocks and instinctively moved myself against them.
Then I felt her hand sharply smack against my arse and this time I attempted to move away, “stay still!” Polly ordered, and as my cock stiffened involuntarily, I stayed as I was as she rained down stinging blow after stinging blow on my rapidly, reddening arse.
”Don’t move!” She barked, and I heard a drawer open and sounds I didn’t recognise.
then, I felt something cold dribbling onto my red, still stinging arse and realised with a shock, I was being lubed up.
I heard her walk the few steps so she was stood in my eyeline, she was wearing a black strap on dildo, and my eyes widened with shock as I realised not only what was going to happen, but also how much I wanted it to!
The soaking wet knickers were again pushed into my mouth and I felt Pollys fingers playing with my arse, stretching it, making it ready.
Then, with no warning, I felt the head push against my arsehole, there was brief (involuntary) resistance then it was inside and not stopping.
I tried to scream, but my breath was gone and the soaking underwear made it even harder to breath in, the pain was quite frankly, fucking wonderful.
Then, she pulled out and I felt my arsehole gaping and then she was back in, pushing further in and then back again, not all the way out this time, the head staying inside me and then she slowly, repeatedly took me until with shock, I realised not only was she all the way in, but I was pushing back!
”you little fucking slut” she said “what do you want?”
”fuck me Polly, fuck me!”
And she did, mercilessly, she wasn’t tender, she didn’t take it slow, she fucked me without a thought of my pleasure, and that pleased me more!
After a few minutes, she climbed off and sat on the edge of her bed.
“You’ve been good” she said “come here, you can wank over my feet”
I crawled over and started to rub myself quickly, manically and bless her Polly lifted her feet and rubbed them over my cock causing me to splatter them with my cum.
She kissed me and squeezed my bollocks, hard.
“Now, get out” she said “don’t get dressed until you are downstairs”
And so, I did. I dressed, closed the door behind me, and reaching for my keys, found Pollys sopping wet knickers in my jeans pocket.
My phone pinged, a message from Polly “be wearing them next time I tell you to be here” it said.
I fucking will be too!

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