Mothers are Only Human

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She had to give into the temptation of her son

This story is based on a brief video clip of a woman mounting a well hung male. The close-up shot is from the foot of the bed; the lighting is good as is the sound. The nicely formed middle age lady takes only 40 seconds to start cumming, the man peaks 70 seconds afterwards; the whole film clip is but a minute and a half long. Hence the short length of my tale.

As I fell asleep on top of my son my last thought was, ‘mothers are only human’.

It had been three months since my husband went north to the fracking fields of North Dakota. He was due back in seven days. This was the longest I had been without sex since I was 18, including when hubby was in Service for six months.

I’m only human and always a horny female. About halfway through the time period of waiting for hubby to return my son turned twenty. He lived at home and made a good wage as a tractor mechanic. A week after his birthday there was a heat wave and he was leaving his bedroom door open to have a breeze.

Thus when I went for some ice water one night I heard him. He was calling me. So I thought initially. esenyurt anal yapan escort But at the doorway I then heard him moan, “Mom . . . Yes, mom – like that, just like that!!”

It didn’t shock me but I was surprised. I listened as he shot his jism and then retreated. I went to my room. It gave me food for thought the next day.

The next day as the heat wave was continuing two things happened. My husband called and explained that due to some equipment break down he would be delayed another week. ‘Damn’ I thought to myself and wonder if my old friend and lover from my spouse’s military days was still around; probably not I figured as I had not had any contact in years.

Secondly I boldly went by my son’s bedroom door about the same time that next evening. It was open wider and the same sounds were being uttered. “Mom . .oh, mom . . . YES! We’re doing it! Oh mom I’ve wanted you so much! I’m going to cum in you. . I’m CREAMING! I love spurting all my sperm in your pussy!”

That got me so turned on I rushed to my bedroom and jilled off myself with a fantasy esenyurt escort of my own involving my son.

The next night I rubbed myself to climax under my nightgown listening to the same sort of erotic cries of passion coming from my son as he came imagining me making love with him. I promised my burning cunt that I would at last join him the next night if he was masturbating to thoughts of me again.

Dreams do cum true. Yes the subsequent eve the sinful saga of our affair began.

I waited outside his now fully opened door, naked, no nightgown. Had he left it totally wide on purpose? Did he know I had been eavesdropping? Did he intend for me to hear his sweet calls of lust and physical release of his balls content? No matter I was ready for the fray – cum what may – I was going into his room. And HE was going into me!!

When I blocked to door he looked my way directly. Neither of us said a word as my bare feet padded across the carpet and the bed slightly creaked as I climbed on. His beautiful hard, long, boner pointed to the ceiling. In swift a movement I mounted his dick and after just esenyurt eve gelen escort a couple of adjustments began to ride the sexy saddle-horny-horn. I lifted high once but for the most part I kept half the man-meat in me.

My orgasm was so quick to arrive but it was so intense and fully satisfying I was happy and content. But the fruit of my loins had not been given his reward yet. We maneuvered slightly so that his feet were spread wider and he had an angle to rapid fire his ruddy tip into momma’s hole and crank the tension higher in his member. Then his stokes became longer and harder and I knew he was about to have his deepest desires fulfilled. This sent waves of excitement through my whole being and I was poised to peak with him. We did – together. It was spiritual, physical oh my yes, but so much more.

As I fell asleep on top of my son my last thought was, ‘mothers are only human’. No . . . actually it was ‘if I burn in hell for my sins, I’m glad for my earthly cream-mations’.

May your every fantasy take flight!

Oediplex 2020 8==3~ [sign of the cumming cock]

(aka CverofKnight & TrojanSnake my other ‘nom de naughty’ IDs)

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