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My eyes snapped open, and I lay there for a moment, tense and still, wondering what had woken me so abruptly. Had I heard a noise? Was it a car backfiring, the sound of a dog barking…what? But there was nothing but the sound of my harsh breathing. Loud in the quiet room. And then I realised what had woken me, another erotic dream. I’d had one every night, for months now. Abstinence was a terrible thing sometimes.

My body felt the same it always did when I woke up like this. Covered in a sheen of sweat, my breathing harsh and uneven, my nipples tightened into hardened nubs, and the same, slick wetness between my legs. And the feeling of desperate disappointment, as if I’d nearly….

No! Don’t go there, I admonished myself. Sitting up, I reached for the glass of water I always kept beside my bed and took a huge gulp, trying my best to cool my body down. I changed position and closed my eyes. Taking deep breaths, the way I’d been taught in meditation class. In, out, in, out, in, out, in….. It wasn’t working. Why wasn’t it working?!? It always worked, or I wouldn’t have gotten any sleep for months.

What was it about tonight?? Why did it seem so much worse tonight? Why did it I feel so much more…. God. I sighed in frustration and absentmindedly tugged at the collar of the t-shirt I always wore to bed. It was several sizes too big, just the way I liked it. But tonight…it felt stuffy, and way too warm, like I was drowning in it. In one swift movement I pulled it off and threw it to the side and lay back down, sighing with relief as cool air hit my too-warm body. I lifted my hair off my neck and wondered why I’d never slept nude before. It was so…liberating.

The ache between my legs was still there. Begging for my attention. I’d never been comfortable with touching myself. I have no idea why. The only time I’d done it was when my ex-boyfriend had asked me to. It turned him on to watch. And to be honest, it had turned me on to have him watching me.

The very first time, I had closed my eyes at first, not wanting to see him watching me. He’d been murmuring words of encouragement…

‘Yea baby, yea. Touch yourself for me….Yea, that’s it….’

And then it had gotten quiet, too quiet. So I’d opened my eyes just a little bit, to see his expression…did he not like what I was Sivas Escort doing?

He was completely still, watching my fingers on my clit, and watching the liquid heat seeping out of my pussy. His jaw was clenched, and he was breathing hard. And then it hit me that he was fighting for control… That he wanted to watch me touch myself, but not touching me was killing him. What could I do to make him lose all that control?

All the while I had been quiet, keeping my moans to myself, so I closed my eyes, and let myself go. I rubbed my clit just a little faster and moaned softly. I felt rather than saw his attention turn to my face, watching my expression. I let my lips part and my tongue run across them.

Slowly, I slipped a finger into my pussy. It was tight, but I welcomed it. I let out a strangled groan. In my effort to have him lose control, I was quickly losing control myself. I fucked myself with my finger, but it wasn’t enough. I needed more, so much more.

‘Put in another finger.’

His voice was rough and gravelly, roughened by passion. I opened my eyes to look at him. He was staring at me. His light brown eyes had darkened so much they were almost black.

‘Another finger. Now.’

The command was unmistakable, and I shivered, even as I complied. I pressed two fingers against my opening and pushed in to the hilt. My body jerked and I let out a hiss of pleasure. Stars burst behind my eyelids, and as if from a distance, I heard myself moan.

‘Now fuck yourself, slowly.’

God. I slid my fingers nearly all the way out and slowly slid them back in. And then again, and again…I was quickly losing control…. I wanted to cum, so desperately and before long I was fucking myself with my fingers as hard as I could, needing to find release so badly I was shaking with need.

Then all of a sudden I heard an audible groan and my fingers were roughly pulled out from my pussy just moments from release. NO! He slammed my hand back, pulling it above my head and then did the same with the other hand. He held my arms above my head with one hand. Shocked, I tried to pull away but he was too strong for me. He’d always been so gentle with me that it had never registered how much stronger and bigger he really was than me.

‘Don’t move!’. His voice was a Sivas Escort Bayan low growl. ‘Or I swear I’ll tie you to the bed.’

