Modern Day Thornbirds Ch. 01

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“Mr. McCarthy, your tongue is still as skillful as ever. That was a really nice O. So much better than my fingers.”

Marty McCarthy smiled hearing his wife, Mary’s, praise.

He turned to look at her.

She kissed him and said, “I missed your face,” followed by a brief pause, “between my legs. My pussy was so lonely without you.”

She continued, “And the house needs a really good cleaning. I really missed being spoiled by you.”

Marty assured her he would be spoiling her again.

She said, “I can’t believe you’re so domestic, but I love it. I don’t think I could ever be a stay at home housewife.”

She ran her hand across his chest and said, “Somebody has been hitting the gym. Your chest is so hard. You look really good.”

Noticing his body was void of hair she observed, “It looks like your obsession is as strong as ever.”

It had been a shock to discover her husband’s kinks, but she had learned to accept them as they could have been a lot worse. Over time she realized how much power and freedom his fetishes gave her.

She didn’t understand why he was wired the way he was but realized she failed to pick up on them when they were dating. It was only after they married did they slowly reveal themselves.

The biggest weren’t as difficult to accept as a few of the smaller ones. One of them was Marty’s shaving. He didn’t have a hair on his body except for his scalp. She actually missed him having hair on his chest and abdomen as she thought it was sexy, but she also enjoyed there not being hair when she sucked his nipples, something which she discovered they both liked.

What had taken her longer to adjust was he shaved his privates. She didn’t find a hairless penis and scrotum attractive on an adult man and told him so. It had the effect on her he wanted because she certainly paid less attention to it now that it was void of surrounding hair.

The other was the chastity device he now wore. He told her she controlled his orgasms and even gave him a key to the little lock securing it in place. She thought it silly, but she indulged him. Over time she grew to like being the focus of his lovemaking and not having to reciprocate.

She didn’t completely deny him, but she did ration his climaxes. What she discovered is rationing them had a profound effect on not just his response, but on other aspects of both of their personalities. It had really been the big game changer in their marriage.

She might have him use his mouth on her every day for a week and not allow him to climax. He was she noted more focused on pleasing her both in and out of the bed when he wasn’t allowed to cum. Household duties went from something they shared to something he alone did.

There was a bit of a ceremony involved in his climaxes. She would tell him it was time for his reward. She would take the key he had given her, unlock it, and remove it. His penis would be all wrinkled from having been caged and his scrotum swollen from the ring at its base. She also wondered if the swelling was due to the build up of semen in Marty’s balls.

She would caress it or if she really felt like rewarding him lower her mouth and perform fellatio on him. Sucking him wasn’t difficult as he really did have a small penis, barely three inches when fully erect. He’d quickly get hard and she would tell him she wanted him inside of her.

Within seconds of entering her, the fireworks were over for him. He had never possessed great stamina during intercourse, but since being caged he was competing with Usain Bolt for fastest man on earth. Only in Marty’s case fastest had nothing to do with running.

The biggest hurdle she had to overcome was what he did next. She didn’t mind being eaten after he came inside her, but it bothered her when he licked around her vagina, or worse, inserted his tongue, things she normally loved when she wasn’t full of his seed.

She had told him it grossed her out because it was his ejaculate. She also knew he pretended it was another man’s and he was cleaning her out. The idea of him doing that after she had been with another man turned her on because it made her feel so in control of him, but didn’t turn her on when it was his.

She would clamp her legs together and force him to just lick her clitoris. The orgasm wasn’t as good as having his tongue everywhere on her sex, but it was a hundred times better than having to not be grossed out as he ate his cum. She couldn’t explain why one was gross and one wasn’t.

Marty nodded in agreement to Mary’s observation.

She gave one of his nipples a twist before softly caressing sakarya seks hikayeleri her way down his torso. She grabbed hold of the tube and pulled on it.

“Still secure. I’m sure it would like to come out and play. What’s it been? Two months? Let me get the key.”

She got off of the bed, walked to her jewelry chest, retrieved it and returned.

She put the key in the lock and said, “I’m surprised you haven’t me asked me what I’ve been up to. I mean it’s obvious what you haven’t been doing, but I’m not in chastity or required to stay faithful.”

This separation had been long, but required him to travel a lot. He was never in one place long enough to receive mail and the few phone calls he was able to make had been brief because they were so expensive. He had dutifully written her and purposely not mentioned his fetish.

It wasn’t because he didn’t obsess about her being with other men, but because he didn’t want her to think that she wasn’t his wife, but an object for his sexual gratification.

She turned the key. She was sitting cross legged on the bed while he was on his back.

Mary looked at him, “I really liked your letters. They were sweet, but there were times I wanted you to make them less tender and more salacious.”

He explained why he hadn’t which made sense to her and emotionally touched her.

She said, “I’m glad you see me as more than your mistress and you as a cuck, but I’ve grown fond of seeing us that way. I’m not ready for the world to see us in that light, but in our home I enjoy you seeing me that way. I don’t know how to put this delicately, but I don’t see us as equals. Sexually I don’t know how to describe you. You’ve become an instrument for my pleasure. My flesh and blood sex toy.”

