Mom and Dad: Under The Covers

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This story has a multi-person narrative which switches from the Son to the Dad at various points in the story. Feedback is always appreciated, thanks for reading and enjoy!


Kim-Soo Cicero is Gail Kim

Taboo: A taboo is a strong social prohibition (or ban) relating to any area of human activity or social custom declared as sacred and forbidden.


My whole world has recently been turned upside down; it started with one incident, which spiralled into another, and another, and another, and another! This all eventually ended with the most insane live-sex show I have ever seen — yes, my mom and dad were involved.

Hi, my name is Zack and to really explain my side of the story, I would have to go back a few months, back to when things got… complicated…

It was early August, Me, my mom, and dad were at a party at some ballroom. It was a party for high-school kids who got into really good colleges; it was kinda an embarrassing deal.

My mom was a Korean-American with bronzed skin, long delicate black hair, a fit 5’4 frame, and – yes I noticed – a tight ass along with nice firm breasts. All my friends would go nuts over my mom, not surprising, they all loved that she was a “hot Asian.”

I think it was the novelty factor of a woman being hot, Asian and a MILF which got them all excited, she’s a triple threat if you think about it. She was in a form-fitting green dress with emerald pearls around her neck. Her name is Kim.

She was there with my dad. While I have been calling him my dad, he is not actually my dad — he’s my step-dad, but he has been my dad since I was 13, so I’m pretty used to calling him that. He’s Italian-American, which would be a pretty big giveaway to the fact that we’re not blood related. His name is Tony.

I got a lot of my friends asking me how my dad got my mom. Well it’s pretty simple — he had money. He’s about 5’8 (he claims), bit pudgy, only got some hair left on his head and got a lot of hair all around his body. He didn’t care how he looked, he was that kinda guy. He was wearing a loose-fitting tuxedo, which looked to cost around $10.

I was ready to get the night over with quick, I was gonna greet some guys, shake some hands, and get out. I expected my mom to brag about me to all the other moms while my dad went around telling other dads that he’s “hitting that ass.”

I did make it clear to my friends that I didn’t like all the dirty talk they did about my mom, which meant they did it even more. I saw Mike coming up to me; he was a grinning blond beanpole with goofy spiked-up hair.

“Hey Zack, your mom looks really fine tonight. Like so fine, she, like, look so fine she could be, like, in one of those like specialty magazines.”

“Do you mean those ones you got caught with in school?”

“Hey your mom inspired me, I couldn’t help it!”

“Sure you couldn’t.”

“Ha, but anyway, I’ll start college a couple months after you, so see you, Pal.” he shook my hand and slapped me on the shoulder. He was a goofball, but not so bad.

After that exchange, I saw my dad near the freebie food.


I remember they had good food there; those college guys sure had a nice spread laid out.

Hey I’m Tony Cicero. I was at that ball, or whatever it was, for kids going to great colleges or something like that. I gotta admit; it was a good feeling seeing my kid doing so well; it was better seeing my hot wife looking so fine.

I saw my son there, chatting to those college guys or whoever they were. But me? I had one thing I wanted to do at that there place; I wanted to toot my own horn a lil, bragging you could say. So I went looking for the other dads. I found one sipping some wine; he seemed like one of those upper-class types.

“Hey, how you doing, ok that’s good. Hey which wife is yours?”

“Oh yes,” he said in a smarmy-rich sounding accent, “ahem, she’s over there in the blue.”

His wife was a typical upper-class kinda gal, blond, mature, with an ok rack.

“Hmm ok,” I remarked, “she put out much?”

“Excuse me?” he gasped. He had a look of surprise on his face which quickly went away. “I’m lucky to get it once a month,” he conceded.

I pointed over to my wife. “Look over there; she gives it to me whenever I want. Asian is the way to go bro.”

“Oh my, your wife is rather fetching. Hmm oh yes she has a certain quality to her, you’re one lucky man.”

“Oh yes, thanks.” I went around all night getting compliments.

I didn’t know why, but for some reason, I liked telling people that I was married to this hot Asian woman. I just liked the comments they would make, the surprise reactions I would get — it did something for me. I was also excited in knowing that the kid would be gone soon, because with him gone, I would’ve had more time with the wifey.

I looked at my watch and it was past twelve at that point. I called my son over.


