Mom’s Bed Ch. 06

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Author’s note: This chapter contains incest, lesbianism, dominance and light spanking. Like most of my stories, this one seems to be taking off in a direction of its own. It’s not one of my more ‘traditional’ stories and I don’t foresee it going back in that direction anytime soon. Hopefully, you’ll still enjoy it. If not, feel free to check out some of my other work or the writings of some of the talented authors on this site.




‘Thank God that’s over!’

My last exam was finally done. It was a tough one, but the last two weeks I spent more time at the library than anyplace else and it seemed to have paid off.

“Hey Brian, we’re going out to celebrate the end of finals and the beginning of summer. Do you want to come?” I looked up and saw Cindy. She was walking toward me with her friend Bethany. I smiled pleasantly, but shook my head.

“No thanks,” I replied. “I’m exhausted. I’m going home to sleep for a couple of days.”

“Oh come on,” Cindy’s smiled enticingly as they stopped in front of me. “It will be fun.” I thought it might be a bit more than that based on her expression and the hints she’d been giving me recently. I shook my head slightly, trying to figure out why she suddenly seemed so interested in me when she barely noticed me before, but I didn’t dwell on the thought long. I was tired. Besides, Rhonda was waiting for me at home. So were mom and Lisa.

“No thanks,” I said, trying to hide my impatience. “Enjoy your break.”

“Are you sure?” she sighed in obvious disappointment. Again, I wondered what changed. The funny part was that before Rhonda came into my life I used to have a thing for Cindy. Maybe that was the problem. Maybe Cindy didn’t like the fact that I lost interest in her.

“See you next semester,” I said, turning to leave. I was surprised when someone grabbed my shoulder and stopped me from leaving. I turned back and was even more surprised when I saw that it was Bethany and not Cindy. Her grip wasn’t all that strong, but there was something about her expression I didn’t like. “Yes?”

“Brian, are you always this dense?” she asked in annoyance. “Cindy likes you and wants to hook up. Most guys would kill for a chance with her.” I realized what was bothering me. Bethany was being very aggressive and I didn’t like it at all. I had to hold myself in check.

“I’m not most guys,” I said, removing her hand from my shoulder. I turned to Cindy and added, “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested.” I didn’t want to hurt her feeling, but the truth was the truth. It would be worse to lead her on. Cindy seemed not only surprised, but actually upset. I guess she wasn’t used to getting turned down.

“You bastard!” Bethany snapped, angry for her friend. I shrugged. I wasn’t trying to be.

“It’s okay,” Cindy put in before Bethany could say anything else. “I just thought we could have some fun together. You’ve changed recently. You’re more confident and sure of yourself. I like that in a guy.”

I nodded in understanding. Now I knew why she was suddenly interested in me. I hadn’t realized that my relationship with Rhonda, my mother and sister was affecting me so much, but I guess it made sense. Cindy was right. I was more confident. I knew what I wanted and was getting used to having it, working for it, even taking it. It felt good, although that last part concerned me at times.

“Cindy, you’re a beautiful girl,” I offered. “Bethany’s right. Most guys would kill for a chance with you, but I’m seeing someone.” She nodded. Her friend wasn’t nearly as understanding. She was obviously taking it worst than Cindy.

“Let me guess,” Bethany said. “You’re gay.”

“Not even a little bit,” I laughed, deciding not to let her get to me. “Enjoy your break.” I turned to leave once more, but Bethany grabbed my shoulder again. My control slipped. I took her hand off of my shoulder and surprised her by pulling her close, very close. “Don’t do that again.”

We were only inches away from each other. Our eyes locked for a few moments before she looked away. I took her chin in my hand and forced her to make eye contact once more. She was clearly nervous and perhaps a little afraid, but there was more there than that. For a moment I was tempted to find out just how much more. Instead I smiled, released her and left without another word.

I shook my head as I made my way to my car. It was a mistake to let her bother me, but I didn’t like being grabbed. The part that concerned me most was the charge of excitement I felt when I pulled her close.

‘No, that wasn’t it,” I thought. ‘It was when she backed down, especially when I made her look back into my eyes.’ I felt myself responding. I decided I was too tired to dwell on it right now. I needed to get home and find my bed!

