Mothering Ch. 01

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Heather found the stories hidden in an obscure named file on the family computer. She had no idea her son Michael had such fantasies. In a way she was in awe of his imagination. The stories seemed so real.

She was a little embarrassed when she read them. They made her very very wet. The subject was very taboo. It involved mother-son love mainly. Apparently with imaginary mothers.

It involved a lot of warm mothering with delicious sexual overtones. She thought the affectionate mothering parts were beautiful.

She kept her discovery from her husband because he wouldn’t understand, and from her son because he would have died of embarrassment and shame.

She often thought about the stories. They played around in her head at the strangest of times but always when she kissed her son when he came home from work. It thrilled her to kiss his lips and think of him in his fantasies. He had always been a very affectionate and loving boy. And even as a twenty-year-old he loved living at home and loved the company of his parents.

Heather could see from reading all the stories that her son felt the fantasies really deeply. She also found some correspondence to women on the net about his fantasies. It was very very revealing.

She loved Michael so much and would do anything for him. She could see particularly from the correspondence he would be thrilled to actually carry out the fantasies. It seemed he had a very strong fetish for older women in general. What could she do about it for her darling son?

Heather decided to join the main chat room Michael was in and access it on her laptop when her son was online on the family computer. The chat room was called Mothering. What a beautiful name she bizimkent escort thought. So much nicer than many of the coarse sounding ones on the web.

There were only mother and son members. Sons could be any age over eighteen and mothers had to be over forty. Heather was forty-two.

She read the guidelines. They seemed sensible but most unusual for a chat site. Members were required to be warm and loving to each other. Any sexual activity was accepted but it must be done in a warm and loving way and must feature over eighteen-year-olds.

She logged on as MotherH1964. She wanted it to be her own name but sort of anonymous at the same time. She knew her son’s name from the records she’d seen on the computer. She had been thrilled to see he was using his own name: Michael1984.

Oh how she loved her son’s name. She’d always loved it and didn’t hesitate to name her son Michael when he was born. As her grew up she came to love it even more. He was such a beautiful boy.

On entering the site she looked at the members list. She found Michael’s profile. He wasn’t on-line. He was out with his friends at the movies.

Most of the male profiles were descriptions of how the male members felt about their imaginary mothers. It was lovely for Heather to read them…and arousing too. She read Michael’s and was excited.

It started out, “I am not just writing about imaginary moms. I’m writing about my own birth mother. I love my mom. She is special to me. I love kissing and hugging her. Every morning when I wake and see her we hug and kiss. When I come home from work each day she is always so glad to see me. The hugs are long and warm and so are the kisses. They are bostancı escort not sexual, just warm loving kisses. My friends are a bit surprised to see how much we hug and kiss. They are even a little shocked I think. But I don’t care. I love my mother so much.”

The mother’s profiles were quite revealing too. Mothers described how they would love to affectionately cuddle their imaginary sons. Some even described how they’d love to get sexually close to their own sons.

The rules were that sons had to be over eighteen years old. All seemed to adhere strictly to this rule.

There were other sections on physical descriptions of mothers and sons. Some even had picture files. She didn’t have time to look at those. She’d do it later.

That night when Michael came home she kissed him even longer. She could feel him up against her. It seemed different. More sexual. He didn’t seem to notice although she thought she could feel his cock hardening as they hugged. Maybe she was just more aware than usual.

Later that night when her husband had gone to bed she went to the spare bedroom with her laptop. Michael was on the family computer in the study with the door shut. She logged on. He was there in the Mothering chat room.

When she entered the she introduced herself as a new member. They all greeted her, including michael1984.

The discussion was breastfeeding. It was well informed by the older women who’d had babies. They described all about the bras, the problems with seeping, wonderful feelings they had when their a babies suckled.

Though nothing explicitly sexual was said, the context of the discussion made it very arousing.

One woman, Mary, büyükçekmece escort said how she’d love to breast-feed the sons in the room. She posted some photos of herself, taken at the time she had her last baby. They were fully nude photos taken by her husband. Just her on her own, cupping her breasts, squeezing them, the milk flowing.

She looked so beautiful. Her breasts were large and drooping because she’d been a mature mother. But that seemed to excite the sons even more, Michael included. They all complimented her on how lovely she looked.

Heather started getting very excited as her son Michael told Mary how he would love to feel her breasts and suckle from her. He called her mom as he spoke.

Heather was getting so wet but also a little jealous. After all it was her son. Michael told Mary that he would love to be her sex son and would it be possible if Mary could post some more revealing pictures so he could see her more sexually.

Mary said, “Of course my darling son.”

Mary posted the pictures for Michael but for all to see too. They were so hot. She was obviously very aroused when they were taken during her pregnancy.

Her breasts were really huge. Her nipples extended and hard. There were shots of her smiling with her legs wide apart and her fingers holding her swollen pussy wide open. She was very very wet…just as Heather was, imagining how Michael was feeling looking at the pictures.

Mary said to Michael via the chat room, “Would you like to fuck me dear? Like to cum in mommy?”

Mary then posted some rear view photos that were even raunchier. Her anus and pussy both open and clearly in view.

“Which hole would you like darling?”

Michael replied, “Both mommy. And would you like to see your son cum? I have a cam here. I would like all the mommies to see me cum for you Mary.”

“That would be really great”, Mary replied.

All the mothers agreed they would love to see Michael cum on his cam, including MotherH1964.

End Chapter 1

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