Mom , Son in the Car

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—–Disclaimer: All characters are 18 or older in this story—–

Background before the story:

Son: Ben Lemos, Aged 18, still in highschool, brown hair, average-skinny build, virgin

Mother: Elizabeth Lemos, Aged 35, stay at home mom, light brown shoulder-length hair, average build, has one child (Ben), married to husband (James, 37)

The story will be told in third person.


Ben had never really fantasized about his mom before. He did notice her near-perfect titties and great butt, but he never masturbated to her or thought about her sexually. Today was the day that changed.

It was Saturday and an important day. Today was the roadtrip day. The Lemos family had planned their roadtrip about a month ago. They were traveling 400 miles today for 8 hours in the car. The destination: a Florida beach. Once they arrived, they were going to spend the next week on a fun beach vacation.

Ben was up at 8 AM by his alarm. He would’ve preferred to sleep in, but they all had to get going. His morning wood was there, just like always. A perfectly average 6 inch meat stick. He fantasizes about sticking it inside a nice woman, but he knows it’ll never happen soon. No one in his high school wanted him, but there was nothing he could do about that.

Elizabeth entered Ben’s room shortly after he woke up, and Ben swiftly attempted to cover his raging morning wood. Elizabeth didn’t show it, but she did see his hard cock through his underwear. Elizabeth starts telling Ben to come on and get up, “Ben! What are you doing! We need to leave in 10 minutes! 8:10, remember!”

Ben completely forgot the time and set his alarm for 8:00 and not 7:00. “Shit!” Ben says. “I’ll grab some clothes and get to the car.” His mom stops him saying, “The car is completely full, we hardly have any room. Just grab a few things, but I already have other supplies.”

Ben gets up and puts on some sweatpants and a t-shirt. He grabs a few sets of clothes, his phone, charger, and wallet. He heads outside to the car. It’s a normal sunny day. His dad is already out by the car. Ben goes to the back of the family van and puts his things in the back. He goes over to the passenger door and opens it, seeing boxes covering all but one seat. “Mom! What is this?”

Elizabeth comes over to Ben and tells him what is up, “We have too much stuff to fit. Your dad will be driving and I’ll be sitting on your lap.” Ben immediately tries to stop this, not for sexual reasons, but because it’s simply impractical, “Mom, for 8 HOURS? No way this is going to work!” She replies, “We have no other choice, honey. Besides, we have to leave now, so get in, your father is already waiting.”

Ben sighs and sits down in the car. Elizabeth follows Ben and goes into the car. She is wearing a slightly short bursa escort skirt and a tank top. She sat down all her weight on Ben’s lap. Ben’s face was only inches from the back of her head. “Ok honey, it’s only for eight hours, OK?” Ben nodded his head.

Ben’s dad, James, started up the car and they started moving. Elizabeth was already getting bumped and shaken slightly as the car drove. Ben noticed his cock. He felt his mom’s weight on his cock over top of his sweatpants. He had no choice but to breathe in her scent. Her tits were right in front of him too. He tried to think of other things, to not get aroused, but his cock started to stir.

Once they got to the highway, James asked his wife for his ear buds and the divider. Driving for long periods of time always tires out James. He uses noise cancelling ear buds to block out any annoying noise. He also uses this big divider thing to block out the view of the backseat to prevent any distractions from there. Ben always thought his dad was crazy for this, but James insisted that it’s the safest thing they can do. Elizabeth leaned off of Ben’s lap to grab the ear buds and divider, giving them to James. He could not see or hear what was going on in the backseat now.

She bounced back onto Ben’s lap. His cock was growing more and more, but it was not fully hard yet. They continued on the road trip for two hours. All Ben focused on was keeping his boner down.

Suddenly, they hit a rougher part of the road. Ben’s mom was shaking on his lap more than before. Ben closed his eyes and tried to think of things that turn him off, but his mind kept coming back to his mom. But then something changed. His dad yelled back to them “Make sure your mom doesn’t fall, Ben!” Ben didn’t do anything. Elizabeth they said to him “You heard your father, wrap your arms around me! Be my seat belt!” Ben knew what was going to happen. He wrapped his arms around his mother’s waist. The top of her boobs were resting on his arms. The result of this was inevitable. Ben got rock hard. He felt his cock pushing up on his mom. Ben pushed his legs together, trying to keep his boner down.

After Ben shifted his legs, his mom did the same. She re-positioned herself, spreading her legs apart, with Ben’s legs in between her. Ben started to sweat and he couldn’t hold back his boner anymore. He was now fully erect. Elizabeth’s legs were spread and Ben’s cock was pushing onto her panties.

Luckily, they just left the rocky part of the road. However, his mom kept moving. She was slightly moving her hips up and down, left and right on his lap, even though the road was flat. Was she grinding on me? Ben thought to himself. He only got harder at this thought. He kept his hands around his mom’s waist, moving them up a little bit. He moved his arms so that they were wrapped around his mom’s tits. She kept bursa escort bayan up her very slight grinding motion on his lap.

Ben moved his hands a little more, so that they were grasping her breasts. She started bouncing on him a little bit more. They still had not acknowledged what was going on between each other. Until now. Ben whispered into his mom’s ear, “I’m kind of hot right now.” Elizabeth responds “Me, too. I’m gonna take off my shirt.” Ben is shocked to hear this but doesn’t do anything to stop it.