My dad called me over, “Hey son, I think we gotta maybe stay in a hotel tonight, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri it’s getting kinda late and I ain’t gonna drive all that way home. It will be like 4am by the time we get home and I gotta do some business in the morning, gotta get some good sleep.”

“Oh come on, Dad,” I replied.

“No arguments, I got my stuff to do, I need my sleep.”

“Well whatever, if I got no choice.”

He called Mom over and we all drove to the hotel. The whole idea seemed like a really lame detour — I wanted to go home to my own bed and not to some flee-ridden one. I knew Dad, and even though he had money, he was a cheapskate when it came to things like that.

“You better buy a decent room for us,” demanded Mom.

“Hahaha,” my dad laughed nervously, “only the best for my wife.”

I think Mom knew the score: she fucked him and he got her anything she wanted. It was disturbing for me to know that, but it was true; it certainly explained the fancy dress and jewels she had on.

Dad went with Mom’s request and got us into a decent 4 star hotel. Dad went over to the counter to get us our rooms.


The chick working the desk was a fine-ass Chinese babe; I took a look at her up-and-down. Hmm, if I wasn’t married, I would have been hitting on that ass.

“So umm,” I looked at her name tag, “Cynthia, we would like two of your finest rooms.”

“Oh I’m so sorry, we only got one room left, but it have two beds.”

“Oh really? Hmm, well then, we better take it,” I looked over at my wife and son, they were not gonna be pleased.

“Ok,” I said to the group, “I got one room with two beds.”

“Wait, what? I have to sleep in the same room as my mom and dad! That is so lame,” my son was not happy about this, hell I wasn’t either — I needed my alone time with his mother.

“What you think?” I said to my wife.

“Whatever,” she shrugged, “as long as I get some sleep.”

“Ok, we all cool with this?”

My son and wife both mumbled in agreement. It was settled; it was us three in that hotel room that night. When we got into the room, me and the wife went into the bathroom while my son went to go fix his bed.


I got into that room and headed for the bed. My bed was the one on the right; my parents took the slightly larger one on the left. My bed was kinda small, which made me think it was made for a little kid, even more embarrassment for me.

My parents went into the bathroom as I kicked my shoes off, took my suit jacket, shirt and pants off and rolled myself into the sheets. My dad walked out of the bathroom in just his white briefs. God, what a pig he could be sometimes. He jumped on his mattress as I closed my eyes and tried to get to sleep.

“Ok,” my mom said from the bathroom, “one of you turn the lights off, because I’m wearing my underwear.”

I felt an odd sense of excitement when my mom said that. My dad leaped from his bed, turned the light off and hurried back. It was dark now, and the only light came from the windows. The curtains were only half-drawn, so I could see a fair bit of light in that room. I heard my mom walking in, and despite every instinct to look away, I took a peek.

I could see her firm, toned ass in those kinda panties which show a bit of ass at the bottom. I took a look at her breasts to see that she had on a navy blue-bra, which showed a fair bit of boob.

As weird and awkward as it was to see my mom in that kinda attire, it was also very stimulating. I admitted she was hot, but seeing her half-naked was a whole other deal.

She slid into bed with my dad. After a few seconds, I heard something gently crumple to the ground. The sound came from the direction of my parent’s bed. I took a closer look, and saw that the item on the floor was my mom’s bra!

I looked away quickly; this was getting too weird for me. My parents were right next to me in a bed — and they were almost naked! I wondered what they were going to do next. I thought they would just go to sleep, considering I was only a couple of meters away from them.

I heard some rumblings and mumbling in the bed, I knew exactly what my dad was trying to do. That dirty pig was trying to get with my mom, there and then, with me in the room!


I knew my son was there with us in that room, but I was so fucking horny, that I didn’t care. I felt-up one of those nice tits and grinded my body behind her. I was talking all day about how great a fuck she is –the situation we were in was also really turning me on.

“Ohh not tonight,” she whispered to me.

“Come on baby, just this once,” I kept on groping her breasts with my hands, I could tell that I was getting her excited, well I hope I was.

“Our son is right there, this is not the night.”

I kissed her neck and rubbed my free hand over her body. Despite her words, I stayed persistent. I didn’t think about my son being just a couple of metres away; I was horny and my wife was hot, who could blame güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri me?

I heard my son snore a bit as I rubbed his mom up-and-down. “Look there, he’s asleep,” I whispered to her.

