Mother-in-law, Her Sister , Me (Pt1)

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It was July, my wife and l had a week’s holiday booked to stay with her mother Molly in Norfolk then 2 days before going my wife was called back into work but she still wanted me to go plus it was only a 3 hour drive so if she could got the time back off l could come to pick her up. Well Saturday l packed the car kissed my wife good bye and left for my mother-in-law Molly’s, it seemed everybody was going to Norfolk that weekend as the traffic was terrible, when l got there l went in to hear giggling coming from the kitchen, Molly and her sister Jodie were sat at the table, Jodie straight away told me not to call her aunt but just Jodie there were 2 bottles of wine on the table one of which was empty. I took my case to my room when l came back Molly announced there was a table booked at the Indian restaurant that evening as she didn’t fancy cooking and had ordered a taxi to take us so that meant l could have a couple of pints. Molly was divorced long ago when my wife was a youngster so l never met the guy, she never spoke of her ex or remarried she turned into a career woman and retired early after years as a headmistress whereas Jodie’s husband had died and thankfully, she didn’t bring her dog but put it in kennels.

Leaving them to catch up l went for a walk when l returned Jodie poured me a glass declaring since l didn’t have to drive it would be fine for me to have a drink, l thanked her and sat at the table. I have to say it did feel strange sitting with my mother-in-law Molly and her sister Jodie listening to them rattle on about boyfriends in their teenage years and what they got up to, it was quite entertaining and sometimes a bit raunchy well coming from 2 woman in their 60s.

It turned into a nice afternoon with us emptying a few bottles of wine, Jodie went to get ready for the evening l told her to shout down when she finished in the bathroom which she did about 45 minutes later. I went to my room and glanced into the corridor and notice Jodie’s door was ajar l could see her reflection in a long mirror, she was dressed only in knickers and bra and her figure looked pretty good from where l was sitting, l was unable to take my eyes off of her as she moved back and forth passed the mirror her large breast held up and together by her bra, only if l had been in my room 20 minutes earlier l could have seen her nipples, l got a twitch in my groin and moved my cock to a more comfortable position at that moment Jodie glanced into my room to see me with my hand down my pants, she grinned, l quickly ripped my hand out she winked and shut her bedroom door, by the time l had showered and dressed the incident of the bedroom had been forgotten.

I had dressed pretty casual compared to Molly and Jodi as they looked more like 2 woman going out on the pull, Molly wore a black tight hugging skirt with a split either side that showed a lot of leg, if my wife had been there she would have commented but thankfully she wasn’t because Molly’s top would have given my wife nightmares, it had the lowest plunging front that ended below her gorgeous looking breasts, and Jodie wore a blue hugging dress that came, well lets say if she dropped anything someone else would have to pick it up, when they asked what l thought, l just nodded and preyed they hadn’t noticed the bulge developing at the front of my trousers. While we waited for the taxi Molly opened another bottle of wine the taxi arrived early, so we started our evening at the pub, Molly and Jodie turned a few heads then after finishing our drinks went to the curry-house, l was quite merry and so were Molly and Jodie. We sat in a booth with me in the middle, l was really enjoying myself, my mother-in-law Molly was letting her hair down and Jodie couldn’t give a fuck because she was out to have a good evening, Molly went to the ladies, Jodie placed her hand onto my leg and asked if l liked the view when she was in her bedroom l was drunk enough to reply she had a lovely figure, Jodie gave a naughty grin telling me if lm good she’ll give me a better view, her hand was now almost on my crutch, but she quickly moved it when Molly returned, l think Molly knew something happened by the look she gave Jodie. We ordered our food which was going down well with the wine, throughout dinner Jodie was playing footsie and at one point managed to get her foot between my legs pressing against my balls l casually stroked it and when Molly wasn’t looking gave a smile to Jodie, after the food everyone went onto shorts Jodie got up to nip to the toilet almost taking the table with her, it was while she had gone that Molly my mother-in-law leant over and thanked me for the foot massage l nearly dropped the glass l was holding.