Elizabeth pulls off her shirt, revealing a small white bra covering his near-perfect titties. Her nipples were poking through it. She turned around to see Ben and says “Take something off! I thought you were hot?” Ben stammers and responds “What should I take off?” His mom looks at what he’s wearing and notices his sweatpants. She stifles her smile and says “How about you take off those thick sweatpants?” Ben obeys his mother and pulls off his pants. Ben’s boner had shrunk since his mom left his lap.

Elizabeth sits back down on Ben’s lap and his boner grows again. His eyes are locked on his mother’s breasts hidden behind her bra. His cock is pushing up in his underwear. Elizabeth starts grinding on her son again. Ben returns his hands to her breasts and shortly after that, Elizabeth gets up. Ben immediately expects her to reprimand him for touching her like that, but she just turns around. She sits onto Ben’s lap again, but facing him this time, with her back facing the back of the passenger seat in front of them. Her legs are still spread over Ben’s lap.

Elizabeth leans onto the passenger seat behind her, facing her son. Now Ben is facing his mom’s beautiful titties and her natural and sexy MILF face. He looks down to her waist and sees her skirt. It’s up a little bit, revealing her gray panties. THEY WERE WET?? Ben looked back up at his mom’s tits and she catches him. “Ben. Whatcha looking at?” She quietly laughs and Ben blushes. “I’m sorry Mom, it’s–I–this whole thing–it’s—” Elizabeth cuts him off, “shh, shh, shh. Honey, it’s ok.”

Elizabeth looks Ben into the eyes and moves her hands up to her bra, unclipping it and removing it from her. Ben’s eyes went wide. His mother’s bare, beautiful, sexy, perfect titties were right in front of him. Impulsively, his hands went to her boobs and he squeezed them, but then he removed them swiftly and tried to apologize, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I know that’s bad.”

Elizabeth doesn’t say anything. She moved her hand down to Ben’s underwear. She squeezes his cock through his underwear before reaching in a pulling it out. His mom gets down from Ben’s lap. She gets onto her knees on the floor. Pulling out Ben’s cock, she starts to stroke it with her hand. Ben was in heaven. No one had done this for him before. She opened her mouth and carefully moved escort bursa Ben’s cock into her mouth. If James found them doing this, it would all be over.

Ben put both of his hands on the back of his mother’s head as she bobbed on his cock. Up and down, she sucked him off. It was just like the porn Ben always watched, but this was WAY better! Ben stopped her though. He felt himself getting close. He pulled up his mom from her knees. He brings her back to his lap and they start to make out.

Elizabeth leans back again and pulls off her skirt and panties. Ben asks her “Can I touch it, Mom?” Elizabeth responds “No, honey, we don’t have any time for that.” She gets up and grabs her son’s shaft, guiding it. Elizabeth lowers herself down onto Ben’s cock, slipping it into her. Ben closed his eyes and his mom let out a soft moan “aghhh!” followed by a loud moan “AHHH!”

Suddenly, James called back to them, “everything ok back there?” Elizabeth called back, “yes, we’re all good, I just bumped by head!” Ben’s cock was inside his mom. Her wet pussy walls felt fantastic around his formerly-virgin cock. She bounced up and down on him. Ben’s hands went to Elizabeth’s bouncing boobs. Her weight was being slammed onto his lap over and over and over. The textured walls of Elizabeth’s pussy kept rubbing 18 y/o Ben’s cock.

Ben put his arms around the back of his mom and pulled her to him. Elizabeth’s tits were pressed against her son’s chest. They kissed each other. Elizabeth’s arms were around Ben’s back. One of Ben’s hand was in his Mom’s hair, and the other was around her back.

Ben pulled away from kissing his mom and told her “Mom. Mommy. I have to cum. I-I have to ejaculate. Where shoul–” Elizabeth cut him off. “I’m on birth control, baby. Cum inside me. Cum inside me!” “Ok mommy!”

Ben took control now. He moved his hips up and down, thrusting his near-bursting cock in and out of his mother’s dripping MILF pussy. He put his hands back on his mom’s tits, squeezing them over and over. It was too much. Ben exploded inside his mom. His load shot in her and she very softly moaned throughout all this, “agh, augh…ahhh”. Ben’s cock propelled his fresh cum into his mother’s pussy, shooting at least 14 full shots.

Elizabeth fell forward onto Ben, hugging him. They quickly grabbed their clothes and started to put them back on. Elizabeth didn’t put on her panties and Ben didn’t put on his underwear. Also, Ben’s cock stayed hard even after ejaculating.

Elizabeth sat back down on Ben’s lap. She discretely pulled out Ben’s cock and slipped it inside her. She didn’t move up and down, she just sat there with her son inside her. They made sure that no one could see this. Elizabeth’s skirt covered it all. They stayed like this for another 30 minutes until Ben’s cock got soft.

The rest of the road trip was pretty tame, but Elizabeth did let her son touch her pussy, but nothing more. They arrived in Florida late at night after many unplanned stops. They were very tired, but Ben and Elizabeth were excited for what could come from their vacation.

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