Mom’s Thong Ch. 02

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I closed the sliding door and looked at my mom towelling off as she stepped into the kitchen. I realized at this time that my mom had not even taken her bikini off during our fuck session. I slid the door back open and stepped out into the humid night air.

“Where are you going?” Mom asked.

“My trunks are still in the tub. I heard mom laugh as I scooted out to the tub for my trunks. I snatched them out of the water and quickly walked back. It was starting to get cool out and I still had a relatively large chubby flapping in front of me. I slid the patio door shut. As I walked upstairs to my bedroom I saw the light in the bathroom flick on and the door shut quickly. I heard the door lock as I threw my trunks and my towel on my leather computer chair and heard the shower come on. I smiled and thought dirty things like how she could think that that would stop me.

I stepped into my parent’s room and locked the door. I then slipped in the door from my parent’s room and on through the door between the master bedroom and the bathroom. To my surprise, Mom was on the bathroom counter, sitting there legs apart with a grin on her face that made my knees weak. I stepped toward her and her hand went down to my cock. She pulled me close and kissed me deeply, our tongues jabbing and tickling each other as she rubbed my cock-head against her pussy. I knew what to do.

Her cunt was slick with our combined juices and my cock disappeared into her with almost no effort at all. Our embrace broke and she pulled back and stared at me while I slowly sawed in and out of her. This was a slow, sensual fuck. Not like earlier in the hot-tub. I held her hips and looked at her face and breasts while I slid in and out of her.

“Look me in the face while you fuck me.” she said. I put a hand on her breast and pinched her nipple. Mom gasped and shook her head as I picked up the pace with my cock.

The steam in the room from the shower was starting to heat us up and the sight of the beads of sweat avcılar rus escort coming off her neck and chest caused my cock to swell inside my mom. Her mouth formed an “O” and she looked straight into the ceiling. I felt her tighten around me, and her arms wrapped around my shoulders. She was coming, but she wouldn’t let herself make a sound. It was the hottest thing I had ever experienced.

“Oh, my boy. You feel so fucking good. I think you should lock the bedroom door, though.” she breathed in my ear. I gave her one last thrust to give her a jolt before I pulled out and stepped out of the bathroom. Giving the lock a twist, it clicked and I returned to the bathroom.

Mom was in the tub with the curtain drawn. It was sheer and see-thru. I watched the obscured curves of my mom move and swivel as she ran soap on her body. My cock started to straighten out as Mom bent down and washed her legs and feet. I approached the tub and loudly cleared my throat.

“Get that cock in here.” she commanded. I pulled the curtain across and took a look inside. Mom was bent over, and her right hand was reaching around to her ass and pussy from the rear. Her wet hair flopped over her face, her left hand was on the wall still holding the washcloth. Mom was groaning as I stepped in and close the blind. I dropped to my knees and held her ass-cheeks apart while the water flowed down her back. I leaned in and dragged my tongue from her slit all the way to her tailbone. I heard a deep moan come from her as I tasted her scent. The water pouring over my face and mouth. Mom looked over at her shoulder and the look in her eyes was striking. I heard her voice in her head growling at me.

“FUCK me.” she snapped.

I lined up my cock with her pussy and slid inside up to the hilt in one stroke. I put my hand on her shoulder and thrust up into her wet hole again. Her back arched in a profane way and she faced straight ahead while I pounded her pussy. Her hand was still avcılar türbanlı escort reaching behind and her fingers slipped down around my cock. I grumbled as she shoved her own fingers up her asshole. I had hoped she had something specific in mind.

“You want that cock up your ass, Mom?” I growled at her.

“Oh Gaawwd” my mom whimpered. “Yes.” she whispered loudly as she bucked back at me. “Please?”.

I pulled out and my mom whirled down to my cock and sucked me inside. I braced myself on the handles in the stall. I watched her head bob up and down on my shaft. My eyes rolled and came back down as her wet hair added to her pure sexiness. I realized at that moment this was the first time I had actually seen her naked since I had arrived. She came up to my face and our eyes locked. A kiss followed this and after a few seconds of tongue dancing she pulled back and told me to get the body-butter out of the drawer. I slipped out of the shower and left about a gallon of water on the bathroom floor by the time I returned. Mom opened the jar and slathered a greasy layer of butter on my cock and balls.

“This stuff is so great. I use it for so much.” my mom said suggestively. I think Mom had a toy somewhere that smelled the same as my cock did now. A minty caramel smell invaded my nostrils as my lips went to my mom’s neck. I sucked her skin ever so slightly as not to leave a mark. Couldn’t have Dad asking Mom about a hickey later. Mom groaned and turned away from me, displaying herself in a lewd way. Her hands held her ass-cheeks apart and showed me her dark little star spreading slightly as I lined my cock up to her asshole. She slipped her pinky up her ass one last time and looked at me.

“Gently.” she whispered like a school-girl.

“God you are such a hot fuck Mom.” I said as my cock worked its way up into her tight rose-bud. After about 10 seconds I was balls deep in my mother’s ass. I slid out and pushed back again with avcılar ucuz escort a full-thrust. Mom threw her hands up to the wall and braced herself for my assault. Soon I was pounding her two strokes per second.

“Uuu-uugh fuck me ha-ard!” Mom squealed as her hands went to her tits. I slid my hands over hers as her rock-hard nipples jutted out between our fingers. I could feel my mom’s ass starting to tighten around my cock. I put my hands on her arms and hooked her elbows and thrust into her again and again as the water splashed off her back and up to my abs and chest. Soon she started to get a little loud.

“Oh fuck! Please fuck me. Please fuck ME!!” my mom repeated in a guttural tone that made me feel like an animal driven mad with desire and lust. I watched my cock disappearing into her tan-lined ass. Soon I was feeling that tell-tale twinge in my balls. Staring at her tattoo I doubled my efforts on her asshole. Mom could feel me getting ready to cum as she started moaning louder and louder.

“Come on baby! Fill my ass! Oh my fucking GAWD COME in my ASS!!!” she yelled as I snarled and felt my cock explode in her rectum. My ears started ringing as I thrust a few more times into my mother’s tight asshole. My mom was still in front of me, my hands still on her elbows. Her head was hanging down as I slipped from her ass. She straightened out and put her face close to the spout. The water sprayed over her face and chest, then she turned and let the water fun down her back while she looked at me, her mouth open and gasping. I was leaning against the back wall of the tub, trying not to fall.

“Wow look at you!” my mom cooed as she poured body-wash into her hand. She lathered up my chest and shoulders. She kissed me, her hands going down to wash my cock and balls. The hyper-sensitivity of my manhood caused me to jerk and shudder while I let my mom explore my body with her soapy hands. Her lips locked onto my neck as her hands gently caressed and lathered my body. I was hers. She put her mouth to my ear and whispered.

“I love you baby.”

“I love you too Mom.” I responded. We embraced one last time as we started to feel the water running cold. Mom slipped through the shower curtain as I rinsed off. Soon I followed her out into the bedroom, wrapping a fresh towel around my waist.

To Be Continued…

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