When Jodie swayed her way back to the table and sat l got a great view down the top of her dress because she had undone a couple of buttons which caused Molly to compete by moving closer making sure l couldn’t look anywhere but at her tits then in almost unison both suggested we go home. The restaurant phoned a taxi and with what was going on at the table l was getting very hot so said l was going to wait outside, it was a little chilly for a July night, l had Molly’s arm looped through my right arm and Jodie’s arm looped through my left arm, l felt Jodie’s hand slide into my pocket telling me her hand was cold Molly remarked how that was a good idea and did the same in my other pocket they began fumbling about and as hard as l tried there was no way l could stop my cock from getting hard. It must have been Molly’s hand that grabbed my cock as she gave me a wide smile and kissed me on the cheek, Jodie’s hand brushed the tip of my cock, ‘mmm nice’ she moaned, l was getting so hard, my god l could have fucked either one right there and then Molly kissed me this time on the lips and whispered why should her daughter have me all to herself. This was the other side of my mother-in-law l can say l had never seen before but wished l had then Jodie kissed me, gaziantep swinger a car horn sounded it was the taxi, l opened the door for Molly and Jodie to get into the back the driver was trying to talk to me but my mind was else where as you can imagine.

We arrived home and while l paid the taxi Molly and Jodie went into the house l stood outside to get some air, Molly came up behind me and placed her arms around me then softly said she had wanted me for such a long time, Molly had seen how l had made her daughter happy and embarrassedly confessed that my wife, her daughter had told her of the sex which Molly was so jealous of and didn’t mind admitting it. I turned around put my arms around her and we began kissing passionately then whispered lets go inside, Jodie was sat on the floor due to missing the sofa but she didn’t spill her drink instead of helping her up Molly and l joined Jodie on the floor, Molly kissed me, Jodie’s hand undone my shirt buttons to stroke my chest next l felt her gently biting one of my nipples, Molly’s hand brushed over my cock hidden in my trousers, l helped Molly expose her gorgeous tits and took one of her hard nipples between my lips to softly suck, she let out a low sigh, Jodie had my shirt off and removed her dress to sit in her bra and knickers she really did have a great figure, l lifted her bra to squeeze and mould her tits then kissed her, Molly unbuckled my trousers, l lifted my hips for her to slide them and my pants down my legs then off, her warm mouth gobbled up my cock as her lips held me tight l broke from kissing Jodie to take a deep breath, Jodie kissed her way down to my balls first licking each one before taking them into her mouth, Molly tasted my pre-cum and stopped sucking my cock declaring ‘oh no’, when we began kissing l helped her out of the last of her clothing, my god she had some great tits so firm and round. I asked her to lay onto her back and spread her fantastic pussy lips, got myself between them and started tongue fucking her paying particular attention to her swollen clitoris, Molly’s juices began to flow like a stream which l lapped up, she tasted so sweet. Jodie was under my legs with her lips firmly grasping my cock then started to work her tongue under my balls between my cheeks stopping at my lower back, l felt her hand grip my cock and announce she wanted my cock, if l didn’t have a pussy to slide into soon then they would be licking my spunk off the floor or one another. Molly sat up told me to lay on my back, Jodie wasted no time in straddling my cock and impaled herself, Molly knelt over my head and spread her pussy lips my tongue carried on from where l left off, she was sliding herself back and forth, Jodie let out a cry and slammed herself down, l erupted like a volcano shooting my hot liquid laver of spunk high inside her as gush after gush filled her Jodie wriggled and trembled on my cock, Molly riding my tongue had increased her speed, she slid back and forth making little whimpering noises which got louder the faster she rode my tongue, Jodie now full of spunk rolled off of my cock, reached out to pick up her drink and took a large gulp, my mother-in-law Molly grasped my cock with her lips to begin licking and slurping at my shaft which was covered in spunk and her sister’s juices. She expertly sucked my cock, if l didn’t have her pussy wedged on my tongue l would have told her to show her daughter just how to suck a cock like she was doing, Molly was blowing my mind as well as my cock. I could have gladly staid with Molly’s mouth around my cock for life but she let out a muffled shriek and lifted herself to now have her dripping pussy hovering over my face, l saw her pussy lips open and she squirted her juices over me, my cock flopped from her mouth when Molly raised her head to let out ‘yes, oh god yes!’ took a deep breath and repeated ‘yes, oh god yes!’, Jodie put her drink down to inquire when did Molly last get fucked, Molly didn’t answer, but just stay knelt over me panting. Jodie poured herself another drink and announced she was satisfied so was going to bed then kissed me good night, slapped Molly on the bum saying ‘good night sis’, staggered to her feet and swayed out the room. Molly had manoeuvred herself to now have my arm under her head, she whispered ‘sleep with me tonight’, what sort of fool would l be to refuse.

