Mother-in-Law Ch. 2

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Labor Day weekend – First Day

Labor Day is always a three-day weekend. We got a jump-start by packing up on Thursday night and then going down to the summer house right after work on Friday. We were ahead of the traffic and got there before all the in-laws.

All the way down Mary had been playing with my dick in the car. You know, letting her hand rest on my leg as I drove, then occasionally rubbing up and down and across my crotch. It felt good and I was hoping she would take my cock out and maybe give it a little kiss. The Garden State Parkway can be a little boring when you are going through the Pinelands and a little head would pass the time. No such luck, Mary just sat there, listened to the radio and fiddled with my dick with my shorts all closed up.

Once, just south of Toms River, a truck passed us with a young guy riding shotgun. He looked into my car and apparently noticed Mary’s hand on my lap. He must have said something to the driver because they slowed down so that he could get a better look. Mary didn’t notice at first, I told her what had happened as I slowed down a bit to let them pass and get back into the right lane. Mary always liked a little excitement during our drives, so she told me to speed up and pass the truck. I did, and as we went by the truck, Mary turned toward them and opened up her blouse and lifted up her bra flashing them a nice view of her tits. When she knew that she had their attention, she leaned across the center console and put her head into my lap. She bobbed her head up and down like she was giving me a blow job and I pressed down on the accelerator leaving the truck in our dust. Well, at least they had a new story to tell, I wasn’t really getting any head, and my shorts were still closed up

We eventually left the Parkway and headed toward the shore-house on local roads. We stopped at a mini-mall on the highway and picked up some beer and some Chinese take-out for dinner. We got to the shore-house and were happy to see that we were the first to arrive. We brought our stuff in from the car and put it into our customary bedroom. Mary put the Chinese onto plates and I opened a couple of beers. We ate dinner listening to the local radio station and looking out the sliding glass windows over the back yard and lagoon.

After dinner, Mary cleaned up quickly while I looked around the house for some playing cards. I found a couple of Pinochle decks in the sideboard and put them on the table. I noticed that Mary had gone into the bedroom, so I followed. She was still wearing her clothes from work, a short skirt, summer blouse and light panty hose. I was still wearing my cut-offs and a tee shirt. Mary decided to get changed and took her blouse and skirt off. She was standing there in her bra and pantyhose, so I took the opportunity to admire the view and explore a little.

I walked up behind her and cupped her tits while I pressed my groin against her butt. Mary responded by putting her hands back onto my neck and rubbing my head while I rubbed and squeezed her tits. She felt really good in her pantyhose and I told her so.

“Hmmm, you really feel good in those, want to fool around a little while?” I said.

“Someone will be here soon,” she replied. Then, after about another minute of my rubbing her tits she continued, “so, we’ll have to be quick.”

“Oh, they’re probably caught in traffic by now,” I said as I unsnapped her bra and let it fall to the bed.

“Whatever,” she purred as I started to roll her nipples between my fingers.

I undid my shorts and let them fall to my ankles. Then I pushed myself back against her butt, my hard-on held back by my jockeys and her pantyhose. Man, those pantyhose felt good on my dick and my legs.

“Lets try something,” I said as I guided her down onto the bed, face down.

I pulled my jockeys down and stepped out of them and my shorts at the same time. I pulled my tee shirt up and off. Mary was watching me and started to pull her pantyhose down.

“No, leave them where they are,” I told her.

“Why, aren’t they in the way,? She asked.

“Let me try something first,” I said as I pushed her back down onto the bed.

I lay down next to her and guided her up onto her side facing away from me. I managed to align my cock with the crack of her ass and pressed my throbbing dick against the smooth fabric of her pantyhose. It felt really good.

Mary sensed how I was enjoying this and arched her back making her ass cheeks spread out a little. This really felt good and I gave it a few more strokes. I could sense that Mary wasn’t getting much out of this so I reached around and put my hand down the front of her pantyhose and panties. I spread her pussy lips a little and found that she was already very wet.

I started rubbing her clit while I continued to rub my dick against her pantyhose clad butt. Mary started to enjoy the rubbing and was soon rocking her hips pumping herself against my hand in the front and my dick in the back. The bed was güvenilir bahis squeaking like hell, but who cared, there was nobody here but us.

