Mother’s Confliciton Pt. 02

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A few days have passed since the swing party experiment was attempted. Michelle did not see it as a total failure, but, at the same time, did not see it as the answer to her on-going sexual tension that still was keeping her awake at night. Michelle lays in bed, thumbing through her magazine as she looks over at her husband, Jason. He holds his iPad firmly as his eyes grow heavy.

“What’cha reading?”

“Just the news or rather I am trying to, but I think I just need to go to sleep,” Jason says with a laugh as he places the tablet down on his nightstand.

“I want to talk again before you go to sleep.”

“Sure. Is this about the party?” Jason asks as he can tell something is weighing on his wife’s mind again, much like their last want to talk session they had.

“Yeah, why?”

“Just figured we’d talk more about it eventually. I mean, we have kinda treated it like it never happened.” Jason chuckles as he thinks about how quickly everything went immediately back to the status quo for their home.

“Okay smart ass.” The annoyed wife says as she slaps her husband with her magazine. “I had fun, and you had fun, right?”

“Yeah, it was good for me, was it good for you?” Jason says as he throws his arm up to block another incoming magazine attack.

“Oh my God, you’re a dork. What I was trying to say before you hit me with that line of cheesiness is I enjoyed it all, but I enjoyed seeing you and her more than anything me and Johnny did.” Michelle sits quietly as she looks at her husband; she wonders what his response is going to be the statement that she enjoyed watching more than she enjoyed having actual sex.

The married couple sits on their king-sized bed quietly for a few minutes as they both take a moment lost in their thoughts, trying to find the correct words before speaking.

“Cheat on me…” Michelle blurts out, as she looks straight into her husband’s eyes. A weight feeling like its lifting from her chest as she speaks.

“What the fuck?”

“I want you to cheat on me. I want you to take a woman and just fuck her. I don’t want to be there I don’t want to know her I want you to just go fuck someone else.”

“You’re crazy.” The shocked husband says as he stares wide-eyed at his long time wife.

“I am yes I am totally fucked up here lately, I won’t deny it. However, I think that is what I want. I want you to just do it.”

“Just do it?” Jason questions as he battles back the urge to laugh at the use of the old slogan in the context of his current situation.

“Yeah, just do it like the god damn Nike commercials say.”

“I am like damn near speechless to this. How long have you been thinking of this?” Jason’s voice crept up an octave as he questions his wife’s idea.

“Awhile, what does it matter I am giving you a free pass to go get some off anyone you want. I just want to know the day you’re doing it is all.” Michelle clasps her hands together, almost as if she was begging and praying for her husband to say he would do it. “This is what I wanted originally, and the party did not make that go away.”

“Alright, let me think about it. If I do this, it’s just for you and not for me.” Jason said as he points at his wife then to himself as if to illustrate whom he was speaking.

“Sleep on it, and we can talk more later.” The excited wife says as she clicks the knob on her table lamp. As she wiggles into her spot in the bed.

The dreams that previously kept Michelle up at night have not stopped quite the contrary; actually, they have grown more perverse. However, as she slowly starts to accept this new side, her personality, the more she enjoys the dreams and views them less like a burden.

The next morning as Jason relaxes in his steamy hot shower; his wife quickly spoils his Zen-like moment. “So, what’s the verdict?”

Jason huffs in annoyance as he turns the faucet knobs off. “I will try to do it. I mean, it’s a two-way street I have to find someone open to some no strings attached hook up.”

The words are like music to the wife’s ears. “Oh, my goodness, thank-you.” Michelle gleefully says, overall, it does feel weird that she is thanking her husband for agreeing to cheat on her, but she does not care. Michelle knows this is something he will enjoy, but she also knows he is mostly doing this for her.

The day at work seems a bit hazy to Jason, as he just cannot shake the thoughts of the agreement he entered into with his wife, from his head. The nearly forty-year-old husband does not know what has come over his wife as of late, but he knows she is struggling with something, and it is all sexual whatever it is with her. The thoughts and concerns for his wife dominate about sixty percent of his mind while his pending affair took up the other forty percent. The end result of it all creating a near full-time semi-state of arousal for the husband.

“Hey, dude, I never saw you leave the other night.”

Jason’s thought process tamed by Marc entering his office. “Oh yeah, I didn’t see you either, and Chelle was esenyurt otele gelen escort ready to go.”