We got to her bedroom and before laying on the bed we kissed passionately, l gently pinched one of her nipples with my finger and thumb she let out a low moan, Molly cupped my balls. We fell onto the bed with her on top of me, she kissed my chin then chest before sliding herself down between my legs to take my cock into her mouth, l could hear Molly’s low moans as she pleased herself on my cock, she knew the exact pressure to use when sucking my balls. Molly would have my balls in her mouth with the tip of her finger a little way in my urethral, each time she removed her finger a dribble of pre-cum trickled out and down my shaft, next l heard her slurping up the pre-cum before working her mouth back up to my lips where she straddled my mouth and eased her pussy onto my tongue, her clitoris was so swollen. When l began tickling her clitoris with my tongue her moans grew louder, she blurted out ‘oh fuck’, hearing my mother-in-law swearing was something l had never heard before. Molly rolled off of my tongue to lay on her back with her legs spread she reached out and gently pulled me on top of her, l knew just what she wanted and l was going to make sure my mother-in-law Molly got every inch inside her along with a torrent of my hot liquid load that was going to flood her waiting womb where my wife started her life.

I raised Molly’s legs onto my shoulders, her pussy lips were slightly parted and sparkled with her own juices, l guided my cock to her entrance and slowly slid the head of my cock from her clitoris down to the crack between her legs then back up to her clitoris, l repeated the movement several time, Molly’s panting grew deeper and louder, l couldn’t hold out any longer and rammed my cock all the way inside her, we both gasped, l looped my arms under her legs to raise them higher then began fucking my mother-in-law with the speed of a steam engine piston. The head board hit the wall with such force l was expecting Jodie to poke her head in the door and tell us to keep it down, Molly’s pussy clenched my cock, she yelled ‘yes!’, her orgasmed erupted Molly began convulsing under me as l started to empty my hot creamy load of sticky spunk directly into her inside the more l shot the more she seemed to shudder then when my balls were drained l released my hold on her legs and we lay joined by my cock wedged still in her pussy. I don’t know which one of us was the most breathless but neither one spoke till my cock slipped from her dribbling spunk fill pussy, l rolled onto my side took some tissues from a box beside the bed and gave them to Molly, she thanked me but declined the tissues saying the sensation of me running out of her, she wanted to remember.

I put my arm under Molly’s head and kissed her then asked if she wanted me to go to my room, but Molly smiled shook her head answering, l was only there for another 6 day so she had to make the most of me, which to me sounded like a lovely 6 days l had to look forward to. As we lay in bed l had the weirdest of thoughts, if l married Molly would that make my wife my step daughter, l laughed to myself kissed Molly who was fast asleep.