She took the lock off and started to pull on the tube which wasn’t sliding off so easily as Marty’s penis was attempting to swell.

Marty smiled as she referred to him as a sex toy. As for the toy, it wasn’t his penis she was referring to but his tongue. Lovemaking for them centered on Mary, more specifically Mary’s sex. She had told him quite often the place for his face was between her legs.

There were times she purposely skipped foreplay or even totally undressed. She would remove her panties, open her legs, and have Marty pleasure her. When she was done she would thank him, ask him to dry off her sex, and send him on his way, usually to get her a drink or a snack as sex always made her hungry.

It turned Marty on to be treated so cavalierly by his wife. The sting of rejection aroused him for reasons he couldn’t fully understand.

Marty asked as Mary tugged on the tube, “I’ll take the bait. So what have you been up to the past few months?”

She smiled as the tube came off and his penis finished swelling, a bead of precum leaking from the urethra. She used her middle finger and rubbed the precum around the frenulum wondering after so many months if she would quickly trigger a climax. She hoped not as she wanted him inside of her, even if for only a few seconds.

She had already decided after such a long absence she wanted the full work up when he ate her again. She would leap over that psychological hurdle, made easier because of what she had to tell him.

She said I’ll tell you afterwards. Right now I want this little fellow in me. Let’s trade places.”

Thirty seconds later it was over.

She observed, “That looked intense. I feel like you flooded me.”

He reminded her it had been a while. Even though she never complained he always felt guilty after intercourse. He couldn’t grow and all the treatments he had tried to get him to last longer had failed. It was as if her juices or her vagina triggered a chemical reaction in his penis causing him to climax on a bad day within seconds and on a good one in under a minute.

It was why their lovemaking involved lots of oral. Unlike his penis, his tongue didn’t tire, needed no recovery time, and most importantly brought Mary a lot of pleasure. It also brought him a lot of pleasure as he loved the taste and texture of her sex.

In spite of the pleasure he gave her it never made Marty feel less guilty. Halfway through their courtship, living in separate cities, Mary had succumbed to the advances of an older man. She blamed it on the alcohol. She ended up in the back seat of his car and later in his house.

She didn’t return to her apartment for two days. Her roommates covered for her telling Marty she had gone to the country for the weekend with some fellow students.

The older man was a skillful lover and Mary really enjoyed her weekend with him, but she also felt horrible about cheating on Marty. For months, she kept secret the events of that weekend, but it weighed heavily on her. Out with Marty at the very same place where she met the older man, her feelings of guilt were overwhelming.

The Margaritas she was drinking made her even more emotional as did Marty convincing her to get in the back seat of his car. It had been several weeks since they had seen each other and she was just as horny as him.

It was when he went down on her that she told him she had cheated on him. He asked her if she wanted to be with him. She said she did.

“Then I don’t care.”

He did care, but he was in love with Mary and didn’t want a bad decision to destroy what they had.

She cried as he pleasured her, grateful he still wanted her. She still felt guilty but not as bad as she had.

Marty had his own emotional baggage to deal with. Not only did he feel bad for living far away, always being tight on cash, but his penis size and premature ejaculation played a number on him psychologically. He blamed himself more than he did Mary for what happened that weekend.

He didn’t press her for details, but as the weekend faded into the past and their future together appeared very solid as he had proposed, she was now wearing a ring, and they had picked a date, she felt more comfortable telling him more about that weekend.

Mary didn’t want Marty to see her in a totally negative light so she low balled the number of times he fucked her or the blowjobs she gave him or that he was the one who took her virgin ass. He had an average sized cock, but it was twice the size of Marty’s. And he possessed lots of stamina and knew how to angle his cock to maximize her pleasure.

She also didn’t tell Marty they didn’t use protection.

What she noticed was Marty didn’t get angry, but excited over her cheating. She also noticed she got really aroused confessing to him. She would tell him afterwards he was a much better lover than the other man. It was a half truth as Marty ate pussy much better than him, but that man could outfuck a hundred Marty’s.

The memory stayed, but faded for Mary as she looked forward to being Marty’s wife. For Marty, the memories of her weekend grew stronger and stronger. Whenever he and Mary had sex he imagined her with him. It aroused him to think of another man fucking her, sucking on her tits, fingering her pussy, kissing her, and pleasuring her with his mouth just like he did.

Her confession was like a seed planted into fertile soil. She couldn’t see it growing underneath the layer of soil, but it was growing, the roots spreading out in all directions, and becoming one with the soil. It wasn’t until months after they married the shoots of the seed broke through the soil and became visible.

Mary told Marty to lay on top of her. His little penis hadn’t gone soft which was a switch.

She caressed his back and commented how much more muscular he was.

He told her there wasn’t much else to do when he wasn’t working. Sleep, eat, put in a twelve hour shift, and go to the gym. He said a few of his coworkers used their time off to sleep and eat. They came home heavier than when they left.