The parking lot wasn’t far, but it was one of those hot spring days and there wasn’t even a slight breeze. I was sweating by the time I reached the car. I opened the door and stood there for a few moments to let the aksaray escort interior cool off. I got in, but didn’t shut the door. It was too hot! I started the car and put on the AC. I couldn’t stop myself from yawning. I caught myself nodding a few moments later and put on the radio. I shut the door as soon as the AC started pumping out cold air.

“Man! I really am spent, and not in a good way. Of course, that’s all about to change.” I grinned in anticipation. To say I was looking forward to the coming summer was a vast understatement, especially the first week of it. My summer job wouldn’t start for ten days so I was free to relax and do whatever I wanted. My sister’s school was in the middle of finals. She taught gym and that didn’t have a final so she was able to take off from work. You have to love a teacher’s schedule! Mom and Rhonda were taking off as well. We decided to make a holiday of the coming week and I was seriously looking forward to it.

The ride home was uneventful, or would have been if I didn’t have to fight so hard to keep my eyes open. I walked in the house and dropped my keys on the counter. No one was downstairs. I smiled. I had a pretty good idea where they were. I made my way upstairs.

“Oh Lisa! Do it again! That’s feels so good!”

I felt myself stiffen despite my exhaustion as Rhonda’s lustful cry was followed by the sound of an open hand slapping again skin. I was certain it was my sister swatting Rhonda’s ass. I licked my lips as I reached the top of the stairs. I smiled when I saw mom leaning against Lisa’s bedroom doorway. She was obviously watching my sister and Rhonda.

I took a moment to appreciate the sight of my mother. She looked amazing as always. Mom was built very nicely with curves in all the right places. I continued to appreciate the sight of her until she noticed me.

“You’re home,” she said, blushing slightly at being caught watching Lisa and Rhonda. A part of me thought it was funny considering everything that had happened over the last few months, but I couldn’t deny that another part of me loved the fact that mom was still mom.

“And exhausted,” I said, smiling warmly. “I need sleep.” Mom took a long look at me and frowned before walking toward me. She took my arm.

“Let’s get some food into you first,” she said, obviously concerned. “You haven’t been taking care of yourself recently.”

“Mom, I’m fine,” I argued, but she was in full mother mode so I let her lead me. I was too tired to eat, but there was no point in arguing with her when she was like this. Oh, I could win the argument, but she would be upset and I didn’t want that. My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of flesh hitting flesh again and a loud moan.

“Rhonda really does like getting spanked,” I said with slow smile, remembering some of the times we’d been together.

“Your sister seems to be enjoying herself too,” mom said, somewhat concerned. I nodded. It was pretty obvious that despite being submissive to me, Lisa could be quite the dominating bitch. Rhonda loved it. I think mom did too deep down when she wasn’t being an overly concerned mother.

“Mom, stop worrying,” I said as we reached the bottom of the stairs. “If they’re both happy doing what they’re doing then why be concerned?”

“You’re right,” mom replied, but I could tell she troubled. That was mom. I needed to get her mind off the subject.

“I really am tired. How about I eat later?”

“No,” mom insisted. “You need food. Sit down and let me at least make you a sandwich.” I smiled and sat at the kitchen table while mom opened the refrigerator and started pulling out cold cuts. I watched her make my sandwich. Maybe it was because I was tired and my thoughts were beginning to get a bit odd, but I had flashes of mom doing the exact same thing for me over the years. I smiled contently. I was a lucky guy to have someone like her to mother me.

“So, was work okay with you taking the week?” I asked. I wanted to make sure she was distracted from her earlier concerns. I also needed something to keep me awake.

“They were great,” she replied.

“That’s cool,” I smiled. “You’re new boss is a good guy.”

“Yes he is,” mom smiled. “I met his wife at the company holiday party. She was very nice. I’m not surprised.”

We continued to chat as mom finished making my sandwich and putting it in front of me. I didn’t think I was hungry until after I took the first bite. Suddenly I was starving. I grinned to myself as I dug in. Mom was right. No surprise there. I did need food.

“Slow down!” she cried in concern as she poured me a glass of milk. I had a hard time not laughing. I probably wouldn’t have been able to stop myself if I wasn’t in the middle of wolfing down the sandwich.

“Thanks mom. That was great,” I said afterward, sitting back and sighing contently.

“Now let’s get you to bed,” she said, putting my plate and my empty glass in the sink. I let mom lead me back upstairs. Lisa and Rhonda anal yapan escort were still going at it, but I was too tired to react now. The food had done its job and I was barely staying vertical. Mom saw and sighed. “You poor dear.” She started leading me to my room, but I didn’t want to crash there.