“I was hoping to see well, a lot more of your wife if you know what I mean,” Marc says as he can feel a small swelling in his dress pants as he thinks of Michelle. “I heard though that y’all got with Johnny and Shelly, for some swapping.” Marc enthusiastically speaks as he raises his eyebrows twitching them playfully. “They are well very popular with our group.”

“Shelly…” Jason whispers under his breath. He knows she is possibly an option for the requested affair, but is she really what he wants. The unnerved husband was not wrong or lying when he said this was being done for his wife, but should he not pick who he wants. Jason pleads his case for and against calling the slutty bleached blonde-haired woman from the party.

“She was a lot of fun,” Jason smirks, thinking of how he face fucked her and then pounded himself deep inside her.

“Oh yeah, she’s wild. Did she make her hubby do stuff also?”

“Well, he fucked Michelle,” Jason says, feeling as if he was likely just stating the obvious to his friend.

“No…no…no, I mean yeah, the lucky bastard got to do that, but did he you know do stuff with you?”

“With me? No… What the fuck? Why?”

“Dude chill, I am not trying to accuse you of anything; it’s just he was her bitch the other night I saw his collar on. Last time they partied like that, I got the most amazing blow job from him.”

“He sucked your cock?”

“Yeah, I thought you were open-minded,” Marc says as he is feeling as if he is being judged by the reaction Jason was giving him.

“Oh yeah, I am sorry, just taken by surprise is all. It never came up; I mean the bitch stuff did, but the idea he would have sucked me off or something I never even thought about it.”

A feeling of relief fills Marc’s body, as he is happy to hear his friend is not some kind of homophobe or judging him. “Yeah, a lot of the guys at the party will experiment with it, that’s part of why we go by the whole no pic no vid rules. A lot don’t want evidence that they are bi getting out in public.”

“I never thought about that. I guess if Shelly would have told him too, I don’t think I would have told him no.” Jason says as his own admission somewhat freaks him out a little. He always knew he was open-minded and somewhat into kink, but bisexuality was something he never had thought much of.

“Well, we got another party planned in about three weeks, same offer as before just give me a heads up and y’all are welcome to join,” Marc says as he leans over the table to give his friend a quick fist bump before leaving his office.

The needle on gas gauge dipped dangerously near the empty side of the gas tank requiring a quick stop by the gas station before Jason could head home. The conversation with Marc has finally given the married man something more to contemplate when it comes to finding affair material. Shelly, the girl from the party, was a lot of fun and pretty versed in the no strings attached style Jason is looking for. She is an excellent candidate but is she the perfect candidate; Jason shakes his head, as he knows he is overthinking this whole scenario.

As he squeezes the handle of the gas pump, a familiar voice from the other side of the gas pumps speaks to him. “Hello.”

“Oh, hey, how are you,” Jason replies as he peeks around the large green BP pump to see his neighbor Kayla Long hanging back up the nozzle.

“I’m good just getting some gas before I go home for the night.”

“Yeah, same here…” Jason can sense a tension between the two of them; it is awkward, almost like two teenagers trying to flirt with one another but neither knowing what to do.

“Where is Michelle?” Kayla questions as she looks around to see if Jason’s wife is with him at the gas station.

“Home, I think. I just got off.”

“Got off, huh?” Kayla says with a raised eyebrow and a wicked grin.

“Yeah, got off…I got off work.” Jason stammers as his eyes trace the curves of Kyla’s fit body.

Kayla’s sexy firm athletic frame made appear as if she spent time almost living in a gym. The jokes made by Michelle were somewhat correct the large ample melon-like breasts the divorcee kept on display were bought and paid for, but not a penny was wasted on the breast augmentation the doctor did a masterful job. The thirty-year-old’s waist was thin while her butt was still full and heart-shaped. The men of the neighborhood often struggled with staring, something Kayla did not mind as she wore clothes that accentuated her features.

“I know what you meant…Why what did you think I meant?” Kayla asks as she wrinkles her nose up, wondering what Jason will say.

“I don’t know just well…I don’t know.” Jason is nearly speechless as he looks into her brownish green eyes and admires her small smattering of freckles on her nose and cheeks.

Kayla chuckles a bit at Jason’s stammering as she finds it cute. esenyurt rus escort She also feels the tension between them, but not the awkwardness. “Do you still do computer work?”

“Uh…yeah,” Jason replies as he is caught off guard by the change in tone of the conversation.