I stilled immediately. His eyes were wide, nearly feral and I realised that I’d done exactly what I wanted…pushed him to the very edge of his control. He took my hands and wrapped them around the bars at the head of the bed.

‘Don’t. Let. Go.’

Fear skittered up my spine and I nodded, barely. He gave me a smile that was almost predatory and pressed his lips to mine. His tongue thrust in and licked my lips, tasting me and sucking on my tongue. Then he pulled away and began working his way down my stretched out my body.

He sucked and pulled at the soft skin at my neck with his teeth, and when I cried out at the hint of pain, he soothed it with his tongue. I knew without looking that he was leaving love bites all over my neck and chest, but I couldn’t even bring myself to care. The orgasm that had been denied to me was building up again, with shocking ferocity.

He roughly tugged and pinched my nipples. My back arched in response even as the rest of my body curved away from him. My body couldn’t decide whether to pull away or beg for more. I didn’t even have the presence of mind to unclench my fingers from around the bars; it was as if it was the only thing that was keeping me tethered to the earth. My pussy was soaking wet and pulsing by the time he was done with the upper part of my body. He’d bitten and sucked and licked every inch of me, and every single breath I took was part moan and part whimper.

He parted my legs and just stared at my pussy for a moment. Absorbing the sight of the lush pink petals covered in the liquid seeping from my empty pussy. He looked up at me, and caught me staring at him with wide eyes, wondering what he was going to do.

Keeping his eyes on me, he slid a finger up my thigh, feather soft, and slow. Instinctively, I tried to close my legs as a shiver slid through my whole body. He growled a warning at me and crawled deeper between my legs, so that his thighs kept me spread wide. He touched the outer petals and I bit my lip, trying to keep from begging him to touch me, for fuck’s sake, just touch me. He smiled, as if he knew exactly what I was thinking and slid a thick finger deep into my pussy. Escort Sivas My body shuddered and I groaned before my brain had even registered the mind-blowing sensations.

‘Oh god, oh god…oh…uh…please, please….’ I was babbling, so needy I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think…I could only beg…

‘More?’ He asked, his voice deceptively soft.

‘Yes! Oh…’ I groaned as he twisted his finger in my pussy and rubbed my inner walls… ‘Yes! Oh fuck, please……’ I tried to press my legs together, trying to control the sensations in some way, but his legs wouldn’t let me.

Suddenly, he slid his finger out and before I could protest, he slid two fingers in right to the hilt, and started to fuck me hard. That was it.

The sounds died in my throat and my body involuntarily moved into a perfect arch. I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t move. I was frozen; all I could do was feel sensation build, sensation on top of sensation, non-stop. I couldn’t control it I couldn’t stop it; all I could do was feel. My orgasm hit me so hard lights burst behind my eyelids and I heard myself scream as I was thrown over the edge.

My pussy clenched and unclenched repeatedly on his fingers, and I remember sobbing, please, please, please. Begging him to stop, begging him for more? I honestly didn’t know. It was so intense I know that I was on the line where pleasure and pain are so close to each other, its impossible to tell them apart.

Consciousness of my surroundings returned slowly, and I jerked with shock as he pulled his fingers out of my pussy. Somehow, he was there between legs and the blunt tip of cock was pushing into my pussy. My eyes snapped open then, as my body registered the brand new sensations. My pussy had coiled tight in orgasm, and was still pulsing with aftershocks.

I moaned long and low as he forced his way into me, stretching me to fit around his cock. He groaned at the sensation of my wet, hot and tight pussy around him, and lifted my legs around his neck so that he could go in deeper, and then he lost it. He fucked me harder than I’d ever been fucked in my entire life. To my shock, my orgasm returned and my pussy clenching around him was more than he could take. With a hard groan he slammed into me one last time and shuddered as he came.

I bit my lip at the memory and rubbed the outside of my damp cotton panties. Maybe… a little self-pleasure wasn’t such a bad idea after all. I pulled my panties off, slid my fingers through my damp folds and closed my eyes as the first shivers of delicious pleasure skittered up my spine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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