We kept at it for a few minutes when Mary suggested that she take off her pantyhose so that we could properly fuck.

“Are you going to wear them again? I asked.

“No, this is the last day for this pair, why? she responded.

I didn’t answer directly, I removed my hand from her crotch and just rolled her over onto her back. I spread her legs out and found the crotch seam of her pantyhose. I went down there and grabbed the seam with my teeth. I latched on and pulled it away from her pussy, then with a twisting motion of my head I managed to tear the seam open a little. I put my fingers into the tear and spread it out exposing her panty-clad pussy.

Mary started to giggle when I tore the crotch out of her pantyhose.

“Wow, that’s the first time you’ve done that,” she remarked.

“There’s a first time for everything,” I said.

I guided her legs a bit further apart and pushed the crotch of her panties to one side. Then I got between her legs and guided my stiff cock into her warm wet pussy through the new entrance in her pantyhose. When I was all the way in, we both noticed the new sensations on our legs as we started to do the horizontal rumba. I moved up and rode her high so that I could give her more stimulation on her clit with my pubic bone. Apparently this was working because soon Mary was pumping away on her way to a great orgasm.

I could tell that she was starting to come by her usual tell tale ‘teeth breathing’ noises and the urgency with which she was thrusting her crotch at me. Mary came violently, she had a good one. She let out a great moan while she was cumming and it lasted for almost a full minute. I slowed down to let her enjoy it.

When Mary had gotten her breath, it became my turn. I started to stroke her again when we heard a car door slam outside.

“Oh NO!”

I withdrew from Mary and quickly ran over and closed the door to our room. Mary was up peeking out the window and said: “It’s my brother and Pat.”

I still had a raging hard on and was starting to get a case of blue balls.

Mary looked at my condition and said, “We had better take care of that thing before you hurt someone with it.”

With that said, she knelt down on the side of the bed and invited me to enter her from the rear.

“Enough room with the new modification, or should I take them off?”

I stepped up behind her and felt for her pussy with the tip of my dick. I found it and sank in all the way. Mary felt as good as usual in this position.

“Looks like it’s going to work OK,” I whispered.

This is one of my favorite positions. I started to pump away and was beginning to feel a load of cum beginning to rise up in my balls.

“Hey, where are you guys “ we heard through the bedroom door, it was Mary’s brother.

“We’ll be out in a minute,” Mary yelled back.

Funny, when Mary shouted, it sort of tightened up her stomach and pussy muscles and it kind of felt good on my cock. I kept up stroking into her and soon had a good orgasm. I’ve had better, but considering all the distraction, it was all I could hope for. I think that Mary could sense this, and she said:

“I’ll make this up to you, maybe later tonight, OK?”

It was OK by me. Anyway, I did cum and the pressure was off. I pulled my tee shirt, skivvies and cut-offs back on quickly. Mary was trying to get the pantyhose off and looked a little silly as she was doing it one leg at a time. She had expanded the ripped crotch all the way along the seam and now had a pair of stocking that were attached to a waistband. I looked at her and motioned to the door. Mary just nodded and understood that I was going out to meet and greet her brother and his wife Pat.

Pat and Bill had arrived first. They were both standing in the living room when I came out of the bedroom. They had knowing looks on their faces when I walked into the room. Nothing was said right then and I greeted them with a big smile.

“How was the traffic? I asked.

“Just starting to build up now,” Bill replied.

“Did you guys eat dinner yet?” I went on.

“Yep, we stopped on the Parkway and got a couple of burgers. Do we have any beer?”

“Yeah, there’s beer in the fridge.” I said as I walked past them toward the kitchen.

“Do you want one?” I asked as I turned to look at them.

“I think that we will move in first,” Bill said as he picked up his suitcase.

Pat just stood there looking good. She has a great set of tits and she likes to show them off. She was showing them off today. She had a nice pair of white short-shorts on and a low cut tee shirt. She always looks good. I enjoyed the view for a moment, then Pat picked up her bag and turned toward their bedroom. As she walked away, I started to watch her ass. She took a couple of steps and turned her head toward me, I think that she could tell türkçe bahis my eyes were on her butt and she waited for me to look back up at her face.