“Cool, call me when you got time. I got some stuff that my computer is doing, and I think it’s all jacked up.” The freckle-faced divorcee says as she scribbles her number on the back of her gas pump receipt.

“Yeah, be happy to help,” Jason says with a smile as he cannot help but stare as Kayla walks around her car to leave. The black yoga pants form-fitting, leaving not much to the imagination as far as her curves are concerned.

Jason, Michelle, and the kids enjoy a quiet dinner together as they chitchat about their days. Ryan, the oldest, talks about how his professor at the local community college is a pain in the ass. Gwen shares details about how all the girls have a crush on the new teacher at the high school.

“So, he is like so damn hot.” Gwen brags as she describes the new senior history teacher in detail to her family.

“So, like totally hot, huh?”

“Jason don’t make fun of Gwen.” Michelle smiles at her husband’s lousy valley girl impersonation.

“It’s okay Momma, Daddy is just jealous not all the girls are staring at him anymore,” Gwen says as she stares into her Dad’s eyes.

Jason stares back into his eighteen-year-old’s eyes; there is something different in the young woman’s eyes as they share a moment. “So, I think I got some more side work lined up.” The father says as he breaks his near lust like gaze from his teenage daughter.

“Oh cool, I know you have been trying to line some stuff up,” Ryan says.

“Yeah, Ms. Long wants me to look at her system says it’s kinda jacked up.”

“Oh, you saw Kayla.”

“Yeah, she wants me to come by and look at her computer.”

“Tonight?” Michelle enthusiastically asks as she can feel her heart flutter.

“I guess I could go tonight. I can give Kayla a call and see what she says.”

Jason excuses himself from the table as the family finishes their meal. The head of the household quickly returns with his hat and keys in his hand. “Yeah, I am going to head over.”

Michelle walks with her husband to the door. “Are you going to, you know?” She asks as her body nervously quivers at the thought of her husband actually going through with the cheating she had requested.

“I may bring it up…somehow,” Jason, said as he wonders how to work something of that nature into casual conversation.

Jason starts his truck and drives down the road three of four houses to Kayla’s home. He steps barely onto the porch when the door suddenly opens. “Hey, come on in.”

Jason can smell the perfume on the attractive woman as he walks past her into the home. He can tell right away that her ex must have taken a lot of the furniture in the divorce as it was sparsely furnished. “So you’re a minimalist, huh?” He questions, trying to make light of it.

“Or my ex is a douche, but I like your answer better.” She laughs as she sips from a long neck beer bottle. “The computer is in my bedroom, come on up.”

“It can’t be this easy.” Jason thinks to himself as he follows the homeowner to her bedroom. The married man’s eyes glued to the near-perfect heart-shaped bottom as he walks behind her. Jason cannot control his curious thoughts as he wonders if Kayla is wearing anything under the yoga pants.

“So Michelle, isn’t worried about you being here with me?”

“Why would she be worried?”

“I don’t know, maybe because you’re eye-fucking me every time we talk,” Kayla says as she pulls the small hair tie out, allowing her dirty blonde hair to fall down.

A feeling of shock hits Jason hard, followed by excitement as he again thinks to himself if it really will be this easy to fulfill the adulterous request of his wife. “Uh…well, actually, she is okay with…” Jason’s words cut off before he could even attempt to explain the situation at hand, as the sexy thirty-year-old neighbor plants her tongue into his mouth with no warning.

Kayla does not care that Jason has permission; she does not care about his marriage or how this could destroy some relationships. All she cared about is getting what she has been thinking about ever since her divorce finalized. “I’ve wanted you for a long time.” She moans as she breaks her lips away.

Jason does not hesitate or overthink as he reaches down and undoes his belt allowing his jeans to drop to the floor. He intently watches his soon to be lover peel her black form-fitting yoga pants off her tight tone body. She wore nothing under the tight clothing; a small patch of neatly trimmed light brown pubic hair immediately draws the cheating husband’s full attention. Jason wraps his arms around the five-foot five-inch woman, effortlessly scooping her off the floor and tossing her onto the bed. He has zero thoughts of his wife as he pushes Kayla’s esenyurt türbanlı escort legs apart. He grins as he looks at her sizeable protruding pussy lips. The lustful man spreads her open and runs his tongue up and down her slit.

