Mom Goes Camping With Son & Son’s Friend.

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All characters in this story is at least 18 years and older and made up!

Mom Goes Camping With Son & Son’s Friend.

Chapter 1

It was a nice summer’s day Mike and his friend Bill was talking about going on a camping trip. Up north because Bill’s family had land up there with a cabin on 30 acres of land. Bill told Mike no one was going to be up there for the 4th of July how would you like to go camping for the weekend and you can bring your sexy mom Liz with you. I know you want to fuck her Mike.

You are always playing with her pantie covered ass and pussy! I Don’t think she would go with us Bill just ask her and we will take the five person tent with a queen size airbed. Oh ok Mike said ok I will see if she wants to go. Mom was folding her red nylon panties when I walked in to talk to her.

Mom Bill & I are going camping on the 4th of july weekend and would you like to come with us? Mom said ok I will go I need a break from your dad. Ok I will tell Bill know Mike ran to his bedroom called Bill up he was happy that she was going. Finley It was friday Bill came to pick me and mom up in his full size van we put are stuff in and before we left mom told me she was up all night that she would sleep on the way up.

I told Bill to make the back seat into the full size bed he did then mom came out wearing a button up blue blouse with a black mini skirt. Bill said Liz you are looking Sexy today she Said Thanks Bill. Mike ride up front I am going to lay down I need a nap ok mom I said ok we were on the road for a half an hour Bill told me go back and take some pictures of your moms bra and panties. So I went in back where mom was I took a picture of her then unbuttoned her blouse took a couple of pics of her black lace bra then I felt her tit got her nipple hard I pulled down the bra and took one tit in my mouth and sucked it then buttoned her blouse back up.

Then I pulled her skirt up I found a matching pair of panties and I took some photos of the front and back. Then I spread her legs apart a little bit and put my hand down into her panties and rubbed her pussy and clit she got wet. I then rolled her over on her belly and did the same for the back side as I did for the Front.Then I put her skirt back down in the back & rolled her over again Bill said hey Mike.

Whats taking so long then he heard a moan come from the back of the van he looked back and see Mike sucking his moms tits and licking them. And Mike had his hand in her panties playing with her pussy. Then he heard Mike say, “Thats it mommy cum for your son! I want you to cum for me mommy you are going to be my mommy slut.” Then she let out a loud moan and Mike said thats a good mommy slut Let out your juices out then Mike licked her pussy clean.

Then Mike fixed her skirt and blouse back up and kissed her on the lips & forced his tongue into her moth just an half an hour before we got to Bill family’s place mom woke up. And said she felt better since her nap Bill said to me if only she knew what happened to her in her sleep . To make her feel so good.

Liz asked where we are Bill said just a half an hour away from my family’s camp. We all talked and stopped to pick up food and drinks. I bought 5 cases of Mos**to wine. Then we left the store About 5 min later we pulled up to the camp unload the van of Bill’s stuff and the food and wine. Then Bill took us two football fields away from the cabin we set up the tent made dinner then had a bonfire and Liz had two bottles of wine she was drunk and she sat down next to Mike started to play with Mike’s dick then Bill looked over and saw Liz playing with Mike’s big fat dick.

Then Bill went over and sat down next to Liz now she was in the middle of Mike and Bill pulled out his big hard fat cock she played with both of them. As the two boys unbuttoned her blouse and each boy took out one of Liz’s tits they felt up Liz’s tits and pussy. Bill told Mike after his mom made Bill cum it’s time for bed he went to the cabin and Liz washed her hands then her and Mike went into the tent.

Mike helped his mom take off her blouse and skirt Mike seen the wet spot on his mommy’s panties he took her bra off then he kissed her on the lips he was surprised that she parted her lips and his tongue meant with hers Mike pulled her panties off and smelled them and licked them to tasted his slut mommy’s pussy juice Then he laid her down and kissed her all over her body then he put his big hard fat cock into her pussy. Liz started to yell out fuck mommy’s pussy hard and fast make mommy cum Mike turned his mom into his cum doll she wrapped her legs around her son as she yelled oh god you are going to make mommy cum just after that she had her orgasm the Mike filled his mommy’s pussy up with his cum. Then they fell asleep in each others arms.

Chapter 2

A night in a tent With Mike & Bill

Next morning mom woke me up because she did not remember what happened last night she told me she woke up this morning lay next to me and were naked. I told mom that I sleep naked and that she went to the tent before me. I told her me and Bill were talking about what we were going to do today ok mom yes Mike if you are going to drink so much then go to bed and not remember how you got naked don’t ask. Ok sweetheart. Bill came calling out that breakfast was ready we said ok we will be there in five minutes ok
Good morning Liz & Mike good morning Bill we said. There was eggs, bacon, milk, coffee we ate our Breakfast. Then we went to the beach so we could go swimming. mom stayed on the beach in he two piece black string bikini that showed off moms 34a breast And a thong pantie bottom.

I went to go for a swimm and Bill did to when we got to the water Bill told me that he put a sleeping pill in her drink. Why did you do that well I want to have some more fun with your mom and you can join in to no one is going to find out this is a privet beach on my family’s land. Mike yes Bill it was only a half a pill lets go up there Mike and put some lotion one her before she starts to burn ok Bill lets go we went up there where she was and I told Bill to do her back & I will do the legs. Bill grabbed the bottle of lotion and squirted some into my hand and his hand we started to put it on her back and legs.