“You can hear that bed squeaking outside, you know,” she said and then turned away and went on into the bedroom.

“Nice one!” I thought to myself. Well, payback is a bitch, so now I will be looking to shoot a zinger at her when the opportunity arises.

Mary came out of our bedroom dressed in jeans and a loose tee shirt. She still looked ‘freshly fucked’ and sat on the couch. I went into the kitchen and got a couple of beers from the fridge. I popped the beers and walked one back into the living room and handed it to Mary. I went and sat at the table and looked at the newspaper that was there.

Pat and Billy came back out of their bedroom and they greeted Mary. Mary stood and hugged her brother and Pat. She hugged her brother again and said something to him that I could not hear. Pat was, by this time, going into the kitchen with a couple of A & P bags that she had retrieved from the chair by the door. It was food and she started to sort it out on the kitchen counter. I pretended to be interested in the paper but took every opportunity to look at her ass and her tits as she unloaded the groceries.

Pat was still wearing the low cut tee shirt and white hot pants. The hot pants rode up nicely when she put some items into the overhead cabinets. She had to stand on tiptoe to put the pasta on the top shelf, this created a great picture as the hot pants crept up into the crack of her ass. Then she picked up some items from the counter and opened the fridge. It looked great as she bent over to put these items into the fridge. I was really surprised when she bent all the way over to put some salad items into the drawer at the bottom; the hot pants crotch was as far up as it could go and sure enough – she wasn’t wearing and panties under those hot pants. I got a great view of her pussy lips and I was now certain that she doesn’t dye her hair. It’s all the same color; top and bottom.

Bill and Mary walked out to the bulkhead to talk. This left Pat and me in the house. I put the radio back on and adjusted the volume so that it would make conversation a little difficult. I sat down on the couch and started looking through the paper again. Pat sat at the table and pretended to play solitaire. I figured that out since they were Pinochle decks on the table. Boy, what a dummy.

Bill and Mary were walking and talking out in the yard. They looked like a brother and sister as they walked along. The conversation was animated and they both took turns looking back at the house as they walked. I know that they are brother and sister but I suspect that there was more than the usual sibling activity when they were younger. They do a lot of ass grabbing and leg rubbing. More than you would expect for a normal brother – sister relationship.

Pat eventually figured out that she couldn’t play solitaire with the decks that she had. She got up and went into the bedroom closing the door behind her. I noticed that she didn’t look out the window at Mary and her husband and seemed a little steamed as she left the room. I continued to fiddle with the papers and kept my eye on the two in the yard. They stayed in the yard and didn’t go down onto the floating dock.

Mary and Bill eventually came back into the house. It looked like the mosquitoes were starting to get to them out there.

Mosquitoes are New Jerseys’ state birds. Did you know that we have put them into size categories? A ‘medium’ sized mosquito can stand flat-footed and fuck a chicken. Take it from there.

Pat came back out from the bedroom and the four of us just sat around talking about nothing in particular. We drank a few beers and generally relaxed. Mother-in-law and Father-in-law arrived at about nine-thirty.

“Heavy Traffic,” was Father-in-laws comment as they walked into the summer house with armloads of groceries.

Bill and I went out to the car and brought in a few more bags and two more cases of beer. This was shaping up as a great weekend. They had brought more food and a lot more beer for the fridge. I hadn’t seen Mother-in-law since 4th of July week. She acted normal and Father-in-Law acted his usual grumpy self. Mother-in-law and I sort of had a thing back in July. It was quite unexpected, and happened one night when Mary was sleeping off sunburn. I had thought that it might be just a once in a lifetime aberration, but I was keeping all options open. Any sex is good sex, and I felt a little sorry for Mother-in-law who was apparently not getting any from that grumpy old man that she lived with. I guess that his dick doesn’t work anymore.

Mother-in-law put all the stuff away with a little help from the girls. Then she made some snacks to go with the beer. We sat at the table for our traditional Mary and Father-in-law vs. Me and Pat Pinochle game while Bill went in for a shower. I was able to hold my cards so that I could look at Pats tits güvenilir bahis siteleri without drawing too much attention. It was a nice view. I noticed Father-in-law looking too, but he was not as sneaky as me. Pat noticed him looking too. She actually adjusted her shirt for a better view while she was up to get more beers. It’s obvious that she likes Father-in-law and me looking at her tits.

