Moms Baby Girl

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My mom was the victim of a brutal rape when she was fourteen. The pig that raped her was shot to death the very next day while robbing a gas station. I was born nine months latter. A baby girl, 6lbs 2ozs. She named me Jamie.
I have always loved my mom and I know that she loves me very much because she tells me at least 20 times a day. I think I really fell in love with her when I was around seven years old.
I was laying on her bed one Saturday morning watching cartoons while she was taking a shower. She finished her shower and came out of her bathroom with only a towel wrapped around her hair. She came over to the bed and stood. My eyes were eve level with her pussy crack and only about an inch or two away. I could see the top of her slit opening and a little of her clit was sticking out. She had very little pubic hair because of her natural strawberry blond hair. I wanted to reach out and touch her crack for reasons I did not understand at that time. I just knew I wanted to touch it. She gave me a kiss on top of my head and said whats happening poo. I said just watching toons.
She walked over to her dresser and took the towel off and finished drying off. Now I have seen her naked a zillion times but this time I looked at her and thought how beautiful she is. Long strawberry blond hair hanging over her shoulders. The most beautiful round boobs that stood up tall and and straight out. Her big puffy nipples, her flat tunny and round butt, long legs that go up to her almost hairless vagina. She always wore a string bikini so her whole body was tan except right around her nipples and a small patch at her vagina. On a scale of one to ten ten being the hottest she was a twenty.
Mom I said.
Yes baby.
Do you think I will ever have boobs?
Boobs, she said.
Boobs, I said, I want to have boobs just like yours.
Don’t worry she said, They will be here soon enough. And when you do get your boobies the government will declare a national holiday and every one will be dancing in the streets.
Oh Mom I said. I’m serious. When will I get some?
Well you’re seven now so I would say about five more years. When you’re twelve.
That long! I got to wait that long I said.
Fraid so she said. Don’t get in such a hurry.
She stood in front of the full length mirror naked while blow drying her hair. I watched her firm boobs swing back and forth. She dropped her hair brush and when she bent over to pick it up I could see her butt hole for just a second. When her hair was dry she went to her dresser and sit on her bench, She was facing me with her legs just far enough apart that I could see the whole length of her pussy. So beautiful I thought.
What ya got planed to do to day, she said.
I had to force my self to look up at her face.
I don’t know, What you want to do.
Well after I get dressed I thought we could go to the mall and have lunch and maybe go to a movie.
OK, I said. that sounds good.
I think this was the first time that I got sexually excited because while watching her I felt a little tingle between my legs and it got a little wet down there. And my nipples were hard. I had no tits but I had hard nipples.
I got off the bed and said I got to go to the bath room. I ran down the hall to my bathroom, locked the door and pulled my shorts down and tried to see what was happening. I sat on the edge of the tub and tried to see where the wetness was coming from. I put my finger on my hairless pussy crack and rubbed back and forth till I found my wet hole. I started rubbing it and all of a sudden the most wonderful feeling shot through my body. I was not sure what it was but it felt great. I took my tee shirt off and my nipples were rock hard. I started rubbing them with my thumbs. I put one hand back on my hole and rubbed it some more. I was not sure what just happened but it sure felt good.
After that I tried to see her naked every chance I got.

One night a couple years later, when I was nine almost ten, she went on a date with this guy and they came home around midnight. I was in bed and I heard her saying good night to the baby sitter.
I lay there for a few minutes listening to muffled talk coming from down stairs and I knew that her date was still there. After about 15 minutes I heard some tip towing coming up the stairs and then my door opened ever so slowly. I pretended I was asleep when my mom came over to tuck me in. Then she tip towed back to the door and I heard her whisper, She is asleep. Then I heard the door to her bed room open and some more whispering.
After about ten minutes I got out of bed and went to my door and I opened it very slowly and tip toed down the hall to my moms room. The door was opened just a crack and I could see in. I could see my mom standing there with only her bra and panties on and the guy was behind her kissing her neck. I could see his hands come around to my moms tits and was squeezing them. Her bra opened from the front and he unhooked it and her Elazığ Escort mounds came free and her nipples were hard and he had one in each hand. Then he slid one hand down her stomach and put it inside her panties. I could hear her moan and say its been a long time and that feels so good.