“Mom, I want to sleep in your bed,” I said groggily. She nodded without argument.

Two minutes later I was under mom’s sheets sighing contently. My clothes were in a pile on a chair. I watched as she pulled the heavier covers off the bed. It was far too hot for them. Mom leaned forward and kissed my forehead when she was done. She started to stand up to leave, but I reached out and took her hand.

“Mom, you are a great mother,” I smiled. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” she said, but instead of smiling she frowned slightly. “Although I’m not so sure of how good of a mother I am.”

“You’re the best,” I insisted. “And it’s time you accepted it and stopped blaming yourself for something that you had no real control over.”

“I’m the mother,” she sighed. “Of course it’s my fault.” There was something in her expression that made we sit up despite my exhaustion.

“First, there is no fault,” I said. I suddenly realized that I was wrong trying to distract her from her concerns. In fact, it was past time we had this conversation. I was tired, but I wanted to make sure my mom was okay. “What we have here is certainly not what people would call normal, but we’re all adults and it seems to me that we’re all happy with the way things are.”

“That’s exactly the problem!” mom cried, surprising me with tears. “This should never have happened. If I were a good mother…” She was too upset to go on. I stood and hugged her tight until her tears stopped.

“Mom, I think you’re confused about some things,” I said slowly once she was in control of herself. She looked at me with a slight frown and waited for me to continue. I let her go and sat on the bed. I waited until she joined me. “Mom, what happened between us that first night was more my fault than yours. Oh, I know you don’t agree, but you’re wrong and really, it’s beside the point.”

“Beside the point?” she repeated.

“Exactly,” I sighed. “Mom, I’ve thought about this a lot. I am what I am and it really had nothing to do with that night.”

“You’re a good man,” mom said, coming to my defense. I smiled, but it wasn’t a full one. I had concerns of my own. Maybe it was time to share them with mom.

“I like to think so,” I said slowly. “But at this point there no doubt that there is something inside of me that likes to be in control.”

“So what?” mom said. “There are plenty of people like that.”

“Mom, it’s different with me and you know it,” I sighed. “It’s more than simply being in control. I have a deep seated need to possess what I control. I’ve marked you, Lisa and Rhonda as mine. Maybe you don’t understand what that means to me.”

“I think I do,” mom said, blushing slightly as she rubbed the back of her neck unconsciously. The mark might or might not still be there, but by this point it didn’t matter. She was mine.

“If that’s true, then you know you had little choice in all of this,” I said. “I wanted you and I took you.”

“Yes and no,” my mother said, surprising me with a smile. “Brian, you are controlling and aggressive enough to take what you want, but you’re forgetting one fact.”

“What?” I asked, honestly curious. Maybe mom understood me better than I did myself. She was my mother after all.

“You aren’t the type to take what isn’t offered. Yes, you took me, your sister and Rhonda, but it’s not like any of us didn’t want you to take us. Don’t you realize that the hardest part for me is the knowledge that not only am I yours, but that I love the fact and have never been happier?”

“Why would that bother you?” I asked.

“Because I worry about you and your sister,” my mother replied. “Rhonda too, now that she’s part of the family. I’m the mother and I should be trying to fix this, but instead I’m busy having the time of my life.”

“Mom, you can’t fix this,” I laughed. “There’s nothing to fix. We’re all happy with things the way they are, so what try and change them?”

“Because…” she began, but I cut her off my putting my fingers against her lips.

“I hope you’re right that I only take what’s given to me freely,” I interjected. “But in either case, I’m lucky to have you, Lisa and Rhonda. You see, not only do I love all three of you, but without you I think my need to control and dominate might make me do things I wouldn’t like.”

“Never,” mom said confidently.

“I wouldn’t be so sure.” I then proceeded to tell her about what happened with Cindy and Bethany. Mom listened silently until I was done. “And I’m not sure how I would have reacted if I didn’t have your three here at home waiting for me.”

“Oh I am,” mom smiled. “You would have taken Bethany.”

“But that’s exactly atakent escort my point!” I cried.

“Not really,” mom laughed. “I think you proved my point.”

“I’m lost,” I frowned.

“It’s simple really. Who was more attractive, Cindy or her friend Bethany?”