Bill came out of shower and replaced me at table. I got a fresh beer and sat next to Mother-in-law on couch. I picked up the newspapers and begin to read. Mother-in-law was doing the same. The newspapers were apparently blocking the view from the card table. Without saying anything, Mother-in-law reached over and rubbed my leg a few times then let her hand drift up to my crotch. She did this while continuing to look at the newspaper. Anybody looking over from the table would be unaware of her hand on my leg because of the papers. I let her do this for a while and then I returned the favor. We sat there holding our papers with one hand each and with our other hands on each other’s laps. I guess the July activity was not just an isolated incident. Mother-in-law said nothing but I could sense the sexual tension. I figured that Mother-in-law must have still not been getting any from Father-in-law.

The Card game went until midnight, with the players all pretty buzzed from the beers by then. Father-in-law announced that he was getting sleepy, Bill and Pat agreed. The game was over and Father-in-law said good night to all and went on into the bedroom. Pat announced that she was going to take a shower and Bill decided to check dock and tide again. Mary followed him out into the dark yard.

Mother-in-law got up and went into the kitchen, I collected the empty beer bottles and followed Mother-in-law into kitchen. She stood at the sink and puttered with the dishes. I checked the bulkhead and could see Bill and Mary going down the ramp onto the floating dock. We could hear Pat’s shower running. Mother-in-law decided not to use the water at that time because Pat was in the shower. I opened the fridge and peeked inside, when I bent over to got carrot from the bottom drawer, Mother-in-law ran her hands across my ass then turned back to the sink.

I took the carrot and held it in my mouth while snuggling up behind Mother-in-law with my arms under hers and on her tits. She said: “Is that a carrot in your pocket or are you just glad to see me again?”

I replied, (sort of mumbling with a carrot in my mouth): “I have a special carrot for you and we had to figure out when I can deliver it.”

She said: “I’ll work on it – pay attention.”

She gave my hands a squeeze with hers then reached back and rubbed my dick a little. I pushed against her and she removed her hand and leaned forward over the sink making it feel even better to dry hump against her butt. Here I was again, starting something with my mother-in-law. How many guys do their mother-in-laws?

After a couple of minutes we broke and she returned to the living room just as Mary and Bill were coming back up the ramp from the dock. I wondered what they were doing down there?

I waited for Mary and we went into the bedroom together. We undressed and got into bed in the dark. While we snuggled, I reminded her of the time I caught her masturbating in this very same bed. I had surprised her with a dick at the last moment. She said that she remembered and said:

“If I’m going to jerk anybody off tonight, it will be you.”

I ask if she is offering a hand-job and she said yes – “We haven’t masturbated each other for a while – it would be a nice “Quiet” activity.”

She got the baby oil from dresser and returned to the bed. Mary Lubed up her hands and put a little on her crotch. She put a few drop on my dick and we were off. We positioned ourselves side-by-side, and started with nice slow strokes. I had my fingers on her clit and she had both hands on my cock. Mary came first and then she slid down on the bed a little so that the tip of my dick rubbed against her nipples. I eventually shot a wad onto her tits. She rubbed it in and then we lay quiet.

We could hear Pat and Bill through the un-insulated wall between our rooms. Apparently, we were quiet during our mutual hand-jobs. We could hear Bill and Pat talking then things got quiet. Then we heard the noises of their bed squeaking a few times. The squeaking stopped and we could hear them talking again. About two minutes later – we heard Pat moan followed shortly by Bill. There had been no bed noises. Mary and I whispered to each other and decided that they must have heard their bed and either got up and did it standing or moved to the floor. All went quiet following that and we slept through the night.

I was up fairly early the next morning , Mary stayed in bed for a while. Mother-in-law was in the kitchen but Father-in-law was in there too. Mother-in-law made a good breakfast for me. We were trying to figure out what we are all going to be doing for the day, Saturday. Father-in-law wanted to go to the big new hardware store to get the things he needed to winterize the house.

“ We will need some plastic, plywood screws, caulk, insulation, and other stuff,” he said.

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