When l woke the next morning, l found myself in bed alone then the previous evening flooded back at first l thought oh my god but then thought hang on l don’t remember my mother-in-law Molly or her sister Jodie not enjoying the evening so went to my room through on some clothes and bravely went downstairs into the kitchen. Jodie was sat with her head in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, she glanced up and muttered ‘morning’, Molly told me to sit down and she’ll do breakfast then added l was to take no notice of Jodie because she had a hangover, Jodie perked up replying she had a headache because of being kept awake half the night by yelling and banging on the wall. Molly put her hands onto my shoulders and told Jodie not to blame her as the noise was caused by her son-in-law then kissed me on the cheek whispering, she loved every second, my toast popped from the toaster. Molly stood with her back to me as she buttered my toast her bum wiggled, l don’t know what was happening but my cock was getting hard, l wanted to bend her over the unit lift her dressing gown and give her a good fucking, Jodie must have noticed me ogling Molly’s bum because she warned Molly someone looked like they wanted to carry on where we left off, Molly turn around and opened her gown far enough for me to see her bush then insisted l have my toast first it will keep my strength up, she passed me the buttered toast on a plate with a cup of tea, winked and said she wont rush to get dressed and left the kitchen, l looked at Jodie who declared the only bed she was getting into was her own due to her headache.

When l went into the bedroom Molly was naked with a very big smile, in a flash my clothes were off and l was laying in her arms, she pushed me onto my back and we got into a 69, her mouth was even better now l was sober. As l ate Molly’s lovely moist pussy her clitoris began to swell the harder l sucked the deeper she started taking my cock to the back of her throat the tightness squeezed the head of my cock then every 3rd or 4th gulp Molly forced my cock deeper, l couldn’t help myself and let out ‘oh god’ and started pumping my load straight down her throat, she kept my cock in her throat till the very last load and to finish me off sucked and slurped at any spunk that dripped from my urethral. She lay beside me and could see how much l had loved the deep throat she had just given me, l remarked that l had never had anyone suck my cock the way she does, Molly said she will have a word with her daughter for not knowing how to give a good head, l joked l wont be around for that conversation.

For the rest of the morning and half the afternoon Molly and Jodie spent it in town, l went off for a game of golf not returning till early evening, Jodie was sitting in the lounge with a near empty bottle of wine, she stood up put her arms around my neck and kissed me, her hands went under my polo shirt, l unzipped her skirt, it fell to the floor then opened her top lifted her bra to release her soft round tits her nipples stood out erect and hard, l started sucking each one in turn. Jodie got my trousers and pant over my hips and gravity did the rest; we sank to the floor not braking from our kiss. I sat with my back against the sofa Jodie knelt over me then skewered herself onto my cock slowly, her inner pussy muscles rippled down my shaft till no more could be fitted inside her, she flung her head back and inhaled then looked me straight in the eyes grinning as she began lifting herself up and down only stopping every so often to kiss me, when my mouth wasn’t pressed against hers it was sucking her hard nipples. I don’t know where Molly had been but she appeared and sat beside me, we began kissing, l removed her top and bra, she slipped out of her skirt. Jodie was happily fucking herself with the aid of my cock while l vigorously sucked Molly’s nipple and wondered if my wife ever suckled the same nipple l was now sucking. Closing my eyes l rested my head on the sofa, on opening them l saw Molly sucking her sister Jodie’s nipple while playing with the other tit then they kissed, l could see their tongues searching each other’s mouths they both made a slurping sound then Molly reached down to Jodie pussy with my cock still firmly wedge inside her and began to softly finger Jodie’s clitoris and that was it l gave a deep thrust of my cock into Jodie’s warm wet pussy and my spunk exploded inside her, Jodie increased the speed she was fucking herself on my cock, she broke from kissing Molly and kissed me then just fell off my cock to leave Molly to do the cleaning up which l don’t think she minded doing by the way her mouth was eagerly sucking my cock, Molly did that little trick with her tongue in my urethral, l was well and truly fucked.

After the early evening fuck Jodie went off for a shower, l had gone to my room when Molly came in and took me to her room then into her en-suit where she had run a bath l stepped in then she joined me. The softness of the suds on her skin felt like heaven, Molly then submerged her head under the water to take my cock into her mouth l couldn’t help it l just shot a load even though l had shot a full load not more than 20 minutes earlier, l thought Molly might be disappointed by me spunking so quickly but when she came from under the water gulping down what spunk l had shot into her mouth she didn’t look to unhappy. Molly lay on top of me in the bath kissing and chatting about things in general, Jodie came in and remarked to Molly that she wasn’t to get to attached to having me as l was married to her daughter.

