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It was a Wednesday, in the middle of February last year, when Jill woke up with a smile on her face.

It could’ve been because her husband, Stan, had slid up behind her in bed as she lay on her side and was rubbing the tip of his morning wood up and down her pussy lips looking for her vag opening. When he found it, he began shoving his stiff cock inside her as she wiped the sleep out of her bleary eyes. But that was a fairly typical morning occurrence, so that wasn’t it…..her smile was because her son, Blake, was coming home on leave from the Army after being deployed overseas for the past three years.

Blake had joined the military right out of high school, and had been sent away to basic training in Pensacola, before being quickly shipped overseas to a battle theater in the Middle East. He had seemed so young and unready as she watched him climb aboard the bus that would take him away from her for the next several years. And now, she was going to see him again…. she could barely contain her excitement.

Jill had married Stan when they were both just out of high school, and almost immediately had Blake, so she was a relatively young 41 year-old mother. She was still very attractive, with an amazing body, and big, natural 36E boobs that everybody seemed to notice…. especially her husband, who fondled and played with them almost constantly. These morning fuck sessions were nice, and she enjoyed them as much as Stan did, but today her mind was somewhere else as she felt Stan’s hands squeezing and massaging her tits, while he rocked his hips and pumped his erection in and out of her wet vagina.

She felt Stan’s breath catch, then heard him grunt, as he grabbed her boobs and slammed his hard-on as deep as he could before exploding inside her, blasting a huge load of cum all over the walls of her cunt. He kept sliding his dick in and out of her pussy for a while, then pulled it out and rolled out of bed, moving toward the shower so he could clean up before heading off to work.

Jill got up and used a towel to wipe Stan’s cum from between her legs, then went downstairs to make him breakfast before he left for the office.

Once Stan had left, Jill jumped in the shower, then dressed in a simple, pink tube top made of stretchy lycra and spandex, which helped hold her heavy breasts in place…. although it did little to stop their jiggle when she walked…. nor did it hide the bumps created by her thick, firm nipples. She added a flare-bottom denim skirt and sandals…. an outfit she knew would draw attention from guys… and some women…. which always gave her ego a boost whenever she wore it.

She jumped in the car and headed for the airport, then waited anxiously outside the gates as she prepared to set eyes on her only son after so much time overseas and away from her.

As she caught sight of her son walking down the passageway, her eyebrows shot up in amazement. The person she was watching move up the concourse was a handsome, full grown man…. she smiled to herself as she noticed he’d grown almost 4 inches while he was deployed overseas…. now standing a little over 6 feet 2 inches tall. And he had obviously put in a lot of physical work, because he had much broader shoulders, narrow hips, and impressive arms that were corded with muscles, stretching his army green t-shirt in all the right places.

‘Wow’, she thought to herself, ‘my little boy has definitely grown up.’

She waived him over to where she stood, and they hugged for several minutes…. smiling and kissing and enjoying the warmth of their embrace, but neither of them could ignore the sensation of Jill’s soft breasts squashed up against Blake’s firm chest.

When they finally broke their grasp on each other, Jill gave him a big kiss and said, “Oh my God, Blake…. you’re all grown up! Just look at you,” as she ran her hands up and down his arms and looked him over from head to toe.

When she finished looking him over, Jill looked up at his face, and noticed that his eyes were totally locked onto her wobbly boobs, and her nipple bumps that appeared to have actually gotten bigger and more obvious during their hug. Trying not to blush, she put her arm in his, and they walked side-by-side out to her car…. both of them very mindful of the soft boob and stiff nipple pressing into Blake’s arm that Jill was clutching.

As they drove home, Blake talked about his flights out of the Middle East and all the way home to Watkins Glen, and how good it felt to be back in familiar surroundings for a while. As they talked while Jill drove, she kept patting Blake’s thigh and reached over to rub his arm on occasion, as they shared stories and laughs about all the things that had changed since the last time Blake was in town.

Jill asked, “So, Blake, how long will you be home?”

“I’m not sure, but at least 6 months. They’ll let me know my next deployment date by the end of the summer.”