My mom turned around and dropped to her knees and pulled his boxers down and a
giant of a cock sprang out. It was super hard and had to be at least 8 or 9 inches long and real thick. My mom put both hands on the shaft and started stroking it. Then she put the head of it in her mouth and was licking the head and under the shaft and then she took his balls and started kissing them. Then she put the head of it back in her mouth and was sucking it and the more she sucked the more of his cock went in her mouth.
Then the guy put his hands on the back of her head and started fucking her mouth.

I did not realize that what I was watching was getting me excited till I felt my wetness running down my legs. I did not wear panties to bed so I lifted up my nightie and started rubbing my pussy.
I was watching this guy fuck my moms face and then he pulled out and said I’m cumming bitch. Then his white spunk started shooting out on to my moms face and in her mouth. Mom kept pumping the shaft trying to get every drop out,
I had two fingers in my pussy hole pumping like crazy. My hands were so wet I started sloshing so I had to slow it down so not to be heard.
Mom stood up and bent over the bed and the guy pulled her panties off and bent down and started licking her ass and pussy. Mom was moaning and groaning and saying put it in, fuck me, fuck me, its been so long I need your dick inside me now.
The guy stood up and took his big dick and stroked it a few time and then slammed it inside my mom. OH GOD she yelled fuck me damn it fuck me hard.
She was leaning over the bed and the guy was pulling her hair back and was fucking her hard and long. At the angle I was looking I could see his big dick slamming into her open pussy. Her pussy lips were wrapped around his cock tight as a drum. Her boobs were swing back and forth with every hard stroke of his dick.
I had as many fingers inside my little pussy as I could get and my whole hand was wet with my juices.
I could hear my mom yell faster, faster you son of a bitch I’m cumming.
My mom her friend and I came at the same time. My orgasm was coming hard and heavy and I started moaning and my mom was yelling oh god oh god I’m cumming
I’m cumming fuck me fuck me. The guy was cumming and I could see his white sperm over flowing out of my moms open hold and running down her leg.
After that they collapsed onto the bed breathing heavy and I was standing there with a very wet hand and a wet nightie and my wetness was still running down my legs onto the carpet.
I creaped back to my room and dried my hand and legs and pussy and changed nighties and got back in bed. After a while I heard my moms door open. I heard her say something about the carpet being wet and then they slipped back down stairs and the guy left.
I heard my mom come back up stairs and opened my door to check on me and then went to her room and again I herd her asking herself why the carpet was so wet at her door.
The next morning was Sunday and I woke up about 8am and got up and went to moms room. There was a towel laying over the carpet at her door. I jumped in bed and snuggled up to her and she said oh Jamie go away I feel awful.
Did you have a good time last night? I asked.
Oh yea she said the time of my life.
By the way did you spill something on the carpet by my door? She asked.
Did I spill something, No mom I did not spill any thing.
Well she said I wonder how that spot on the carpet got so wet????
Then she looked at my nightie and said I thought you had on a different nightie last night.
No mom I said I put this on last night I said.

When I was eleven I came home from soccer practice one day and my mom was in the living room working out in front of the TV. She had on a cut off tee and biker shorts.
She had no bra on and from what I could see no panties. I could see the bottom of her tits bouncing around while she bounced up and down.
It had been raining all day and I was soaked from top to bottom inside and out.
I was watching her from the door way and she did not see me and the music was loud so she did not hear me. I felt my pussy hole getting wet and my little nubbie boobies as I called them were getting hard. I put my hand on my wet uniform and felt my pussy. I was really getting hot.
After a few minutes I went over to her and she said oh hi Jamie how was practice?
I said fine but I fell in a mud hole because of the rain last night. I have mud in places I did not even know I had places.
She gave me a kiss and said p-u you Elazığ Escort Bayan stink.
I said well you don’t smell so great yourself.
