Mother Only Wants What’s Best Pt. 04

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The story so far:

Loving mother Doreen finally gets her son Josh’s prim virgin fiancé Jenny to spread her legs for the young man’s magnificent member but only by making the girl her devoted pussy slut.

Who knows what other deep carnal desires she may have unleashed in the young woman?

Will our well hung son Josh have what it takes to satisfy the prodigious sexual appetites of both his mother and his fiancé?

And what about his father Dave? The little dick cuckold paterfamilias of our depraved adventure faces a daily jerk off against the tick tock of the pretty pitiless teenage cock-tease clock which he is bound to lose: but will his willy be lopped or locked?

Only time, and the fourth and final chapter of ‘Mother Only Wants What’s Best’ will tell…

This is a silly depraved fictional tale involving mother-son cuckold incest lesbian femdom family dominatrix submissive male small penis humiliation chastity cage bdsm jerking old fool teased by a younger woman. The punctuation and morals may be inexcusable but everyone is clearly over 18.

Chapter 4

Book 9. Mother’s Pride

Jenny lay on the bed panting and whimpering with the exquisite pain and pleasure of her first penetrative orgasm.

Her tender young face was flushed, sticky with her fiancé’s mother’s pussy juice.

Her own tender pussy was full of her fiancé’s cum; tingling, swollen, wet and delicate from it’s first pounding, raw, sore yet still wanting more even as Josh’s huge thick member throbbed, swelled and flexed inside her.


Doreen had told her son that he had ten minutes to fuck Jenny again and be dressed for dinner.

Jenny felt her pussy ache with pain and desire in equal measure and looked up at her fiancé with hungry wanton eyes:

“You heard what your mother told you Josh: you’ve got ten minutes to fuck me. So get on with it.”

Josh smiled at his beautiful prim fiancé. His dreams had finally come true. After all the nights she’d made him wait, teased him with her virginity, tortured him with tantalising tempting touches, here she was begging for him.

Now it was his turn to tease and hers to want.

He pulled his huge dick slowly out of her pussy. She let out a gasp, a whimper: “No! Put it in again you bastard. Please. I mean, I love you my darling. Fuck me. Now!”

Josh held his great dick in his hand and rubbed it’s bulbous head against Jenny’s pussy; from the point where her crinkly brown ridged perineum rose from the dark forbidden rose of her tight brown anus up between her quivering lips, up to her twitching stiffening clitoris and down again in confident craftsmanlike strokes.

She trembled and moaned, her vagina jittering against his cock urgently.

He pushed the head of his cock between her lips, poked inside her, gently entered her pussy, stopped, his shaft only half way inside until he felt her hips move to draw him in.

He pushed until he was fully inside and then withdrew and then in and then out of her with smooth controlled powerful strokes. She felt an orgasm build rapidly inside her. Her body began to convulse, she thrashed around uncontrollably. Josh pulled his dick out of her, held it in his hand and beat it against her clitoris again.

Jenny began to cum, that feeling of exploding, wetting everywhere, spurting overwhelmed her. Josh stuck his cock inside her pussy, pushed it all the way in, filled her, moved inside her, shook her body so she felt like shards of crystal and held her in his arms as she spurted, spraying water from her pussy over him, soaking the bed, herself, the floor, the ceiling.

He came inside her as she sprayed.

“Dinner’s Ready in three minutes.” Doreen’s voice came from downstairs.

Josh got dressed quickly. Jenny was still trembling. Her clothes were soaked in her own pussy spray. She had nothing dry to wear. She remembered the latex dominatrix outfit. That would have to do. Josh smiled as he helped Jenny into it.

Jenny hobbled down the stairs and into the kitchen her pussy sore from the pounding of Josh’s big cock.

Doreen smiled at the younger İstanbul Escort woman then gave her a look when she saw what she was wearing.

“Hullo Jenny. Wow. That’s not what we usually wear for dinner.”

Josh whispered to his mother, explaining what had happened.

Doreen laughed: “Of course; I should have warned you; she’s a spurter. Isn’t it wonderful! Naughty little slut.”

Jenny thought of Josh’s cock all through dinner. When they’d finished Josh and Doreen left the room, as usual. Jenny ignored protocol and followed them to the living room. She begged them to let Josh to fuck her again.

“Please Josh. I need your cock inside me. Doreen you can sit on my face and kiss him while he fucks me. I’ll do whatever you want for that big cock.”

Doreen frowned at Jenny: “Listen to me you little slut. Who the fuck do you think you are demanding my son’s cock like that? All that time you were little miss prim tits with your sweet virgin snatch and my poor boy was so patient, faithful and kind, wasting his lovely big cock and his youth while all you could do was lead him on, tease him, play games with your docile little college boys.

“Now you think you can just click your pretty little fingers whenever you need him to fuck you? Who do you think was meeting his needs when you were flashing your pert little titties, teasing my husband and watching him jerk? Me of course! His mother! Isn’t it always down to the poor devoted loving mother to make things right?