Kayla’s hazel colored eyes clench shut as the sensation hits her body; she has long lusted for Jason even before her divorce. She did not care nor worry about Michelle’s feelings or permission. The pleasured woman softly moans as Jason sucks and nibbles her engorged clit before sliding his tongue inside her. Kayla’s fingernails claw the bedsheets, as she is tongue fucked. Her ex rarely if ever ate her pussy, and Jason’s wife rarely if ever let him eat hers, so this was a treat for them both. As Jason’s tongue dances across her pussy, Kayla cannot help but clamp her toned legs around his baldhead.

Michelle lays in bed, watching the clock, wondering what is going on at Kayla’s house. She knows Jason is beyond skilled at what he does with computers, so she assumes he is doing more than checking the neighbor’s hard drive. The thoughts that her husband is out betraying their marriage sends a chill throughout her body, the feeling is everything the wife hopes it would be, and pales in comparison to the feelings she had at the swing party. The lonely wife lays in her marital bed feeling betrayal, jealousy, and a bit of humiliation that she is not able to please her husband well enough that he has to cheat to have what he craves. The menagerie of emotions working the thirty-seven-year-old mother into a level of lust that she has never known before.

Michelle kicks off her shorts and jams her hand inside her black panties, her fingers immediately and easily entering her hungry hole. She imagines Jason slamming his cock deep into Kayla much as he did with Shelly. Flesh slapping flesh as he uses the other woman to get what Michelle cannot provide him. “Oh my God, what if she is sucking him? What if he is filling her with his cum?” The deluge of “what if’s” flooding her overworked mind as she roughly works her pussy.

The sexually driven wife and mother can barely contain herself as she switches hands so she can suck her wet fingers clean while the other works her clit for a while. Michelle’s body temperature continues to rise as she finds herself lost in a wave of orgasms. She pulls her shirt off and tosses it to the side the braless woman needs some cold air on her melon-like breasts as she removes her fingers from her mouth so she can pinch her pink eraser sized nipples. “I am such a fucking pervert.” She moans aloud in the empty bedroom as in a moment of clarity. Michelle realizes she allowed her sexual need to get in the way of common sense and has left the bedroom door wide open.

The slutty pervert mother wonders about the kids as she relentlessly continues her self-abuse. “What would they think of me if they knew what I asked their dad to do?” She purrs to herself as the idea of them looking at her in disappointment actually turns her on more. “What if they saw me fingering my pussy like this? Would they be mad or turned on?” The sexual thoughts and questions ripping through the mother’s sexually focused mind. “Would I want them to join me?” She asks herself, as that is the last straw, the final question that pushes Michelle over the top giving her the orgasm she desired.

Michelle huffs and puffs for oxygen after sending herself into the biggest self-induced orgasm of her life. “I can’t think of them that way.” The rational, logical side of her brain says, as she knows, thinking of her kids sexually is breaking the ultimate taboo, but at the same time, they are adults they can make their own choices.

Back at Kayla’s house… Jason lifts his drenched face from her pussy; he wipes the juices from his neatly trimmed goatee, as he looks at the sexy woman laying there, quivering from her oral pleasure. He grasps his massive erection in his hand as he lines it up, sliding just the tip in, fucking her slowly almost teasingly with it. The giant mushroom-like head spreads Kayla further open than what she is accustomed to as she unleashes a sharp almost painful shriek. She places her hands down, attempting to block Jason from entering her too quickly so she can get used to his girth.

Jason sees this as a sign he needs to push more in as he slaps her hands away. “Don’t stop me…Just take it.” He growls as he gives her another inch or so inside her stretching pussy. He struggles with not slamming her with it all at once, as he feels her large pussy lips enveloping his shaft. Her wetness providing more than enough lubricant he knows he could just bury himself balls deep, but he worries that it would make him cum too rapidly. Jason grunts as he keeps the slow, deliberate pace, not for Kayla’s sake but his own need to make this last.

Kayla again claws the bedsheets as the pain and pleasure of Jason’s rock hard cock is almost more than she can stand. Her eyes lock on to his they stare at one another, neither saying anything other than moans, groans, and grunts. The sex is animalistic and unlike anything either had experienced before as he finally cannot hold back any longer and pushes himself all the way in. A small sensation of pain hits the animalistic man as he feels like his cock head has bottomed out inside the tight wet pussy. Kayla’s eyes shoot open wide as the sensation pains her but drives her to climax at the same time.

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