She said why don’t you go take a shower and I will be up just as soon as I finish here. And then I will order a pizza for dinner.
I went up stairs and into my room. I took off all my clothes and stood there looking at my nubbies in the mirror. I started playing with my nipples and running my hand down my smooth flat tummy and found the top of my crack. I put my clit in between my thumb and finger and started rolling it around. Oh god it felt good. I was squeezing my nipple and rubbing my clit. I decided to sit on the edge of the bed. I opened my legs and started to rub my pussy. I pulled open my lips and put a finger in the hole and felt the wetness and when my finger was all wet with my juices I licked it off my finger. My pussy juices tasted good on my toung and then I put my finger in my mouth and sucked
the rest off. I started exploring my pussy crack again and the lips spread apart when I heard my mom say. Whats going on? What are you doing?
I looked up and she was standing in the door way. I forgot to close the door. I had to think fast. I said I am itching down here and can’t figure out why.
She said you’re itching. How long has it been itching. I said it just started a few minutes ago.
She came over to the bed and said let me look. Lay back on the bed.
I laid back and could feel her fingers opening my pussy lips and it felt wonderful.
She ran a finger down to my hole and my juices were still flowing all over her hand.
I was scared she would get mad but instead she looked up and said its really wet down there but I don’t see any thing that would cause you to itch.
With that she kissed the very tip top of my crack, then my belly button.
She said well look at that your boobs are starting to grow.
She kissed my cheek and said. I got to go take a shower I stink and you stink so you need a shower also.
She left my room and went down the hall to her room and I jumped off the bed and followed her.
I was standing there naked watching her take off her cut off top and her bra less tits hoped out. I wanted to reach up and touch them but I was scared she might get mad.
I said hey mom, why don’t we take a shower together and that way we can wash each others back.
She said that’s fine with me. But we will use my shower because its bigger.
She took off her shorts and just as I thought. No panties.
I was looking at the top of her crack thinking about how much I would like to kiss it.
She said well what are we waiting for lets hit the showers.
Naked me followed my naked mom into her shower. While she was getting the water to the right temp I was looking at her body and getting more wet by the moment and I don’t mean from the water.
We shampooed our hair first and as she was rinsing my hair she pulled my face between her tits for just a second and I thought I was in heaven.
She said you wash my back first.
I took the bottle of soap and squirted it on her back and then with my hands I reached up to her shoulders and started rubbing the soap in.
My head was right above her butt crack.
I started rubbing my hands around all over her smooth wet back.
I was looking at her ass wondering if she would let me wash her butt.
I put my hands on her ass cheeks and started rubbing in circles. I decided to take a chance and I slid my hand between her butt crack and then back out. She did not say any thing so I thought I would do it again. This time I left my hand there longer and she still did not say any thing so I took both hands and started rubbing her ass crack.
She leaned over and put her hands on the shower wall which exposed her ass hole and pussy.
I rubbed her a little longer and then got the nerve to touch her butt hole. I slid my finger ever so gentle to the button and I rubbed my finger around it a little and with my other hand I touched her cunt and I heard her say. Oh Baby. I said I’m sorry mom did I hurt you.
That is when she stood up straight and turned around. I said I’m sorry mom I just wanted to touch it.
She said, you just wanted to touch it. Then she looked at me for a second and put my face between her hands and brought her lips over mine and started kissing me. Her toung entered my mouth and it felt wonderful. She took my hand and placed it on her pussy. It felt so good I thought I would faint. A rush came over me and I realized that my bladder was full and I had to pee. I said mom I got to pee and she said go ahead and pee. I started peeing on the shower floor and it was splattering every where and then mom started peeing and my hand was there but I did not move it away because it felt so good. She put her hand between my legs and I was peeing on her hand.
Jamie Escort Elazığ that feels so good. She said. With my other hand I found her clit and started rubbing it.
All of a sudden she turned around and picked me up and turned off the shower and carried me to her bed and dropped me. She spun me around and spread my leg wide apart and put her face to my wet pussy and started liking the whole length of my crack.
