Mother and Son – The Strongest Love

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All characters in this story are over 18 years old and are not based on any real person.

This is a story about Mark, and his mother, Rebecca.

Mark is 24 years old, a good looking, virile, young man. Graduate in computer sciences. A self-employed I.T. consultant. He is still living at home as he finds it convenient and he’s not yet found anyone he wants to share his life with, other than his mother

Rebecca is 43 years old, a very attractive lady with a great figure. Divorced. Great sense of humour. Very sexy.

Rebecca has been divorced for 10 years. She married Mark’s father when she was 19, as she was pregnant with Mark. Her relationship with Mark’s father had never really been a loving one, they had only been going together for three months when she found that she was pregnant. Their liking for sex, was the only thing they really had in common, but they’d struggled on, with the marriage becoming more and more uncomfortable, until divorce was the only sensible answer.

The story starts on a regular Saturday morning in Rebecca and Mark’s home.

At around 8 a.m. Rebecca was at the kitchen sink, rinsing the previous night’s dishes ready to go into the dishwasher. She was still dressed in her sleeping clothes, one of Mark’s old, oversized tee-shirts and a pair of loose-fitting shorts.

Mark came into the kitchen, also dressed only in the shorts he slept in. He walked up behind Rebecca, took her shoulder length, dark brown hair, in his left hand and held it to one side as he kissed the right side of her neck. “Morning mum,” he said, just as he had done hundreds of times before, but this time he felt a bit different.

In the last few months, he’d realised just how attractive his mother was, and how he felt drawn to her. He’d told her about his feelings and complimented her often. He’d now grown increasingly interested in her and found her very sexy and desirable.

Mark had started dreaming about her, and had often lain in bed at night, stroking his erect cock, and fantasising about the gorgeous woman sleeping just the other side of the wall from his bedroom.

Rebecca was flattered by Mark’s attention and loved getting compliments from her handsome son. She’d asked him a couple of times why he hadn’t started a meaningful relationship with any of the girls that he’d dated at university, or since he graduated. He’d told her that no one he’d met was nearly so attractive as his mother or was such fun to be around.

Last night Mark had dreamed about having sex with Rebecca. He dreamed of taking her to bed, making love to her and spending the night sleeping with her. He’d woken with a full blown, hard erection, and it had still not softened properly as he came into the kitchen.

Usually, after giving Rebecca a good morning kiss, he would brew some coffee and get some breakfast. However, this morning he continued to stand behind Rebecca, having moved his hands to her hips, and he stood there breathing in her delicious aroma. Then, without really thinking about what he was doing, he moved his hands round to her belly and pulled her back against his groin, where his cock was already beginning to harden. At the same time, he kissed the side of her neck again, under her right ear.

Rebecca had felt Mark’s substantial cock against her backside, and also without thinking, she raised herself up on her toes, feeling the outline of his cock sliding along the ‘V’ created by her nether cheeks. She liked that feeling.

As she raised herself up on her toes, Mark moved his hands under her tee shirt and up to her breasts. He cupped them and felt her nipples hardening. She raised her wet hands Kıbrıs Escort from the sink and put them on the front of her tee shirt, over Mark’s hands that were underneath it. He expected her to pull his hands away from her breasts and remonstrate with him, but she just covered his hands with hers and helped him to squeeze her breasts.

Then she turned herself round within the circle of his arms, and looking steadily into his eyes, she kissed him softly and sensually on the lips. Mark responded by returning her kiss, and she opened her mouth to take in his probing tongue, which she sucked on with a soft moan.

Pulling back a little, Rebecca said, “Mark, you have to choose, either leave me alone or fuck me, but don’t leave me horny and frustrated.”

Mark smiled at her, his wildest fantasy was coming true. “Whose bed, yours or mine,” he said.

“Mine,” She replied.

He took her by the hand and led her from the kitchen to her bedroom, where the bed was still rumpled from her previous night’s sleep. By the time they stood beside the bed they were both naked.

Pulling back a little, she turned to him and in a low, hoarse, sexy voice, she said. “You know that what we are about to do is not only immoral, but is also illegal, don’t you?”

“I don’t care,” he said, “I want you. I’ve wanted you for a long time, and I don’t want to wait any longer.”