She didn’t look happy, “If it makes you stop…Ok a quick one, but not too loud.”

I quickly untied her panties and got to work, but something about my son there didn’t sit right.


I was not asleep — I was faking it. I noticed what was going on and played along. I saw them fumbling around, under the sheets, I noticed my dad’s hands groping my mom’s legs and chest. I could see my dad kissing and nibbling on my mom’s neck.

As the minutes went on, they became progressively more and more full-on. Dad moved on top of Mom and inserted his dick in her; she let out a little groan. Dad began to thrust into Mom, first very slowly and then at a moderate pace.

I had to hide the huge hard-on I was getting from witnessing all of this. I started to rub one out myself, but made sure I didn’t make a crease on the sheets, so my parents wouldn’t notice I was awake. My chest felt a hot tightness around it, my face was all red — I was sweating buckets. Seeing my parents have sex was very exciting for me.

They felt comfortable after a while, probably sure that I was asleep. My dad let out some groans. Mom was less adventurous then my dad, but she must have been experiencing some real pleasure, as she was breathing heavily.

The moonlight would occasionally shine down and let me see my mom’s orgasmic expressions. The bed rocked ever-so-slightly, which would sometimes make the sheets rise up and expose my mom’s juicy breasts.

As they fucked in the bed, I thought about Dad’s mindset. Did he know I was awake? What kind of man would have sex with someone’s mother in front of her son? I had many conflicting feelings, I was a little mad at him; I was surely jealous, jealous at Dad for fucking my mom, not to say that I wasn’t enjoying it.

I stopped thinking of him as my dad at that point: he was this hairy, sweaty man who was violating my pristine, attractive mother, and I loved it!


I knew when my cock was halfway in, that my son was awake. I didn’t care that he was awake; all I cared about was doing my wife. She was kinda tired and half-asleep, but I went hard on her still. I looked down at her beautiful face; man Asian women drive me wild! I can’t explain it. I put some kisses on those pretty lil lips of her and looked in the corner to see if our son was still ‘sleeping.’

I stopped and thought about how she was ‘his’ mother. In my mind, she was ‘my’ wife, so i changed my mindset and started thinking of her as ‘his’ mother. I was having sex with his mother, I was all over his mother, I was shoving my cock deep into his mom, and I was going to cum in his mom.

I was having his mother and he watched me doing it to her, the thought of that drove me wild. I was having sex with a mother in front of her son, and I really, really digged that. Wrong as it may seem, it made me so fucking horny.

The kid must have been pissed at watching this out-of-shape goomba banging the hell out of his pretty Asian mom, the thought of that only got me more fired-up.

Even though I may not look it, I can really get a woman going — I’m fucking packing down there, if you know what I mean. I got her moaning and groaning despite her wishes to keep it quiet. If she wasn’t so spent from all the day’s activities, I’m sure I could’ve got her screaming.

I wanted some dirty talk, so I asked her, “Who’s your daddy?”

“Oh ohh, you are,” she mumbled very unenthusiastically. I think cause our son was there, she didn’t wanna really scream the room down.

I mumbled the word “bitch” to her a couple times, she didn’t mind, we went over the words I can and can-not call her a while back. The fact that her son was right there while I called his mom a bitch really, really got my motor going, even though I’m sure half-sure he didn’t hear me say it.

Did I mention the room was fucking hot? Fuck! My sweat, her sweat, under those covers both of us could have heated a whole fucking house! We were both boiling in there. I loved the feeling of her I felt her soft, smooth, sweaty skin rubbing against mine as her nice, round Asian tits bounced around.

I noticed she was getting more and more tired, so I decided to rap it up early. While I was getting ready to cum, I taunted her son in my mind.

“Hey kid, like what I’m doing to your mom? Like what you’re seeing? I’m the fucking man that’s taking your Asian mom and giving her a fucking! You watch me while I fuck your mom, you watch me! Your mom’s my bitch, my fucking Asian bitch!”

Those thoughts made me cum hard right inside her. I lay down exhausted, on top of her, and rolled over to the other side. I needed some sleep after all that fucking. I looked at my wife to see that she was still quivering after the fucking I gave her; I wondered if my son could sleep after all he had güvenilir bahis şirketleri seen!


It was morning, and I woke up at around 6am after hearing one of the hotel cleaners slam into something. Before I could even think about what happened that night, I got another surprise — my mom’s ass was hanging out of her sheets.

