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I am college educated with a Doctorate (no I won’t say for what simply because I retired last year). Many of you may recognize many of my photos – my husband had them posted here and we’ve both had them posted elsewhere. Many of these photos were full-format showing my face. I will be making a private folder with my face soon and will let everyone know (but ideally the link will be provided to those close to me or I take interest in).

I am not on here just so you guys have something to “cum” to…I’d rather be the real “receptionist” of your interest. Although I’ll add and expose myself to a lot of people I’m looking for in person dates both in my home (as hubby works away most of the time) and other places. Sorry guys but I don’t like to travel –unless you’re a Dom/Master with a fully equipped dungeon (more about that later!) I discovered I could do blogs here which is a plus as I’ve been wanting to tell about my many adventures. I wanted to give my progressive background and give you guys something to cum to (even though I won’t be the one receiving that “reward”.)

I’m certainly not a “spring chicken” and frankly wasn’t a “swinger” until I met my husband (and at that time there was very little internet.) My husband (then fiancé) began my wild journey and although we still love sex together we share and have our own paths to pleasures. We have been very careful of the actual contacts we’ve been involved with and all I can say is I’ve totally enjoyed my adventures and look forward to more – and I do have a “bucket list”.

I entered the bi world with a college dorm girlfriend and we later moved off campus – I did consider going lesbian but for two reasons at the time: I loved the feel of a real man in me; and feeling his cum explode deep in my pussy or into my throat. This love took a bizarre twist that I still love today – taking urine streams in and on me – so I suppose by the time I met my fiancé I was already a bit wild.

My fiancé discovered I liked to be spanked. I hadn’t been since pops thought I was peeing on him in grade school (it wasn’t pee). Our swinging led to my first experience being bounds spread-eagle on my back on the bed with large pillows under my hips and it’s still one of my favorites. Sex beta and VCR tapes were coming out and he collected quite a few. His favorites (which quickly became mine) were bbw’s with BBC who had incredible cocks pumping for an unbelievable time. He teased me about having one over. One Saturday after he’d been munching between my legs for quite some time he left the bedroom and soon after returned with a black man (Rick) with a *big* cock – I could only gasp “condom”! I knew the condom had broke because I felt his heat (and a lot of it!) explode in me – I loved it! We weren’t too concerned as I was on the pill. My fiancé nudged me into meeting with Rick frequently and mostly at Ricks place which I loved and loved fiancé even more for it – he wanted this black man using me and I was all for it. Rick was the first one to take my rear, my first threesome with him and another hunk black man, my first gangbang (him and 4 other black men) and many other firsts all spoiling me to black cock. I will be writing a blog about this called My First Black Man. By the way my fiancé became and is still my husband (I wanted everyone to be clear about that.)

While hubby was still fiancé and I was seeing Rick, fiancé suggested we find couples (M/F) to swing with. He did the work mostly through swinger magazines and we both agreed. I love seeing him with another woman and I love doing bi with women in front of men. I *really* love grinding with a woman even more after one or both of us have been filled with cum.

I had found a rather handsome man about an hr away from us and showed my fiancé. He read the add and grinned saying “bondage” and “discipline” I just looked innocent, but I could see wheels turning when he said we both might learn something new. At that time it was just horrible to try and get nude photos developed, wait for them to come back, write letters, add photos, mail them and wait…we finally received his return mail and he showed off a hard a little larger than fiancé. My fiancé grinned and said I chose him I could call him – I was excited! Okay I see I’m getting overcome (literally somewhat moist) – I will write a blog called My First Dom!

In short (if there really is anything short about my relating my fun) I love:
To suck cock but I’m not interested in just getting one “off”. I want as much “pre-cum” as I can get. I want that cock to explode hard, and I want it down my throat (even though some Doms and Masters certainly have their own idea of when I get the “prize”!);
My pussy filled and having a mans cum deep in me!;
Taking anal (and yes I’ve screamed a lot!);
All vanilla fun;
Being helplessly bound yet having my breasts, pussy and rear available!;
Being submissive;
Being dominated; and more.
So am I prim and proper in public? Mostly yes. I could easily is a prostitute but I don’t want money. Hummm I would consider adult movies even at my age.
In short I’m a passionate woman in vanilla and I don’t mind being called a slut or whore as those words towards me now excite me.

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