Morning Glory

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I had planned it to perfection. When I heard the door to the master bedroom open, I slipped quietly out if the bed. Tiptoeing as to not wake by best friend, I stepped outside her bedroom and walked towards the kitchen where Mr. Wilson was preparing his morning coffee.

I bit my lip as I spied on him from the hall. He was so tall and powerfully built, his figured kept in shaped by the decades of being a firefighter. His hair was salt and pepper and kept tidy and trimmed, just like that of his beard. I pressed my naked thighs together as I watched his hands prepare his breakfast. Coffee and sweet toast. His face was set in that concentrated frown of his, making my nipples bead through the thin material of my shirt.

Ever since I saw him two years ago, I felt overwhelmed with how much I wanted him. Hard, fast and filthy. I lost count of how many times I made myself come calling his name, how many times I fucked other boys and pretended it was his face I was riding. Because he made it perfectly clear he only saw me as a little girl, his daughter’s best friend.

But I was 18 now and it was time he saw me as the woman I was. The woman who’ll seduce him today.

My friend had mentioned how she encouraged her dad to start dating, that she didn’t want him to be lonely. Well, I agreed with that. Mr. Wilson deserved someone crazy about him and there was no one better than me for the job. Just thinking walking up in his bed, those strong arms wrapped around me, his erection digging into my ass…well, it was incentive enough to make sure I was successful.

Like I said: I had it all planned out. First, I would walk inside the kitchen, my bed-hair wild and my shirt barely covering the naked body underneath. I put extra theatrical movements in the way I stretched so he could get a glimpse at my bare pussy. Like I wanted to, he turned, hands frozen with a spoonful of sugar over his coffee. He probably thought he was seeing things, dirty inappropriate things.

I smiled and tucked my hair behind my ears. It was impossible to miss the way his eyes travelled over my exposed legs, over the short hem of my shirt and the way it fell from one shoulder.

‘Morning, Mr. Wilson,’ I greeted sweetly, padding towards him.

‘Morning, Anna,’ he said in that gruff voice of his as I hopped on the breakfast stool.

God, I wanted to hear his moan so badly. I knew it had been a while since Kelly’s mom divorced Mr. Wilson and that since that time he had not had a woman over in his house. I was more than eager to be the one breaking his dry spell.

‘Can I have one of those?’ I ask, nodding to the cup in his hand.

‘Sure you can,’ Mr. Wilson said and poured for me. ‘Half and half, right? Almond milk?’

While he was with his back at me, my hand was busy circling clit. Fuck, the way those grey sweats were fitting his ass should have been illegal. My pussy clenched when I slipped one finger inside and I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning.

‘Yes, Mr. Wilson,’ I answered a bit out of breath while my feet were twitching from the exhilarating danger of being caught fingering myself at the sight of my best friend’s dad.

‘How is Kelly? Still sleeping?’ He asked, coming to seat across from me. His eyes kept returning to where my nipples poked through my shirt.

My hand stilled inside me and I knew my cheeks were pink with the flush of arousal grandbetting yeni giriş burning through my blood. As I reached for the cup, our fingers touched and I could swear I saw a flash if naked hunger in his eyes.

‘Yeah,’ I say, offering him a smile. ‘She was pretty tired.’

It was true; Kelly was exhausted from fucking our teacher’s brains out the other day. Apparently she needed a better grade if she was to make a good impression at her university program.

‘How come you’re up, baby girl?’ He asked that endearment he slipped right there? It made my clit ache for attention.

I could barely restrain myself.

‘Couldn’t sleep,’ I tell him and smile into my coffee. I take the spoon and stir before bringing it to my lips and licking it clean. I do it as he watches unblinkingly, eyes black with want.

‘Is that so?’ his voice dropped an octave.

My heartbeat jolted, recognizing that it was Mr. Wilson’s bedroom voice.

‘Mhm…oh gosh,’ I gasp as the next step of my plan sets in action.

The spoon clatters on the floor and I make a slow move to grab it, but Mr. Wilson is already on it. And me? Well my thighs are spread wide and my pussy is on display as he lingered there a beat longer.