Her whole back was exposed, the morning wood I had became morning oak. She must have been so tired that she forgot to put on clothes. I could clearly see her well-toned, tanned, sexy ass. I beat-off to it immediately.

I stopped mid-cum when she started to move around. She covered herself with the sheets and walked into the bathroom. I shut my eyes quickly after my mom left the room– I suspected my dad was naked as well.

I kept my eyes closed for a couple minutes before my dad said, “Hey Son, get dressed, we outta here.”

I got dressed, rushed out the hotel room, didn’t even look at my parents, and none of us didn’t speak a word about what happened that night as we all drove home.


Six weeks later…


I was in my dorm; it was late and I was thinking about that night in the hotel. Even though a fair bit of time went by, and a lot had happened to me since then (like going to college, moving into the dorm) I could still not get that incident out of my mind.

It racked my mind why I found it so erotic. I knew the reasons why, my mom being hot as one of the reasons, but I knew there were others reasons; one of them was the whole taboo atmosphere around it.

Watching my mom and dad was full of taboo delight: there was the incest part of it; the fact that I watched my mom have sex and enjoy it was very incest-like. There was the interracial aspect of seeing my Asian mother with a white (sorta) man and then there was the possibility that my dad knew I was awake when he fucked my mom.

All those taboos were so hard to resist. I wanted a way to recapture that feeling, I had one idea, but it was so stupid I’m amazed I even thought of it.

I was going to call my dad and pretend to be his “Cousin Sal,” whom I’d met only a couple of times. I was going to put on Sal’s voice and pretend to be him over the phone. There were so many reasons why this was a stupid idea, but all those reasons went out of my mind. Either way, If Dad figured out I was not his Cousin Sal, I was going to say it was a college roommate who made a prank call.

I put in the numbers, practiced my Italian-American accent, and called my dad.

“Yo, Tony! This is your Cousin Sal, calling to see how you doing,” I was nervous and my voice cracked a little.

“Hey Sal, how you doing, umm, what you been up to?”

“Oh nothing, nothing, hey, how’s that hot piece of Asian ass you got, huh?”

My dad suddenly sounded more cheery, “beau-tiful, she is the best ass I ever had; you need to go Asian my man! Best choice I ever made — hot bodies, man-first attitudes, Asian women is where it’s at! Oh, keep this quiet, but just between me and you, she can hold my cock in her mouth for twelve full seconds!”

I got an instant bonor from hearing that. “Ohhh,” I said as I tried to keep that accent, “hey, how bout that fine looking body of hers, huh?”

“Sal, I tell you what; her ass is the best squish toy I ever had!” Dad let out a roaring laugh, “I bite and play with it all day!”

“Ohhh hahaha,” I responded. Hearing him talk so dirty about my own other mother made my whole body feel like it was on fire — it was such a rush.

I got a bit crazy and rambled, “Hey, hey Cousin, bring her down her and make her put on the tiniest bikini and, and make her parade around showing that tight Asian body around to all the other guys, to show what a hot piece of ass she is.”

There was some silence before he responded. “Hey not a bad idea, you live by the beach now?”

“Ohhh ummm,” I needed to end that conversation fast, I think I even dropped my fake Italian accent by then, “Ohh yes sure, I gotta go, I got some people coming. Ciao.”

I hung up, calmed myself down, and let off some steam in my room. I really hoped my dad didn’t catch on.


I knew from the moment he said hello, I knew then it was not my Cousin Sal. I had recognized the voice, looked up the number and just as I thought, found out it was my son who called me. I was not mad; in fact, I was proud of the kid! The balls he had to do that! Even though me and him are not blood-related, I’m still proud to call him my son.

I knew why he did it, and even though I can’t explain what he did, I completely understood why he did it. I got off huge on what he was doing, but not in a gay way, no disrespect to gay people there. Telling a son that you had sex with his mother must be the most badass thing anyone can do, and I did it, and I enjoyed doing it.

I felt a big thrill from it. If this was what my son wanted, then I was gonna deliver. We couldn’t pretend to be cousins over the phone, so I had a different plan. I put that plan into action, later that night…

I was in my bed, getting ready for my nightly fuck. Now I like to tell guys that my wife strips off, dances, uses lotions and stuff, and she did — when we were dating.

After a while, all that stopped and she just got in bed and did her duty, the spark was definitely missing.

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