Mommy’s Big Ass

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Mommy was already naked when I entered the room. She smiled softly and held her arms out, inviting me to sit in her lap. I did as she instructed and sat on her lap.

“Good boy.” She purred, licking my earlobe. I couldn’t help but get hard when she said that. She looked down and saw my cock hardening and she moaned with delight.

“There’s my big boy’s big dick. Someone is happy to see his Mommy.” She giggled

I nodded “Of course Mommy, I’m always happy to see you.” My voice was soft and submissive.

“I know baby boy. You’re going to be a good boy for Mommy now, right?” She asked with a knowing smirk

“Of course Mommy, I’m always a good boy for you.” I agreed. I take pride in how good I am for Mommy, and she knows that all too well.

“Good boy…” she purs, giving me a sly smirk before pulling me into a deep kiss. Her heavy breasts are squished between our bodies; one of her arms holds me close while the other strokes my dick slow and steady. I kiss Mommy with all my energy, hungry for her taste and ready to please her.

She finally pulls away and gently pushes me off of her. I stand as she spreads her legs, opening her sweet flower to me. I look her in the eyes and she nods. I drop to my knees and lick her gently. Long soft strokes on her bud. She leans her head back and moans softly.

“Just like that….ooooh, someone is a good boy. He knows just what Mommy likes.” She purrs. My dick gets rock hard as she praises me and I start to pick up speed. I hold her thighs and start to squeeze them a bit while I lick and suck her pussy.

Finally her hand grabs my hair and pushes my face into her. The hair is tangled around my face but I don’t Çukuramba complain, I just keep eating away and Mommy’s clit till she cums on my face.

When she finally lets go I gently lick her pussy to make sure everything is cleaned.

“May I clean my face, Mommy?” I ask politely.

“No, it can stay.” She says with a smirk, then gestures with a finger for me to return to her lap. I do, and she stares into my eyes lovingly, but with a wicked grin.

“You’re a good boy. And you’d do anything for Mommy, right?” She purrs, inches from my soaked face.

“Yes Mommy, anything.” I whisper.

“Mommy’s ass is a little dirty, would you mind cleaning it for Mommy?” She innocently requests. I’m clearly confused by this, which makes her giggle.

” Mommy wants you to clean her dirty asshole with your tongue, will you do that for her?” She asks again, biting her lip as she anticipates my response.

I can disappoint her.

“…Of course Mommy, anything for you.” I sigh.

She giggled madly, gently pushing me off her lap so she can lay on the bed like we’re going to do doggy style. She knows that’s my favorite position, this is clearly meant to tease me. She looks over her shoulder invitingly, biting her lip. Then she wiggles her ass, know that drives me crazy.

I kneel behind her, spread her fat ass cheeks and lean in, the smell of her ass is intoxicating, and I longer for a second to take in the foul scent, much to Mommy’s delight. I then lean in and start tentatively licker her ass right around the little pink hole. Mommy moans softly.

“What a good boy, eating Mommy’s ass. Make sure you do a thorough job back there, Çukurambar Escort Mommy wants to know you really care.” She teases.

She knows just what to say to get me. I lick away at her ass, top to bottom is spit shined and licked clean, then I stare at the hole for a second before pushing my tongue in as far as it’ll let me, then I pull it away. This isn’t enough for Mommy.

“Oh come on now, you’ve gotta really get in there and clean it up.” She growls like a puma in heat, loving every moment of my humiliation.

I once again press my tongue against her asshole, wiggling it just a bit it get it further in, then I pull it away, spit on it, and go again. Mommy loves this and laughs madly.

“Good boy, ooh you’re such a good boy. You love Mommy’s big fat ass don’t you?” She purrs.

I nod, not daring to remove my tongue.

“Show mommy how much you love her ass.” She growls. I know what she wants, and I’ll give it to her.

I pull my face just inches from her asshole and whisper, just loud enough for her to hear

“Ooh Mommy, I love your big fat ass, I love the taste and the smell, I love to eat it and I love to fuck it. I love your ass so much.” I debase myself for her, then lean in and plant a soft kiss on her asshole.

“Kiss it like it’s your Mommy.” She demands.

I make out with her dirty asshole, my lips moving across it, my tongue darting in and out. I savor the taste of her dirty asshole, just like she wants. She giggles triumphantly

“Who’s a good boy for his Mommy?” She whispers.

“I am.” I whisper back.

“You may fuck me now.” She finally relents.

“From behind?” I clarify, lifting Escort Çukurambar my head.

“From behind. Don’t cum till I say so.” She instructs, resting her head on a pillow.

She’s awful, she knows I can’t last long in this position but she demands I hold out anyway.

I get up, kneeling behind her, and stick two fingers in her pussy, working it for a bit till it’s nice and slick, and her hips start rocking in a steady motion. If I’m going to make this work, I have to give myself a second to relax and make sure she’s already going.

Finally, when the time is right, I grip my dick, getting all the juices from my fingers on it, then slowly slide it into her from behind until my hips are resting on her ass. I love this angle; the way her pussy rubs the bottom of my dick, the way my hips bounce on her ass, the way I can do as I please once Mommy is drooling over the cock in her.

I pace myself at first, getting into a rhythm that Mommy likes while I pull her ass cheeks apart, showing her freshly cleaned asshole to me. She starts thrusting back into me, so I pick up the pace, which makes her moan.

I’ve got her now.

I slap her ass hard. She hisses in pain and pleasure, and goes to protest, so I start fucking her hard.

“You like that, huh you little Mommy slut!” I hiss back, thrusting wildly into her, causing her to moan loudly.

“Tell me I can cum in you, tell me how bad you want my cum!” I tell, landing another hard slap on her ass.

She moans loudly again.

“Ooooh baby, cum in me! I want all your cum deep inside me! Fuck me hard and give me your cum!” She screams as I grab her hips hard and pound her rapidly from behind. I hold out as long as I can before blowing my load deep inside her, cursing her the whole time. Then I lean over her, exhausted and kiss her back, then straighten up and catch my breath. “We’re so good at this” she finally says, blissfully content.

“We certainly are, Mommy.” I chuckle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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