She rammed her toung deep inside my hole and started fucking me with her toung oh mommie mommie that feels good don’t ever stop. She was sucking all the wetness out of my hole. Her mouth found my clit and started sucking and I could feel an organism coming and my juices were all over the bed spread.
Mom stood up and got on the bed and put her pussy on my face. She grabbed my face and buried it in her slit. I was trying to get back into the hole I came out of eleven years ago. Lick it Jamie lick it I’m coming and I could taste her pussy juices flowing in to my mouth. She reached behind her and found my hole and started finger fucking me. She was pumping her finger in and out so fast that I could not control my orgasm and I started cumming with no control. I put her clit in my mouth and sucked as hard as I could and I could feel her start to tremble and we were both cumming together.
She fell back on to the bed and I crawled on top of her. I put one hand on a tit and was licking and sucking her other nipple, her beautiful puffy nipple. We both lay there exhausted from our orgasms. After a few minutes I said Mom, She said yes Jamie. I said can I do something to you. She said of course. I said, I want you to get on your hands and knees on the bed. My mom did as I asked and said, now what? I moved around behind her and said now put your head on the bed. Her ass was sticking up and I could see all of her beautiful love holes. I started kissing her butt cheeks and licking her ass. I put my toung to her button and slowly tried to push it in. Mom said wait a minute go open the bottom drawer to my night stand. I got off the bed and opened the drawer and found what looked like a humongous cock like thing. I said what is this mom. She said it is a dildo. I said a dildo, what is that? She said get back up here and I will show you. Now you can either suck on it to get it wet or you can put it in my hole and get it wet with my pussy juice. I put it in her cunt and got it real wet and then she said now very slowly put it in my ass. I put it to her ass hole and slowly push it in. she said ok now start pushing it in and out till you get it all in me.
I pushed the dildo in and out till I had it all in her. She was moaning and gowning and I could see how wet her pussy was getting and dripping. I kept trying to catch her wetness with my hand and licking it off my fingers. I pulled the dildo out of her ass and I could see all the way into her asshole. I quickly put my tongue in her ass hole and let it close around my tongue. I started ass fucking her with my tongue. She was saying, Oh Jamie , that feels so good. I’m cumming again Jamie, oh your tongue feels so good. Then I pushed the dildo into her pussy and started fucking her really fast. She started screaming and yelling fuck me fuck me fuck me oh god I’m cumming I’m cumming.
After a few minutes she fall down on the bed and said oh my god, what am I doing?
You’re fucking me to death Jamie. My sweet baby girl.
Then she got up and said OK now it is your turn to put your beautiful pussy and ass in the air.
I got on my knees and put my face on the bed. My mom started licking my ass hole and I could feel her tongue snaking its way in side and I was going crazy. I accidentally farted in her mouth and said sorry mom. She said that’s OK, shit happens, it tasted just as sweet an you. She started licking from my clit to my ass and I was loving every minute of it.
I said mommie are you going to put the dildo in my pussy. She said , no baby that would be to big for you but I have something else. She went to her closet and got a shoe box and opened it and pulled out a smaller dildo but this one had two cocks one on top of the other one was bigger and one was smaller. She opened a slot and put in batteries. Then she started putting a liquid on it. I said what is that and she said this is a love oil and you will like this it makes you feel all good inside. Then she started rubbing the bigger dick around my pussy and then she put the head of it in my cunt and then she put the smaller one in my ass. I said oh gosh mom that really feels good. She said you haven’t felt any thing yet and then she flipped a switch and the two dicks started vibrating at the same time one in my cunt and the other in my ass. The sensation was so great I could not think. I said oh fuck shit, shit, shit mom take it out no leave it in oh god shit fucking bitch god damn whore fuck me make it go faster oh shit oh fuck I am cumming already. Oh fuck I got to pee or fuck or something shit I’m cumming I’m cumming fuck me fuck me. My orgasm was so great that I trembled for about ten minutes after it was over. My mom laid back on the bed and I snuggled up beside her and put her left nipple in my mouth and a finger on her pussy crack and then I went to asleep exhausted from all the fucking and sucking. I heard her say my baby girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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