“So you get your pretty little tush back into that kitchen and play your games with my jerking husband while Josh fucks his mother’s hungry cunt. And by the way; I want the mess you’ve made in my bedroom with your dirty spurting fanny cleaned up by the time I’ve cum or there’ll be hell to pay!”

Book 10. A Surprise for Dad.

Jenny hobbled back into the kitchen frustrated, horny, humiliated and angry.

Dave looked at her in her latex dominatrix outfit with undisguised lust which only made the girl more angry.

She didn’t feel much like teasing the pathetic pervert any more.

She just wanted to be fucked:

“I’m not in the mood for your little dick. I need you to get up to your bedroom right now, change the sheets on your bed, put the wet sheets in the washing machine, mop the floor and wipe everything that’s wet. Now.”

Dave ran upstairs obediently.

He could smell the cum and pussy juice, sweat and sex in the bedroom. He gathered up Jenny’s soaked knickers, blouse, tights, skirt, soiled bedsheets and made the bed in a state of intense arousal. He wiped the furniture clean of Jenny’s sticky wet fanny ejaculation.

As he carried the soiled linen and lingerie down to the utility room he buried his face in it and inhaled. The pungent aroma was so intoxicating that he couldn’t stop himself. Before he knew what he was doing his trousers were around his ankles, his eyes were closed and he was jerking his little dick furiously. Within seconds he had added his sticky mess to the dirty sheets.

When he looked up Jenny was there, sneering contemptuously at him with her young scornful eyes.

She was still in her dominatrix outfit.

“What the fuck are you doing? I ask you to do a simple domestic chore for me that doesn’t involve touching your pathetic little dick but there you are, wanking into the linen. I came to remind you that it’s time for you to jerk for me. I was going to apologise for being so bad tempered earlier and make it up to you by letting you touch me up so your little dick has a head start against the clock. But clearly my good intentions are misplaced. So start jerking here now and if you haven’t cum by the count of ten your dick is coming off. One, two, three….”

Dave fumbled with his soft tender sticky nub. The head was still sore and leaking from his ejaculation. It was no good: there was nothing left in his tiny balls.

“Eight, nine, ten… Time’s up. Right. That’s it. You lost. Your dick’s coming off. Get your clothes off and lie on your back on the kitchen table.”

Dave sobbed and whimpered but did Kadıköy Escort as he was told. His dick was stiff as he lay there expecting to lose it.

He looked up at Jenny with frightened submissive eyes as she tied his wrists and ankles to the table and began to sob.

She rolled her eyes and shook her head crossly. “Oh for fucks sake don’t start blubbing or you’ll make me even more cross.”

Dave said sorry and tried to control his crying.

“That’s better. Give me a smile.”

He smiled at Jenny through his tears.

“Good boy.” She giggled. “This is such fun. I’ve never done anything like this before so it might take a few goes. But don’t worry, I’ve been watching it on youtube. Look.”

She showed Dave a video on her phone of two girls cutting a man’s dick off. He winced at the brutal sight. Jenny shrugged: “Yeah, I know it isn’t pretty and it takes ages but to be fair he had a much bigger dick than you so it shouldn’t take as long. Anyway, whatevs, hold still while I mark up where I need to cut.”

Dave felt her cold fingers pull and prod his dick and the sharp scrape of marker pen on his shaft and balls.

“Oh I don’t know where to cut. All the ones in the videos were much bigger than this. Anyway I have to blindfold and gag you now.”

Jenny put a hood over Dave’s head, stuffed his mouth with cloth and tied a strap around his face: “Wait for me. I need to go and get my scissors, scalpel and saw. Don’t go anywhere.”

She left the room.

It was ten minutes before he heard the door open again. He could tell that Jenny wasn’t alone. He heard whispering and recognised the unmistakeable sound of his wife’s voice.

He felt rough fingernails on his dick. The cold touch of metal. This was it. His dick was about to be severed.

Instead of the expected incision he felt his stiff dick gripped and roughly squeezed into a tight cage. He heard the click of a lock. Then he heard laughter. His hood and gag were removed and he blinked up at the faces of Jenny and Doreen.

Doreen gave her husband a patronising smile: “I’m sorry darling but I simply couldn’t let Jenny cut your willy off. I persuaded her that we should lock it up instead. Look.” She lifted her husband’s head and Dave looked down to see his tiny dick caged inside the chastity device.


Jenny giggled and leaned over Dave, her latex encased tits wobbling near his face. He felt his dick stiffen. He cried out in pain as it cut into the metal cage.

Jenny laughed: “Oh my god! Teasing you is going to be so much fun now. It’s going to hurt every time you perv at me. And no more jerking!”

Doreen told Jenny to untie her husband so he could stand up.

The two women watched as Dave walked nervously feeling the cage on his skin.

Doreen smacked his bottom: “Go on, give us a show; model it for us. You don’t know the effort we had to go to to get one your size!”

