Morning Delight

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I wake up before the alarm, as usual, and lay quietly, enjoying waking up gradually. The room is mostly dark, the shutters closed, and it’s cool. I pull my sheet up to my neck and lay on my back.

My dick is very hard, as it always is when I wake. I circle it with my thumb and middle finger, not stroking, just holding it. It feels wonderful. Still fuzzy with sleep, enjoying my soft bed, my cock throbbing with pleasure as I hold it. One of the most erotic feelings in the world. I slip off my boxers and lay there totally nude, caressing myself.

I replay especially pleasurable memories in my mind, images of you in sexy positions that were unplanned; leaning over as you shrug off your bra at the end of your workday, your tits hanging down, finally free of the bra. Your robe falling open accidentally to reveal a nipple as you lean over to grab some makeup in the morning. And replaying some sexy positions that were planned; straddling me as I lay on my back, leaning over and letting me suck a nipple as you ride me from above. Fucking your clit with your vibrator as I stroke you from behind.

The images roll as I wrap my hand around my balls. It feels so good to rub my balls. I won’t masturbate; I rarely do in the morning, especially if there’s a chance casino siteleri a hard dick will be needed later in the day. We haven’t had sex in two days, so there’s a very likely chance that a hard dick will be needed today. But even though I won’t masturbate, I’ll hold myself and enjoy the feeling until the alarm clock makes me get up.

Stirring, you move over against me, your butt pushing up against me. I turned to face you, our bodies spoon together, your butt against my crotch, my arm wrapped around you. Your hair tie lies useless on the bed. I don’t know why you always use it, it never stays in. Your hair spills over your pillow, tickling my nose, filling me with your scent. The aroma of yesterday’s Euphoria lingers; I bury my face into your neck and smell it.

Feeling my hardness, you wiggle your butt against me, then lie still and just enjoy being together, saying nothing, holding. You reach over and turn off the alarm. The spell broken, you get up and put on your robe before going into the kitchen to turn on the coffee pot. I’m reluctant to get up. Lying on my back, my hand wrapped around my scrotum, I continue rolling the mental images of you.

The coffee pot started, you come back in and throw your robe on the chair. You take off canlı casino your t-shirt and stand in front of me in only panties. You pull down the sheet and look at my hard cock and my hand wrapped around my balls.

Without a word, you straddle my legs and look down at me. I start to say something, but you put a finger on my lips, shushing me. Your breasts hang down, beckoning me to hold them, to squeeze them as I’ve done so many times. I never tire of playing with them. Today you have other ideas.

Leaning forward, you let the nipple of one tittie rest against the sensitive channel on the underside of my dick. You move up and down, allowing the nipple to drag up and down the length of the sensitive channel. You smile at the grimace on my face as I close my eyes and enjoy the feeling of being masturbated by your titty.

You begin slowly swaying back and forth, using both titties against my dick. First the softness of one breast, then the hard nipple, then the other soft breast, then the hard nipple, then you reverse directions, over and over, rubbing my dick until my balls begin to tingle.

I begin to protest. I want you to cum too, not just me. But once again, you put your finger on my lips, quieting me. You lean over and hold your tits kaçak casino firmly around my dick, smothering it in heaven, only the tip poking out between them. You begin moving your body up and down, stroking my dick with your tits. The tip of my dick disappears in your cleavage, then reappears, purplish red, ready to deliver its load.

You stroke slowly, rhythmically, unrelentingly, fucking me with your tits. My angry red dick poking out from your creamy white breasts, then disappearing again. My hips are bucking as my balls begin to recede into my body in preparation for performing their function. Never varying the pace, seemingly oblivious to the extreme urgency I feel. My face is contorted into an extreme grimace of pleasure.

You stop moving and just hold my dick tightly with your breasts as I buck my hips and spill my hot sperm on your chest. I grunt loudly, and my grimace becomes more contorted as the warmth spreads from my groin throughout my body in an intense orgasm.

When it’s over, you sit up and look down at me with a smirk. I watch a big wad of my sperm drip down your breast to your nipple, and hang on it momentarily before beginning to fall. A long string of sperm hangs from your nipple, before finally breaking and falling on my stomach.

“Good morning,” you finally say as you climb off of me. Every morning for the rest of my life, I’ll have the image of that strand of cum dangling from your nipple, and the smile on your face as I surveyed my load of cum on your chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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