The fact that I have his eyes on that part of me makes me feel as if firecrackers are going off beneath my skin. He watches me and I feel wanted, beautiful, powerful.

‘You’re playing a dangerous game, baby girl,’ he warns, dropping the spoon on the table. ‘Are you sure you’re ready for the consequences?’

My heart fluttered but I held his openly hungry gaze.

‘What consequences?’ If they aren’t in realm of me getting dicked down by my best friend’s dad I didn’t care for them.

My plan had two possible follow-ups from this point on: a) he would fuck me on that table, or b) I would have to make myself come in front of him. I was down for both but it seemed like Mr. Wilson had other plans.

To my surprise, he stood up in all his height and came to me, holding out his calloused hand. His cock was hard and thick in his pants and the sight made me whimper restlessly.

‘That I’m taking you up on it, baby girl,’ he helps me up and I’m brought so close that I feel his hot breath on my lips. ‘You’re going to take care of this.’

His cock twitched when he rubbed himself on my belly and god, I reached up and pulled him to me. I brought his mouth on mine, turning out first kiss wild and wet. It was soon after our tongue licked and sucked on each other that he pulled me up into his arms. My legs instinctively wrapped around his waist, bringing my naked pussy right over his hard on. I was beyond sensitized, feeling his hunger stoking my own. While I’ve kissed boys before, they were nothing compared to Mr. Wilson. He was a man, rough and demanding and so very delicious.

Before I had time to wrap my head around it, he started walking while grabbing handfuls of my ass and rocking his erection on my slick opening. I was going to ruin his pants but he didn’t seem to mind.

‘You’ve been a cock tease since sixteen and today you sit your naked pussy at my table?’ He growled and sucked my nipple through the shirt, keeping trapped between the closed door and his hard chest. ‘You need Daddy’s cock so bad, huh?’

Oh god, I moaned.

Daddy. Why did that word got me even wetter?

‘Yes, grandbetting giriş yes, yes,’ I whispered nervously.

I had dreamed of it for two years and now that it was happening, it made me giddy with anticipation.

‘On your knees, baby girl., and ask nicely,’ he ordered and I immediately complied.

The height imbalance was even more striking from this position but I loved. I lowed how small I was in comparison to him, how he was the same age as my dad and I was still lusting after him. Leaning forward I kissed him though his pants and palmed the rigid length.

‘Please, Daddy,’ I whined and looked innocently up at him. ‘I need your big cock inside me so bad.’

‘Take it out,’ he ordered sternly, his hand coming to cup my head. ‘Suck your Daddy’s cock baby girl. And if you please me, I’ll take care of the dripping pussy.’

Say no more.

He was hard and heavy and so thick, I moaned around him. I licked his every pulsing vein, sucked on the mushroom tip and took him as far as it could go, all while maintaining our eye contact. Throughout the two years of having sex, I perfected my blowjob skills and now I couldn’t help a spark of satisfaction to know that my rigorous study of the male anatomy was being appreciated.

‘You’re suck a good girl, Anna. Fuck! Take it deeper, yeah. Just like that.’

I did as I was told, using one hand to pump his thick base while the other was circling my clit. I realized that I could make myself come from just sucking him off — that giving him pleasure rewarded me in the most primitive way.

Too soon, he pulled put and hoisted me to my feet. One hand around my throat and the other between my legs, Mr. Wilson held my eyes.

‘I’m gonna fuck this pussy raw, Anna,’ he said as a warning, his two fingers slipping inside me. ‘I want my cum leaking out of you all day.’

It’s hard to catch my breath when his words set fire to my brain. I whimper and try to speak around the pleasure of having him finger me.

‘I’m not on the pill,’ I whisper, feeling a potent mixture of lust and apprehension.

I’ve never let anyone fuck me without a condom, never felt another man’s cum swim inside my pussy. The thought that Mr. Wilson would be the first one had me panting.

He looks at me like a predator ready to attack, like he is no longer the man who drove me and his daughter to movies, that sat with us for breakfast and dinners, that hugged me when it was my birthday. I was finally a woman in his eyes and fuck if that didn’t feel like a won the lottery.