This was the first time Mark had seen her completely naked, and he was blown away by her figure. Her full breasts and trim waist were a delight. Her neatly trimmed pubic bush, in the shape of an inverted triangle, pointed to her slightly swollen labia, like an invitation to explore.

Mark recognised the look of lust in his mother’s eyes, and his cock seemed to get even harder, if that was possible.

Rebecca was surprised when she saw Mark’s naked cock, it had to be all of nine inches long and at least one and a half inches in diameter with a mushroom shaped head. It was far bigger than his father’s cock had been. She hoped she’d be able to get it into her vagina ok. She’d often masturbated with a large dildo, but she didn’t have one as big as Mark’s real cock. Then she realised by the wet feeling between her legs, that her body was already doing its best to help her.

They kissed again as they stood beside her bed, he ran his hands lightly up and down her back then cupped her buns, with his fingertips pushed into the crease of her pussy lips. He held her tight against his cock, which now stood upright between their bellies.

Their kiss turned into passionate making out, as she opened her mouth to let his tongue explore her. Her breasts were crushed against his chest, and he could feel her pebble hard nipples pressing into him.

He took her by the arms and pushed her gently down onto her bed. She shuffled into the centre and lay with her head on the pillows and her legs and arms spread wide in total surrender. He could see the glistening wetness of anticipation in her pussy.

He leaned over her, and kissed, sucked and nibbled her nipples. She groaned with pleasure and reached out to take his cock in her hand, marvelling at its hot hardness.

She began to masturbate his cock backwards and forwards, seeing the precum beginning to form small droplets on the head. His engorged cockhead was shiny, red, and angry looking. She wanted it inside her, but she was also nervous, she’d not had sex for a long time, and she was worried that his rampant monster would hurt her, as it stretched her.

“Please be gentle, until I get used to having you inside me,” she said, “I haven’t had anyone for quite a while, Magosa Escort and I’ve never had anyone with a cock as big as yours. I want it so much, but let me get used to it slowly, please.”

“I won’t hurt you,” he said. “I love you, and I want to give you pleasure not pain. I’m going to make love to you, so that you want me more each time we’re together. I’ve been wanting you for a long time now, and I’m not going waste this opportunity by being rough with you.”

As he finished speaking, he was climbing onto the bed and taking a position between her outspread legs. He leaned forward and kissed the gentle curve of her belly, slowly moving his kisses down to her mons and her labia. He kissed her pouting lips, and licked up and down between them, dawdling over her clitoris every time her came to it.

She was squirming a little each time he approached her clit and was making small mewing sounds. She pulled her knees up and used her fingers to pull back her lips to open her pussy ready for him. Suddenly, she gave a deep rasping gasp, as he buried his tongue as deep inside her as he could reach, lapping up her fresh fluids.

He began wriggling his tongue furiously. She came. This was her first non-masturbating orgasm for a long time, and it blew her mind. She cried out, “Oh God. Oh Mark, I love you, I want you inside me, please don’t tease me. Please, fuck me now.”

He re-positioned himself between her legs, letting his cockhead rest lightly on her pussy. Rebecca groaned and held her arms out to him, then she grasped his cock and rubbed it on her lips, until they parted and let his cockhead slide into her warm wetness.

She reached for his hips, so she could pull him in to her. At first, he resisted her, then he lowered himself so that he gradually entered her, slowly, gently stretching her around himself. She moaned, it was such a long time since she had been invaded by a real, hard, hot cock, and she had never before had a cock as large and thick as Mark’s.

In only a few gentle thrusts, Mark had all of himself buried deep in his gorgeously sexy mother. Her pussy was tight, but not so tight as to cause her distress, and he loved the way it squeezed his cock. The knowledge, always at the back of his mind, that what they were doing was forbidden by normal society, made their coupling seem so dangerous and exciting. He didn’t care what society thought, he wanted her, she wanted him, and their union felt so right.

Mark began to withdraw then thrust slowly into her, but he thrust a little harder with each downward stroke. Rebecca was now thrusting up against him, to make sure she got all of him inside her at each thrust. She was in ecstasy.

“Harder Mark, harder. Fuck me as hard as you can,” she cried, all her worries about being hurt now dispelled.