She didn’t mean to, but she was delaying what she had been anxiously waiting to tell him. She was nervous.

“Marty, do you feel more connected to me after intercourse?”

He didn’t answer her right away because he sensed the answer wasn’t one she wanted to hear.

“Be honest Marty.”

He answered, “I don’t feel less connected with you after intercourse, but it’s when my face is between your legs that I feel like we are one.”

She replied, “I feel the same, Marty. I just wonder if I would feel differently with another man. Just so you know, I haven’t been with another man, but I want to be.”

Her admission scared him because he didn’t want to lose her, but it also excited him, as it was a huge step she had taken to making his fantasy their reality.

“I want you to be also. Why didn’t you act on it while I was gone?”

“It wouldn’t have been fair. I want us to experience my first time with another man together.”

She continued, “And there’s a twist because chances are it might not ever happen.”

“Why is that?” Marty asked.

She softly said, “Because he’s a priest.”

Marty had a good idea who she was talking about, but wanted to be sure.

“Father John?”

She nodded yes, then looked at him with her big blue eyes which looked sad.

“Does he know how you feel?”

“Not yet, but I want to tell him. I just don’t know if I could handle it if he rejected me.”

“Why would he reject you? Marty asked, forgetting the obvious reason.

“Because he’s a priest. He took a vow of celibacy.”

She felt relieved after telling Marty and joked, “Of all the men I could have I went and fell in love with a priest.”

“Do you love him?” Marty asked, feeling himself getting harder. It would have crushed a regular man to hear his wife had fallen in love with another, but to Marty it was the fulfillment of a fantasy. He didn’t just want Mary to have sex with another man, but a relationship.

He longed to be pushed into a smaller part of Mary’s heart and the other man to fill it, to have her treat him not like a husband but as a servant.

“I do,” she answered, “I think about him all the time. These past two months we’ve spent a lot of time together and grown so close. I don’t want us to be just good friends, but boyfriend and girlfriend.”

“You should tell him how you feel.”

“I can’t. He has to be the one to make the first move.”

“And if he doesn’t?”

She answered, “Then it doesn’t happen.”

He looked a bit sad she thought wondering if her news disappointed him.

She kept her eyes focused on his. “Even if Father and I never become lovers, I’ll always see you as a cuckold, someone to be cheated on if not physically at least emotionally. I’m cheating on you Marty. My affair with Father is an emotional one right now, but what I feel for him is as intense as what I used to feel for you.”

She purposely said ‘used’ as she wanted to make it clear to him her feelings for Father were stronger than how she now felt for Marty.

“I love you with a little l and Father with a big L. If he called me right now I would take his call. If he asked me to come over I would go. He may not know it, but I’m his woman, cuck. If you can’t accept it, we need to separate until you do.”

She moved her sex against his erection.

“Go in me cuck. It might be your last time.”

He had no sooner entered her than he groaned and thrust hard depositing what felt like a larger amount of semen than the previous one.

She had never felt so in control of their marriage as she did at that moment. She had planned how she wanted their reunion to unfold and it was coming together better than she imagined.

The first part was now done. She hadn’t just embraced her cuck’s fantasy, but made it hers and on her terms. What she hadn’t expected was he wanted her to have more than a physical relationship with another man.

“Are you done?” Mary asked in an accusatory, almost contemptuous tone.

She wanted to stoke those feelings of inadequacy he had.

Her tone shocked him. He mumbled an apology.

“I want to orgasm, cuck. What are you going to do about it?”

He knew what she was hinting at and eagerly got off of her and laid between her open legs. They were wide open for the first time after he climaxed in her.

“Look at my pussy, cuck. Imagine all that cum you see isn’t yours, but Father’s. You need to hurry and start licking, unless you want me to have his baby.”

She grabbed his head with both hands and pulled him to her vaginal entrance.

“Clean me out cuck.”

It was their first time to experience as a couple a cream pie.

As he thrust his tongue in and out of her, she revealed part two of her plan.

“You may not have noticed, but I’ve moved all your things to the basement. You’ll be sleeping down there from now on cuck. I don’t want Father to see any sign of you when he’s in my bed.”

Marty groaned, feeling himself getting hard again, at hearing this news. It was as if the stars aligned and everything he had dreamed about were now happening in one night. He imagined the ejaculate he was cleaning out of her was Father’s.

She directed his actions, from telling him to tongue fuck her pussy to french kissing her vagina after he had used their combined juices to lubricate her back door so he could stick his finger in her.

“You’re a nasty fucker, but I’m not telling you anything new. Aren’t you? And where does your head belong? Between my legs cleaning me of my lover’s cum.”

It was an orgasm she would cherish for a long time.

“That was so good, Marty. Thank you. I can’t believe how good it felt. I should have let you a long time ago.”

She was referring to him lapping up his cream. What before had turned her off now pushed her buttons in a positive way.

Marty had climaxed a third time which was a record for him.

She commented, “Maybe your recovery time takes so long is because I haven’t said the right things.”

He quipped “And they’re so fast because you do.”

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