It was mid-afternoon by the time they arrived home, and once inside, Jill suggested Blake take a shower while she fixed him a sandwich to tide him over until dinner. Jill tinkered in the kitchen for a while as she heard the shower running upstairs, then pulled out the bread and fixings as she began preparing a sandwich for Blake.

As she was finishing the sandwich, Blake came downstairs and into the kitchen with only a towel wrapped around his waist. Jill looked over at her son as he entered the room, taking in the flat abs and muscular shoulders, and couldn’t help but glance down at the outline of his cock through the towel draped around his hips.

‘Holy shit,’ she thought to herself, ‘it looks like his penis grew 4 inches, too!’

Still standing at the counter working on the sandwich, she smiled over her shoulder and asked, “So…. how’s it feel to be clean again?”

Blake walked up behind his mother and reached under her arms to wrap his hands Çorum Escort around her waist.

“It feels great.”

Then, as Jill leaned her head back and let him pull her into his chest, Blake moved his hands upward, first cupping…. and then gently squeezing…. both of her breasts.

Jill’s eyes shot open, and she let out a gasp, “Blake! W-w-what are you doing?”

Blake noticed that she wasn’t struggling all that hard to get out of his grasp, so he massaged her boobs more, and found both nipples with his thumbs and fingers…. gently tweaking and pinching them as he said, “Finally grabbing these amazing tits of yours.”

Still attempting to offer up some resistance, Jill said, “B-but I’m your mother…. y-you can’t…. we shouldn’t…. I… I… you… but…”

Still fondling her tits and pulling on her nipples from behind, Blake pulled her against his chest, leaned into her ear and said, “You know, mom….these are what I pictured every time I jerked off while I was deployed. You’ve got the greatest boobs I’ve ever seen. None of the women I fucked overseas even came close.”

Feeling the tingly sensations emanating from her nipples and the moisture building between her legs, Jill blushed a little at Blake’s words, then closed her eyes and leaned her head back against Blake’s chest. Blake pushed her tube top down to her waist, allowing her heavy boobs to spring free and sway gently in front of her, then resumed squeezing and fondling her jiggling tits.

Instinctively she reached behind her and slipped her hand inside Blake’s towel….finding his semi-hard cock, and wrapping her hand around it. She began slowly stroking it from tip to base…. enjoying the feeling of it growing in her hand.

“Oh my God, Blake, you’re cock is huge! You’ve really grown over the past few years….”

Blake laughed and said, “Glad you noticed….” as he started gently rocking his hips into her pumping fist.

Jill opened her eyes and looked up at Blake over her shoulder and said, “You know we shouldn’t be doing this…. you’re my son….” Then she closed her eyes, let out a moan and added, “But, my God, you feel fantastic.”

Still reaching behind her, Jill pulled the towel from Blake’s hips and let it fall away to the floor, stroking his now fully erect boner in earnest, as Blake continued to play with her dangling boobs and stiff nipples.

Blake released Jill’s tits… grabbed her hips… pulled her away from the counter a little ways… then bent her forward so that she was supporting herself on her elbows…. her heavy breasts dangling directly beneath her chest. Blake flipped her skirt up onto her lower back, then pulled her panties down to her knees and nudged her legs apart, leaving her drenched twat totally exposed. He used one hand to line up the tip of his cock with her vagina opening, then pushed his hips forward…. shoving his engorged prick deep into her dripping wet pussy.

Jill closed her eyes and let out a guttural moan as Blake’s boner slid into her cunt.

“Holy shit, Blake…. you’re fucking huge!”

She began rocking her ass back against every one of Blake’s forward jabs, grunting as his rigid pole worked itself deeper and deeper inside her with every thrust. After a few big strokes, Blake was balls-deep inside Jill’s pussy, with his nutsack slapping against her stiff, sensitive clitoris.

“Oh my God, yes….just like that…. holy shit, you’re so big…. uhn…. uhn…. yeah…. my God that feels amazing…. yeah…. keep going…. yeah….uhn…. uhn….”

Blake continued to slam his dick in and out of Jill’s drenched vagina, as she grunted and moaned her pleasure… her big tits swinging wildly beneath her, slapping into each other as Blake hammered away from behind.