Dave minced before their gaze. Jenny giggled scornfully. Doreen nudged her: “Don’t be mean. I think it looks rather cute.”

Book 11. Mother’s Little Helper

The door opened and Josh walked in. He was naked except for a pair of boxer shorts.

“Mum, are you going to be much longer? We haven’t finished…um….what we were doing.”

His saw his father standing in his little chastity cage: “Oh. Hi dad. Wow. So I guess you definately can’t fuck poor mum now. Shame. But don’t worry. I’m here to help out. So is Jen. We don’t want mum to have to go without. It’s all about family!”

Doreen smiled at her son and kissed him.

She pulled his erect cock out of his boxer shorts and looked at her husband.

“You see what a wonderful boy he is Dave. Now that your dick is all locked up I think we can dispense with all that running off into other rooms to fuck. I’ve been dying to let Josh bend me over the kitchen table and fuck me in front of you. I just couldn’t bear the sight of you wanking your little dick while you watched us and I knew you wouldn’t be able to help yourself. Now you can’t!”

Before she had a chance to tell Josh what to do she was Ataşehir Escort already on her front, her legs open and he was pushing his great cock inside her pussy from behind.

Dave watched as Doreen’s body shook with their son’s powerful thrusts. He tried to look away but Jenny gripped his head and made him look.

As if the scene wasn’t arousing enough Jenny squirmed and rubbed her body against his, moaning in his ear and licking his face: “It’s hot isn’t it. My pussy’s so wet just watching.”

Dave couldn’t speak. His dick buckled and flexed painfully against his cock cage.

Jenny sat on his lap and continued: “His cock is so big. All those things I said before about how little dicks are nice and size doesn’t matter was so so wrong. I didn’t know what I was talking about. Now I do. Mrs Day was right. Josh’s cock is massive and wonderful. It feels amazing when it’s inside you: yeah, it hurts at first but it hurts so good then it sort of makes you go crazy. It’s like a snake, all muscle and so thick you can’t even get your fingers and thumb around it. And he can make it hard again straight away when he’s finished. You’ll see. As soon as he’s finished fucking his mum he’ll want to fuck me. God I can’t wait. Feel how wet I am.”

She took Dave’s hand and put it between her legs, pressed his fingers between her wet hairy pussy into her hot wet slit and moaned. “See? Put your fingers further in. Yes. That’s nice. Finger me while we’re watching.” He did. She squirmed against his caged cock and giggled: “That’s so funny; no more little pointy dick poking my bottom!”

Finally Dave heard Doreen make a strange animal noise that he had never heard before: the sound of his wife cumming as she’s fucked. He watched as their son filled his mother’s pussy with hot sticky cum.

As soon as Josh’s dick was out of Doreen Jenny scampered eagerly over to her fiance, knelt at his feet and licked his sticky cock hungrily:

“Me next (slurp). Please Josh (slurp). Do me now please.”

Doreen kissed her son as Jenny sucked his dick: “Go on: fuck your little slut. She’s been a good girl.”

Doreen walked over to where her husband was sitting. She looked at his dick, red raw straining at the tiny cage and laughed.

She felt Josh’s cum leak from her pussy and looked down.

Her pubic hair was damp, matted with semen and beads of white cum hung from her cunt:

“Your little dick might be useless but you can still perform one useful function. Get off that chair so I can sit and watch the little tease getting fucked. Now get your face between my legs, drink your son’s cum from my pussy and let me cum on your face.”

Dave lapped at his wife’s sticky cunt as the sound of Jenny being fucked filled the room. Doreen grabbed his hair roughly and ground his face against her. Jenny came quickly, thrashing her body and gasping uncontrollably. Josh filled her tight pussy as she sprayed. He stepped back and she continued to spurt over the kitchen table wetting the surfaces and walls. The sight was too much for Doreen. She orgasmed on Dave’s face, lost control and let go of her bladder, filling his mouth with piss and soaking his face and hair.

“I don’t know about you two but I think it’s time for a shower then bed.” Doreen said to Josh and Jenny when they’d recovered.

She looked down at Dave, his face wet, sticky and red and at the kitchen soiled with the piss, pussy juice and cum and wrinkled her nose: “As for you, husband – I think you’ve got some cleaning up to do down here before you have a wash. Come upstairs when you’ve finished. If I don’t need you again tonight I’m sure one of us will.”

Dave washed the dishes, mopped the floor, cleaned the walls and kitchen surfaces. All the while feeling his small intense hard erection press against the bars of his tiny chastity cock cage. He realised that, being unable to masturbate and ejaculate he was destined to a lifetime of pure unadulterated unconsummated sexual arousal, of constant trembling submissive humiliation. The realisation made him giddy with joy and he set to work with eager servile enthusiasm while listening to the sounds of his wife, his son and his son’s fiancé enjoying their shower.

When at last they were done, Dave showered, dried and talcum powdered his body before gingerly knocking on the bedroom door to perform whatever task was needed.

The End

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