I started from her ankles up to her ass cheeks & Bill got to the strap of her top and I watched as he pulled on the string to untied it at her back then he lifted her up to take off the bikini top so now she was topless. Bill rolled her over on to her back and we felt her tits and each of us had a nipple and we got it hard then we got down so we each could take a tit into are mouth. And we sucked on her tits for about five minutes then we put her top back on we just got it tied back up when she woke up. Well lets go get some ice cream boys ok me and Bill said.

Bill Said Ice cream sounds good we have to run to town any way to the store to get some stuff for the BBQ that I forgot to pick up yesterday. Mom said ok we went next door to the store to the ice cream all the guys whistled at mom she was dressed in a white see thru sun dress and you could see her hot pink lace thong panties. The only place you could not see thru was her tits you could tell she was not wearing a bra. Mom said she would wait in the van for me & Bill to get out of the store. Bill picked up 2 24 pack of beer and some chicken & I picked up 2 fifth bottles of peach schnapps a fifth of ever clear & 2 gallons of orange juice & a box of condoms.

Then we got back into the van went back to camp Bill started the grill up and cooked the chicken while the chicken was cooking Bill got the beer out and the peach schnapps out and orange juice we started drinking. And partying we ate dinner and after dinned we got a bon fire going and all three of us sat on a log with Me on one Side mom in the middle And Bill at the end. And we started drinking again. Me & Bill cut back on drinking mom was now looking buzzed Bill looks at Me and says hey Mike look as Mike looks over he sees Bill rubbing Liz’s leg up and down. And she Says thank you honey but my son is here I can’t do this. Then I started rubbing her other leg up and down & I say Bill lets meet in it middle.

Bill & Mike started rubbing up Liz’s legs and they both met up her skirt and took turns rubbing her pantie covered pussy. She let out a moan then she got up went to the tent. Hey Bill Lets go get your video Camera to film us fucking mom So we have souvenir of this night. Because I don’t think we will get another chance like this ever.

Bill and I was walking to the tent with the video recording equipment and we heard moaning from the tent. We looked in and she now was wearing a red bra & matching thong panties and black thigh high stockings and black heels. She was rubbing her pussy Bill told me to get naked and get down there with her and rub that pussy. As he set up real quick he gets the light how he needs them and get the camera on the tripod and hits the record button.

Then he get naked and come over so mom is in the middle we start kissing Liz all over her body Bill unhooked her bra and pulled it off I took a tit and he took a tit in are mouths we licked and sucked on her nipples. To my surprise mom said Mike take my wet panties off and eat mommy out then fuck mommy fast and hard Bill I will give you a blow job yes son your cock feels so good your deep in mommy’s pussy your dad don’t get this deep ohhh fuck me son as she chokes on Bills cock. Bill says Liz you have a good mouth & says hey Mike how is Liz’s pussy tight and deep. mom pulls out Bills cock and says she has not had a cock in her for two years because she cut dad off from sex.

she went back to sucking Bills cock then I heard her say she is going to cum she was push back on my cock then I hit her just right where she had her first orgasm. then Bill shot his load down her throat he pulled his dick out of her mouth and took a small break to get his hard on back. As he watched me fuck my mom and play with her tits as I say cum on slut mommy you are going to be my slut and you will do and fuck who I want you to fuck.
She said yes baby I will be your sex slave now cum son cum deep in me your dad don’t give it to me like this as your cock go in and out in and out of my wet pussy so hard and fast. You ask if dad fucked you like this before mom and do you what your son’s cum deep in your mommy pussy. No he has not now fuck your mommy’s wet hot pussy in the tent as she moans out loud fuck me with that big hard cock son give me all that son cum give me a baby son fuck me and cum so deep in your mommy’s pussy.

As I fucked her harder and faster mom got me so turned on by what she just said to me then she told me she wanted me to cum on her next orgasm I unloaded my big fat cock into her pussy my cock was still semi – hard. Bill Asked Liz if he could fuck her mow and she told him he had to wear a condom Bill if you want to fuck me. Bill pulled out the box of condoms out of the paper bag opened it up and took one out and put it on. Why Bill put the condom on mom was now giving me a blow job & Bill came up behind her and put his cock into her wet pussy and started to fuck her hard and fast she started to moan yeesssssssss fuck me Bill.

At this time Bill was about to come when he heard me say that’s a good mommy slut you are getting both holes serviced by her son and her son’s friend mom hade her third orgasm and in no time Bill filled up his condom he pulled out of her hot wet cum pussy. Bill told Mike to fuck Liz doggy style Mike got Liz turned around and grab on to her hips and sunk his 7 inch hard cock in to her pussy and before long the had cum together. I pull out of my mom’s hot wet cum pussy as Bill push his cock in her but this time no condom on and she say’s oh yes fuck me hard Bill cum in my cum and maybe you both give me a baby oh yes cum in me Bill oh yesssssssssssssssssssss they both came at the same time I kissed my mom on her lips as I smacked her ass and told he good mommy slut.

Bill left me and mom there to sleep he told my he would put it on to DVD for me. Mom had a baby we had a DNA test done to see if it was mine or Bill’s the test came back that I was the dad of the baby. mom told dad she adopted a baby boy mom had her tubes tied so this is her last baby. Me and Bill talk about getting together again but that is a story for another time.

The End

I would like to Thank ILOVEASS6996 for help with ideas.

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