That night l started in Jodie’s bed because she was leaving in the morning plus l had spent the previous night in Molly’s bed, Jodie couldn’t suck a cock as good as Molly but l did get to fuck and fill her arse hole with a creamy load which was somethings l had never done with a woman or man for that matter. She wouldn’t let me leave until l had fucked her another 2-times which l manage to do over 3 hours, Jodie got a spunk load down her throat then to finish a creamed womb. I didn’t go to Molly’s room after but my own bed as much as l loved all the sex with my willing mother-in-law and her sister l needed to sleep.

It was near 10am in the morning when my mother-in-law slid into my bed telling me that Jodie had left so it was just us two, l felt her gorgeous tits pressing against my back her hand reached around and gently squeezed my cock which stood to attention, rolling onto my back Molly worked her tongue down to my cock and began sucking me, just then my mobile rang it was my wife, l was finding it hard to concentrate on what she was saying due to her mother sucking my cock, my wife was telling me not to let her mother use me for all the odd jobs as l was on holiday, l assured her l was being well looked after also her aunt Jodie was here but had left that morning adding we had all gone for a curry, then asked if she wanted to speak to her mother, Molly’s head appeared from between my legs and l gave her the phone, ‘hello darling’ said Molly then she took my cock into her mouth while talking to her daughter my wife, every so often letting out ‘aha’ in response to something my wife was asking, Molly then informed my wife l have been in good hands, she held me and licked the glistening bulb at the end of my cock next telling my wife l had been so helpful but now Jodie had gone home she will take care of me, hearing this got too much for me l shot my spunk over Molly’s face with the rest going over my mobile, she licked my mobile clean of spunk then told my wife she had to go and gave me the phone and began sucking at my dribbling cock. My wife reminded me l was on holiday and not to forget to enjoy myself, l assured her l was doing that and before ending the call l told her not to work too hard.

When we did finally get out of bed Molly made some food for us to take to the river which wasn’t too far so decided to walk which meant we could have a couple of wines, we found a comfortable spot to have our picnic. She was wearing a thin cotton top and even with a bra underneath her nipples could still clearly be seen, which was noticed by the men we passed; Molly went for cut down jeans which showed off her smooth tanned legs. As the drink took its effect we got more daring, it started with her just wanking me then moved on to her warm mouth over my cock next l was finger fucking her as she sucked me, l had to get my cock into her wet pussy but it wasn’t going to happen on the river bank as boats were going by and we couldn’t wait till we got home so moved our picnic to the middle of a field to disappear below the corn or wheat and stripped. Laying in the open air with the sun on us made the whole thing more intense there was no foreplay l got Molly’s legs spread and buried my cock in her very moist pussy and fucked her like crazy, she dug her nails into my back our tongues deep in each other’s mouths, if our lips parted she would gulp in air telling me not to stop, her whimpering turned into screams, l was driving my cock as far as l could into Molly’s pussy, my balls tightened and without warning l let go my sticky load she raised her hips, her womb began to fill she wriggled and shuddered under me the pair of us gasped in air. My now limp cock slid from her spunk running pussy, we looked at each other and began laughing, l lifted myself from Molly so we were now lying side by side, we stay in the middle of that field for some time before going home, Molly had a shower and went to bed as the afternoon and wine had taken its toll on her.

That night we sat watching TV before going to bed, my mother-in-law was a real sex hungry woman who loved a cock. After a great 69 we moved on to Molly sitting on my cock to ride herself as if she was on a mechanical bull, she use her inner pussy muscle to grip my cock tight, lift herself up then release her hold and come back down Molly repeated this move time after time and when l was ready to deliver my load l held her down on my cock as a surge of spunk swamped her womb she held her stomach with one hand and let out ‘oh my god that feels so, so good’, we stay joined till her orgasm subsided. Molly lay with her head on my arm she asked why l hadn’t asked her to do anal as l had fucked her sister Jodie that way then winked telling me we will have to try it before l leave to go home back to her daughter.

Will Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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