Mark was soon pounding into his mother’s hot wet pussy as fast as he could, Rebecca had experienced two small orgasms as he fucked her, and she knew that the big one was on the way. “Oh my God, don’t stop, darling,” she cried, “I’m going to cum, God, I’m going to cum so hard.”

Breathlessly, Mark croaked, “I’m cumming too.”

That was too much for Rebecca, and her orgasm exploded within her ravaged pussy. As it did, so did Mark’s. He had pushed into her as deep as he could get, and he held that position as his testicles unloaded, releasing spurt after spurt of hot semen into his mother’s willing and greedy vagina.

Mark had collapsed onto Rebecca’s front and now he rolled to one side. They turned to each other and kissed softly and sensually.

Rebecca realised that some of Mark’s semen was leaking Girne Escort out of her pussy onto her inner thigh. They had both been too carried away with their passion, since their tryst at the kitchen sink, to think about protection, although Mark did have a pack of condoms in his bedroom.

“Mark, darling,” said Rebecca, “You do realise, don’t you, that you may be making me pregnant, just now”.

“I don’t care,” said Mark. “If I have, we’ll just have to deal with it, but we’ll have to make proper arrangements in future, because now I’ve had you, there is only one thing in this world that’s going to stop me having you again and again, and that one thing is you. If you want to stop, I will try to do what you want. But if you want me as much as I want you, and I think you do, we won’t ever stop.”

“Oh, darling,” said Rebecca, “I’ll never stop you. I want you for my lover, and you know I’ve never been bothered by convention. I want you to move into this room with me tonight, and we’ll always share the same bed from now on.”

As they lay there, Mark’s cock had begun to grow hard, and he was soon ready to make love to her again.

“Are you ready for me again?” He asked.

“Yes, darling,” she replied, “I want you to make love to me. I’ll always be ready.”

“Do you want to get on top this time?” He asked.

“No darling, I don’t want to change position. Please, just do me again. We can try different positions later, but now, I just want you to take me.”

He pushed himself up on one elbow and kissed her passionately before moving his mouth to her breasts, sucking hard on each of her nipples in turn. Her nipples were still hard and aroused and she felt little jolts, like electricity, deep inside her pussy each time his tongue roamed over them. She groaned and writhed beneath him.

As he moved his mouth and began to kiss down her flat tummy, pausing to lick her navel on the way to her clitoris, she gasped, and cried out, “Please don’t tease me, I can’t stand it, I want you inside me. Fuck me, Mark, please.”

He knelt between her legs, took his cock in his hand and held the head between her wet and puffy pussy lips. Rubbing up and down her slit, he was soon covered in her love juice and his own cum from their first coupling. He leaned forward and slit smoothly into her.

“Oh, yesss,” she gasped. “Give me everything, Mark. Fuck me hard, make me cum and fill me up again. I want you so much.”

Mark began to drive his cock deep into his mother’s hot, wet, pussy. He pounded her hard, he was young, and he was fit, and he fucked her harder and longer than anyone had ever fucked her before. She came again and again until it seemed like one long incredible orgasm.

She was exhausted and close to fainting when he cried out, “Ohh, I’m going to cum,” and as she made a last effort to pull him in deep, she felt him erupt against her cervix.

Mark collapsed on to her and she held him tightly, with her arms around his neck. They were both slick with sweat and gasping for breath.

Mark was the first to recover. He kissed Rebecca, softly, lovingly. “I love you,” he said. “I’ll always love you; I’m never going to let you go.”

“I’m never going to go anywhere, darling.” She said, “I’ll always be yours.”

Shortly afterwards they shared a shower, dressed and returned to the kitchen for coffee and the breakfast that they now really needed.

“I’ll go to the clinic on Monday,” said Rebecca with a smile, “And get a supply of contraceptive pills, just in case you haven’t already made me pregnant.”

In the event, she didn’t get pregnant. In a way she was disappointed. She liked the idea of Mark getting her pregnant and of carrying her own son’s child. She mused to herself that she still had time, she was only 43 and still ovulating regularly. She smiled to herself as she thought that she would talk to Mark about it, not just yet, but she would talk to him about it.

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