Jill savored the fact that Blake’s cock was much bigger than his father’s, and it was hitting all the right spots as it completely filled the inside of her cunt. She could feel an orgasm building, and let out a groan as she pushed her ass back against Blake’s pounding hips. Suddenly, she let out a wail, as a huge, intense climax coursed through her body like a warm, tingly tidal wave.

“Yeah…yeah….just like that…. ah…. ah…. aaaaaaahhhhhhh…. aaaaahhhhhhh…. yes…. fuck, yes….. aaaaahhhhhh…. oh My God…. keep going…. yeeeeesssssss…. uhmmmmmm….”

Blake continued squeezing and slapping his mother’s dangling tits, as he continued to plow his dick into her pussy. When he picked up the pace and his breath began to catch, Jill knew his climax was imminent.

Suddenly, they both heard the sound of Stan’s car in the driveway. Jill’s eyes popped open, and she said over her shoulder, “Fuck, Blake…. that’s your father.”

Blake….still pounding away, said, “I know, mom, but I can’t stop now…”

“Well hurry the fuck up…. we can’t be doing this when he comes through the door.”

Blake was ready to nut, anyway, so he grabbed Jill’s hips and pulled her hard into his crotch, shoving his engorged prick as far into her cunt as it would go… then exploded… shooting several ropes of hot, creamy jizzm all over the inside of Jill’s pussy.

“Ah… ah… I’m cumming… ah….ah…. aaaahhhhhhh…. aaaaaahhhhhhh…. oh, fuck, yeah…. aaaahhhhhhhh…. my God, mom…. you feel great…. aaaaahhhhhh.”

Jill laughed and said, “Alright…. pull it out! You need to get upstairs.”

As soon as Blake pulled his dripping cock out her cunt, Jill quickly bent down and grabbed the towel from the floor. She wiped off Blake’s glistening shaft, then took a moment to lift his still semi-hard cock up and admire it for a second before giving it a couple of strokes, and thought to herself, ‘Holy shit, Jill, what have you gotten yourself into?’

Jill used the towel to wipe between her legs, pulled her panties back up, and adjusted her tube top to cover up her wobbling Çorum Escort Bayan boobs. She gave Blake’s cock a playful swat, then slapped his ass and pushed him out of the kitchen toward the stairs. As Blake hurried up the stairs, Jill finished wiping up the puddle of cum on the floor…. just as the garage door opened and Stan sauntered into the kitchen.

Stan gave Jill a hug and a kiss and said, “So, where’s our military man?”

Jill kissed him back, then said, “He just finished his shower, he’ll be coming down as soon as he’s dressed. I was just starting to fix our dinner.”

Stan’s eyes strayed to Jill’s breasts…. like they always did…. he smiled, nodded his head, and grabbed a handful of boob, saying, “I love this top on you, hon… it really makes your tits stand out.”

Jill smiled and playfully slapped his hands away, saying, “Oh, Stan…. it doesn’t matter what I wear…. you always think my boobs stand out.”

They both laughed as Jill turned to the task of preparing dinner.

About 10 minutes later, Blake came downstairs and joined his parents in the kitchen. Stan and Blake hugged for a long time, expressing to each other how great it was to have him home again, and how good it felt to be home.

Jill put the uneaten sandwich in the fridge, and quickly cooked a nice, simple dinner for the three of them. They sat at the dining room table and enjoyed their meal, as Blake regaled them with stories of his deployment and time overseas.

The next morning, Blake woke up to Jill’s hand stroking his morning erection. As he wiped the sleep out of his eyes, he looked at Jill and said, “Hey, mom…. this is a bit of a surprise.”

“Well, your father just left for the office, and I couldn’t stop thinking about this huge cock of yours. I hope you don’t mind…”

Blake laughed and said, “Hell, no, mom…. you can jerk me off any time you want. In fact, I hope you do it a lot while I’m on leave for the next few months.”

As he said this, he reached inside Jill’s robe, pulled out her jiggling boobs…. then squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples as she pumped his engorged dick until he blasted several streams of warm, creamy jizzm nearly two feet in the air. Jill smiled as she watched cum erupt from the tip of his cock, splashing down onto his stomach and all over her pumping fist.

“Wow, Blake….very impressive.”

Blake smiled warmly at his mother and said, “Great way to wake up, mom…. thanks for the handjob. Now, I need to take a shower…. you want to join me?”