“Cindy,” I replied easily. There was no contest. Bethany was cute, but not nearly in the same league as Cindy.

“And which did you have a crush on all last year?” mom asked. She just nodded when I told her Cindy and asked another question. “And who did you want to posses?”

“Bethany,” I answered honestly.

“Don’t you see?” mom smiled.

“I’m afraid I do,” I sighed. “You’re trying to tell me that I wanted Bethany because she was the more aggressive girl.”

“Oh, I’m sure that was a little part of it, but your still not getting it.” Mom took my hand in hers and squeezed until I looked up into her eyes. “Brian, you said you took Bethany’s chin in your hand and made her look up into your eyes.” I nodded in agreement. “What did you see there when you did it?”

“Desire,” I said slowly.

“Exactly.” Mom was watching me carefully. “Bethany might have been angry and afraid, but mostly she was excited by what you were doing. That’s what you reacted to. You simply stumbled onto another girl who likes to be taken.”

I sat there and absorbed what my mother was saying for a little while. She continued to hold my hand as she waited for me to respond. I took my time. I was tired and my mind wasn’t at its peak.

“But what about Megan?” I asked. Mom knew about Rhonda’s sister Megan. She was a dominant who used to control her sister. Megan had a thing for hurting people that I hoped I never learned to appreciate. I mean, light spanking and a little bondage was one thing, but actually hurting someone the way she seemed to enjoy was a little much for me. “You can’t say she wanted to be taken and I almost did it.”

“I think bringing her up in unfair,” mom argued, standing now. “You were just reacting to her aggressive behavior. She tried to control you and you reacted. That’s understandable.”

“Mom, it was more than that. I got excited,” I sighed.

“Really,” mom said, surprised for the first time. She remained quiet for a moment, but then shrugged. “That probably means one of two things.”

“What?” I frowned.

“That either you were picking up on some signals from Megan that she wanted to be dominated,” mom replied. “Or that there is a part of you that’s interested in seeing what it feels like to be dominated. I mean, look at your sister. She likes to be controlled by you, but she also likes to control Rhonda and me.” I didn’t think the first was possible and I certainly didn’t agree with the second.

“The third possibility is that I felt Megan’s challenge and was ready to do whatever it took to control her whether she wanted it or not.”

“No, that’s not you,” my mother insisted. “Besides, even if it was the situation, you left before it got out of hand.” I was too tired to argue and I realized I’d let the conversation move away from trying to help mom.

“Mom, the important fact here is that you realize I was going to be this way whether what happened with you and I occurred or not. And frankly, the fact that it did happen with you was probably the best thing for me. It’s let me accept what I’m learning about myself far more easily then I think I could have otherwise.”

“Maybe,” mom said slowly. “But what about your sister? And Rhonda?”

“Lisa is Lisa,” I shrugged. “She doesn’t seem remotely upset by what happening. Let’s be honest, she’s your daughter and you would know if this was affecting her badly.” I waited until mom nodded in acceptance.

“You know,” mom said slowly. “Lisa told me that the reason why she didn’t want to make love to me at first was because deep down she was always afraid that she was a lesbian?”

“I had no idea,” I said in surprise.

“She’s not really,” my mother continued. “She’s just bisexual like her mother.” Mom shook her head and blushed slightly before adding, “I think that her finding out the way she did was probably best.”

“Exactly,” I smiled. “And Rhonda? Well, first of all I love her. I honestly believe we were meant to be together.”

“I can’t argue that,” mom smiled.

“But even if we weren’t,” I continued. “She needed to get away from Megan. She doesn’t talk a lot about it, but I think Megan was getting more and more abusive.”

“She was,” mom said. Somehow I wasn’t surprised that Rhonda had talked to mom. I think one of the biggest benefits for Rhonda in joining our family is the mothering mom just did naturally. I’d only met her parents a couple of times and they seemed nice enough, but they clearly weren’t what their kids needed, at least in some ways.

“So then,” I smiled. “The only person involved in all of this who might be adversely affected is you, and you just admitted that you were the happiest you’ve ever been.”

“True,” mom said, pulling the sheet up under my chin again. “You’ve given me a lot to think about. Now get some sleep.”

She leaned forward and moved to kiss my forehead again. I noticed her blouse fall open as she did so. Her full breasts caught my interest despite my being exhausted. I reached up and cupped one before she moved away.

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