‘Should have thought of that before you showed me this pussy, baby girl. Now, are you gonna ride daddy’s cock while he pumps his seed into you?’

I kissed him.

The answer was fuck yes.

We fell back on the bed, but before I jumped on his throbbing cock, I straddled his head. His calloused fingers dug into my hips as I rubbed his nose into my pussy. Feeling his beard on the sensitive skin there made me mad with desire.

‘Daddy,’ I whined when he liked the cleft on my pussy in one sweeping move. ‘It aches. Make it feel better, please.’

And he did. Oh, how he did just that. With an animalist growl he slurped on my wet pussy, sucked and licked until I was shaking with the need to come. My hands were fisted in his hair as I rode his face with abandon and called for Daddy. I no longer gave a shit grandbetting güvenilirmi if Kelly would hear us, in fact, she should know that I’m the woman in Mr. Wilson’s life.

‘Your pussy is so fucking sweet, baby girl,’ he said roughly as I was positioning myself over the thick purple head of his cock. ‘I’ve wanted a taste since I saw you for the first time.’

I slammed myself down the fat length making us both groan. My clit bumped his pelvis and that added stimulation sent a shiver down my spine. As my hips started rocking, I felt him stretch me and rub me in that deep spot no other guy could find. And feeling him bared? It only challenged me to move just right so I could feel him get off inside me.

I was so high on him at that moment.

‘If you would have touched my pussy then,’ I said with a teasing smile and sucked the thumb he brought to my lips. ‘You would have found just how happy I was to have your tongue on me.’

Mr. Wilson moved his thumb just over my sensitive clit, rubbing it in the most tantalizing rhythm, drawing filthy moans from me.

‘Oh, baby girl you don’t know what you did today,’ he breathed between gritted teeth. I picked up the speed and felt how he swelled and grew even hotter inside me. ‘But my cock is the last to be inside you, do you hear me?’

I cupped my tits and squeezed, relishing in his warning.

‘Are you gonna fuck me good, Daddy?’ I said between pants.

His cock jerked when he pushed up, his mouth latching on my nipple and sucking hard though the material. My eyes rolled from the pleasure that was reaching its crescendo.

‘I got myself a slutty little brat, didn’t I?’ He chuckled darkly.

I pushed him back to the bed and balanced my hands on his chest. We had yet to remove any other clothing than the necessary one and it made is so much hotter to know just how wild we had been. He smiled and his hands held me to him the second he was buried to the hilt.

‘No dates,’ I said slowly, squeezing my core around his cock. ‘No one else gets this but me.’

‘Is that right, baby girl? Are you making the rules now?’ he challenged, not letting me move even when I tried.

I was breathing hard, already tasting the sweet relief of my orgasm. And Mr. Wilson was denying me, keeping me still and only able to pulse around his fat cock.

‘No, Daddy,’ I say, falling forward and ribbing my tits on his chest.

He slapped my ass so hard I screamed. It was not just from the sting because it did hurt a bit, but more so from the new friction.

‘Who gives the orders, baby girl?’ Mr. Wilson asked and I could feel how his finger passed over my asshole.

I couldn’t stop shivering or kissing every inch of his skin I could get my mouth on.

‘You, Daddy,’ I yelp when he slaps me in the exact same spot he left tender a second ago.

‘Good girl,’ he cooed and caressed my stinging ass. ‘Ride Daddy’s cock, baby girl. Ride it until I cram you full with cum.’

And that’s what I did. When he allowed me to move, I wasted no time sobbing Daddy and rocking myself into his throbbing cock. I came with a cry just from looking down at his face, watching me with the sort of naked lust I craved. I lost my mind in movement and gasped when I felt him spilling hotly inside me.

‘Fuck, baby girl. Take Every drop.’ He pumped inside me frantically, rubbing off the rest of his orgasm.

‘Daddy, oh gosh, Daddy!’ Oversensitive, I came again, trembling from the force of it.

I collapsed over Mr. Wilson, both of us breathing hard and keeping ourselves connected. His cock twitched inside me when we heard the door open followed by the voice of his daughter.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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