Jill smiled mischievously, glanced down at Blake’s still hard cock and said, “I was hoping you’d ask…”

They stepped into the shower stall, and Blake immediately began soaping Jill’s heavy breasts and stiff nipples, as she worked at getting the water temperature just right. Once that was done, Jill began stroking the shaft of Blake’s penis, which was still semi-hard from that morning’s handjob. In no time, it was rock hard again, and Blake pushed Jill up against the tile wall of the shower stall, nudged her legs apart, and slipped his rigid boner into her sopping wet pussy.

Blake stood between Jill’s legs, slamming his stiff rod in and out of her vagina, as he held her hands over her head and enjoyed watching her huge knockers bouncing around between them. Having her hands held over her head, and watching Blake enjoy her boobs crashing into each other as he pounded his cock into her pussy was extremely arousing for Jill, and she immediately felt an orgasm course through her body.

“Oh, fuck, Blake…. yeah…. yeah…. I can’t believe I’m cumming already…. uhn… uhn… yes…ah… aaaaaahhhhh…. aaaaahhhhhhh…. my God, that feels good…. aaaaaahhhhhh…. ooohhhhhhhh…. shit, keep going…. hmmmmm….”

Blake picked up the pace, and slammed his cock even deeper into Jill’s cunt, then suddenly let out a guttural moan as he exploded inside her.

“Oh, yeah… yeah… shit, I love watching your boobs bounce…. uhn… uhn… God, you feel good… uhn… yeah…. yeah…. aaaaahhhhhhh…. aaaaahhhhhhh…. fuck, yeah…. aaaaahhhhhhh…. yeeeeessssss….”

Blake kept pumping his rigid pole in and out of Jill’s drenched pussy, as they both leaned against the wall and enjoyed their ebbing orgasms…. cum and pussy juices dripping onto the shower floor between their legs.

After they finished showering, they turned off the water and took turns drying each other off. Jill rubbed a towel all over Blake’s body, enjoying the muscle definition in his abs, the broad shoulders, and his tight ass cheeks.

As Jill finished drying off Blake by spending a little extra time using the towel to gently stroke his now flaccid penis, she asked, “So, what are your plans for today?”

Blake stood with his hands on his hips, enjoying his mother’s attention to his dangling cock, and replied, “I think I’ll go visit some old friends…. probably come home sometime after dinner.”

So, that’s what Blake did…. he spent most of the day stopping in and visiting several old buddies from before he joined the Army. After spending most of the day drinking, laughing, and telling stories, he decided to run by the auto parts store, where his ex-girlfriend, Celeste was manager.

The place was empty when Blake arrived, which made sense, since it was closing in about 15 minutes. A little bell rang when he opened the door and, in response, Celeste came out from the back room to see who her customer was.

Her eyebrows shot up when she saw Blake, and a smile creased her face.

“What the fuck….. Blake, is that you?? Holy shit…. look at you!”

“Hi, Celeste….it’s been a while, right?”

Celeste came around the counter and gave him a kiss, then looked him up and down… turning him this way and that… as she ran her hands up and down his arms, then over his chest and shoulders.

“I Escort Çorum am impressed, Blake…. you’ve really grown.”

In a surprise move, Celeste reached between Blake’s legs and gave his cock a squeeze, “Wow…. it feels like this has gotten bigger, too….has it?”

Blake laughed and let her massage the lump in his pants for a bit, then replied, “You’ll have to find out for yourself.”

Celeste chuckled and said, “Well, I’m just closing up, so let me lock the front door and we can catch up.”

Once the front door was locked and the “Open” sign turned to “Closed”, Celeste led him into the back room behind the register area. As she walked in front of Blake, she unbuttoned her blouse, then… once they were in the back… turned and faced Blake, pulled her blouse wide open, and said, “Does this brink back any memories?”

Celeste wasn’t wearing a bra, and she had full, natural, 34D breasts that Blake had always enjoyed. A wry smile crossed his face, and he said, “You know it does, Celeste…. I’ve always loved your tits. My God, just look at them… they’re every bit as fantastic as I remember.”

Blake reached out and grabbed her boobs, fondling and caressing them, then gently pulling on the nipples before releasing them so Celeste’s breasts would swing back and forth between them.

Meanwhile, Celeste unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock, and began stroking the shaft and rubbing the bulbous head of his semi hard penis. After letting Blake play with her tits for a while, Celeste knelt between Blake’s legs and sucked the tip of his growing prick into her mouth. She started bobbing her head back and forth on Blake’s nearly erect boner…. using one hand to jerk his stiffening rod, while using the other to fondle his dangling ball sack.

Blake leaned against a short stack of new tires and closed his eyes as Celeste continued sucking and stroking his fully erect cock. It didn’t take long before he grabbed her tits with both hands and let out a grunt, as he blasted rope after rope of cum against the back of Celeste’s throat.

“Oh, shit, Celeste…. that feels great…. yeah…. just like that…. keep going… I’m almost there…. ah…. ah…. aaaaahhhhhhh…. yes…. yes… aaaaaahhhhhhhh…. damn, that’s amazing…. aaaahhhhhhh… hmmmmmm…”

When Blake finally finished cumming, Celeste swallowed his entire load, then pumped the last few drops of cum out of his nutsack, licking them off the tip of his cock. Afterwards, she continued stroking Blake’s spent penis for a little while, enjoying the sheer size of it in her hand. Then she used her tongue and lips to clean off Blake’s flaccid prick, before slipping it back inside his pants and zipping him up.

Celeste stood up, gave Blake a wet kiss on the lips, smiled up at him and said, “Well, you’re a lot bigger now than you used to be… how’d I do?”

“Fuck, Celeste…. you still give the best blowjobs I’ve ever had… that was fantastic.”

Celeste laughed, reached down and gave his crotch a squeeze and said, “Well, welcome home, Blake… how long are you in town for?”

“I’m not sure…. I should know my next deployment date sometime before the fall.”

Celeste said, “Well, I hope you have some fun in town before you ship out again.”

Blake said, “Thanks, C…. hey, you want to grab a bite to eat….maybe hang out tonight?”

Celeste smiled at him and said, “No, I can’t…. I’m actually engaged to Josh Franklin… remember him from high school? He was a year ahead of us.”

Blake said, “Sure, I remember him… nice guy, if I remember correctly.”

Celeste said, “Yep… and he comes by to get me every day after I finish closing up.” Then she checked her watch and added, “Oh, shit…. I’m running late! I need to get my register totals and lock up before Josh gets here.”

Blake laughed and said, “OK, I’ll let you go.” Then he reached out and squeezed both of her tits, which were still hanging out of her unbuttoned blouse. “It was great seeing you again, and thank for the great blowjob.”

Celeste let him play with her boobs for a few more seconds, then laughed and pushed his hands away…. nudging him toward the front door a she covered her breasts and buttoned up her blouse.

As she unlocked the front door and pushed Blake out, she gently squeezed the bulge between his legs and said, “Why don’t you stop by again tomorrow night about closing time and we’ll catch up a bit more.” Then she closed the door behind him, locked it, and headed back to cash out her register before Josh arrived.

The next day, Blake woke up to another morning handjob from his mother, then fucked her in the shower again, before spending the day traipsing around town visiting his old haunts.

In the evening, he stopped by the auto parts store just before it closed, and Celeste let him bend her over the desk in the office and fuck her from behind.

Over the next 6 months, a bit of a routine developed that Blake thoroughly enjoyed. He woke up to a handjob or blowjob from his mother just about every morning, after which they usually shared a shower where he fucked her… either pressed up against the shower wall, or bent over from behind… until they both had explosive orgasms.

Blake spent his days either lounging around the house watching TV and playing video games, or hanging out with his old friends around town. If he lounged around the house, he’d usually get his cock sucked, or another quick fuck by his mother before his father came home from work. When he hung out with his friends, he’d usually end up at the auto parts store right about closing time, where he and Celeste would fuck in the back room before her fiance arrived to drive her home.

Seven months later he and his unit were re-deployed again….this time to an activity monitoring base in Germany. But he smiled to himself as he packed his gear and headed to the airport, thinking he had plenty of fresh memories to jerk off to during this next assignment….. and a lot of big tits and wet pussies to look forward to the next time he was home on leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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